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The purpose of this page is to help those searching for their Logan County relatives and researching their family tree. When you leave a comment, there is an option to check a box that will notify you of new comments. Unless you plan to check this page frequently for a response, you should check this box or leave your email address in the body of your message.  Please note, unless you leave your email address in the body of  your message, your email address will not be displayed. If you are concerned about spam and do not want to use a mailto link, provide an email address like the example below: at gmail dot com

Many West Virginia Birth, Death, and Marriage records are available on-line at  West Virginia Vital Records. For those searching for copies of obituaries, the Harless Library at Mount Gay and WV State Archives in Charleston have microfilm copies of the Logan Banner.

Other sources you may find helpful:

I seek information on my father, Carl Lilly, born in 1900-1902 who was married Lenore (Tootsie) Curry in 1938.  I believe he was born in Hinton, WV but lived years in Logan Co. and worked for Island Creek Coal Co. and others.

You may reply to

Iva Lilly Durham — March 15, 2010

Canterbury family information needed.

Bobbie Canterbury Pemberton — March 12, 2010

Does anyone know of living relatives of Cloyd Bowling Sr? He was my grandfather – married to Pearl Kershner Bowling from Greenbriar County. My Dad was Edward Bowling – actually born in Omar. I know I have relatives living there – would love to chat.

Joy Conley
Broker in Charge
Choice Jacksonville Realty
110-C Branchwood Drive
Jacksonville, NC 28546
March 9, 2010

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  1. Any Henderson’s buried there ? , Kernie Henderson son of Mitch Henderson .

  2. Sgaron says:

    Yes, was me asking. Thanks a bunch!! Thank you for remembering me????❤️️Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Steve Johnson says:

    My name is Steve Johnson. I am searching for information about my father and his family that once lived near Peach Creek, WV in Logan County around 1915 to 1930 (estimated timeframe).

    My father’s name is Charles Clavis Johnson and his parents were Grover Cleveland Johnson and Pearl Johnson (née Bills).

    My father was born in 1917 in Peach Creek and has 5 siblings (Bill, Moselle, Ann, Gail, Orville). Grover, his dad, worked for the railroad (C&O?), among other jobs.

    Any information is very welcomed.

    My email:

    Thanks for any help.

  4. Neal Hawkins says:

    I am looking for information on the lineage of my grandmother. She was born Lola Browning in Omar on February 13, possibly 1895 or 1896. I cannot find any birth records for her online. In 1920 she married Alfred Luther Hawkins in Princeton, WV. She always told us that her family was related to the Hatfields.

    Thank you!

  5. D Casey says:

    Hi everyone, I am working on a family genealogy project and am hoping some of your readers may have some information. My father-in-law’s discharge from the Marine Corps following the Korean War lists his address as: box 113 (Logan), Stirret, West Virginia and his employment as: Reel Boy (we are guessing for a movie theater) & his employer as Sarrah Ann. If any of you can fill in any of the dots with memories of movie theaters between 1940-1950 or what the family name Sarrah Ann may be attached to, it would be appreciated. Thanks, in advance, for any help you can offer.

    • Bob Piros says:

      D Casey, suggest you do a search for
      Sarah Ann Coal Mine Company in
      1940-1950. Sarah Ann is located in
      Logan Co.WV. A reel boy might have
      been someone who worked in the
      coal mine. Also do a search for the
      term reel boy. Also if your father-in – law
      was a Logan County Vet, a photo of him
      can be posted on this website.

  6. Matthew Quintrell says:

    Hi, I’m looking for any information on Owen Reynolds from the Blair Mountain Battle time period. He was my great-grandfather and he was believed to be in the area when the battle happened and was never heard from again…don’t know if he was killed or just disappeared or what. Any info is appreciated. Thank you!!

    • Bob Piros says:

      Matthew,my e-mail is
      I have found a D.R for a Olive Reynolds, daughter
      of Owen.She is buried in Red Campbell Cemetery
      in Red Campbell,WV. I can send you the record.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Matthew, Your GG didn’t die in the Blair Mountain Battle. According to one of your relatives who sent me an e-mail.
      He walked away from his wife & children leaving them to do for themselves. She sent me a photo of him with his
      wife & children. His real name was William Owen Reynolds, according to draft card records he put this birth as
      March 1,1894 in Pennington Gap, Lee County VA. He was married many times. He worked as a coal miner
      in WV.,KY & VA. He died in Nov. 1969 & is buried in Pennington Gap VA. Not sure why you refused to send
      me your e-mail address.

  7. Claudia says:

    Hello looking for any photos or information on Edward@Vicie Burgess of Blair WV they are my great grandparents and have many fond memories of them as a child also spent some time with them in WV. Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  8. Charles Munson says:

    I am related to the Godby’s & will be in the area for thru the end of October. Would like to connect with them if possible.
    Chuck Munson

  9. Albert Wickline says:

    I’m looking for family in W Va. In Logan. An a location of the Wickline Cemetery

    • Bob Piros says:

      Albert, shows the
      Wickline Cemetery in Monroe Co.WV. shows lots of people in WV.
      with the Wickline name.

  10. sandra harrison says:

    i am trying to find my husbands cousins;;;they all lived in the logan husband moved his family to california many years ago;;;his mother and father were from logan also..his cousins name is maxine with her daughter pam name is sandra my email address is…we will be traveling thru logan on oct 15,,16,,17th we will surly stop in for some chicken…if you locate these folks we could visit…..oh yes my husbands last name is stepp

    • Bob Piros says:

      Sandra, shows
      lots of people with the Prince
      & Bias names living in many
      cities in California with many
      phone numbers. You can check
      in any state with Anywho.
      Hope you find your relatives.

  11. Jackie Branham-Wilkinson says:

    I am looking for information about my 3x great grandmother, Anne Workman. Her daughter, my great great grandmother, Josephine, married William Crum and they lived most of their lives in Martin County, Ky. I found Anne and Josephine on the 1860 census for Logan, Virginia (on the census it says Lonsville). According to that census, Anne was born about 1805 and Josephine was born about 1844 (she was 14 on that census record). They are living by themselves, close to Asa P. McCoy. I’m trying to find where they came from, more information on who might have been Josephine’s father. I do have her death certificate from ancestry. com and they have transcribed the fathers name as “Made Carter”, however after looking closely at it, I believe the first name may be Mose. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!!
    Jackie Branham-Wilkinson

  12. Naomi Robinson says:

    My grandfather was Tommy tomblin. My dad was James messer and his mom was Amanda messer. I am trying to find a picture and a obituary for tommy but am having a hard time he died in 1979 in johnson Kentucky at a hog auction at the age of 43. And was buried in west virginia. He was marrie to my great grandmother Millie Vance if anyone has any information I would appreciate it thank you again Naomi Marie Hildebrand

    • Bob Piros says:

      Naomi,you need to find which town
      in Johnson KY, then check the local
      newpapers. to see if they old obits.

      • Naomi Robinson says:

        I have searched the county where he died as well it was paintsville Kentucky but can find nothing at all on him.and honestly I don’t know where else to look I know he was brought back to west Virginia to be buried. Been chasing my tail for last 6 months but thank you for your reply

        • Bob Piros says:

          Naomi, you might want to check these sites.
          KY.Gov.,they have D.C.forms.
          Paintsville Herald has an obit collection.
          Johnson CO.Genealogical Society
          has a large site. They have lots
          of unknown photos.

  13. Doris Slone says:

    Looking for relatives of my grandmother, Anthelia (Sansom) Cremeans Stollings. She died approximately November 1972 and is buried in Foley Cemetery (which I have tried to locate, but not successful).

    • Bob Piros says:

      Doris, shows
      Foley cemetery & map.
      Shows Anthelia born in 1885 &
      died in 1972. shows lots of people
      having the Stollings name
      living in Logan,WV.

  14. Dinah Zirkle says:

    I’m looking for pictures of my grandpa Aubrey Zirkle from Logan and Man if anyone has one with him in coal miner clothes wow that would be great also my dad Tom Zirkle same thing I would be so grateful my grandma was Fonnie Ann Zirkle my Uncle Huey Ab Zirkle pics of them wow how great would that be the lived in Accoville my email is my name Dinah Zirkle my grandma’s maiden name was Browing if that helps.

  15. John Thomas Mangus says:

    I’m looking for any info on a Wanda Collins from Mt. Gay. Her Grandfathers name was Houston Ponton who passed away in 1963. She attended Mt. Gay Grade School. Any help would be appreciated.

  16. Brian Akers says:

    Would love to know if anyone might have known a family with the last name Akers. Looking up my grandfather and,said he was born in Logan county. His name was REO after a car that was made in the 1920’s. That was what he told me his father named him after,becuas he owned one. Not a inexpensive car back then! He married Evelyn,cannot find her last name. All I know is she passed away on Dec. 25th 1971 in Cleveland Ohio. From cancer. He served in ww2 in the navy. On the destroyer uss sigsbee. It was hit by a kamikazi late in the war and was damaged really bad. He was injured from that and would show me the scars.any info is much appreciated! Thanks to everyone.

  17. John Mark Thompson says:

    Thompson Family of Logan Research
    John Mark Thompson –

    My name is John Mark Thompson and I was born in Huntington. My father is Rex Kenton Thompson born Verdunville, 1949, grandfather James Harold Thompson, Sr, born in Holden 1922, great-grandfather Wilburn Thompson, born in Verdunville 1896, great-great grandfather Leander Scott Thompson born in Logan 1873 (my son Robert Brian Thompson shares his birthday of June 6), and I believe his father to be John Evert Thompson born in Logan in 1837. I’m just getting started on my research but I am really enjoying myself. Any confirmation or correction you can provide to my efforts thus far would be greatly appreciated!

  18. Kathy Clark says:

    Looking for Clark, Canterbury, Ledson families of Left Laurel Fork Lenore, WV. Contact me at

  19. Sharon Basil says:

    Thank you for the response.

  20. Sharon Basil says:

    Ferrell,Ellis, Dempsy, Christian. I am looking for Mary Essaa Ferrell m Arnold Christian 1911 I believe in Logan. she passed Jan 23 1923 8n chapenville or Barbersville

    • Bob Piros says:

      Sharon,you can find Mary
      She is buried in the
      Ferrell Cemetery.

      • Sharon Basil says:

        Do you know what 189 represents when listed as cause of death?

        • Bob Piros says:

          Sharon, you can do an
          online search for the answer.

        • Diane Vinson-Childers says:

          Glad to find you! I was digging around in the Ferrell bones. J.B. Steele married Lillian Pricilla Ferrell-Steele. James Bennett’ Steele’s father Charles Grover married Olive (Ollie) Vinson my Grandfather Alvah’s sister. J.B. and Pricilla I found at St. Sylvan’s Cemetery at Clearwater (Pinellas County) FL. He died in 2001 and she died 2002. I was wanting to connect her to her family. If you find anything let me know. I remember you mentioning Arnold Christian & Phoebe Ellis. I looked through the Peach Creek & Crooked Creek listings as I was there at that time & added the maps to the Cemeteries. I found the cemetery at Peach Creek over grown and impossible to get into (high weeds. I was afraid to go in there as it was very hot and Dad told me about the snakes (copper heads and rattlers. There may be another one on up the mountain. Dad and I drove up the Mtn and turned around at a gas well. Someone said they talked to someone and they took them up the Mtn to the old Coal Tipple. I have looked at the Google map & can’t see anything of a cemetery. Could be in the woods as the old people died & the young moved away in the great migration and no family around to take care of them. I have seen many in that shape. Happy belated Valentines Day to you! Glad to help and glad you found me! I am subscribed to New Comments. Take care.

      • Diane says:

        There are 3 Ferrall Cemeteries around Chapmanville. I hope you are the person that contacted me that asked me questions awhile back. I happened to be looking at the Ferrell’s and came across Mary Ferrell Christian married to Arnold Christian and Phoebe Ellis was mentioned in her memorial. Usually the DC’s list the cause of Death, sometimes not.

  21. Mary (Joyce) Repinski says:

    Thank you for this forum to connect to our heritage. My father was born in Stirrat, WV. His name was Dana McCormick. Born in 1934 to Andrew (Ed) and Elizabeth (Ethel) McCormick. He worked in the coal mines there. He was killed by a drunk driver while on duty as night watchman. He was hit on November 13th 1942 and died the 16th. The local newspaper had an article in the paper at that time about his death. I have tried for years to find that article. I actually drove to Logan in 2014 to search for it to be informed they no longer had them at the office and needed to look at the college library. I went to search there and alas, closed on Friday. I was heartbroken to not find it. I have written emails to the college library to request the article but received no response at all. I live in northern WI and it is difficult to get that way. Many of our family members lived in that area. As a child, we drove to Logan many time to find my grandfathers grave. Dad only could find it a few times as it was abandoned. That is sad to me. A cousin of ours said he had the newspaper article and would share it with us but he did not. That was ten years ago.
    If anyone can get copies if the article I would so appreciate it. My dad was only 8 years old when his father died. His life was hard after his passing as was his mother’s. He worked hard and moved around a lot. We settled in Wisconsin and he passed away in 2011. Please email me and I will pay for the copy. Joyce Repinski of Tomahawk, WI. us my email.
    Thank you for reading this.

    • Joyce Repinski says:

      I should have been clear that my grandfather Ed was the man who died in 1942. Not my father. Sorry that I wrote it to be a bit confusing.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Joyce & to anyone looking for articles
      in the Logan Banner. The best contact is
      Howard Newman @ WV Culture Center in
      Charleston,WV. He does research of the
      Logan Banner microfilm. There is a fee
      but its worth the cost. Culture Center #

  22. Carla Watts says:

    Looking for family and photos of Arthur McKinney and Nancy McKinney. They lived on Pine Street, Wilson Camp, Logan WV. I spent many summers with my grandparents there. Grandpa was a retired coal miner. Grandma was known for her hand made quilts and she volunteered at PRIDE a lot. My Dad is their oldest son, Jack Watts. Jack was a carpenter. Please contact me at Thank you for your time, Carla

  23. Erin McQueen Deicke says:

    Hi there my name is Erin McQueen Deicke, My mother was adopted from Logan County WV, We are looking for her Birth Mother, any other Children she may have had or any possible relatives, Paternal Mothers name is Aliene Wells could be spelled Aileen Wells, My Mother was born on 12-12-48 her birth name is Cynthia Ella Wells, she was adopted at the age of 2 years old. The adoptive parents where William Allen Stroupe and Wife Cordellia Bell Stroupe, William Allen Stroupe was a coal miner working in Logan County when they adopted my Mother. We have since returned to Logan to open the adoption records but only received the same papers we already had been given to us. If anyone has any information please contact me at or Thank you!

    • Bob Piros says:

      Erin, shows
      5 Wells in Logan &
      8 more in WV.

    • Diane Vinson-Childers says:

      Erin, You might contact Social Security. My Dad’s sister found him that way. They will contact you and ask if you want to have contact. Mine said “of course”. It was a great reunion and she answerd many questions. Good Luck!


  24. Beatrice Pannell says:

    I am still looking for Elizabeth Jones who gave birth to a child in Holden, WV in 1960 or 1961. I am

  25. Don Pauley says:

    I’m looking for info about my father Timothy Pauley, son of Elijah Pauley and Lena Vannatter Pauley. Lena’s father was George Summer Vannatter and the family lived around Harts Creek, WV. Elijah and Lena ran a boarding house in Ethel, WV for a while before moving to Big Ugly, WV but I think the right name is Leet, WV. Elijah worked for the coal mines and farmed and was an unpaid preacher in churches sometimes. Tim Pauley worked at grocery store in Logan, the A&P. Tim graduated in 1951 or 52 from Logan High School and went into the Navy. Tim was one of 11 children. Also any info you have on Evelyn Pauley would be useful. She married an Elmer Lee “Buster” Kazee and lived in Stollings, WV for many, many years. Buster worked for police as radio dispatch and had lost part of one leg in WW2 in Holland to a German tank. If anyone has a copy of Evelyn or Elmer’s obit and could post it would be great.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Don, shows your family in the
      1940 census.Also shows Elmer Kazee,
      born in 1912 & died in 1987 in Logan,WV.
      His parents were James & Jane Kazee,
      they lived in Dabney District,Logan,WV.

  26. Patty Townsend says:

    Hi, I am looking for a Browning Cemetery in or around Mann, WV in Logan County; my great grandfather is buried there. I am also hoping to come in contact with the Perry, Rollins and Havens families from Logan County. This is my husband’s line; Joseph and Nancy Rollins Perry were his great great grandparents and ran a boarding house on Cole Street. Nancy’s father Emsley Rollins served in the Confederate Army in the 23rd Virginia Infantry? and was a preacher. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
    Patty Townsend

  27. Deborah Meade Berger says:

    I am looking for any information about my father Clyde F. Meade, my Grandfather – Albert Meade, a coalminer – my grandmother Garnet Dingess Meade, my uncle – Willis Meade, my aunt Sylvia Meade Vance and Syliva Meade’s 2 boys – Jerry Vance and David Vance. Any help would be appreciated. I am looking to make a trip to Logan WV soon and would like to connect with any of my relatives before I come. I have menories of 2 visits there with my father Clyde. I believe he lived in Holden but I am not sure.
    Deborah Berger – deborah@thestampinpost,conm
    Sandy Springs, GA

  28. Heather Bias ellis says:

    Chris, Cebert may have been my grandfather. It is either him or his brother obra. Long story. I have no personal information about this family, but if you have taken the ancestry DNA test it will tell us for sure . you should be my 1st cousin as our fathers would be half brothers. Or we are 2nd cousins in the case obra is my grandfather. Pls email me at springheather0418@yahoo

  29. Chris Ellis says:

    Looking to connect with relatives of mine. My grandfather was Kenneth Ellis and his father was Cebert Ellis.

  30. Anita Barker Sorensen says:

    I’ve obtained copies of a number of newspaper articles from all across the U.S. about the murder of my great aunt, Rosa B. White, daughter of Henry Scott White. His youngest daughter, Nina Mearl White Heugel was my maternal grandmother. What I’m not able to find is where I can possibly obtain a copy of her death certificate, autopsy report, in what Funeral Home her funeral was held, and where she may have been buried. Records shows she was married to Lewis Ellis at a very young age, but find nothing about a divorce.
    Anyone have any further information? Thank you!

    • Bob Piros says:

      Anita, what year did Rosa die? shows her marriage
      in 1895 to Lewis Ellis.
      Also shows her in the 1900 Census.
      For $ 15,WV. Culture in Charleston
      will do a records check for the
      death record if you can’t find it
      online.It will show where burial is.
      Did Rosa die as a White or Ellis
      or was she married to someone

  31. Christopher R. Brewer says:

    I am looking for information on the Brewer line, and more specifically, Edward Brewer, who is listed as Woodard Brewer in the 1860 census. He was married to Isabella F. Brewer, and was, according to the 1860 census, born in Logan Co., but at the time of the census the family was living in Boone County. We also learn that he was a farmer, and that the value of his personal estate was 40 (I assume that’s $40). The census lists three children, the first being my great-great-grandfather, Charles Brewer (age 6). The other two were Sylvester M. (age 4) and Michael A. (age 1).

    Edward is not listed in the 1850 Boone Co. census, which makes sense as he would have been 16 or so at the time, and so probably still living with his parents (in Logan Co.?). He is, however, listed (age 47) in the 1880 census together with Chas. W. (age 25), Mont (age 23), Nancy (age 14), James (age 10), Farlina (age 7), Edward (age 6). Having been born around 1834, that age would be correct for Edward, and also for Chas. W. (i.e., Charles W.), Nancy and Farlina (Lena?). But where is Isabella? Dead? She’s not listed in any of the cemeteries here (nor is Edward, or any other Brewer for that matter). No Brewers are listed in the 1870 Lincoln Co. census.

    As previously noted, I know that his name was Edward, and not Woodard, based upon three sources:

    The Boone County Register of Births – Nancy Brewer (b. August 12, 1865) is there listed as the daughter of Edward and Isabella F. Brewer. Edward is there, once again, listed as a farmer, and the register says that Nancy was born at Little Coal.

    Charles William Brewer’s Obituary & Nancy Cambell’s COD – Nancy is listed in Charles’ obituary as a surviving sibling, and her COD lists Edward as her father.

    So, we know that his name was Edward, that he was married to Isabella F., that he was born in Logan Co. but lived in Boone Co. (likely Little Coal River), that he was a poor farmer, and that he likely had six or so children (Charles, Sylvester, Michael, Edward, Nancy and Lena).

    More here:

    • Bob Piros says:

      Christopher, has lots
      of Brewer family info.Shows a Edward
      W.Brewer(not the one you are seeking)
      he died March 29,1929. You can view
      the death record as it shows where he’s
      buried.Might be a lead to your family.
      Shows a Nancy Brewer born in 1865 in
      Little Coal,Boone WV.
      Shows Edward Brewer in 1863,age 31,
      born about 1833 in Union Cavalry.

  32. Theresa says:

    in search of newspaper articles of Okie Mills, lived in Mallory, Logan County, WV. Arrested in 1963 for moonshining…seeking what happened after the arrest… bio father, missing puzzle piece, different stories told..anyone out there remember this? any info on Okie is appreciated….

  33. Patricia Cousins Laliberte says:

    I am looking for a newpaper article in the shooting death of my Great Grandfather, Leslie Howard. Date of death, August 30, 1952. He was shot to death in Sarah Ann. Thank you so much for your help. Patricia Laliberte

    • Bob Piros says:

      Patricia, shows his
      death record.Shows him as a WWII
      Navy veteran.Also as a coal miner.
      Says he was shot a few times by
      another man.He was found on the
      roadside in Gilbert WV. Also says
      death near Sarah Ann.
      You might want to contact Susan
      Scouras, # 304-558-0230. She
      is a Researcher at the Culture
      Center in Charleston,WV.

  34. Meredith says:

    Hi, I’m looking for anybody that has information on my relatives George Hicks and his brother Fred Hicks. I found some newspapers that said Fred killed Sam Bartram and was sent to the Moundsville penitentiary but he was released on parole. I found some info in I was hoping someone knows more about the hicks family.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Meredith, to find Sun Beam Cemetery,
      go to the site.
      Contact the person who put the site up.
      To find Sun Beam,WV.,go to,shows a map.
      You can also search for it.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Meredith, shows
      lots of Hicks families
      living in Logan,WV.

  35. Mary Ann Douglass says:

    I am looking for Paul Clyde Douglas who would have lived in Holden, Logan County WV in 1942. He would have been about 50 at the time. He lists this on his WWII draft registration. He was an assistant mine foreman at one time so I’m pretty sure he would have worked for one of the coal companies. He was married.

  36. Looking for anyone with information on Resa Workman-Staten. She was my great grandmother I am doing my family tree and have been stumped finding her parents or sibling information. She was born about 1892 and died about 1956. Married Hiram Staten (Staton) in 1911.


  37. Rosanna Armbrust says:

    Looking for information on Guy Ellis born about 1827 Logan County. Find a lot of sources that state he is the son of Phillip and Elizabeth Ellis, but family oral history is that he was actually a Browning. Anyone have any clue about this or anything that proves or disproves this theory. My email address is and I welcome any and all clues or information.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Rosanna, familysearch shows
      Guy Ellis in the 1850 Census
      living with the Buchanan family
      in Logan County WV.

    • Cheryl Prichard says:

      I’m curious about Guy Ellis also. I have a photo of him and my GG Grandma, Frances. But need to know if he was actually a “Browning.

  38. Spring Heather Bias (Ellis) says:

    Looking for anyone who may know which of the sons of Joseph Lightburn Ellis and Sarah C Ball fathered an illegitimate child with Annie Mae McNeely Bias around 1940-42. the child was a boy and given the last name Bias, grew up in Logan County I think. I know this was a long time ago but if anyone was close to these people and knew which Ellis fathered the child (possibilities are Everett, Garnett, and Cebert unless there are also other sons of this family that I haven’t read about) the dna evidence is showing this.

  39. Tammy Grenon says:

    Researching the burial location of Georgia Stricklin/George Strickland/Georgie Stricklin. D/C indicates he is buired in Taplin, Logan Co.WV Trying to locate where he is laid to rest.
    b: 1886 Georgia
    d: 01 Jan 1927 in Charleston, WV
    He died at Hillcrest TB Hospital. He was a retired miner. Wife: Addie Williams
    Please contact with any info.
    Thank You

  40. drema wilson says:

    My dad was Walter Belcher. He was burned very badly in the Havaco mine explosion Jan. 15, 1946. I have seen a few listed injured. My dad was not mentioned I know there were many transported to different hospitals. Just would like some info. My grandmother Stroupe ran a boarding house. They had children Alta who married Ernest Lambert, Hallie married Harry Chandler I think he was at the mine too, Lucille married my dad Walter Belcher. They also had Bud, Charles and Edna. Any info would be so greatly appreciated.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Drema, this site has posted a video at the
      end of the Havaco story. There are newspaper
      articles that have your father’s injury in the video.

      • drema wilson says:

        Bob thank you for your reply.There is info there about Earl Belcher.My dad was Walter they were not related.The Chandlers live in Havaco untill at least the early 70s I think.My grandmother ran a boarding house and my dad ,grand dad and many uncles worked in the Havaco mine.Harry Chandler,Earnest Lambert.The Chandlers were Harry and Hallie.They had 2 daughters Carole and Brenda.Carole married a Gilkerson.

        • Bob Piros says:

          Drema, if you go to .57 seconds
          into the video,you will see your
          Dad’s name on the list.Says he
          was 29, he had second degree
          burns on the eyelids,no injury
          to his eyes.Also the video article
          states that your Dad was one of
          the first to be brought out of the

  41. Am lookin for any Nunley that were related to Edward and Millie Nunley of Holden, they had 3 son, Donald , Bert, Carl & a daughter named Pearl Nunley, the kids were born and raised there, in Holden, Donald Nunley is my dad, he was a coal mining, he married Louise Haywood, she had a Sister named Violet she married a Blankenship, an had one son named Timothy Blankenship, We lived in Macbeth W.Va , my name is Tina , Donald nunley daughter he an my mom had 3 sons also named Donald , Bert Carl , and my sister Diana ( Debbie ) Nunley, just looking to see if I can find any family that might be lefted n Logan County, My mother’s Family I think lived around Cabin Creek , my grandpa’s an grandma names were Thomas and Carrie Haywood, they had sons named Jerry , Thomas, Charles, and of course my moms Louise an her sister Violet, Haywood, thank you, here is

    • Charles Haywood says:

      One more brother Donald Charles was my Father I’m Charles Jr

      • Elizabeth ( tina ) Nunley says:

        Omg, its so nice to meet you, ur my frist cousin , i knew there were another brother an for the life of me i just coulxnt remenber, i should have as many people n the family named Donald,,how r you and everyone, can u tell me if any of my uncles are still living, i know my Aunt Voiet isnt, My mom also passed away, i figure that Uncle Charles has since you said was, ur dad, i know uncle Jerry passed also, heck i figure they all had now, cause am 57, Do you live in Wva ? R u on Facebook ? If so this is what my nane is on there, i go by tina, my real name is Elizabeth tina Nunley, please sent me a f/rq so we can keep in touch, i been looking for a long time for any Haywoods, that were family, and i cant belive i found my cousin, am so happy, do you know Tim blankinship, Aunt Voiet son, i been looking for him, hes my half brother if u can belive that, yes my dad had a affair with my mom sisrer, its sad but i have a brother i would love to c,, even you, ok i will let you go i really hope i hear from you soon, love your Tina,

  42. Charity Adkins says:

    Please help. Looking for information on Sylvanus Neace born 04/May 1873 in Wayne County WV .The last location I can find is the 1910 Census Harts Creek WV. He is listed as Van married to Drusilla Simpkins she is listed as Drogilla.
    My grandmother is Imogene Colegrove her mother Margaret Neace Colegrove spelled Coalgrove on death certificate died when she 1 so sadly she does not know much at all about the Neace side. We have been told that Sylvanus was poisoned by mistake while staying in Logan at a in or possible a coal camp?? Any help at all will be appreciated.
    Margaret did have a sister Junie they married brothers John and George Colegrove from Lincoln County.
    Charity Gallion Adkins

  43. Carla Haslam Herkner says:

    I found this poem and an obituary for Lloyd Lewis Castle, a long time coal miner and resident of Clothier. I will try to attach it to this comment. He was like a grandfather to me and he was such a good man. Hoping some of you will be reminded of the brave miners in your own family.

    Lloyd Castle obit (PDF)

    ~Carla Haslam Herkner

  44. April Cline-Jones says:

    In search of a William Louis Campbell, father of John Campbell. John refused to speak of his family but John’s WWI Draft card says he was born in and his dad lived in Logan County in 1918. I have found no census records of him there that I can link to John. John’s mother was Martha May but one of the few things John ever mentioned about his family is that he had an unkind step-mother, so Martha may not be the name of William in all records. I have LOTS of records of John. But I don’t have any records of him actually living with or linked to his parents or his birth in Logan county. I plan to take a trip to Logan county this fall but I would love to have some additional evidence that he did, in fact, live there in Logan county.

    • Bob Piros says:

      April, shows a John B. Campbell,
      parents William & Martha living in Greenbrier,WV.
      in the 1920 & 1930 Census.

      • April Cline-Jones says:

        John was married in 1918 and lived in Steubenville, Ohio. I have been searching for this link for decades. I appreciate the suggestion, though.

  45. katy ryan says:

    I am looking for information about Maria Parker, a schoolteacher at the Omar Douglass School in the mid 1920s. She was sentenced to life for the murder of Reverend Edward Howard in 1925. Rev. Howard was a pastor at the Omar Baptist Church. His wife, Patti Howard, was also believed to have been involved in his death. I have found information in the Logan Banner but am trying to find other sources. If these names or this case ring any bells, I would love to hear. (I have Maria Parker’s basic info from census, death, and cemetery records.) katy at

  46. Faye Francis says:

    Searching for info on my grandfather Kelly Cox 1890-1971 Peach Creek – he operated the Red Top Inn, next to RR – also had 2 infant granddaughters, Kimberly Dawn Harvey & Sandra Kay Harvey, buried next to him in McDonald Cemetery on Crooked Creek. He was married to Gladys Mays Cox, had daughter Brenda Cox , son Kelly Jr. Any info would be appreciated.

  47. Kimberly Sturgill says:

    I am looking for information on Mullins Cemetery in Lyburn WV. My grandmother Lura Harless is buried there. I would like to know how to get there from Columbus Ohio

    • Bob Piros says:

      Kimberly,use Mapquest,put in this address,
      179 Rita Mall Rd.,Lyburn,WV.25632 &
      your address.To get to Lyburn. shows Mullins Cemetery
      is located across the river.
      Also shows a Lena Harless &
      Harless family buried there.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Kimberly, findagrave shows a map of
      Mullins Cemetery in Lyburn.
      If you take US 35 E,its 215 miles
      & about 4 hours from Columbus.

  48. Bob Piros says:

    Frank, shows
    Franklin Hensley.

  49. Christina Jenkins says:

    My grandpa was Roy Duty and my Grandma was Mary Staten – Duty I have gone through some of my family tree on my own but still looking for family especially present day family. My grandpas parents were Charles Wilson Duty and Mary Diamond. My grandmas parents were Hiram Staten and Reesa Staten I’m not sure about her maiden name. My email is my name is Christina

    • Bob Piros says:

      christina, lists
      a few Duty names in WV. shows a
      Roy Duty,born in 1892 &
      died in 1922.

      • there was a reese staten living at hellcreek in mingo co wva about 1952 and also a walker duty at barnabus wva who passed in the 80s has a son johnny duty living in williamson wva .

  50. Frank Hensley says:

    Help with the Hensley Family tree. My grandfather was born in Logan County the part that is now Cheif Logan State Park his name was Franklin “Preacher” Hensley his fathers name was Okey Hensley and his mothers name was Polly Hensley any info would be greatly appreciated. Really trying to trace my family name back to the Civil War era

    • Frank I am Nikki Hensley, My grandfather is Franklin Hensley, was a preacher. Had a sister named Polly & He was married to my grandmother Esther, they had 4 kids, Michelle, Stan, Pam, Patrinia. I am sure we are talking about the same person. He was buried in harts, wv. If we are talking about the same person which I’m sure we are please feel free to email me. or facebook


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