Holden, WV

Holden, Logan County, West Virginia

Island Creek Coal Company opened its first mines here. The company built a rail line to Logan and shipped its first load of coal from here in December of 1904. The community was named for Albert Fairchild “Bert” Holden (1863-1913) who was one of the founders of Island Creek Coal Company.

The 2011 winner of America’s Got Talent, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., lived here and it was also once the former boyhood home of Champion Jack Dempsey.

Read the Holden Memories section on the “Logan County Memories” page.

 Featured Image – Click for larger view.1926 Holden, WVIsland Creek Safety Club’s Second Annual Meet, August 8, 1926, Holden, W. VA.

Holden Photo Gallery

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19 Responses to Holden, WV

  1. Douglas E. Nelson (Gene) says:

    My Name is Gene Nelson, Number 5 and 6 Holden is where I was born on April 21st 1943. I was born in a boarding house around the side of the jr. high school. My Mom and Dad were Joda Mae (Watkins) Nelson, my dad was Eli Zion Nelson. Dad lost both of his legs in a mining accident in 1947 in a mines in Big Creek.

    • Barbara Murray says:

      Hello, my uncle Stanley Baran learned to play the piano at that boarding house. I would have to look up exactly where my family lived there.

  2. Barbara Murray says:

    Correction to the Baran comment.
    My grandfather was Andrew Baran, Sr. Sons: Stanley (named after his brother Stanislas (sp?) in new Jersey and Andrew Jr. One daughter (my mother) Mayme born August 4, 1912 in Utah.
    They must have moved to W.Va. while she was very, very young.
    Barbara Baran Roberts Murray

  3. Barbara Murray says:

    Does anyone have any memories of the Baran family? My grandfather Stanley Baran was a Polish immigrant. His wife, also a Polish immigrant, was Marianna. They had three children: Stanley Jr., Andrew, and Mayme.
    My grandfather worked in the mines and my uncle Andrew repaired the coal mine trucks.
    I thought there was a boarding house in Holden where my uncle Stanley taught himself to play the piano.
    My grandmother Marianne is buried somewhere there (she died in 1940) and Andrew, his wife Mayme Skibo, and Stanley Sr. all moved to Florida in the 1950s.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Barbara,familysearch.org shows the
      death record for Marianna,born in
      1888 & she died in 1940.
      She is buried in Logan Memorial Park,
      Shows her husband as Andy Baran Sr.

  4. William D. Mullins ( BO ) says:

    I wish there were more pictures of Holden WV

  5. Bernard Humphrey says:

    I have enjoyed looking at the pictures of Holden, I lived in Holden with my parents while my Dad was working in the mines, My Mother passed away in 1939 and i was 7 yrs old. and we moved away. The only thing I can recall living in the last house on the street and a church across the street and up the Hollow was dairy farm. also I recall playing in the street when a young man had a bobcat on pole that he has trapped.
    I was back this past summer to long a go, could not find anything.
    also my Grandfather Humphrey was a ,mine inspector in Holden, during this time.
    Any info drop me a e-mail Thanks and God Bless.

  6. Barbara says:

    Hello Everyone,
    Just looking for any info on Holden, WV as my mom (now almost 92 years old) was born there. My grandparents were Bert & Lena Mezo, Hungarian immigrants. He worked in one of the coal mines. They lived at 304 (?) Curry Hollow in Holden when my mom was born in the early 1920’s. I went there with my parents in the 1990’s & it was just a small road facing a very little stream with maybe 6 small cape cod style homes…not too far from the hospital I think. Can anyone supply info or a link to maps/photos of Holden and the surrounding communities in the years 1920 to about 1937? I’d appreciate a photo of that road/homes from that period or later. Does anyone know of my mom’s family…Albert, Teddy, Olga, Blanche, Julius, Alex, Kelly, Elizabeth, Esther? At some point, the family also lived in Sarah Ann & finally in Whitman before moving to NYC. Many thanks!

  7. Dwain Schroeder says:

    I am interested in finding out the exact location of the famous Mingo oak tree. I know that it was about 5 miles west of Holden along the Trace Creek, and that there was once a small park there. There were regular services held there, probably back in the early 1900s. The tree died and was cut down, I believe in 1938. Does anyone know of a map etc that would better describe the location of the park. Is the park, or remnants of the park still there? thanks, Dwain

  8. CBBaldwin says:

    Thanks. I was born and raised in Holden. Nice to see what is was. Not much left now.

  9. leslie h marcum sr. says:

    Hello Heather I’m Rena’s son. Mom lives in Laporte,In. message me.

  10. Heather says:

    Hi, I am looking for information on my ancestry from Holden, WV. Names are Johnson (Bethard, George), Clark (William and Martha), Allen (Martha), Ghee (Thomas and Sarah), Marcum (Rena or Toni), and Adkins (Regina or Dodie). Any information would be very helpful. Thank you. 🙂

    • Eudora Milligan says:

      I knew a Dodie,she was married to Carl Johnson,who was the pasture of Shamrock Freewill Baptist Church they left Holden and I believe moved to Indiana or Illinois when I was a child.

    • Raymond Edward (Eddie) Adkins says:

      Hi Heather. My name is Eddie Adkins. Martha Clark was my grandma Adkins’sister. I remember Bethard and Ollie Johnson, and their children: Carl, Tuggy, Glenda Faye, Leonard, and Macky. I know some more about your ancestry and even have a couple of pictures of grandpa and grandma Clark.

      • Daniel says:

        Did you know a Vivian Johnson, her sister Effie Mae and brother Dillard? Their parents were Vester Johnson and Bessie Spaulding. I am Vivian Johnson’s grandson, she passed in 2004. They lived in Frogtown. Any pictures or memories are appreciated.


        • Heather says:

          Oh my goodness! My Dad and I were just talking about your family today lol. Look me up on facebook. 🙂 Heather Sheets in Mountain Home Idaho.