School Photos

This is a collection of vintage Logan County, WV school photos.  If you would like to contribute a vintage school photo (preferably before 1980), please send the photo to the admin at

Logan County, WV School Photos

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5 Responses to School Photos

  1. John Mullins says:

    Looking for a photo of the old Monaville Grade School that was next to the highway on the curve above the store.

  2. Pamela Whited Cook says:

    Enjoyed looking at the pictures of my Mom’s class of 1935…recognized some of her friends…thanks so much for posting these!

  3. Annette Bridgett Evangelista says:

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of the 1964 year book for LHS. Please email me at,

  4. Kenny Cook says:

    That’s my beautiful mom, Billie Hale (LHS 1939 – 18). Thank you for posting this. I miss that sweet lady. She passed in December 2008 just before her 87th birthday. She was born, raised and married across the street from the school.

  5. Carlene Thompson-Adkins says:

    My mom is in the mount gay teachers Marguerite Marie Cummings and she is on page 24 of the 39 yearbook. Ive never seen this she also wrote a poem in the 39 Guyana. how can I get a look at it? Im so excited about this. a dear friend showed me this web site. carlene adkins