Logan Wildcats

The Logan Wildcats of Logan County

Logan Wildcats Confederate veterans, the “Logan Wildcats” 1900 Reunion at Camp Straton, Chapmanville, WV. Second from the left is Ed Garrett. Sitting is Alex Burton and behind him is Uncle Dyke Garrett, On Uncle Dyke’s left is Henry Clay Ragland. Photo credit: Harlan Justice 430 Fifth Avenue, Huntington, West Virginia. Courtesy of Michele Ryan Kahle.

The Logan County Wildcats were a company of the 36th Virginia Infantry comprised of about 300 men from Logan County, WV. A group of Confederate irregulars formed by Anderson ‘‘Devil Anse’’ Hatfield also called themselves the “Logan Wildcats”. Led by Devil Anse, they picked off dozens of Unions soldiers including Pvt. Harmon McCoy. Credit: www.wvencyclopedia.org.

Devil Anse had three brothers: Smith, Ellison and Elias. It’s been reported that two of his brothers were also part of his Logan Wildcats guerrilla band. The youngest brother, Smith was born in 1853 and too young to be part of the Logan Wildcats. Ellison Hatfield was in the Battle of Gettysburg. When Lee surrendered at Appomattox on April 9, 1865, one of the young officers who surrendered his command was Lieutenant Ellison Hatfield. Therefore, this leaves only Elias as maybe being part of the Logan Wildcats guerrilla band.

Logan Wildcats Battle FlagThe Logan Wild Cats’ Battle Flag. Courtesy of Connie Woods. Holding the flag on the left is Henry Clay Ragland who in 1888 started publishing the Logan Banner. Holding the flag on the right, is Astynax McDonald. “The flag was made by the wives and sweethearts of men from Peach Creek.” — Dodie (Smith) Browning.

Five Members of the Logan Wildcats ealry 1900sLogan Banner clipping courtesy of Vera Downs Sengstock.

Below is a partial list of the Logan Wildcats. We are trying to compile a complete list of the names.  Any help with additions and corrections will be greatly appreciated.  This list was gleaned from the Logan Banner articles of Oct. 2, 1903 and Feb. 26, 1904. A big thanks to Brandon Ray Kirk for searching through the Logan County Banner microfilm at the WV State Archives in Charleston to find these two articles.

Civil War Logan Wildcats

John W. Adams
Jim Allen
Wallace Averill
Hugh Avis
Enoch Baker
Floyd Barker
Eli Blankenship
Jno. Blankenship
Jno. Blevins
James Washington “Black Jim” Blevins
Jim Blevins
George Booth
Anthony Breeven
Mitchell Browning
John Bruster
Alexander “Zan” Bryant
Hiram Burgess
Alex Burton
F. Buskirk
Hugh Butcner
Lewis Cary
William Cary
Chris Chafin
Bill Chambers
Calhoun Chapman
Daniel R. Clark
Anderson Clendenon
Garland “Bock” Conley
Tom Conley
George W. Crump
Ed Dalton
Andy Dempsey
Mark Dempsey
Lorenzo Deskins
Floyd I. Dingess
Jim Dingess
Jerry Doss
Martin A. Doss
Perry A. Doss
William Duty
Bill Ellis
Simpkin Ellis
Shade Estep
Hensley Evans
Bill Farley
Jesse Farley
Thomas B. Farley
William Anderson Farley, Jr.
Windham Farmer
Fulton Ferrell
Richard Ferrell
Bush Floyd
Rufus Frye
Ed Garrett
W. Dyke Garrett
George Godby
B. S. Hager
Ryland Hager
Allen Hale
David Hale
Anderson ‘‘Devil Anse’’ Hatfield
Elias Hatfield
Jim Henderson
Charles Johnson
Dow Kelly
Henry Lake
Guy Lawson
John Lawson
Ed Lilly
John Liter
John T. Litten
Joseph Bradley Lowe
Bill Lucas
John B. Mangus
Thos. Maynard
James McCoy
Thomas McCoy
A. S. McDonald
Astynax McDonald
Boliver McDonald
Hamilton McDonald
Scott McDonald
Albert McNeely
Benfort McNeely
Kelly McNeely
Riley McNeely
John W. Neece
William Nelson
Jno. Messer
Mat Pauley
Dow Perry
John Peters
Joe Phipps
Dick Poindexter
Overton Price
Hiram Pridemore
Henry Clay Ragland
John Riffe
Lewis Sartain
George Scaggs
Allen J. Shepherd
Jacob Shadrach
? Simpkins
Dan Smoot
Ben Spencer
Beverly Spencer
Charles Stafford
F. S. Stafford
J. W. Stafford
Lorenzo Stallings
Charles Staton
Dow Steel
L. B. Stollings
R. J. Stollings
Madison D. Stone
Benj. Straton
John Suter
Andy Thompson
John Thompson
Moses Tiller
George W. Toney
Marvel Vance
Roll Vance
Henderson Wallen
Martin Wallen
John Walls
John Wessen
Harmon White
Jno. White
Rube White
Holly Whitman
James Hubbard Williams
Jeremiah Yates
Moses Tiller

Photo courtesy of Freda Stafford. This is my great grandfather Moses Tiller who was a member of the Logan Wildcats. There is a guy in the 3rd row that looks like it could be him but not sure. I would love to know if he was at that reunion.

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  1. Also wouldn’t James Dalton be added into the list of names? And I believe there might have been some McClouds as well.

    • Jonathan Boozer says:

      Joel Louis Angle (1826 – 1875) married Mary Ann Wills in 1854. The marriage license reads, “occupation carpenter and miller.” He enlisted in the Confederate Army as a Private on October 14, 1864 and was a member of the 2nd Company B (“The Logan Company Wildcats”) of the 36th Virginia Infantry. He was released from service, in order to operate a mill for food supplies much needed by both civilians and the army. Joel drowned in 1875, when he had a heart attack and fell into the millrace of his mill. The mill itself was still inoperation as late as 1960. Joel and Mary Ann had eight children. Mary Ann’s sister, Sarah Frances Wills, married Joel’s brother, Nathaniel.

  2. Lisa Allen Dickinson says:

    Also doing family research, looks like Rube White is my great grandfather!

  3. Diane says:

    Ranger95 is an excellent resource. It has the Union and Confederate Companies. Just click on the soldier. The Confederate is more complete. Down at the bottom (CSA) is the Virginia State Line. Before they were requited into the Major eventual Units. It also has the Major Battles listed and briefs on the Battles.

  4. Freda Stafford says:

    This is the first time I heard of the Logan Wildcats. I did some research on Ancestry.com and Fold3.com looking for my great grandfather Moses Tiller he was born in 1839 and he was in the Civil War. I have an old picture in an oval frame that looks like one of the guys in the wildcats. Are you trying to match faces with the names on your list? Please let me know how we can match up this picture I have with one of the guys in the picture? My name is Freda Stafford.

    • Admin says:

      I added his photo (above). Yes, I see the resemblance also. Hopefully, we will get a listing of the names that attended this reunion soon.

  5. Michelle Hausler says:

    Joseph Vance, son of Abner Vance Jr., is listed as a prisoner of war in Camp Chase, OH. On the document it shows he was a part of the 36th unit, Logan. His number is 2413. This is 3rd great grandfather. The link to the document is:


  6. Just a quick comment about one of the photo captions: The Logan County Banner, as it was originally named, began in 1889, not 1888.

  7. Jane Garnett says:

    http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Perry&GSfn=John+&GSmn=Hinchman&GSbyrel=all&GSdyrel=all&GSst=52&GScntry=4&GSob=n&GRid=35103938&df=all&. My great great grandfather. Family legend says he was involved with hanging a Hatfield boy. Afterwards, he moved his family in the middle of the night from Logan WV to Kanawha County WV. Running from Devil Anse.

  8. Grover L Brown Jr. says:

    My Great Great Grandfather Issac Brown was shot in the back by these bushwackers. He was a Union soldier.

    • Grover: Where did Isaac Brown live? Near my residence are two hollows named for an Isaac Brown: one is Isaac Branch, the other is Browns Branch. The latter is now known as Abbotts Branch.

  9. Shelby Burgess says:

    My late wife . Norma Hager Burgess. was a grandaughter of Ryland Hager. Thanks for posting the list of the Logan Wildcats.burgesswv@

    • Norma Hale Robinette says:

      My grandmother Lillian White Hale’s mother was a Hager. I feel sure she was related to Ryland Hager. Allen Hale and David Hale were mentioned here. Allen Hale was my grandfather and David was his brother.

  10. Janet Yeager Litke says:

    My Great Grandfather was Astynex McDonald. He helped form The Wildcats. His enlisted name was Stien. His brother Bud (Boliver) is also in the picture as is Bryan McDonald. I do believe that Scott, the youngest brother, enlisted in the Kentucky Infantry.

  11. Debbie McCoy Autry says:

    “Logan Wildcats” was the unofficial name of company D of the 36th VA Infantry. Anderson Hatfield isn’t on the roster of the 36th VA Infantry (Official Records of the Civil War, fold3.com). The only Hatfield on the roster is Humphrey Hatfield, of Logan Co. Papers are available showing Devil Anse’s enlistment in 1863 in Co B 45th VA Battalion, along with Elias & Ellison Hatfield. According to family stories, he did form a band of Confederate irregulars after his desertion from the 45th & called it the “Logan Wildcats”. When Asa Harmon McCoy was killed by Anse’s band, he was no longer a soldier in the Union Army. He mustered out of service on 24 Dec 1864 in Catlettsburg, KY (fold3.com) & was killed 14 days later on 7 Jan 1865 (Pension records of Union Soldiers fold3).
    Also, Ellison Hatfield was a 2nd lieutenant in the 45th VA Battalion, & this battalion didn’t take part in the Battle of Gettysburg. The 45th NC & the 45th GA did take part. Records show that Ellison Hatfield deserted 19 Dec 1864 & was officially dropped from the rolls 3 Mar 1865. He took the Oath of Allegience & was granted amnesty 4 May 1865. (Official Records of the Civil War, fold3.com).

  12. W. M. Smith says:

    William Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield did not serve in the 36th Va. Infantry, rather he was in the 45th Battalion, Virginia Infantry along with 16 other Hatfields (Source: 45th Battalion Virginia Infantry. Smith and Count’s Battalions of Partisan Rangers, Virginia Regimental Histories). The belief that he was in the 36th probably stems from the guerilla unit he formed which, like Company D. Va. Inf, was called the Logan County Wildcats.

  13. Marilee Bowles-Carey says:

    My great great grandfather John Maidon Romans was a private in Company B of the 36th Va Infantry Logan Wildcats. I have done a lot of research on my Confederate ancestors and have documented his enlistment and service from his compiled military service record from the National Archives. He is from Marion, Virginia which is in Smyth County. I have not been able to figure out why he joined the Logan Wildcats. His younger brother James HH Romans enlisted in the 4th Virginia Infantry–the ‘Smyth Blues.’ I would have thought he would have enlisted in the same unit. James died at first Manassas, serving under Stonewall Jackson. John Maidon survived the war, became a Methodist minister late in life and is buried at Greenwood Methodist Church Cemetery in Marion, Virginia. He died in 1927. I would love to know if my grandfather attended the reunion pictured in your article and if so, if he is in the photo.

  14. Kevin Davidson says:



    I have an ancestor whom I believe was a member of the Logan Wildcats.
    I reference the above links to the Find-a-grave Web page.

    I’ve added George W. Toney to the list. Thank you. — Admin

  15. Dinah McCloud says:

    Yes, Alexander “Zan” Bryant was mentioned in the names, please add him to your list, there was a Logan Banner article about him and he fought along with Devil Anse Hatfield.

    His name was added. Thank you! — Admin

  16. Tamara L. Zeigler says:

    I was surprised to find this picture and information when I was searching for a contact for the present day Wildcats! I became a member of the Daughters of the Confederacy about a year ago through my g.g. grandfather Thomas Benton Farley who is named on the list of members! His brother, William Anderson Farley, Jr. joined the cause at the same time but his name is not on the roster. Is this a list of the actual members or of the men in the picture? I assume it is of the members.

    Not all of the members are listed. Listed are the known members of the Logan Wildcats taken from the two newspaper articles. I will add William Anderson Farley, Jr. to the roster. Thank you! — Admin

    • Tamara L. Zeigler says:

      Thank you so much! I live in Mercer County, WV and am in the process of having an Iron Cross (C.S.A.) placed on both graves. It is a long way for our local unit of the Sons of the Confederacy to travel to do some sort of ceremony. Do you know anyone local who is also in that organization who may be willing to do a proper ceremony? Please advise and thanks again! Tammie Zeigler

  17. Randy Senior says:

    dear dianna, saw another post regarding Steele Furniture. That was my mothers uncle grover. My mothers maiden name was steele. My grandmother was Carrie Hatfield Steele. She was married to Grovers brother Thomas E. steele. Someone had mentioned a JB steele, he eventually ended up in the Orlando Fl area. My folks n I visted him in 1969. He has since passed.

    randy Senior

  18. Diana Vinson-Childers says:

    Thank you so much for posting that photo. I am researching Ale Vinson who was in the 34th Virginia Calvary Vincent A. Witcher’s Battalion Co. B. I have also found him listed in Swann’s Battalion Virginia State Line. Also I found him listed in the Book 10th Kentucky CSA Diamond’s, Well’s Yankee Chaser’s in the Raid at Peach Orchard. I have found more info researching the Cival War so I would recommend it to anyone who is searching. Check all of the companies to find Roster listings. Also in Library of Virginia Civil War Rosters. He had residence at Peach Creek and Eugene, Lenore. He was married to Saraham Blair.

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