Rum Creek, WV

This is a collection of photos of the Rum Creek area (Argyle, Cham, Dabney, Dehue, Hutchinson, Orville, MacBeth, Slagle, Rum Creek, and Yolyn) of Logan County. This is a multi-page gallery. When the image counter reaches 100, close the viewer and move to the bottom to select the next page in the gallery. Clicking the image will toggle the caption information off and on.

Down on Rum Creek song by Jerry Melvin Cole

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This gallery includes Argyle, Cham, Dabney, Dehue, Hutchinson, Orville, MacBeth, Slagle, Rum Creek, and Yolyn.

If you have enjoyed these photos, it’s because of photo contributions from visitors like you. You can help preserve a bit of Logan County history by sharing your vintage photos with us. To share a photo, please email it to the admin at Please note that you must own the photo you are submitting or ensure that no one has a copyright claim on it. Preferably, photos of individuals should be no later than the 1970s.

*Rum Creek, MacBeth Mine header photo courtesy of Ralph H. Mcneely.

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33 Responses to Rum Creek, WV

  1. sandy tomblin goins says:

    Watching American pickers. They are at Goldies grocery and hardware store. By chance is this around the Logan area?

    Thank you

  2. sandy tomblin goins says:

    My moms dad robert lee shelton died in 1926 in a mining accident in or around slagle. Does anyone know how I might get more info on this?

    • Admin says:

      The news of the accident was probably reported in the Logan Banner. Microfilm of copies of the Logan Banner are available at the Harless Branch of the Southern West Virginia Community College at Mud Fork.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Hello Sandy,if you haven’t found the info
      that you were seeking,you can see Robert
      Shelton’s death record at
      It shows that he died from a crushed chest
      in a slate fall on Oct. 9,1926, in Slagle,WV.

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      I remember a person named RL Shelton running for sheriff of Logan County,WV. This was about 1946. Could this man be his son?

      Shelby…… ps : I voted for him !

    • bones says:

      Robert Lee Shelton
      Death: October 09, 1926.
      Place of Death: Logan, Logan, West Virginia.
      Town or City: Slayle
      Residence: Slayle
      Sex: Male Color or Race: White Married/Single: Married Age: 39
      Occupation of Deceased Miner: Miner
      Employer: Logan co. Coal Corp. Slayle, W. Va.
      Father: Harmon Shelton
      Father’s Birthplace: Va.
      Mother’s maiden name: Ruth Shelton
      Mother’s Birthplace: Va.
      Signature of information: Mrs. Robert Shelton
      Slayle, W.Va.
      Date of Death: October 09, 1926.
      Time of Death: 1:30 p. m.
      Cause of Death: Chest crushed in slate fall.
      Contributory cause: Slate fall in mines.
      Was there an autopsy? No.
      (Signed) Thomas C. Smith.
      (Address) Slayle, W.Va.
      Date of Burial: Man, W. Va.
      Date of Burial: October 11, 1926.
      Undertaker: Logan, Merc. Company
      Address: Logan, W. Va.
      Note: Certificate of Death

    • Kathy Young Chafin says:

      Sandy, my grandfather, Lucian Adkins (my mother’s father) was killed at MacBeth in the early 30’s or late 20’s and we found his death certificate in the WV site for mining accidents in the state. go to wv web site they can lead you to the site. or the funeral home he was taken to, they will also have a copy of his death certificate…or the census for the closest year to his death….

  3. Wondell Alford says:

    Does anyone remember my family… Last name Alford? My daddy was Franch Alford, mom was Ida Mae Alford…they had 13 kids starting in 1947, raised in and around Logan County. Daddy was a coal miner all his life in Logan.
    Kids names….Mary, Dennis, Terry, Karen, Janet, Franch Jr.

    Anyone remember contact me:

  4. Lisa Cooper says:

    Thank you so much for the pictures. It brings back memories of when I was a little girl and would visit my grandparents. It is such a shame that most of this is gone. You have a picture of my mother. She is the one holding Vicky Chambers with James Owsley. It is a picture I have not seen before. Her name was Elyeen Rhodes. She has been gone since 2007 and this was a wonderful surprise to find this picture. Again I Thank You.

  5. Sandy Tomblin Goins says:

    Thank you.. My mom is from there Ardena Shelton Tomblin.. Uncle and aunt Roy and Olena Keaton also.
    And I have a cousin whose moms family are chambers. His name is Bobby Dow shelton. I believe he was named for Dow chambers from the 1800 that u had pic of. Thank you again

    • Cindy Keaton-Stover says:

      Hi sandy!!!! I haven’t seen you since I was a little girl! If you don’t remember me, I understand. I’m Randall’s (Viola’s) youngest!

  6. Tom Jones Jr says:

    Thanks for the wonderful and precious memories.

    Kids on Rum Creek had a childhood other kids could only dream of, at least that is the way I feel. Sure we had it hard at times, but thats what made us who we are today. Rum Creek Kids, were raised like weeds, during tough times we would bounce back if stepped on or insulted, unlike kids today.

    The guy in the middle in the photo with me and Gary Dennison is Bobby Blankenship, he was the son of Leanord and Silvia Blankenship. They lived at Hutchinson from around 1959 to 1962. We all three served in Viet Nam at the same time, that is where the picture was taken in Da Nang Viet Nam, 1967. Heard both Bobby and Gary passed away from heart attacks a few years back, guess who is now on a low fat diet!

    As for the Borth family I will always be thankful for Susan Borth’s Dad, think his name was Pete. Our family was going through some rough times, Dad had been out of work for over a year because the coal mining was slow. Remember Pete Borth stepping up on the porch when we lived at Yolyn and offering Dad a job, it was like Christmas morning. The entire family was thankful for that moment in time, we were living on government issued food and Dad was hauling groceries for Lonnie Ward to help pay bills. Remember Pete saying, when the job came open Buck, I had you in mind.

    During my high school years I always had a secret crush on Susan Borth, but was to shy to let her know it. When she would get on the bus at Logan High School I would just stare and lose my nerve to talk to her.

  7. Wilma Jean Workman Zigmond says:

    I was born at Slagle in 1946 to Dova Lee Manns Workman and Challis Workman. I had one sister, Carol Joyce. We lived across the tracks from the company store and I have heard Phyllis Dillon Adkins talk about working in the company store and coming with my aunt, Eliza Manns Price, to my house and my Mom would fix them lunch. When I was in junior high we moved to Yolyn below the store. I lived on Rum Creek until I was 17 and then Mom and Dad moved to Chapmanville my senior year in high school. I loved growing up in the coal camp where families loved and cared for one another. I remember Ida Pearl and James Matthews, Ruth Price, Jerry Price, Don Price , who married my Aunt Eliza, Sharon and Nancy Roberts, Susan Bevino, Sandy and Danny White, Richard White and when we moved to Yolyn the Bevinos, Keatons, Smiths, Borths, Sluss and Vaughn to name a few. I don’t ever remember not liking anyone because everyone took care of you. I was educated at Slagle(thanks to Martha Williams and some wonderful teachers), Logan Jr High and Logan High and then went to Marshall. I belonged to the Slagle Missionary Baptist Church. I recently retired from Logan COunty Schools after 45 fantastic years. RUM CREEK WAS GREAT AND SO WERE THE PEOPLE!!!!!

    • Wilma Jean Workman Zigmond says:

      OOPS How could I forget my neighbor Connie Price?

    • Kyle Workman says:

      From one coal camp kid to another, I always said you were a keeper. That ain’t changed a bit.

      • edmond ramey says:

        dova manns was my cousin. dau of will manns. will was the brother to cecil manns sr. from lincoln and wayne co. wv. we lived just below dova 3. house below the scout hall below slagle store. i used to go with tom jeffries when he went to see on of dova;s daughtersin the 50;s

  8. Virginia Gay Hager Cook says:

    I was born at Slagle and lived there for about 2-3 yrs. Dad worked in the coal mines. An aunt and uncle lived at Argyle with 10 kids. Some of the kids worked at the old Hager Theater and Ben Lowe’s store before they moved to Michigan. Brought back some good memories.

  9. Donna Conley (Scaggs) says:

    My mom (Joyce Scaggs) and I really enjoyed the pictures of your family. It brought back a lot of memories. My mom really loved and thought the world of you mom.Thanks for sharing and viewing a trip down those memory lane.

  10. Peggy Berry Borth says:

    Thank you for the wonderful memories. If anyone has a picture of the old Dehue Grade School please post it. I can remember walking from MacBeth and crossing the bridge going over into Dehue. This is where the grade school was at the time.

  11. Cora Chambers Tooley says:

    I so enjoyed this. Brings back alot of memories. Thanks.

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      Hello Cora;
      A bit of history about Rum Creek,Logan Co. WV. I see your name was probably chosen from one of your Chambers ancestory relatives.
      The first settlers on Rum Creek were : Robert Lowe,Wm. Burgess(1814), and Harrison Chambers. Arminta (Burgess) and Husband Harrison Chambers had 11 children. I have been told that Harrison and Arminta are buried at Logan City Cemetery.

    • Mahala (Darby) Browning says:

      How old are you? I remember playing with a Cora Chambers when I was a little girl.
      I was about 11 or 12. My name was Mahala Darby and I lived at Yolyn. email If you are the same person I am talking about you lived across the road from Chambers Cemetery. The house was backed up to a hill and there was a well in the back yard and grapevine swings on the hill behind the house.

  12. Maudella Berry Smith says:

    To whomever put this together. I thank you so very much. Maudella from Macbeth

  13. James Terry says:

    Thank you for the walk down memory lane. I spent my youth in the coal mining camps up in Rum Creek. If any one remembers my family contact me at GOD BLESS W.VA.

  14. Herb Harvey says:

    Page 1, Row 5, 1st. photo: Man in the center is Paulus Marcum (sp?) pronounced
    Pole us.

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