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The purpose of this page is to help those searching for their Logan County relatives and researching their family tree. When you leave a comment, there is an option to check a box that will notify you of new comments. Unless you plan to check this page frequently for a response, you should check this box or leave your email address in the body of your message.  Please note, unless you leave your email address in the body of  your message, your email address will not be displayed. If you are concerned about spam and do not want to use a mailto link, provide an email address like the example below: at gmail dot com

Many West Virginia Birth, Death, and Marriage records are available on-line at  West Virginia Vital Records. For those searching for copies of obituaries, the Harless Library at Mount Gay and WV State Archives in Charleston have microfilm copies of the Logan Banner.

Other sources you may find helpful:

I seek information on my father, Carl Lilly, born in 1900-1902 who was married Lenore (Tootsie) Curry in 1938.  I believe he was born in Hinton, WV but lived years in Logan Co. and worked for Island Creek Coal Co. and others.

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Iva Lilly Durham — March 15, 2010

Canterbury family information needed.

Bobbie Canterbury Pemberton — March 12, 2010

Does anyone know of living relatives of Cloyd Bowling Sr? He was my grandfather – married to Pearl Kershner Bowling from Greenbriar County. My Dad was Edward Bowling – actually born in Omar. I know I have relatives living there – would love to chat.

Joy Conley
Broker in Charge
Choice Jacksonville Realty
110-C Branchwood Drive
Jacksonville, NC 28546
March 9, 2010

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  1. joe t vannatter says:

    dose any one know any off the wileys that lived their and grew up in harts creek area in the 50s john wiley and uncle tom and aunt dicy link and zack and grandpap and maa wiley.

  2. joe t vannatter says:

    i am looking for any of my family or kin from logan and hearts creek, grand dad & grandma was preston & delanie vannatter her brothers was john and tom wiley & sister anie wiley their sons as i can remenber was zack & link wiley of harts creek my dad was keeling vannatter & mahala vannatter, i am joe vannatter i know i have a lot of kin in logan & lincon county . aunt anie married into toppings family had 3 sons sestol, gail, & denver toppings . my grand ma & papa preston & delanie are bured at mans nob cemitary iwould love to find any information on any help finding this cemetery and any of my family thank for any help or pics. joe vannatter my phone no. is 304 385 4242 call any time leave a message, i’ll will call you back i would love to find their grave sites& put some flowers on them. thanks so much,joe

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      I believe Manns Nob cemetery is located on top of Fourteen Mile Mt. Not certain of this though.
      You mentioned John Wiley in your text. I worked with him at one time, in the coal mines. I remember he was a fighter for what he wanted- him and a haulage motorman got into a fight in the mine, because the motorman did not want to interrupt his haulage to get supplies for John. the fight did not last long as both men lost their lights in the fracus, and couldnt see anymore. John came out the winner though as he got the motorman to comply. As you can guess, I am very old.

      • joe t vannatter says:

        today is 6/ 2/2013 dear, shelby burgess iam so glad to hear off some one knowing uncle john his sister delanie wiley is my grand mother was maried to preston vannatter ho died when my dad was 18 to day me and the wife found their graves at the mans cematery my granny was bured in 72 at mans nob iam 63 now and just now learning how to work a computor. i would love to know uncle johns and uncle tom mom and dad i was ver young ithink maby 5 or 6 years old and i rembor every one calling them granpap and maa think you ever so day was a good day for my family. i now live in wayne county wv.but the trip to frances creek to day brought back alot of memories.thanks for the reply & god bless you and your family joe vannatter

  3. DEBBIE S says:

    I am looking for any relatives still living in mingo county. My great uncle Sylvester L Jones (also know as Fate) was killed in a coal mining accident on Oct 7 1932 in Mcdowell county, his body was brought back to North Carolina and was laid to rest in our family cemetery, his widow was Tella Scott Jones i know she died in 1960. I know they had a son named after Uncle Fate that went in the Military and a daughter but I know very little else.Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Patricia Irvin Brown says:

    Hi, I’m Patricia Irvin Brown. I was born in Logan WV. My parents were William B. “Skip” Irvin, and Virginia “Tootsie” Simmons Irvin. My grandparents were William B. “Bill” Irvin, and Melda “Meldie” Bragg Irvin.

    I lived in Florida many years until June 2012, I moved to Hilliard, OH. (Just outside of Columbus.) Love it here, just like Logan County.

    I was just wondering if there any relatives still around that area. If so, please note my e-mail. Would love to know more about my family before I forget my name. My brother (Benjamin) and I were going to come that way in the fall. Love to all.

  5. Sue Brown VanHyfte says:

    I would like ANY information on John Henry Brown (fathers name Marion Brown). He married my mom Mary Jane Ferguson (fathers name also Marion Ferguson.) Were married in Logan in 1931. Marion Ferguson owned some/all of the land that is now Catawylango State park. I have no other info on him except his no name may be James Marion and his second wife was Eliza or Liza or Elizabeth. don’t know her maiden name.

  6. Rachel Myles says:

    I am looking for any information or pictures of Charley Clark, now deceased. Last known place he was working was a a security guard at SWVCC around 1995. I recently found out that I may have been his granddaughter. My father and Uncle were possibly fathered by this man and my grandmother’s family is very hush hush about him. I found his daughter that he fathered with my biological grandmother. If Anyone can help me find anything out about this man I would appreciate it. Please email me.
    Thank you,
    Rachel Myles

  7. Stacey DeJarnett Thompson says:

    I am searching for any information on the DeJarnett/DeJarnette line. I know that when they lived in the Logan area he was a “cabinet maker” by trade and he married to the daughter of either a Dr or Lawyer.

  8. Pamela Carter-Donze says:

    I am searching information on the Carters & Adkinson/Atkinson families of Logan, Stollings, WV. I have searched the WVCulture & Family History websites with much luck, but would really love to find actual family members or others that could share stories, information, etc.
    Thank You

  9. Deborah S. says:


    My mother was Lucille Killen Deason (she was also at one time Lucille Killen Woody). My maternal parents were Julie (Carter) and William (Jack) Killen. Her siblings were Idabel, Cynthia, Jeanette, Mabel, Dorothy Jean, Curtis, Freeman and Bobby. My mom grew up in an area that is now the Chief Logan State Park and was born in 1926. Her maternal aunts were Alice, Nancy and Clary Carter. She and my father and all but one member of her immediate family are interned in Highland Memory Gardens at Pecks Mill.

    My father was Robert Deason ( born Blankenship). His parents were Charles and Garnet (Gore) Blankenship. His siblings were Leonard, Goldie, Elsie, Rhoda, Aileen, Joyce, Donna Jean and Ronald. Many of them lived at Holden and Man.

    I am aware that most of the siblings mentioned have passed away with the exception possibly of my Aunt Donna Jean (Blankenship) but I was wondering if there might be anyone around that possibly knew my Mom or Dad or their families?

    Kindest regards,


  10. Tara Foster says:

    I am looking for any family history,stories & photos on the Chafin Family ~Thomas Chafin & Dicie Darr Workman Chafin were my great grandparents.William Wallace Chafin & Madeline Smith Chafin my grandparents and my mother was Judith A.Chafin.She had 6 siblings,they moved from Logan area some time in the 50’s & lost all photos in a house fire after that.I know they visited family in the Logan area in the 60’s & 70’s so hoping someone has some photos.Any news would be greatly can reach me at

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      I believe I remember your grandparents,Wallace Chafin & wife. They once lived at Chapmanville. I think Wallace had a sibling named Albert.They were employed by the local coal co., which closed during the great depression of the early 1930s.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Hi, and thanks for starting this message board! I’m having the best time reading the posts and picturing old places I used to visit.

    My grandfather grew up on Hart’s Creek. His name is Raymond Lewis Lilly b June 10, 1907. He was married to Mantie Pauley and they had seven children ( James Raymond, Lewis Edward, Lois Jean, Ross Howard, Nora V Delores (my mom) Carol Joy, and Jesse Paul.

    His siblings were; Alice (Crislip) Laurie (White) Richie, Jessie James, May, Mirt (Myrtle), Frank, Eddie (Edward) and Nina. I seriously doubt any are still alive today.

    I am just getting started on learning more about this side of our family. I remember driving back up to the old home-place several times when I was spending my summers with my grandparents as a child. At that point Richie still lived in the old house.

    I’m told that his parents were buried next to their home in a family cemetery, I imagine there are other Lilly’s there too.
    His parents names were John Ed Lilly and Susan Butcher.
    His great grandparents were John Heanin Lilly who was married to America Jane Stevens.

    I’d love to talk to anyone interested. Lol, I think I’m related to most of the people on this board! The overwhelming majority of y’alls names are so familiar to me. I can be reached at My name is Jennifer (Lilly) Fordham

  12. mark adams says:

    Looking for info on Burl Adams married elizebeth”Betty”.had sons Roy,clell and lell.lell died 1951 mine accedent and was married to Vonnie white(Adams) and whos driveway was shared with Adams cemetery on Crawley creek.Vonnie Adams had three kids Jennings Adams,david and Wanda scaggs.all records stop at Burl and Betty Adams.

    • I know who you’re talking about,I went to school with David Scaggs,I know where the house is also you’re talking about.i am related to Roy Adams he had a bunch of kids.

  13. Karen says:

    Looking for info on Robert D Phillips.born ~ 1934 Lawyer in Logan during 1960s

  14. Lesa Lazlo says:

    I have dost lost hope looking for family photos , the Richey family, ose my grandpa , violet my mother died she at age 24 with child in 1958 logan thank you

  15. Sarah Adams says:

    Your right probably the same family. But the correct spelling is Bulwark but is pronounced bullwork. My father inlaw was raised there and my husband and i are in the process of building our house on that same property there. Thompson & Polly were my husbands great grandparents. but they lived at Mudfork. Thompson & Polly’s son Elza (my husbands grandfather) owned and operated a mining cable repair shop on bulwark!

  16. James Terry says:

    I was born in Holden W.VA. spent my youth in the coal mining camps up in Rum Creek. My FAMILY MOVED AWAY IN THE LATTER PART OF THE 60’S. I lost track of my friends and family. I am sure I still have some famley in Logan country with the last name of Vinson My email is

  17. d.j. abbott says:

    my family is from duhue the abbott family.does any one know how to get in touch with any of them? i think i have an uncle named billy and an aunt named freda down there?

  18. olivia says:

    hello looking for relatives with the last name coles. My grandfather was roy coles (or leroy). His father was enis coles (also spelled unis, enice, ennis, etc.) enis’ parents were dan and sally from danville virgina. My grandfather also had a child with a woman by the last name of edwards. Roy has siblings and I believe their names are thomas, marshall, jean and laura. Roy passed away in MI. help me please anyone. My mom was born in logan, WV.

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      I don’t know if this is your family, but I found a marriage on the WV Archives & History website. This was all I could find. Hope it helps:

      Roy Coles was born Kanawha County. At age 24, he married Ernestine Eanes age 19. She was born Logan County. They were married in Kanawha County, August 4, 1946 by Bishop R.L. Jennings. Looks like he lived in Charleston and she lived in Chesapeake. You might want to check the Kanawha County and Logan County 1940 census to try and find parents names and the siblings.

      • olivia says:

        yes that is my grandfather. Still looking for his mother and his fathers parents 🙁

        but thank you soo much for helping me 🙂

  19. chris mcchristian says:

    Any one know any of the family names of McChristian, Adkins or Boothe from the logan area or Lincoln & Stirrat? trying to find myself and my roots, Thanks

  20. wayne howard says:

    looking for information on Ida browning daughter of harrison browning wife of richard williamson she was my grand mother born logan 1893

  21. Sarah Adams says:

    I am searching information about my husband’s family. Thompson & Polly Workman of Bulwark Fork, Logan Co., WV.

    • Benny smith says:

      I belive you might mean Bullwork fork on Harts Creek, Logan co. W.Va. My mother Lona Workman Smith d/o of Carter Workman was raised there.

      • Benny smith says:

        I know there is a Polly Workman in our family. Its probably the same one.

        • Bev(Jean) Farley Sanborn says:

          Hi Benny….I wonder if we’re related. My mother had an aunt named Lona. My parents were Henry Farley and Malinda Smith. My moms parents were Kermit and Bertha Smith. I think Bertha’s maiden name was Workman.

      • Sarah Adams says:

        Your right probably the same family. But the correct spelling is Bulwark but is pronounced bullwork. My father inlaw was raised there and my husband and i are in the process of building our house on that same property there. Thompson & Polly were my husbands great grandparents. but they lived at Mudfork. Thompson & Polly’s son Elza (my husbands grandfather) owned and operated a mining cable repair shop on bulwark!

    • Barb Tomblin Randolph says:

      Hi Sarah

      I think their granddaughter Alma has an site on line. I will contact her and direct her to this page.

      • Sarah Adams says:

        Hi Barb
        I have since connected with Alma and she has given me alot of information about the family. my father in-law doesnmt get on the family subject much so its hard to ask him anything. but thanks for the info!

        • Barb Tomblin Randolph says:

          Sarah, I am very happy that Alma has been helpful to you.. Like your father-in-law, some family members are just not interested in genealogy whatsoever and they make it known that they are not going to talk much about it and that’s sad.

          • Sarah Adams says:

            yah i think he just doesnt like to talk about it because it is a rough subject for him. he lived a rough life with his parents and it brings up things that are hard for him to deal with his parents both dies before he was 20 so he didnt really understand them i guess every once and awhile he will talk about it… but he has to be in that kind of mood i guess. im glad that she could help me too!

  22. Deborah Kay Burress Woods says:

    I am searching for any descendants of John Floyd and Della Farmer last of Dehue WV and Lee and Nancy Burress last of Ranger WV. They are my maternal and paternal grandparents.
    Thank You
    Deborah K Burress Woods
    revdeb2002 at hotmail dot com

  23. Michael Dion Hernandez says:

    I am wondering if I have any relatives still living in the Logan, WV area. My grandparents were Harold and Nora Isaacs. My mother is Christina Kay. My uncle is Charles Herman Isaacs and my other aunt is named Beverly Ann. My grandparents have passed away and my mother moved to Scottsdale, Az from what I know. I haven’t seen her since I left Logan as a five-year old in 1972? My Uncle Charles lives in Morehead, Ky. I last saw him in 2006. I don’t know what became of my Aunt Beverly. At any rate, if anybody is related and still living in the area, it would be nice to know. I am considering a job in WV and it would be nice to get to know my mother’s side of the family.

  24. Tami Dingess says:

    I am looking for information on my grandfather Earl J Dingess born in 1915 died in 1955 he is buried in cottage field i can not find any info . Thanks fior any info

  25. Bobbi Jefferson says:

    Hello, I am looking for anyone with information on Orville Napier. He was the son of John and America Napier. Please email me at fbjefferson at aol dot com. Thank you!

  26. Krystal Bartram says:

    I am needing to know where Workman’s Fork is located..I have been searching for my grandfather Denver Lowell Workman,Sr…(birth~01/06/1931..death~12/29/1985) and records show his death was in Van Wert,Ohio but he was laid somewhere in Workman’s Fork..I assume he is buried with his parents,Roxie Mullins Workman and Albert C.Workman..if anyone can help with this..I will be grateful.I can’t find any images of none of the above headstones either…Thank you

    • Brenda Lockhart says:

      It may be up Crawley Creek of Chapmanville.

      • Krystal Bartram says:

        Thank you Brenda

      • Shelby Burgess says:

        I did a lookup in the Butcher cemetery on Crawley Creek Rd. No names you mentioned were listed. There may be other cemeterys on Crawley I am unaware of, but this came from the Logan County Book of Cemeterys,volume 3

        • Krystal Bartram says:

          Thank you Shelby for searching that..I have no idea where they are buried..It just said Workman’s Fork in WV on the Social Security Index

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      Ktystal, Please email me directly at I have some information for you, including the phone number of a wonderful lady who grew up at Workman Fork. Her dad still lives there and he is ninety years old and knew everybody that ever lived there. It is on the Lincoln /Logan County Line, but technically in Logan County, but not near Smokehouse or White Oak.

    • Joey Arlen Workman says:

      Not sure if this helps but, at the junction of county highway 3/07 and 3/04 at the Logan County and Lincoln County line just west of route 10 is Workman’s Fork Church and two creeks meet across the road I think that may be it.?. I’m not positive but may be it. Hope this helps, Good luck finding it Google Earth may help.

      • Krystal Bartram says:

        Thank you Joey

      • Shelby Burgess says:

        Sorry to be late,Joey, but my thanks for locating Workman Fork of Harts Creek,WV. So, the fork is down near its junction with the Guyandotte river, just off St R t. 10. I understand the headwaters of Workman Fk. are in Lincoln County WV. but it flows into parts of Logan County WV.
        The Google search & maps I have do not show any of the creeks I am familiar with ; Smokehouse,White Oak, only Workman Fk is shown down near the mouth of Big Harts cr.

    • Cheryl Bryant says:

      It is a branch off the East Fork ( For some reason locals call it West Fork) of Big Harts Creek. It is in Logan County. The creek empties into East Fork which eventually empties into the Guyandotte River at Harts. It can also be reached by going up Crawley Creek, turning onto Striker Fork, then onto Saunders Fork and crossing the mountain (This is dirt road that is narrow and sometimes in bad shape.) to the head of Workman Fork.

      • Shelby Burgess says:

        The locals are correct; the east Fork of Workman Branch butts up against Crawley Creek. The West Fork extends into Lincoln County WV. My Joephus Workman ancestors are buried on the West Fork, as they are listed in the census records of Lincoln County. (Thanks to Dodie S. Browning)

    • Hi,Krystal,Workman Fork is up Striker on Crawley Creek Rd.its across the mountain,when you get over there I’m sure anyone would help you.

  27. Krystal Gillikin (Scaggs) Bartram says:

    I would like if anyone has any information on my father,Victor Allen Scaggs, son of Verna Mae Scaggs Murray(Crooked Creek) and Denver Lowell Workman,Sr. (Harts,WV) Victor lived with his grandmother who raised him who also lived at Crooked Creek, Maudie B Mooney..I am trying to connect Victor to Denver either through so family notes or photos…Any information is helpful Thank you

    • Krystal Gillikin (Scaggs) Bartram says:

      You may contact me through my email thank you

      • Lyndsay Stephens Johnston says:

        Krystal, I sent you an email. Victor was my uncle by marriage.

      • Krystal Bartram says:

        Kim,you can message me through my email..if you feel the need!

      • Judy Heugel Fraser says:

        Denver workman was my uncle. Albert and Roxie Workman was his parents. Lola Farris was his sister and Magnolia Heugel was his sister both have died. There is only one sister living and that is Jewell Henson. Denver had 5 children and lived in Grover hill Ohio there are only 2 children living.Paul Workman of Ohio.Lowell Workman lives in w.v. I have not been in contact with them . My cousin Clifford Farris lives in harts creek and he could tell you how to get to graves it has been many years since I have been there. To bad I just found this web page because Denvers son Mike workman was trying to locate Victor (bud) as we called him when I lived across the street. Gwen was my friend. Mike just passed away december 2012.

        • Jackie Gillikin says:

          Thank you Judy for messaging.I am Krystal’s mother,Jackie..I have been helping her and Victor (Bud) with their family tree..He even mentioned your name but we couldn’t find any way of contacting you..Victor got a big break through when I received a message from his brother Paul’s wife,Gina Workman..They actually talked on the phone for the first time after 55 yrs..He was sad to know that his brother Michael had passed in December and was another who had been looking for him as well..Paul is filling him in on all he can about his family..Victor will finally get to see a picture of Denver,whom he has never seen ever..and Paul and Victor are planning to meet some day soon..Maybe they can make up for lost years..and start new memories..Thank you once again for all your help.I will pass your message on to Victor this morning.I am sure it will brighten his day because Paul wasn’t sure as far as some Aunts and Uncles still living….again,thank you for the information.

          • Judy Heugel Fraser says:

            I found Victor (Buddy) on facebook.I have sent him a message. I must say when I seen his picture I thought I was looking at my uncle Den

          • Jackie Fillinger says:

            We searched you up too on Facebook but couldn’t find you..He always wondered if he favored anyone on his dad’s side…Now we know he looks like his dad! Thank you again for replying Judy.

  28. Mary Browning says:

    My grandfather was Dee Horton from Holden, WV. His first wife was named Ruth Moore, I would like to know more about her and her family, this is my father’s mother, his name was Freddie H. Horton also from Holden. We never knew much about his mothers side of the family. Would love to know all the relatives and even see some pictures if possible. Thank you

  29. Brooke Marcum says:

    I am looking for information regarding the Jake Marcum family {my husbands g-grandfather}. He was born in Mingo County around 1902 and died sometime after 1964 in Logan County. He was married to Goldie Castle (b. 1906, d. 1961, buried in City View Cemetery). I *believe* his father was Billy Jake Marcum (known as “Bad Billy” – information is scarce on him; my FIL said he thought that Bad Billy died after being shot over a dog?)

    Any and all information would be great! I have hit a brick wall. My email is Thanks! – Brooke

  30. Sherry Dean says:

    If anyone has info about Arthur Edward Justice, Lula Zirkle Justice, Sherman Truman Justice, Jr, Margaret Louise Baugus, and my mother, Edith Elaine Justice, please email me at thank you so much. Someone raised my father to be a moral and loving father. I would love to know who to thank.

  31. Sherry Dean says:

    I am Arthur Edward justice’s daughter looking for any info on my grandmother, Lula Zirkle 1903 or 1904-1942, daughter of Edward and Rosa Zirkle. She died in childbirth on Jan 13 or 14, 1942. She married my grandfather, Sherman Justice in 1921, son of Sherman and Ella or Malinda Justice. My father was married first to Margaret Louise Baugus of Superior, Mcdowell Co. in Oct 1943 at Logan Co. courthouse. She died a year later and my father married my mother, Edith Elaine Adams of Holden 22 in Jan 11 1946. Her parents were Floyd and Manila Adams. My father was a wonderful dad and would love to talk to someone who knew him or Mom. Thanks Sherry D.

  32. Anna Moore says:


    I am trying to find information about Thomas Arthur Kinney, born around 1932 in Logan. I have been told that he was the son of Otis (1903-1989) and Gladys Kinney (1909-1992). I found a listing in the 1940 census for a Tommy, age 7, but can find no other information.

    Otis was the brother of my maternal Grandfather Albert Kinney (1900-1949), son of Leonard and Evaline.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

    Anna Chambers Moore

    • Danny says:

      Hello Anna,

      I’m the Son of Thomas Arthur Kinney, but did not know until June of 1967 when I entered the U.S. Army. My Mother (June Marie Henslee) was married to him for a very short while, and divorced him prior to my birth in 1949.

      I too, am seeking any and all info / data concerning him. All I know is that he was born 18 April 1931 (Maybe 32) in Logan County West Virginia and was employed there as a Saw Manufacturer?, working for Ohlen Bishop!

      There are other folks helping me with this search and have verified through a myriad of documents that Otis & Gladys were indeed his parents. Hi older Brother Otis Jr passed away in 2010 and was living and Buried in Columbus Ohio.

    • Danny Clark says:

      Hello Anne,

      I am the Son of Thomas Arthur Kinney. I wasn’t made aware of this until June of 1967 while entering the U.S. Army. My Mother, June Marie Henslee was married to him a very short time and prior to my Birth in 1949 she divorced him.
      I have other friends helping me with finding out any & all information and they have accumulated a myriad of data / info. Otis & Gladys were indeed his parents, and his oldest Brother Otis Jr lived and is buried in Columbus, Ohio, he passed away in 2010. Would really like to communicate this common Goal & search with you.

      Very Respectfully


  33. Out _For_Justice says:

    First I was born in Pikeville,ky. I have heard the story of Mamie Thurmond ALL MY LIFE. I feel that she was murdered all them years ago. Looking for any family members of Mamie. I’M a WHITE WOMAN LOOKING FOR JUSTICE!!! I wonder if Mamie walking the old mine22 maybe I will go there to see for my self. Don’t you think Mamie needs rest and peace ??? So please email me Thanks!!

  34. Leonard Evans says:

    I am looking for my birth father.My name is Leonard Evans and I was raised in Harts Creek with my grandfather Richard Evans and wife Nona Evans and brothers Fred, Buddy, Lewis and sister Lowe and aunt Verona (called Doll). He was said to be a mail deliverer in Harts Creek with black hair in 1940’s…

  35. Sue DeJournett says:

    I am the wife of Ned Russell DeJournett who grew up in Logan County, born and raised in Stollings. Some of his family names are McCormick, DeJournett, Stollings, Avis, and related families. Any old friends or relatives reading this post?

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      I remember Stollings DeJournett. He was principal at CHS back in the 1940s.
      His hobby was collecting Indian artifacts. He had several arrowheads, stone tools, that he showed to the students. Was he related to you?

    • Dennis Herald says:

      My mother’s maternal grandmother was Chloe Ann Ellis (nee DeJournett) (1881-1926), who was married to James Ezekial Ellis. They lived in the Stollings/McConnell area. Her father was John Scott DeJournett (or DeJournette) (1856-1890) He had 8 children; sons John Hamilton (1877-1944), Willaim Harvey (1879-1953), Russell Yowell (1883-1965), and Joseph P. (1886-1888). (various spellings: DeJournett, DeJarnette, DeJarnett) Russell had 2 children: Stollings Thurman De Journett (1907-1975) and Homer Vivian DeJournett (1907-2001) (records retrieved from I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me.

      • Shelby Burgess says:

        Thanks, Dennis;
        Stollngs handed me my CHS diploma back in the 1940s. He always appeared thin & sickly to me. Mr. Dejournett hosted a farewell party to we grads at the old Pioneer Hotel dining room. This was exciting to most of us; as we never had any experiences with formal dining; “eat at home types, grin.”

  36. velva dingess says:

    i am velva dingess, my father is allen dingess of {the allen dingess land]my mother is virgie adkins fathers father is calvin dingess his mother is lida eveline adkins.we lived in harts w. va. my father owns parcels ,curry branch,coal branch ,big hearts.county of lincoln,w. virginia.his siblings,[john dingess, fine dingess ,lennie dingess, [my mothers siblings, josephene adkins,poly adkins,mandy adkins,johnny adkins. my mothers mother is shug,or polk. my siblings, burnice dingess perry.troy dingess,burl dingess,ray dingess,velva dingess,linnie dingess.all of them have passed to be with there lord. except for me[ velva dingess]there are family still in logan co. chapmansville. i am 87 years young looking back at my roots . theres others,alice jones ,lucian jones. lookin for anyone who wants to bring back the memories of old harts creek .in lincoln county w. virginia.

    • Sharon Sutphin says:

      Hello, my grandmother 94 yrs was related to William Dingess. I know her mother was Mary Essa Ferrell. Do you know of the Ferrells who lived in Logan and then Chapmanville. God Bless you , and Take good care.

      • Charlotte Herald Mills says:

        As well as I can remember Ruby Ferrell was a school principal at McConnell elementary school. She lived right next to the road (with a fenced in yard) in Stollings. My cousin Lucille Layne (dcsd.) was a good friend and I got to visit Ruby some in her home. Lucille was a school librarian at Logan East Junior high. Mrs. Ferrell may be a relative of yours. I was born and raised in Logan and live in SC now. I just saw this website and found it interesting.

        • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

          Hi Charlotte,
          I am so happy to see someone mention Ruby Ferrell. Her mother, Ida McCoy was one of my mother’s dearest friends. Ruby and her husband Ward Ferrell had no children, so they had no descendants. She was the only child of Ida and Tom McCoy. Ruby was so good to her mother. They were as close as a mother and daughter could be. I never knew of them having relatives in Logan County. If memory serves, Ruby’s parents were originally from Ky. It is quite possible that Ward hard relatives, but I barely knew him. Mrs McCoy (we weren’t allowed to call older people by their first names) lived next door to Ruby and her husband at Stollings in a house that was almost identical, with a fence separating the tiny front yards from the road. Both houses were always immaculate. Mrs. McCoy always insisted on having Mother and me at her house for both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner after my sisters were married. Mrs McCoy was one of the best cooks on the planet! Ruby looked a lot like her mother, but I never knew her dad. He was deceased when I first met Mrs. McCoy (about 1943). If I’m not mistaken, Ruby’s dad built both of the houses where they lived until they died as far as I know. I don’t have any pictures of their houses, but I have a picture of Ida McCoy that I took in front of our house at City View, when she was visiting us in 1940s. I will dig it out and have Frank post it. These wonderful folks should be remembered. Thank you for mentioning Ruby (McCoy) Ferrell.

    • james lowe says:

      I remember going to lucian jones store many times as a kid with my mom and dad. his store was just across the bridge in Harts. brings back lots of memories to hear his name! my name is James Lowe. we had a farm on harts creek but moved to NC in 1987.

    • Vicki says:

      Hello Velva,
      I’m not sure if I can help you find memories of your relatives but, I do have some information on the Dingess’. My mother-in-laws name is Bonnie Darleen (Brumfield) Lucas. Her parents were Lace & Nora (Gartin) Brumfield. Her grandparents were Charley & Caroline (Dingess) Brumfield. I have researched much of this, with the help of Bonnie & my mothers genecological program. Bonnie (bless her heart) is approaching her 85th Birhtday but, she still remembers alot of stories when she was growing up in Logan, WV. I have much more information regarding Bonnies’ decendants. I hope this response to your quest finds you well 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon. Take Care Velva. Sincerely, Vicki

      • Brandon Kirk says:

        Please email me at! I am writing a book that involves the old Brumfields. I am very familiar with Lace’s family. Of his kids, I knew Herbie best. I live in Harts, near all of the old Brumfield sites. I have pictures of Charley and Caroline Brumfield, and their parents. Lots of news clippings, pictures, etc. I have spent the past twenty years talking to all of the old Brumfields: Corbett Brumfield, Ida Taylor, Mae Brumfield, Earl Brumfield, Dave Brumfield — and anyone related to them. I have many questions! Thanks.

    • Billie Jo (Dingess) Simmons says:

      My dad was Allen Dingess, son of Cora Lee and Ray Dingess. You are my Great-Aunt Velva from Arizona… Is that correct?

    • Brandon Kirk says:

      Hi, Velva. Your grandmother Lydia Eveline (Adkins) Dingess was a sister to my ancestor, Charles Adkins (1850-1919), father to Reb Adkins and Maw Tiny Brumfield. Charles was a JP on Harts Creek for many years. I’d love to talk with you. Am I correct in my notes that Lydia Eveline had a daughter named Francis by a Butcher before she married Calvary Dingess? Francis married preacher Charley Curry. What do you know about these people? Calvary Dingess was the son of “Coffee Pete” Dingess. Do you know why they called him that? Was George Adkins married more than once? If so, can you help me sort out his children? I used to visit your cousin, Risby Brumfield.

    • chris mcchristian says:

      Are you related to Mary/ Maud Adkins I believe married to Hiram Boothe, Mother to Ida Boothe who was wife to My relative Wes Sylvester McChristian, Mother and father to my great great grandfather John McChristian? All from logan, Lincoln and stirrat WV.

      • Judy says:

        Ida Boothe was my great-grandma. Her parents were Hiram and Mary Boothe. My grandma’s name was Maudie McChristian. Her parents were Ida Boothe and Sylvester McChristian.

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      Hello Velva;
      I remember a John Dingess in Chapmanville. I believe he married a Susan Marcum. Are you related to him? I knew all his children well.

  37. Caleb Norton says:

    hello im looking for any relatives with information reguarding the blevins family of wallace baily blevins and minerva jane music and there son alex blevins thanks my e mails are or

  38. Peggy Camp says:

    I am looking for information on William McCallister also known as William Dillon. I believe his Mother was Chloe Dillon who had two other children Sarah and Tom. I think his father was Richard McCallister.
    My Grandmother was May Lissie Dillon McCallister. Her father was Louis Dillon and mother was Nancy Jane Pruitt.

  39. Kathryn Landolt (nee Cole) says:

    Hello – I am looking to connect with anyone who might have known Opal Imogen Cole, born October 3, 1916 or her son, David Cole, Sr. (nickname Mick) born July 5, 1946. They are my grandmother and father. I know that Opal’s mother’s maiden name was Mc Comas (or Mc Comis…not sure of spelling). I am not sure of all of Opal’s siblings, but I do know she had an older brother named Ralph (LN?), and sister’s named Merle (LN?), Hallene (LN?), and Doris Blankenship. I was also told of a possibly Uncle “Whitey”. I can be reached at and would love to hear from anyone related or who may have connection to the family. Thanks very much – Katie

  40. Norman Lee Wineland says:

    Looking for family of Bill Lee Wineland, my father. I know he died in 1961, I have been to the Logan cemetary where he lies, and I know he died in Calif. while still in the Navy..I have a half brother, and sister somewhere from his last marrage, that is who I am tring to find..No problems, just want to e-mail them..Norm..Huntingtown, Md.

  41. Nancy Bartoe Staley says:

    Trying to find some of my relatives in the Logan area. My Grandfather was John Franklin Bartoe, my Father was his youngest son Luther Clarence Bartoe. I know there are probably a lot of my cousins still living in the area. His brothers were, Odell, & John that lived in the area. Odell was known as Wink and raised his family in Lenore. Hoping I hear from someone there!

    • Nina Mills says:

      I believe my ex father in law, John Bartoe might have had a brother named Luther. He was married to Edith Simpson. They had six children, of whom, to my knowledge the only one left may be Terry Bartoe. Deceased children of John and Edith were Willis, Phyllis, Mona, Marvin, and Homer. As far as I know Terry is living but I have no idea where.
      I know of no children from Willis, Phyliss had a son, Rodney who lived in the Bridgeton, N.J area. Mona had two children, Edith”Edie” McCabe and a son Tommy who was killed in a hunting accident by his uncle Terry. Marvin lived in the Cora area of Logan, WV. He had two sons in NJ, I can’t remember their names and several children by Brenda Gibson of Cora. He died a couple of years ago of lung disease, and never married any of the mothers of his children. Homer died by suicide, he was my ex- husband. He had a previous wife to me, last name Butcher who died in a fire. They had no children. Homer and I had one son. John and Edith lived at the 20 Whitman area. He was a miner. I hope this helps. I do caution you that in this particular branch was a strong history of alcoholism. I tell you this for medical history. Best wishes.

      • Nancy Bartoe Staley says:

        Thank you Nina , yes John was my dads brother . Seems like there was alot of tragedy in that side of the family. My dad was the youngest son . My parents moved to Ohio when I was two, 1952 . I remember Willlis he stayed with my parents fo awhile. So sad that families get so disconnected.

  42. brenda lockhart says:

    I am trying to find information about my grandparents – Richard Lockhart and Nancy Blankenship Lockhart. I think they lived in the Barnabus area. Nancy died in 1933 and left several children that were all separated – my dad was one of them. Anyone with information please email me at

  43. walter lang says:

    I would like to hear old stories from anyone who might have memories of the Farris family from near Hart’s Creek. Floyd, Millard, Roy, Grace, Everett, Walter, etc. were all siblings. I am descended from Everett and am especially interested in any memories of him… from his early years.

  44. Stephanie Dalton Copeland says:

    John Dalton and Nessel Curry Dalton are my Grandparents. I have alot of relatives still in the area and would like to connect and/or re-connect with them. There are also, many that I do not know or remember. I do not know or remember any of the Curry’s and would like to do so.

    • Kim Lane Green says:

      Jane (Pooce) Adams was my great grandmother. My grandfather was Freddie Adams, he was married to Margaret Baisden. My mom is Dicie Blanche Adams.

      • Brandon Kirk says:

        I am looking for information on the great guitar player, Bernie Adams, of Harts Creek. I think your grandfather’s brother Bernie is the one I am looking for. Do you know anything about him? The one I am looking for, if memory serves me correctly, died in the 1960s at the mouth of Hoover on Harts Creek.

  45. Loretta (Jarrell) (Adams) Nebe says:

    I am looking for any family, friends of The Jarrell’s (Albert Merritt) from Henlawson WVa. and Adams Family form Harts Creek and Adams in Chapmansville WVa.
    Also looking for a family that lived up on the hill in Henlawson by he name of Lowe, a daughter was Jackie.

    • paul triplett says:

      I’m related to the Adams family through my moms mother, Murl Adams Maynard.

    • Kim Lane Green says:

      Was Georgie Jarrell related my mom is Blanche Adams her dad was Freddie Adams.My grandfather was Freddie he was married to Margaret Baisden. My grandfather Freddie his mother was Pooce or Jane Adams

    • james lowe says:

      Jackie is my aunt. she is my fathers sister. my dads name was J.C. Lowe. His mothers name was Marie Lowe and he had two sisters named Dolly and Jackie and he had a brother named Carlos. Hollar back if you want to know more! my name is James Lowe.

  46. Mindy says:

    Relatives of Maude Mooney or Robert R. Scaggs?

  47. Mindy says:

    Any relatives of Maude Mooney or Robert Ray Scaggs? I believe Maudie is buried there somewhere. Thanks, Mindy

    • Trisha says:

      Hello Mindy,
      There was a Maude Mooney who lived near me and my family for many years on Crooked Creek road in Logan. I think she had a daughter named May, a daughter Gwendolyn and a son/grandson maybe that I knew as “Bud”….maybe another son too??? I can’t remember…
      Hope this helps

      • Krystal Gillikin (Scaggs) Bartram says:

        Maudie Mooney was my great grandmother. Victor (Bud) Scaggs,oldest son of Verna Mae Scaggs Murray.. is my dad.I am his oldest daughter..Krystal Gillikin Bartram..He also has 2 more sons and another daughter. He is a truck driver and lives in another state..Maudie and Mae are buried at Highland Mem.Gardens Cemetary,Godby Heights,Logan,WV..Maudie died in 2001 and Mae passed away in 1990 with cancer.Maudie had 2 sons,Ronald and Ray both deseased in Pa..Gwen her other daughter still resides in Crooked Creek

  48. phyllis says:

    i am looking for info, on an aunt, freda harrison married a Malone? or Mahone?not sure , she had 5 daughters i no of, 3 and a set of twins(5)…they moved to Ohio,she had a brother names james moms name was mary lousie harrison workman…their parents were Maude christian and jim harrison..(daddy jim had tb, so he died young, I was small)then granma married frances Hatfield…granmas; momma was Gusta Browning married Dewey Christian…Would like infor also on Jim Harrison born Oct.15,1937(I think)there or about…we called him daddy jim, but i do remember he was bed ridden, the family said TB..thank for your help. Phyllis

    • Nancy Bartoe Staley says:

      Hi Phyllis,
      Your Aunt Freda married my cousin Harold Mahone and they lived in Lancaster, Ohio until they passed away. There Daughters were Linda and Brenda (twins), Marilyn , Venus , Elsie . I have lost contact with the girls . Hope this helps.

      • Shelby Burgess says:

        Twins run heavily in the Mahone, Mahorn familys of Logan c. WV. I knew some of the Mahones who lived on Dingess Run.
        I dont know how accurate the story was back then, but it was said the Mahone males had problems finding mates to marry because of the twin incidents.

        • Nancy Bartoe Staley says:

          I had a cousin , Harold Mahone that lived in Lancaster, Ohio that had twin girls. Probably from the same family because he was born in Logan WV.

  49. molly m hileman says:

    HI my name is Molly Hileman I am looking for Information on William Edward Hileman which was my Grandfather he was hurt in a mining accident in 1930 . also looking for pictures of his first wife and family Mararget (Peggy) Rhton and any info on them they were from Man WV. can be reach at Thanks Molly

  50. debbie mcdonald swims says:

    would like to here from anyone who might remember my family from 21 holden my parents was ray joy mcdonald have two bros william meeks @ charles meeks and sister belinda mcdonald crum let me here from you thanks debbi