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Anyone wishing to reconnect with their Logan County friends or classmates they’ve lost contact with is welcome to place a message on this page. When you leave a comment, there is an option to check a box that will notify you of new comments.  Please note, unless you leave your email address in the body of  your message, your email address will not be displayed. If you are concerned about spam and do not want to use a mailto link, provide an email address like the example below: at gmail dot com

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  1. Linda Smith Farmer says:

    Does anyone remember Paul Zimmerman from Slagle ? He graduated from Logan High in 1958 .

  2. Lois Smith says:

    I am looking for Charlene (not sure of maiden name) Browning – she attended Logan High in the early 1960’s and married Ralph Browning in Massachusetts in 1973. I need information on her if possible or on someone who would know her.

  3. gene d.midkiff says:

    trying to find Brenda Sue Ellis,lived in S.JOE. ALLY in the early 60’s,married Tommy Fergerson,her family moved to Bronx n.y.

  4. Joyce Yonts says:

    my dad is Franklin Vanover, son of Orville and Dixie Vanover.
    just checking to see if anyone that my dad grew up with is still around. he said that alot of his buddies went in the military same time he did. my mom was Geraldine (Polly) Meredith Vanover. she passed away last year, Daddy is still going strong. He will be 90 in December.

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      I remember a Vanover family at Sharples,Logan Co. WV. Your Franklin and I are near the same age (ww2) vet. Somehow, I just cant place him well in my memorys. I lived at Blair at the time

      • Joyce Yonts says:

        I will ask Dad if he remembers you Shelby 🙂 my dad seems to remember everything 🙂 I will get back to you. thank you Shelby. hoping you are well.

  5. Lillian(Nessel Frye)Brown says:

    Left Logan County in 1960 but wish I was still there it is just different from any place else. email

  6. Cindy Golden says:

    I was wandering if anyone remembers either James Dewey Golden or Betty Porter. This is my Grandparents and they grew up in holden wv.

  7. Garnett Wright Antonides says:

    I lived at Whitman WV 1931 till 1952 I lost contac with all friends I am looking for Mary Lou Gilliam , Don Williams Gene Cook Willis Bartoe ,Any one else from Whitman that might remenber me I am oldest daushter ofTivis & Velda Wright email

  8. Stanley Goode aka David Cordell says:

    Looking for any info on the Cordell family from Monaville, West Virginia. My birth mother was from there. I was adopted and have no info as to my roots. Any info or a good starting point would be appreciated. I was born in Cleveland Ohio, her birth date would be circa 1923-1929 best I can figure. Feel free to call me on my cell with any leads 901 652-4302. I’m now 60 and in iffy health, Thanks SCG

    • Constance Curry "Connie" says:

      Did you find the info you were looking for.. re: your birth mother Anna Cordell?
      I found some info that may be what you’re looking for.
      Email me.

  9. Stanley Goode aka David Cordell says:

    I was born in Cleveland Ohio, birth mothers name was Anna Cordell, born in Monaville, West Virginia circa 1923-1929. When the laws changed I was able to get a orginal copy of birth certificate, thus the above info, no father listed. I’m now 60 years old and just curious as both adopted parents have passsed. Any family history info would be appreciated or a good starting point, (that won’t cost a fortune). it is believed she was a domestic worker when I was born.

  10. Joey Arlen Workman says:

    I was born the son of Arlen (duck) and Lona Workman born 1959 at Man General Hospital. We were poor dad was a miner at Laredo Coal Mines where he was a hero for saving other miners when a large part of the roof fell on them. My mom and dad did the best they could for us 6 kids (Thomas Arlen, Donna Sue, Janet Lynn, myself, Linda Jane and Christopher Arlen.) We’re are all grown. dad’s left us. mom’s still with us. this is who I am and proud to be who I am. I had forgotten this and lost my way. It’s my opinion that if you don’t remember where you come from how can you know where to go next in life. Thank you dad for being hard on me he made me a stronger man, Thank you mom for always being there to listen and give good advice. Much love to you both.

  11. sherry Hoppe says:

    I grew up part time in the Wanda coal camp between 1962-1967. We lived beside the Cecil and Beula Smith family. I also remember the Grace and Charlie Young family from the neighborhood. I attended Ethel Elementary in the last year it was open. That was my 1st grade year (1993-1994). I have very fond memories of my childhood in Logan county. My family attended Sunbeam Chapel for worship. The pastor was a man named Mr. Fortune. He had a son named Jim, who, I beleive, worked for the railroad. If you are from this area and think you know me please feel free to contact me: My maiden name was Walker. My parents were Carl and Doris.

  12. Theresa Cooper says:

    My name is Theresa Cooper my birth date 12-26-68 my father’s name was Harold Stanley Cooper he was born and raised in logan wv he passed away at a young age I don’t know when I have 11 siblings and I am told I have other half brothers and sisters in logan wv if anyone out there has any infomation please call me at 740-680-1830 thank you

  13. Amanda Weber says:

    I am looking for more information on the Perry’s of Logan County, West Virginia. They moved from Monroe County to Logan County in about 1814. There were four brothers, Henry, Joe, James, and Jack. They were the sons of John Perry who emigrated from the north of Ireland. My husband is from the James G. Perry line. James was supposedly a Colonel in the Logan County Militia. Any information would be very helpful.

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      I, too, am a descendent of John Perry. He fought in the war of America’s independence. His daughter, (Caroline), married to Samual Canterbury, of Pond Fk. of Boone county (then Logan) James has many kin in the area. There was anothr Perry, named James D, but I believe they are not related. He lived in the head of Spruce Fk (Blair). I have never did a search on that line of Perrys.

      • Shelby Burgess says:

        Correction: Samual Canterbury’s wife was named “Florence”, not Caroline. Sorry for the mistake. Samual was b. 1790. I don’t have a birth date for his wife (Florence). I decend from this couple.

    • Dave Ellis says:

      I too, am a descendent of John Perry (1760-1813) through his daughter
      Mary Ann (1775-1832). She married William Hinchman (1768-1851) and their daughter Elizabeth (1785-1852) married my 4th Great Grandfather Phillip Ellis in 1804.

      More than happy to share whatever information I have with you.

      Dave Ellis

  14. Dinah Dalton McCloud says:

    Looking for any information on the small grave yard behind Chapmanville Middle School’s library. There are several people there but as of yet no one can tell much about it, What I can gather looks like a Stallings or Stollings womans grave there? Can anyone help me out.

    • Brandon Mullins says:

      Go to the local funeral home maybe Evens and they might have it on record. It has to be a local funeral home that berried they body, and the have all kinds of records on the little cementer.

  15. Pat Hoffman-Kregel says:

    I am searching for a family that lived in Peach Creek, W.VA in the late 30’s early 40’s. The husbands name was Henry Campbell, wife, Mildred, two children, Sonny {nickname, do not remember real name}, Sylvia {Poochie} Campbell. Mildred had a sister from the same area named Mozell. They used to come visit us in Monroe, MI when I was young. Mildred was my godmother when I was baptized. I don’t think they would still be living, but would like to try to find out where they are buried and find the children. Thank you for any help you can give me. Pat

  16. Mark White says:

    I am looking for decendants of 1st Lt. James G. Peery who was captured during WW2 and spent time in a POW camp called “Stalag Luft III.” Lt. Peery may have lived at 664 1/2 Straton St. in Logan, WV.

    • Amanda Weber says:

      I am also looking for James G. Perry, but I am unsure whether its the same James that you are looking for. My James was supposedly a colonel in the Logan county militia. He was the son of John Perry, who emigrated from the “north of Ireland”. My James had 3 brothers, all of which moved from Monroe County to Logan County in about 1814. Joe, Henry and Jack. Does any of this match what you have?

  17. Col. Robert Hanger says:

    Seek info on 1951 LHS Grads.

    Col. Robert Hanger

  18. Col. Robert Hanger says:

    Seeking 1951 grads LHS. I moved away & grad
    Huntington, but recall many friends at LHS.
    Just wonder where they may be now. Would
    appreciate list of names for class 1951. Thanks.
    Contact anytime
    Col.Robert Hanger.

  19. kelly says:

    I am looking for information about Mart and Farabelle Morris and Salena Vance. My contact info is

  20. George Washington Sparks JR says:

    Big Mistake! Fred Sparks was my Grand Dad. I was with him with he died in Millville NJ. The Legg Family Tree had him as being adopted. He was not adopted. My cell is 609-805-6767, zip code 08349 I also Have a face book account. IM always looking for the truth.

  21. Laura Mason says:

    I am the Granddaughter of Bird Bryant and Narrie Bryant. Looking for pictures of my my Great Grandmother Minnie Williams-Bryant. Making a scrapbook for my Father, we don’t have pic of her. Thank You and any information etc, Thank You and God Bless

  22. Laura Bryant says:

    I am the granddaughter of Bird and Narrie Bryant of Logan West Virginia, and looking for photos of Hester Ann Hensley-Bryant and General Bryant of Logan West Virginia. Thank You and God Bless

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      Who are your parents? I believe I have a picture you might like to have. It is Bird Bryant as a young boy with his father, General Bryant. This General was my mother’s uncle and my great uncle.

      • Laura Bryant says:

        My Father is Clovis Bryant, Yes I would love to have those pictures. 🙂 Thank you so much!!

        • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

          I didn’t know Clovis. Is he Minnie’s brother? There is only one picture. It is father and son together. It is a snapshot from a larger picture that was hanging on a relatives’s wall. I need your email address. Is it okay for Frank (the owner of this site) to give it to me?

        • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

          Laura, Did you get the picture of Bird Bryant and General Bryant that I sent in private email last night? I didn’t get an acknowledgement so just want to make sure you got it.

          • Laura Bryant says:

            That is not Bird Bryant, that is James Bryant with General Bryant. James Bryant is the second child of Bird and Narrie Bryant. Thank You for the Picture, we love looking at old photos. Showing them to my sons. 🙂

          • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

            Thanks for the correction, Laura. That is who I was told it was when my husband took the snapshot back in the 1980s.

  23. Patty Hall Tanner says:

    Hi, I an trying to get in touch with a friend of mine that I went to school with. Havent seen her since 1976.Her name is Janice lilly. she was married to Harold Kidd, the last i know of . She had a sister named Junita and one named Judy and one named Sharon.I sure would appreciate if you know her let me know.

  24. Janet Hill Caldwell says:

    Seeking information on Lorenzo D. Hill family connection with Hiram Hill family.

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      I am glad someone mentioned the Hill family of Chapmanville. I have never researched that family, but have some notes left by my late wife (Norma Hager Burgess). She was a descendent of Alonzo Dow Hill. He was the first postmaster of Chapmanville (1836). I have nothing on Hiram Hill; but would like info about him, if possible. Thanks.

  25. Jewel Meoak (Barber) says:

    Hi, I am looking for any information on my grandparents Lockard Bryant and Margaret Baily. Lockards father and mother were Thomas Bryant and Lula Mae Adkins and Thomas’s father and mother were Alex Bryant and Zola Ronyon. That is where I am stuck. Any information on any of them would be a great help. My email address is:

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      Hi Jewel,
      I have heard of Zola Runyon for years but have never been able to find anything about her in public records. The Runyons didn’t live anywhere near the Bryants and there was no transportation back in those days. I know that Anthony Bryant gave the information on Thomas’s death record that Tom’s parents were Alex Bryant and Zola Runyon, but I am almost positive this was an error. Alex Bryant was only 12 years old when your Thomas was born and didn’t live anywhre near the Runyons (who lived in what later became Mingo County). IMHO, Anthony was probably confused when questioned, and gave Thomas’s brother’s name instead of his parents. Tom’s marriage record in Lincoln County to Lula Mae didn’t give information on their parents either. I am almost positive that Thomas was the son of my great grand parents, Corbin and Patsey (Thompson) Bryant. Your Thomas’s age fits with the age of Corbin and Patsey’s son, Thomas, who first married his first cousin Martha Thompson and then when he was a 58 year old widower, married Lula Mae Adkins in Lincoln County when she was age 20. There were other men named Thomas Bryant, but yours is the only one old enough to be the s/o Corbin and Patsey. Their Thomas was born August 1850. I feel certain that your Thomas was an older brother to my grandfather, Preston Bryant, as well as a half brother to Anthony “Tone”Bryant and to Alex “Uncle Zan” Bryant..

      • Jewel Meoak (barber) says:

        Could you please contact me by email?
        I have copies of Thomas and lula mae’s marriage certificates and death and some birth certificates! But it is easy for someone to give the wrong info! I also have an uncle named Thomas Bryant son os Thomas and lula Mae but he can not remember anything! My mother and all her brothers and sisters were taken and adopted out! I am not only looking for me but for my mother as well who has spent most of her life searching for answers! Did your Thomas have a son named lockard? If so then they are te same person! Thank you for the information and I look forward to speaking with you more!

        • Jewel Meoak (barber) says:

          I forgot to mention that I have found history on Zola Runyon that does list her as Thomas’s mother and from an old bible my mom has it is written in there but pages are missing so we do not have Thomas’s siblings names!

  26. Mary Bates says:

    Any information on Frank Opatrny, he may be my great uncle and am looking for information on the family. I recall my grandma having lived in Neff, Ohio.

  27. Kathryn Landolt (nee Cole) says:

    Hello – I am looking to connect with anyone who might have known Opal Imogen Cole, born October 3, 1916 or her son, David Cole, Sr. (nickname Mick) born July 5, 1946. They are my grandmother and father. I know that Opal’s mother’s maiden name was Mc Comas (or Mc Comis…not sure of spelling). I am not sure of all of Opal’s siblings, but I do know she had an older brother named Ralph (LN?), and sister’s named Merle (LN?), Hallene (LN?), and Doris Blankenship. I was also told of a possibly Uncle “Whitey”. I can be reached at and would love to hear from anyone related or who may have connection to the family. Thanks very much – Katie

  28. STANG says:


  29. Lora stewart says:


  30. Lisa Richey Lazlo says:

    Hello everyone my name is Lisa, I am the Granddaughter of Ose Richey. I am in hopes that someone may have, pictures buried in an old trunk or an attic of my family. My Mother Violet Moore Richey died in 1958 at the age of 24, several years later my grandfather house burned and most family pictures were lost. I also would love to here from anyone who know my mother, if living she would be 78. She moved from Mason County around 1952, My e-mail is Thank you

  31. Susan JoHantgen Knost says:

    Looking for my former college roommate at Ohio Northern Univ., Ada, OH, in 1965. Her name was Donna Norman and her family came from Logan, WV. Please contact at

  32. JoAnn Burns Welker says:

    I would like very much to connect to a dear friend from Logan that I believe lived on Stratton Street close to me. At the time we lived in the Episcopal Parsonage because my father was Father George A. Burns, the priest at Trinty Episcopal Church. Her name was Marilyn Royer. Interestingly I was only 5 years old when her family moved but it tramatized me so that I have tried to find her ever since. This would have been about 1953. I remember something of her father going to Pebble Beach, Ca but not sure if that is accurate. We also moved about that time to Indiana.
    I also would like to know if any Hagans, Evendolls (sp) or Brewers are still around who would remember our family.
    Additionally, I ran away from home on my tricycle and ended up on Statton Street a few blocks from home at an ice cream store where I borrowed the money for a cone. Does anyone know where that store was? Is the building still there?
    Thank you for your help and hello to all……miss the mountains.

  33. gerri blankenship chapman says:

    would love to hear from anyone from DEHUE.

  34. Eileen Blankenship says:

    My father’s family is from Dehue. He was born in 1932.

  35. Wilma Lee Steele says:

    I would love to email or talk with Dodie (Smith) Browning. I have a phone number from a few years ago. If you can, please email or write. My number is 304 426-4136
    love Wilma

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      Hey, Sweet Girl,
      It is so good to hear from you! I’m calling right now! My phone number is still the same.

  36. Steve Holloway says:

    To: Tom DeFobio (Manila)


    I just discovered the passing of your mother.

    Please e-mail me at so we might connect again.

    Steve Holloway
    Palm Springs, CA

  37. sandra udumgba says:

    i lost contact with a friend hassan wright who lives in hamiton ohio. pls any one with any information pls should contact. thank you and God bless!

  38. Linda Smith Farmer says:

    I would like to reconnect with a friend from my old school days, Carlene Gibson. I think she married an Avis. We were both from Slagle, WV. I haven`t heard from her in years. I would appreciate any information.

  39. James A. Bowman says:

    Are you sister of Johnny Hinchman that lived in McConnell. I knew several Hinchman’s families lived there.

  40. Rosella Hanners Wagner says:

    LHS Class of 1960 will hold its 50th Reunion Oct. 7, 8, and 9, 2010. We need addresses for the following classmates. Email me if you have any information. Thanks.

    Joan Alexander Jacqueline Honaker Atkinson
    Lantha Beatty Freda J Jenkins
    Sarah Boggs Glenn Barbara Kazee Brown
    Ruby Bowen McGrath Donald Leake
    Augusta Brown Mary Lefler
    Sylvia Christian Robert E. Lesher
    Harold Cooper Iola Martin
    Thomas Crum Ronald Martin
    Tom Curry Charles Mays
    Delores Damron Manker Sharlene Maynard
    Thomas DeFobio Carol Meadows Barefoot
    Freda Dingess Parmesano Claudia Mills Banks
    Rhonda Dingess Carol Riffe
    Ruba Dingess Carol Roberts
    Jack Fenner Roger Sennett
    Dorcie Fleming Jones James Stickler
    Toni Fillutzy Carlson Blanch Tabor
    Carol E. Foster Douglas Thompson
    Ronnie Frazier Gary Thompson
    Doris Gardner Charles Varney
    Paul “Lucky” Hefner Dorthy White
    Glenna Hodges Ferrell

    My email is


    @Sharon (Hall) Daniels
    Hello Sharon, I too, am from McConnell, Wva. and Went to Stollings Grade School , Logan Jr. High and Logan High School. Came to Ohio in 1960. I also live in Fl. Give me a shout. Peggy

  42. Tamela Baker says:

    I’m searching for information on my ancestor, John Henry Baker, who was the son-in-law of the Rev. Jacob Stollings and moved to the Crawley Creek area at about the same time. He and his wife, Susannah Stollings, were the parents of several children, including George H. Baker, father of my great-great-grandfather Jackson Moss Baker. Any help is appreciated!

    • Whitney Baker says:

      I am a descendant of Jackson Moss Baker as well, Tamela. I am his great-great-great granddaughter. I don’t have any info further back from him but I have the direct line to myself. If you would like to get in touch, please email me! I am from Cabell Co.

  43. Diane Maynard Spry says:

    Hi Sharon this is your cousin Diane Maynard ( Denver & Audreys daughter. I just came across your name and would love to connect with you, it has been a long time. Will be waiting for your reply.!!!!

  44. Sharon (Hall) Daniels says:

    Lived at Rum Creek until 1962…Married Shilo Daniels and moved to Florida. Would love to hear from friends I went to school with at Dehue Grade, Logan Jr High and Logan High School…

    • Doris Mann (Hall) says:

      Hi Sharon…. I spoke with you when I was in WV. However, I left your phone No. at my sister’s house. Would like to meet with you to have lunch and catch up. Maybe you will be coming to Tavares to see your son, or when I visit my daughter at Daytona, we could meet as well…Keep in touch!!!

    • Eileen Blankenship says:

      what year were you in Dehue? My father was born there in 1932.

      • Jeff Isaacs says:

        My grandfather was Rev Jesse Blankenship, he was a miner at Holden 22, and pastored churches in Logan area, including starting the Shamrock Free Will Baptist Church. I was wondering if we were related, or if you had any info on him. He died when I was very young. I am especially interested in any information about his ministry.


    would love to connect with childhood friends and find family i havent heard from in a long time.

  46. RON ZABOROWSKY says:

    I lived in Cherry Tree , left at age 12. father Helmut, mother Beatrice, brother Bennie, sister Connie – Any of my young old friends remember me ( lived next to R C Cola ) be good to here from you.

    Ron Zaborowsky

  47. Leslie Steele says:

    I am living in the Philippines now, but always keep a candle burning in the window.

  48. Jeanette Sheppard says:

    Looking for any my old friends from the Logan area and Monaville. Long time, I know but let’s reconnect soon. Just email me and we can talk and talk and get to know each other all over again! ha ha! Smile now, hope to hear from others. My email address is:

  49. Franklin Thompson says:

    a.k.a. Frank, Frankie

    I grew up living mostly at White’s Addition in the 50s and early 60s. We moved to Virginia during my junior year at LHS. Any of my old friends that would like to get in touch with me please do. My address is:

  50. Joan Taber-Steele says:

    Any Logan friends that would like to get in touch with me please do. My address is:

    Joan Taber-Steele
    15 Mountain Valley Court, No. 2
    Blairsville, GA 30512