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Cherry Tree Reunions

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Cherry Tree Reunions Gallery

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Cherry Tree Grade School

“If my source is right, the Cherry Tree School was built about the time of the First World War (1917). One of the carpenters was Mr. L. E. (Ed) Steele. He was the father of Edna Steele who was married … Continue reading

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History of Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree – The Early Years and Beyond By Eddie Atkins 3/12/2003 My Dad, Edward L. Atkins, Sr, was one of the first land owners in Cherry Tree when in about the year 1905 he, along with a land developer … Continue reading

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Monitor, WV

Monitor, WV (Post Office, Wilkinson, WV) The Monitor Coal and Coke company was opened by 1906 according to the displayed letter for Roscoe Thornbury. Company offices were at Monitor # 1 in a large stone building beside the railroad track. … Continue reading

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Genealogy of Robert McCormack

Pocahontas, my most treasured ancestor (Matoaka) 1595-1614 Daughter of Chief Powhatan Wife of John W Rolf Mother of Thomas Bolling   Robert McCormack’s Pedigree Chart More links about my family: A Soldier’s Letters Carter County, KY Fire Tragedy & Ballad … Continue reading

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Cherry Tree Gallery

You can help preserve a bit of our Cherry Tree memories by sharing your vintage photos with us. To share a photo, please email it to the admin at Please note that you must own the photo you are … Continue reading

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Clarence Stacy – Cherry Tree Resident Makes Good″>Lonely

Clarence Stacy – Cherry Tree resident makes good as Singer, Actor, Song Writer, Producer, Author and Playwright. Clarence Stacy and his mother, Alice, lived the second house above the Cherry Tree school beside the home of Milford Long. He has … Continue reading

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Cherry Tree Map/Residents

Residents of Cherry Tree, Whites Addition and Fisher Bottom as remembered by Bruce Davidson. This list was abstracted and edited by Robert McCormack.  Editing was based on notes from Helen (Tarkany) Piros and from his own memories.  As a child … Continue reading

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Memories of Cherry Tree by Mrs. Helen (Tarkany) Piros

Interview conducted by her son, Bob Piros in November of 2002. My first memory of Cherry Tree was in 1919 when I was 7 years old. My father, Gabor, and 1 walked down from Mona Hill to visit with my … Continue reading

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Pilgrim Holiness Church

The Pilgrim Holiness Church (Wesleyan Church) Pilgrim Holiness Church is a religious denomination associated with the holiness movement that split from the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1897. It was first organized in Cincinnati, Ohio as the International Holiness Union and … Continue reading

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