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  1. I’m looking for information about Dr. Thomas McClellan, b. 1876, d. 1953 in Logan, West Virginia. My email address is

  2. Mike. says:

    Can some one show me on the Logan map where dipsy branch is.

  3. Does anyone remember Frank Hutchison from Logan West Virginia who was a musician and live in a coal camp near Logan and wrote a lot of blues and slide bar getuar songs I am his nephew and would like to know if any of you remember him. and what you can tell me about his mother which is my grandmother my name is Deskins he was also a postmaster and grocery store owner and the 20th near Logan and my family started the Deskins addition near Logan I currently live in Ohio

  4. Cynthia Pennington says:

    Enjoyed visiting this site and reading the various stories and comments, it’s a wealth of info and history for visitors and locals alike. Wanted to ask and make sure I haven’t missed anything, because I dident find anything on the Buffalo Creek Flood in Logan County, February 26, 1972. I may have missed it, could someone let me know for sure? If there is no info here for it, this website would be a prime place to read about it. I noticed there were other disasters mentioned. And to those who lived through it, or read about it, its hard to believe there are those in this generation that know nothing about it. It should be in our history books. Hope someone will let know, thank you so much.

  5. Ray Hartzell says:

    Hoping someone on this site could help me out. I recently came across a couple mentions of a serpent shaped Indian mound in Logan county. However, I can’t find any indepth information. Does anyone know anything about it, or maybe know someone who does? Thanks

    • Bob Piros says:

      Ray,maybe do an online search.
      Call the Logan Banner.
      There is a mound in Logan CO. Ohio.
      Also contact the Chief Logan Museum,
      There is also site.

  6. Barbara Johnson - shewak says:

    It saddens me deeply to put this on the wall. My mom Violet (Vi) Copley Johnson born in slagle went home to Heaven on March 7. She was with the class of 55 in Logan. She Will be missed deeply by her husband Frank daughters Barbara and Tammi and her grand and great grandchildren and so many other lives that my Mom touched. Her services will be tomorrow at crouse Kauber Fraley funeral home in johnstown Ohio from 1-3 service following calling hours. Barbara Johnson-shewak

  7. Rebecca Fischer says:

    Anyone have information about dulcimer makers in and around Logan? Zeke Ellis (“Uncle Zeke”)?

    • Bob Piros says:

      shows a James Ezekial Elllis,
      born in 1877 & died in 1960.
      He’s buried in Forest Lawn
      Cemetery.Photo of him on
      Memorial page at

  8. John Graham says:

    I am in search of pictures of slagel in the 40s and 50s to have a painting made for my mother who was raised there. Does anyone have anything they would be willing to share? My mother is Judith Thompson her parents were Hersel and Edith Thompson.

  9. Marc Junod says:

    My reason for wanting the book is that I lived in Dehue with my grandparents until 1957 or 1958. Their names were Paul and Vanessa Rohland. Thanks again.

  10. Marc Junod says:

    Are the Dehue history books still available for purchase and how much are they? Thanks!!

  11. John Mark Thompson says:

    Thompson Family of Logan Research
    John Mark Thompson –

    My name is John Mark Thompson and I was born in Huntington. My father is Rex Kenton Thompson born Verdunville, 1949, grandfather James Harold Thompson, Sr, born in Holden 1922, great-grandfather Wilburn Thompson, born in Verdunville 1896, great-great grandfather Leander Scott Thompson born in Logan 1873 (my son Robert Brian Thompson shares his birthday of June 6), and I believe his father to be John Evert Thompson born in Logan in 1837. I’m just getting started on my research but I am really enjoying myself. Any confirmation or correction you can provide to my efforts thus far would be greatly appreciated!

  12. chris haddox says:

    anyone know where the wv school furniture company was located in logan….early 1900s..1908-10?

    It was located about where the old Guyan Machine Shops were located. The company moved to Huntington in 1912. — Admin

  13. Erin McQueen Deicke says:

    I am looking for Ailene Wells or any of her family from Logan County WV, My Mom was adopted from Logan in 1948 and We are looking for her birth mother or anyone related to her birth mother with the Wells name, contact me via FB message if anyone has any information! Thank you

  14. L.R. Arnold says:

    I am searching for the grave sites of my Great Grand Parents. Their death certificates state they are buried in Pine Creek Cemetary in Logan Co. WV. They died 1943 and in 1954. Can you please help me locate this cemetary?

  15. Meredith says:

    I’m wanting to know where the Sunbeam Cemetery and Mercy Hospital in Logan is located.

    • ralph mcneely says:

      mercy hospital was on dingess st. it was the first hospital in logan.. it was later named guyan valley… the orig building was the home of c. v. white..

  16. Shelby Burgess says:

    Getting back to the Harriss Funeral Home History………… In the 1930s, there were only two funeral homes to choose from in Logan County WV : they were Harriss, and J T Wyatt Funeral Home at Aracoma. in Boone County, Hunter Mortuary was the only morticians to serve the county back then

  17. Bob Piros says:

    For Larry Hurley,looking for newspaper articles.
    Try Susan Scouras,# 304-558-0230.
    She is a researcher at the Archives & History
    News,The Culture Center in Charleston,WV.
    Also,Harless Library @

  18. Carla Haslam Herkner says:

    I would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of Delores Riggs Davis. We hold you all tenderly in our thoughts and prayers. ~ Carla and David Herkner

  19. Tricia White says:

    I was wondering if anyone knew anything about a Melvin Tennis White and/or Amanda White who lived in the Triadelphia District in Logan in the 20s and 30s. Amanda was married to Melvin Blackburn White, son of Andrew Wilson White , and Melvin Tennis was their oldest child, probably born around 1916. The story we have is that Amanda or “Mandy” died from childbirth in 1920 and we believe her grave to be in Earling Cemetery. Melvin T reportedly died from a gunshot wound sometime after 1930, while still in his teens. If anyone has any info , it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you – Tricia White

    • Bob Piros says:

      Tricia,findagrave shows a
      Amanda O’Donald White buried
      in Earling Cemetery.Death
      March 12,1920. shows a
      Amanda White in 1920
      census born in 1885.
      Please check the sites.

      • Tricia says:

        I have found Amanda in Earling Cemetery and in the 1920 Census. We were hoping to find a birth/death record for her, but no luck. Melvin T appears as Tennis in the 1930 census and just disappears after that. We are planning to visit family there in the spring, so maybe the courthouse will have some record that is not online? Anyway, thank you for your reply!

      • Brenda Andersen says:

        Also check I’ve had great success at finding family documents there. Birth, death, marriage. Try different spelling variations.

      • Brenda Andersen says:

        Bob, I also saw her listed there along with the other family members she mentioned.

    • Brenda Andersen says:

      Here’s what I found on Death Record for Melvin Blackburn White

      Melvin Blackburn White’s actual death cert

      Do you know Amanda’s maiden name? Did she outlive Melvin? Could she have remarried? I can’t find anything for her or her son

      • Tricia says:

        Thank you Brenda, but I already have those documents. I believe her maiden name is O’Donald, as that ‘s what listed in Earling Cemetery records. She and Melvin T appear in a couple censuses and then nothing…no birth or death records. That ‘ s why I thought I would give it a shot posting here. Thanks so much for your efforts, I sincerely appreciate it!

  20. karen says:

    does anyone know the names of these young coal miners in the picture on this site?

  21. Shelby Burgess says:

    I would like to know the names of the two mines in Chapmanville that operated near Rt. 10 in the 1930s. The lower one was called Thompkins. The other was unknown to me. One had a trash coal fire that burned for many years. I do not believe either mine was ever sealed properly. We got our household coal from the dumps in the great depression. there was no money for coal deliveries back then, so we foraged for our own fuel. In the summer months we got our coal from the Guyandotte river with flatbottom boats.

  22. Cathie Guinto says:

    Would anyone know where the Bad Man of Crawley Creek, Howard Conley, is buried? He happens to be my husband’s great-grandfather. A person can google, Bad Man of Crawley Creek and read the story but there is no mention of his burial. Thank-you in advance. Cathie Guinto

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      Howard is probably buried in the Conley Cemetery at Chapmanville. It is overlooking the Guyandotte river near the Crawley Creek road. Hundreds of people were buried there. I am thinking the Conley heirs, (Thomas & Lula ) donated the land for the cemetery.

  23. Joyce (Picklesimer) Brown says:

    To Shelby Burgess, you said you went to school with some from Harts Creek, Goldie Adams was my mother, Monroe Adams was my uncle. I would love to hear from some one who went to school with them.

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      Hi, Joyce;
      Yes, I did attend school with Goldie Adams.This was in the 1940s. As you can guess- I am very old.i have the Tigers 1941

      • Shelby Burgess says:

        Yearbook. I believe Goldie is in the pic ture. Give me your US mail address, and I will send the pic to you.
        Shelby B.

      • Joyce (Picklesimer) Brown says:

        I am so glad you answered, sorry it took so long to get back with you. I would love to have any picture of my mom. Nice to know some one who went to school with her. Thank you very much
        my home address
        9274 Mill Dam Rd. Se.
        Hebron, Ohio 43025
        camillia joyce

  24. Katy Ryan says:

    I am doing research on a woman named Maria E. Parker. She was from Charleston, born in 1899, but taught school in Omar. In 1926, she was convicted of murdering Rev. Edward Howard and sent to the WV State Penitentiary. If anyone happens to know anything about this case or Maria Parker, I would love to learn more: (Thanks for posting the beautiful video about women in NC.)

  25. Steve Early says:

    I have been trying to locate the cemetery that my Great grandfather Jesse Meek is buried. Jesse was a construction foreman for Island Creek Coal Company. He died of a gunshot wound in Logan County at Monitor Junction on December 14, 1919. According to the newspaper account, he was buried on Mud Fork of Island Creek. Does anyone know where he would have been buried? The records I found of the two cemeteries listed as being on Mud Fork do not indicate any burials for a Meek or Meeks. His second wife’s name was Belladora Ann “Belva” Baldwin Meek. She was Jesse’s wife when he died and I have not found any record of her burial location as well.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Steve, shows him as
      Jesse M.Meeks,born in 1871 in KY.,
      in the 1910 Logan Co.Census.
      Also shows #1 wife as Belle Deskin
      in 1889 & # 2 wife as BVA Baldwin
      in 1895.Shows only Mud Fork as

    • Tammy R.crum says:

      I am a Baldwin ancestor and Historian and I live at Hewett ……..There is a Baldwin/Meeks Cemetary located at Lake WV and I do believe that is where Jesse and his 2nd wife are actually buried. I have information on Jesse if you would like to contact me.

  26. Shelby Burgess says:

    One remeberance I have as a kid was when our teacher drove us to the big White oak tree. The bottom of the tree was as large as my bedroom at home. Was this tree in Logan, or Mingo counties ? At the time, the big tree was said to be the largest White Oak in the world. Does anyone have a pic of the big tree ?

  27. Shelby Burgess says:

    Which governor started the farm to markets roadbuilding, back in the 1830s ? I am thinking it was Gov Kump.
    Before any new roads were built from logan to Huntington & Charleston, the farmers had a dreadful time getting their farm products to any larger citys. I remember my relatives, the Bias and Vickers familys had to take their tobacco crop to Huntington in farm wagons. They had to pick a time when the stream waters were low; and take axes & saws along to clear the roadways. This was the only cash crop for many farmers.No trucks had yet been invented.

  28. Shelby Burgess says:

    Does anyone know how Georges Creek,in the headwaters of Dingess Run, Logan co. WV, got its name ? The Post office there is Hetzel, WV Probably named for some early settler there by the name of George ; but George who ? Thanks.

  29. Orville Carter says:

    sorry to see that Johnny Patrick passed away this past week , did not know he was in that bad health , I went to school with Johnny at Mill Creek and at Logan central Jr.
    high , he lived right below the grade school on Mill Creek .

  30. Orville Carter says:

    I grew up on Mill Creek, Went to grade school at mill creek grade school, JR. high Logan Central, now live in Michigan for the past 24 years. the last time I was in that area was labor day weekend 2010, a lot has changed don’t see anyone from Mill Creek on here. my email address is

  31. kdspencer says:

    I noticed there was no pictures of the buffalo creek disaster, very important part of logan.

  32. Jackie Fillinger says:

    I have a question that I hope someone can answer for me..My ex who no longer lives in Logan anymore remembers two older people (couple) in glass sitting in rocking chairs above the ground somewhere in or around Logan..he said towards Omar..Its not the Hatfields…But says he can’t remember exactly where or who it is..Can anyone else answer this for him..Thank you

    • Pat says:

      I can barely remember that, but I think it was a radio station promotion for something. Seems like they called the man ” Pinky” or 1 them. I would love to find out something more also.

  33. Krystal Bartram says:

    I would like to take a moment to thank Dodie Browning for all her help in locating family members..Also,to all those who replied to my postings..This site,and helped other members of my father’s side of the family connect..After 55 yrs..My father spoke with his brother,he never knew he had,finally saw photos of his father (for the first time ever) also his siblings,Aunts,Uncles etc..Sadly though,some of the siblings who were also searching,passed away at an early age..I wish I would have known about this site before..maybe his brother that just passed in Dec.2012..could have spoke with him or met in person…It’s never too late to search for lost loved ones..because you never know who’s searching for you too..Once again,thank you all for the help..God Bless you Dodie Browning for all your hard work and the kindness you show towards others and your love for West Virginia…My mother also thanks everyone for helping us in this research.

  34. Frank Thompson says:

    I just learned the sad news that Terry L. Mullins passed away March 12, 2012. Terry was born June 2, 1948 at Holden. I was trying to find him on Facebook and came across his obituary. I am sure many of you have visited his web page at:

  35. Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

    I think my heart is going to burst! It has been a long time since anything touched me so deeply as the latest video (Logan County WV USA) on the home page. I had never heard that song before and I want a copy!!! I had tears in my eyes listening to the song and watching the streets go by where I spent my childhood days. It was getting towards the end, approaching the tunnel and I was wishing there had been a picture of City View, because that is where I spent most of my life in Logan. I was suddenly amazed when right at the end, there was City View in the distance and it shows my house perched high on that hill. I could not hold back the sobs-tears of JOY! Thank you Frank, for posting that wonderful video and please tell us who put it together.

  36. Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

    I was surfing the web today and happened upon some of my old web pages that the servers have chosen to restore, with music and all! This one is especially meaningful to me and I hope it will be to each of you. Crack up you sound and read the wonderful story about “The Builder”. You will more than likely enjoy a picture taken by my husband. It is an old Logan County Landmark that is no longer there and it was not an easy shot to get.

    Thank you Ron Browning for your love of Logan County, but most of all, thank you for loving me. You (and my mother) were the Wind Beneath My Wings.

    • Kyle Workman says:

      You are right. This is a wonderful story. The music ain’t half bad either. Thanks for the reminder.

      • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

        Glad you enjoyed it, Kyle. God always knows best and sends us an angel when needed. He sent me several today… Have you seen the new picture (The old Chapmanville High School) on the Homepage? Frank just put it up. I found out for certain that Chapmanville High School was built in 1929.

        • Shelby Burgess says:

          1929 may be the year the school waa finally completed, but it took two years to erect the structure. It began in 1927. I remember the men hauling cement in wheelbarrows to the site ; slow laborious work back then; I dont remember the first Principal’s name, but the athletic director was a man named Peterson.

          • Darwin Justice says:

            My uncle Henry Justice was principal for many years at Chapmanville High School. He retired in 1973. Uncle Henry shares many great memories from his days at Chapmanville High in a short biography titled THE CROOKED FINGER THAT GOT THINGS STRAIGHT (Experience of a High School Principal).
            He was a great guy.

        • Kyle Workman says:

          I love that needle point work. Congrats on solving a mystery. Of course then again that’s second nature to you. Re-Search, Re-Search, R-Search.

  37. Shelby Burgess says:

    1927 was the year Chapmanville High School was built. This new school made some changes to folks who lived on Harts Creek. Buses did not operate at that time, so students had to board away from home to attend the new High School. Some families just moved away from Harts, in closer to Chapmanville. The school board finally got bus service going in the late 1930s.

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      Shelby, What is the source of your information regarding when Chapmanville High School was built? Swain doen’t mention it in his chapter on schools (copyrighted 1927). The older people I know from Harts Creek (some still living, including my sister), went to Jr. High at Logan and then we moved from Harts Creek. I do not know of any students from Harts Creek (Logan County) who attended High School in those days. It was much later that Harts Creek finally got decent roads and school buses started running to Harts Creek from Chapmanville. All of this is in my Book “Whirlwind In Appalachia” Chapter 5 (well researched and documented), with interviews of people who actually lived there. Here is one excerpt: (pg 32)” In an interview with Faye (Smith) Nicolas in 2001, Faye related that when she was promoted to seventh grade in 1952, they did finally have a school bus running from Harts Creek to Chapmanville, but still no decent roads. She said it sometimes took two hours or longer to get to Chapmanville, over the muddy, icy dirt roads. She recalled once when they were on the way home from school in the winter, the bus broke down just outside of Chapmanville and the children had to walk home. She said they had to walk over Smokehouse Mountain in the snow, ice and mud and they were nearly frozen when they got home about 9:30 at night. “

      • Shelby Burgess says:

        Dodie ;
        I watched the building being erected as a small kid back then. So, I know when Chapmanville High was built.
        Some of the Harts Creek boarders back then were : Monroe Adams, Goldie Adams, Custer McCann. They stayed at the home of Cora Mckinney, near the school.
        For your information, Harvey Dingess also boarded and completed his education at the same High School. He went on to college,earned some degrees; and later became Logan County Superintendent of Education.

        • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

          Shelby, I do not have a date for when Chapmanville High School was built. All I know is what Swain wrote in his 1927 History Of Logan County AND what I found in Public records at the WV Department Of Archives and History. Swain stated that there were 4 senior high schools in Logan County in 1927: “Logan, Man, Sharples and Aracoma, the latter being a colored school”. (Source: History of Logan County WV by G.T. Swain, Chapter XXXVI, Logan Churches And Schools, page 197).

          Based on a records search in the database of WV Department Of Archives and History, Monroe Adams was born Sep 15, 1921. It is doubtful he was boarding with anyone and attending High school when he
          was six or 7 years old (1927). Also, He was not from Harts In Logan County. He was from Little Harts Creek in Lincoln County and he died there at age 35 in 1957. They took him to Logan General Hospital where he was pronounced DOA (dead on arrival). His death record is shown in both counties. Goldie Adams was born about 1923. She was sister to Monore Adams. As stated, they were from Little Harts Creek in LINCOLN COUNTY.
          Custer McCann’s family also lived in Lincoln County, not Logan County. Cora Mckinney, According to her death certificate, lived at Garretts Fork.

          Joy Vance (a former Mayor and lifelong resident of Chapmanville) was the first school bus driver from Chapmanville to Main Harts Creek in Logan County and she told me in an interview some years ago that in was in the early 1950s that buses first went to Harts Creek (LOGAN COUNTY) to take children to school at Chapmanville.

          Harvey Dingess was my cousin….

          Everyone is welcome to double check my research and post your findings. As the famous poet, Alexander Pope once said, “to err is human, to forgive divine”.

          • Shelby Burgess says:

            You seem to have some events you mentioned, in differnt time decades. Those students I named went to CHS in the late 1930s. Two others I didnt name were Diamond Collins, Claude Workman, who were my classmates. They had Shively p.o. as their home mailing addresses, which is on Harts Creek. Also, I am informed by Goldie Adams’ sister that their father was a store merchant on Big Harts, not Little Harts..
            Cora McKinney lived at Chapmanville nearly all her life. She died on Garretts Fork, where she was cared for by relatives.

          • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

            Oops, I made one small typoo can change an entire meaning. I meant to say that Joy Vance was one of the first school bus drivers to Big Harts Creek. (I don’t know who was the first).

          • Shelby Burgess says:

            Not really sure of who was the first bus driver to Harts Creek. I do know a man named Lace Dingess drove the Crawley Creek bus line to pick up students to Chapmanville H. S. This was as early as 1939. I believe the bus went as far as Smokehouse Mountain road. The roads were terrible back then. Also, busses ran to the Northfork & Garrets Fork roads back then. A bus garage was finally built about 1940 to service the busses. I do not know the date when Harts Creek bus service started.

          • Kyle Workman says:

            To never have made a mistake is to never have accomplished anything. Durn I’ve made every mistake in the book and still ain’t through. Thank You Dodie for your tireless work and historical research on Harts Creek and for that matter Logan and its environs. Also thank you for the Workman Family History. I’m so proud to say, “I know the Lady that did this history”.

          • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

            Thank you so much, Kyle. I needed that! Most of my mistakes online are typos. (I’m the world’s worst typist) I have been on the phone most of the day, trying to find someone who actually knows when Chapmanville High School was built. It is not in the 1970s year books. You know what? Something positive always comes out of something negative. I have talked to people today that I had not heard from in years. Surely someone can document the date that the old Chapmanville school was built. I’m considering posting Chapter 5 of “Whirlwind” that tells about the schools on [BIG] Harts Creek. I can’t remember if I posted it previously? Do you have Chapter 5?

          • Kyle Workman says:

            I do not have Chapter 5. But I sure would like to. Also you are so surely welcome. Having someone you trust put in print your family history is truly wonderful. Again my thanks.

          • Mary McCann says:

            Custer McCann was raised on Piney Fork of West Fork of Big Harts Creek, on the Logan County side. He boarded in Chapmanville while he finished High School there. I know he boarded with Walt and Ivy Chapman.

          • Darwin Justice says:


            I don’t how correct the following information is but on the back cover of Uncle Henry’s book; THE CROOKED FINGER THAT GOT THINGS STRAIGHT the is a needle point picture of the old school. It is dated 1929-1993. The initials of the person that done the work is BJB. Hope this helps with determining the year the school was built.

        • Joyce (Picklesimer) Brown says:

          I hope you are still on here. Goldie Adams was my mother,Monroe was my uncle. my Mom died when I was six, it would be so nice to talk to some one who went to school with her.

  38. Shelby Burgess says:

    Dodie ;
    When James Perry did the 1850 Logan County Census, he was on Harts creek also.
    His record shows Josephus Workman lived in house # 182. Some of Joesphus’ neighbors on Harts creek were : 181 (James Tombolin), 183 ( Joseph Adams),
    Some of the other Workmans who lived nearby were 187 (Abijah Workman), 186 (Obed Workman), 189 John Workman. No record of Mary & Josephus ever living in Lincoln county, as you posted.
    It seems to me like Workman fork, and White Oak fork were one & the same back then.

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      If we were on Harts Creek, I could take you to where each of those folks lived. Remember in 1850, just because a Census taker numbered houses to look like they were close together, they could be miles apart. White Oak does run into Smokehouse, but it has ALWAYS been White Oak. Some of the old deeds even say White Oak Fork Of Smokehouse. Everyone who lived on White Oak was my family and I have all of the land grants and deeds for same. That was Bryant (and Hensley) Country

      (Abijah “Bige” Workman lived at Bulwark, Obediah lived at Henderson and Josephus (aka Joseph) age, 40 lived at Smokehouse where he had lived for a couple of years. In order to obtain a land grant, settlers had to stake a cliam and live on the the land, making improvements for at least 2 years before a grant was finalized. There is a Joseph on the 1860 Wayne County Census, but I do not know if same one. (I have the census records but can’t get to them now) If you check the 1870 Census, Harts Creek District, You will find him as Joseph (and Mary) both age 60. This is why I KNOW he lived in Lincoln County and I assume it was where Workman Fork in Lincoln County got its name.
      Here is my proof of everything I just said:

      Workman, Joseph. grantee.
      Land grant 10 July 1834.
      Location: Cabell County.
      Description: 40 acres on the Trace Fork of the right fork of 12 Pole Creek.
      Source: Land Office Grants No. 83, 1833-1837, p. 257 (Reel 149).
      Workman, Joseph. grantee.
      Land grant 1 July 1850.
      Location: Wayne County.
      Description: 140 acres on the branch he lives on of the right hand fork of Twelve Pole.
      Source: Land Office Grants No. 103, 1850, p. 317 (Reel 169).
      (There were 2 men named Abijah Workman in the area The one on “Bull Work” (sic)Bulwark is my family- s/o Moses Workman Sr and bro. to my gr grandfather Mose Workman Jr.).
      Workman, Abijah. grantee.
      Land grant 1 September 1855.
      Location: Logan County.
      Description: 78 acres on Hart’s Creek and the Bull Work Fork of same.
      Source: Land Office Grants No. 111, 1855, p. 647 (Reel 177).
      Workman, Obadiah. grantee.
      Land grant 1 September 1854.
      Location: Logan County.
      Description: 44 acres on Hart’s Creek of Henderson’s Fork of same.
      Source: Land Office Grants No. 110, 1854-1855, p. 466 (Reel 176).
      Workman, Abijah. grantee.
      Land grant 1 December 1851.
      Location: Logan County.
      Description: 100 acres on the Hager Branch of Cane Patch Fork of Twelve Pole.
      Source: Land Office Grants No. 106, 1851-1852, p. 591 (Reel 172).
      1870 LINCOLN COUNTY Census Harts Creek District (This is Little Harts Creek)
      Workman Joseph 60
      Workman Mary 60
      Workman Julia Ann 36
      Workman Eliza 24
      Workman Dicy 21
      Workman Joseph E. 20
      Workman Joseph Jr. 10
      Workman William 8
      Workman Tucker 3
      Workman Robert E. Lee 2
      Workman Rosie 5 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      This was physically very hard for me and I wouldn’t do it for anyone else. All of these records are online now.

      • Shelby Burgess says:

        Hi Dodie; Thanks a bunch for all the hard work! I discovered the map maker omitted Workman Fork of Little Harts Creek, Lincoln Co. WV. so his works are unsatisfactory. However, we now know that Josephus Workman was a dweller on both creeks (Big Harts & Little Harts). As for the houses being close in the Logan Census, that was not possible; because farms needed large areas of land for food & grazing purposes.

      • Brenda Andersen says:

        Do you know how I can find land grants or transfers for Whitman (Whitman Creek?) in Logan County? My stepdad’s family lived on Whitman for many years and owned a cemetery on the side of the mountain. That’s the cemetery where Bige Workman’s stone was recently found. His stone reads B.J. Workman. A picture of his tombstone and death cert have been uploaded to’s Baisden Cemetery Whitman.

        Back to my question. I really need to try to find a document that states when our family came to possess this land. I know for sure Thomas M Baisden lived in the old homestead by 1910 and his father Thomas T Baisden lived in Big Creek in late 1800s. My records show him born in Big Creek, but a census shows him born in VA (I confused) and Thomas M as having lived in Rich Creek in 1871 and was a widow at 38 yrs old and living on Whitman 1910. He ran a boarding house.

    • Brenda Andersen says:

      Abijah Workman? My niece just found a tombstone in our family cemetery onWhitman Creek (Baisden Cemetery). “Bige” born 1872 probably Abijah, Jr.

  39. Barb Tomblin Randolph says:


    Would anyone know where the Pine Grove Cemetery in Mingo County is or is there such a cemetery located in Mingo County?

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      Hi Barb;
      I believe Pine Grove cemetery is located in Cabwaylingho St. Park. Go to Dunlow,WV,Route 52 ; then enter the park road, and travel a distance of about two miles on the left side of the highway.. I have never in been the cemetery, but have passed it a number of times.

      • Barb Tomblin Randolph says:

        Thanx Shelby

        I often gather death records from West Virginia Vital Records and on Hugh Tomblin’s death record it states that he was laid to rest at the Pine Grove Cemetery in Mingo Co., His mother was said to be laid to rest at White Oak Cemetery in Mingo Co.

        On the Find A Grave cemetery listings Pine Grove is not an option but White Oak is. I was told that they were the one and the same cemetery? Would you know if this is so or not?

        • Brenda Andersen says:

          Hello Barb! Remember me? We met a few months before Buster passed away. I’m the daughter of Buster William Browning. Hugh was his stepfather. Millie is my grandmother. I tried to find that cemetery also.Is White Oak and Pine Grove the same place?

        • Brenda Andersen says:

          Is either of these cemeteries connected to the Spry Cemetery where Bass Spry was buried? Thanks

  40. Shelby Burgess says:

    I have a map of the 55 Counties of WV. It was published about 1990. There is no White Oak Fork of Harts Creek on the map. Where White Oak Fork is supposed to be, the map has Workman Fork. I have an ancestoral aunt I have been told, is buried on Workman Fork. Her name was Mary Burgess (1807). Her husband was Josephus Workman. I know the state renamed a lot of the places back several years ago. Too many places had the same name which was confusing.

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      Shelby, there is no Workman Fork at Harts Creek in Logan County unless the name has been changed. I believe Workman Fork is at Little Harts Creek in Lincoln County. Josephus Workman didn’t live at Harts Creek in Logan County, so more than likely Workman Fork in Lincoln Co was named for his family. It is very possible that the map is incorrect. I have Bryant Deeds from mid 1800s and they state White Oak Fork Of Harts Creek, Logan County. You were right about it connecting to Smokehouse Fork.

  41. Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

    I just viewed a wonderful video about 3 beautiful mountain women and it made me so homesick for the mountains that I actually cried aloud. These ladies are not from Logan County, but their heritage is very similar to ours and they are from my generation. They come from 3 different races but they are one in spirit.

  42. Shelby Burgess says:

    Someone wanted to know where White Oak Fk. is located on Harts Creek. It is the next fork down from Smokehouse Fk. (Shively). You can also travel the Crawley creek road to Harts Creek mountain, and then cross over the ridge to Smokehouse Fk. If you are in the Chapmanville area. The distance is about 4 miles.

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