Man Cemetery

Submitted by Bob Piros

The Man Cemetery has also been called the Browning, Altizer & Ellis cemetery.

Man Cemetery Entrance

Man Cemetery Entrance taken 2014. The Man Dairy Bar and Speedway are on the left.

Man, WV from the 1947 Man High School Yearbook courtesy of Vivian Carpenter

Photo from the 1947 Man High School Yearbook showing the Man Cemetery on the hill. Courtesy of Vivian Carpenter.

A big THANKS to Marksie Dunn (Aug. 18, 1952 – Nov. 15, 2017) for the new steps and for all of his other work on this cemetery. Also, a special thanks to Beverly Walls of Craneco, WV for the use of her photos and for a number of the listings herein. Beverly has devoted much of her time locating and photographing graves for many people.

Anyone wishing to help by providing headstone photos, corrections and additional burial information is welcome.  Contact the admin at

Some of the interments at the Man Cemetery,
Logan County, West Virginia

John B. Allen, B.D.- June 3, 1881 – KY.- D.D. Dec. 12, 1941 – Mt.Gay WV.
S/O Albert Allen & Martha Allen (McCoy). H/O Rosa Allen.

Ora Allen, B.D. Jan. 24, 1921- Kistler D.D. March 21, 1922 – Kistler WV.

Stella Allen, B.D.1918 – WV. D.D. June 11, 1919- Mallory WV. D/O Leonard Allen.

Aaron Altizer, B.D. 1880 Logan WV – D.D. Dec. 13, 1910 Man WV. Aaron was a Farmer.

Aron Altizer, B.D.- July 23, 1824 – Montgomery CO. VA. D.D.- March 17,1923- Kistler WV.
S/O Emery Altizer.

Chas Altizer, B.D.- 1854 – D.D.- Aug. 6, 1926- Kistler WV.
S/O Aaron Altizer. Chas was a Carpenter.

Lee Altizer, B.D.- Dec. 1869- WV. D.D.- Apr. 2, 1948- Monroe WV.
S/O Aron Altizer & Mary Altizer (Skaggs).

Cecil Clyde Altizer – B.D. March 10, 1898, Man, WV – D.D. Dec. 3, 1931, Man, WV
S/O Joseph S. & Nancy Altizer
Marriage – Maggie Merritt, April 19, 1924 in Logan, WV.

Joseph S. Altizer marker photo – B.D. Nov. 3, 1849, Montgomery County, Virginia
D.D. March 9, 1913, Man, WV.
S/O, Aaron & Sarah Altizer (Scaggs).
Marriage – Nancy Frances Fillinger, Nov. 15, 1877 in Logan, WV.

Mary Altizer (Aliff) marker photo  – B.D. May 1, 1846, Montgomery Co. VA.- D.D. Dec. 17, 1903, Man, WV. D/O, David Aliff & Nancy Aliff Aliff.
Marriage – (2nd wife) Aaron Altizer 1878 in Logan WV

Nancy Frances Altizer (White), B.D.- Sept. 2, 1859 – KY – D.D. Aug. 27, 1941 – WV.
D/O Green & Elizabeth White. W/O Joseph Altizer.

Sarah Altizer (Scaggs)  marker photo – B.D. March 20, 1828, Montgomery Co. Virginia. D.D. June 6, 1876, Logan, WV.
Marriage – (1st wife) Aaron Altizer May 24, 1847 in Montgomery CO.VA..
D/O, William & M. Scaggs.

Sarah Elizabeth Altizer (Burgess), B.D.- Aug. 2, 1855 – Logan WV D.D.- Sept. 14, 1938 – Kistler WV. D/O Calvin Burgess & Jane Burgess (Vance).

These are the children of Thomas M. Altizer I & Ethel Altizer ( Earl).
All of the children were born & died in Kistler, WV.

  • Gladys Fay, B.D. – Oct. 1, 1923 – D.D.- June 10,1934.
  • Evelyn May, B.D. – June 10, 1928 – D.D.- Sept. 25, 1929.
  • Thomas II, B.D. – Jan. 21, 1930 – D.D.- Apr. 13, 1934.
  • Sara Millard, B.D. – Sept. 12, 1933 – D.D.- Sept. 7, 1934.
  • Thomas III, B.D. – March 27, 1935 – D.D.- March 27, 1935.

William A. Altizer, B.D.- Sept. 1884- Logan WV. D.D.- Dec. 13, 1909 – Logan WV.
S/O Andrew Bruce Altizer & Venila Altizer (Browning)
H/O Amatie Ellis, marriage July 18,1907 in Mingo Co. WV. William was a Farmer.

Mamie Anna Belcher marker photo – B.D. June 16, 1891 in WV.- D.D. Dec. 5, 1947.
D/O, Andy Cage Belcher & Filo Belcher (Christian).
W/O, John Belcher.

Molly Belcher – B.D. 1913 – D.D. 1944.
D/O, Andy Cage Belcher & Filo Belcher (Christian).
W/O,Owen Belcher.

Sarah M. Belcher (Ellis) marker photo – B.D. March 7, 1880 in WV.- D.D. Feb. 8, 1937 in WV.
D/O, Squire Ellis & Eviline Ellis (Burgess).
W/O, Sherman AllenBelcher.

Sherman Allen Belcher marker photo – B.D. June 18, 1874 in WV.- D.D. Nov.11, 1953 in WV.
S/O Lewis Belcher & Minerra Belcher (Grimmett)
He was a coal miner for the Eagle Island Coal Co. in Kistler on the section crew.

Everett Hunly Blankenship marker photo ★ WWI Vet ★ Pvt. US Field Arty. 80th Div.
B.D. Aug. 7, 1895 in Landville WV. D.D Dec. 13, 1926 in Kistler. His wife was Peachie (Vickers) Blankenship. He was a coal miner and the S/O Loren L. Blankenship & Laura Hatfield Blankenship.

Lee Blankenship – B.D. April 17, 1889, KY.- D.D. Aug. 15, 1931, Logan.
S/O, Riley & Mary Blankenship.
H/O, Iona Blankenship (Sexton).
Lee a coal miner for Bengal Coal Co. in Kistler, died in a slate fall.

Carrie G. Briles – B.D. Sept. 15, 1884, N.C.- D.D. Aug. 6, 1926, Accoville.
D/O, ? & Emma Robinson.
W/O, Bert Briles.

Fannie J. Brooks marker photo – B.D. April 23, 1901, Slab Fork, WV.- D.D. Mar. 3, 1920, Mallory.
D/O, Richard & Rispy Brooks (Bailey).

Vicie E. Brooks marker photo – B.D. April 11, 1905, Slab Fork, WV. – D.D. Jan. 7, 1918, Mallory.
D/O, Richard & Rispy Brooks (Bailey).

Joseph Lee Brown ★ Vietnam Vet ★ SP4 144 Aviation CO.
B.D. June 22, 1949, MN. – D.D. Dec. 26, 1970, Logan.
S/O Joseph Don Brown & Joan Brown (Altizer).
Joseph was a coal miner.

Ronald Clayton Brown marker photo – B.D. Oct. 21, 1939, Logan.- D.D. Mar. 5, 1942, Logan.
S/O, Carl Harry & Evelyn Brown (Payne).

Annaree M. Browning marker photo – B.D. Aug. 9, 1926, Emmett, WV. – D.D. Feb. 14, 1954, Logan.
D/O, Rush Justice & Pearl Browning.

Clinton R. Browning – B.D. Feb. 3, 1941- D.D. Mar. 6, 1941, Mallory.
S/O, Dave & Ollie Browning (Likens).

Columbus Browning marker photo – B.D. Sept. 5, 1922- D.D. Sept. 16, 1922, Mallory.
S/O, Monroe & Laura Browning (Murphy).

Kathleen Browning – B.D. Oct. 3, 1925- D.D. Aug. 5, 1926, Man.
D/O, Martha Jane Browning.

Frances Genoa Browning marker photo – B.D. June 18, 1922 – D.D. April 24, 1941, Logan.
D/O, Chas & Maggie Miller (Dugger).
W/O, Millard Browning.

Leatha E. Browning marker photo – B.D. Feb. 8, 1872- D.D. May 12, 1957, Man.
D/O, Squie & Eveline Ellis (Burgess).

Mary Ellen Browning – B.D. Mar.11,1900- D.D. Nov. 5, 1918, Man.
D/O, Lee & Phata R. Browning.

Monroe W. Browning marker photo – B.D. Dec 6, 1896, Christian, WV.- D.D. Oct. 15, 1924, Logan.
S/O, Lee & Leatha Browning (Ellis).
H/O, Laura Browning (Murphy).
Monroe was a coal miner.

Walter Browning – B.D. Mar. 24, 1912- D.D. Sept. 8, 1938, Man.
S/O, Lee & Leatha Browning (Ellis)
Marriage- Millard Akers, Feb. 20, 1937, Kistler, WV.
Walter was a coal miner.

Dock L. Burgess – B.D. June 7, 1889- D.D. June 10, 1970, Man.
S/O, Aaron & Cal Burgess(Gultnir).
Marriage – Viola Burgess, June 21, 1912, Logan.
Marriage – Helen Burgess, Aug .23, 1955, Logan.
Dock was a coal miner for Eagle Coal Co., Kistler, WV.

Aaron Burgess, B.D.- 1858- Logan WV.- D.D.- Apr. 3, 1941- Logan WV.
S/O Calvin M. Burgess.& Jane Burgess (Vance).

John E. Burgess marker photo – B.D. Dec. 1901- D.D. Nov. 16, 1918, Man.
S/O, Marion & Mollie Burgess (Mangus).

Mollie Burgess marker photo – B.D. April 1871- D.D. 1915, Man.

Pauline Burgess marker photo – B.D. Nov. 16, 1915 – D.D. Nov. 24, 1915, Man.

Maxine J. Cannon marker photo – B.D. 1917 – D.D. Mar. 8, 1920
D/O Charlie L. & Nora Cannon

Nile R. Cannon marker photo – B.D. 1915 – D.D. 1917, Man.
S/O, Charlie L. & Nora Cannon.

Woster Carper marker photo – B.D. Aug. 23, 1873 – D.D. July 1, 1918, Man.
S/O, Bartly & Mary Carper.
Marriage- Nellie V. Cook, Nov. 28, 1896, Man.

Woodrow W. Carsey ★ WWII Vet ★ marker photo SGT US Army
B.D. Nov. 6, 1921, D.D. Nov. 4, 1945, Belguim. Died of skull fracture.
S/O George Carsey & Sarah Carsey (Altizer).

Martin A. Doss marker photo – B.D. June 16, 1824, VA. – D.D. Jan. 15, 1914, Man.
S/O, James & Mary Doss (Slaughter).
Marriage – Mary M. Gore, June 30, 1875, Logan.

Mary M. Doss marker photo– B.D. Aug. 30, 1845- D.D. Jan. 7, 1929, Man.
D/O, Eli & Nancy Gore (Ellis).

Eveline Ellis marker photo – B.D. Feb. 5, 1851, VA.- D.D. Oct. 8, 1926, Logan.
D/O, Calvin & Jane Burgess (Vance).
W/O, Squire Houston Ellis.

Squire Houston Ellis marker photo – B.D. Oct. 30, 1850, Logan- D.D. Dec. 26, 1923, Man.
S/O, Owen & Nancy Ellis (Vance).
H/O, Eveline Ellis (Burgess).

Christine Farris – B.D. Mar. 2, 1932- D.D. Dec. 8, 1938, Man.
D/O, Charles & Ruth Farris (Vance).
Her death was caused by being struck by a car in Kistler.

Letha P. Harless – B.D. Jan. 10, 1895, Boone, WV.- D.D. June 5, 1914, Man.
D/O, Charlie & Alice Harless (Barlsen).

Thomas Newton Harless – B.D. Aug. 14,1900 – Wyoming CO.WV.D.D. Aug. 10, 1924 – Huntington, WV.
S/O E. S. Harless & Susie Harless (Vance).
He was a taxi cab driver in Huntington, he died of pneumonia.

Benjamin Monroe Harrison marker photo – B.D. Dec. 12, 1889 – D.D. May 4, 1958, Man.
S/O, Tom & Etta Harrison (Baccus).
H/O, Vada J.Harrison (Johnson).

Esther Harrison – B.D. Nov. 26, 1911- D.D. May 14, 1927, Logan.
D/O, Roe & Vada Harrison.

James Ward Harrison marker photo – B.D. Aug. 15, 1879- D.D. Sept. 29, 1923, Man.
H/O, Clara Harrison (Workman).

Vada J. Harrison marker photo – B.D. Feb. 5, 1892- D.D. March 5, 1963, Logan.

Hedrick marker photo

Cecil Lee Justice – B.D. Dec. 7, 1927- D.D. Dec. 15, 1927, Emmett, WV.
S/O, Rush & Pearl Justice.

Clifford Justice – B.D. Sept. 15, 1941- D.D. Feb. 1, 1942, Christian, WV.
S/O, Mary Justice.

Danny Eugene Justice – B.D. Aug. 25, 1945- D.D. Aug. 26, 1945, Emmett, WV.
S/O, Herman & Mary Ellis (Justice).

Elbert E. Justice marker photo – B.D. Oct. 10, 1894 – D.D. July 23, 1920, Logan, WV.
S/O, Ben F. & Sarah A. Justice.

James N. Justice marker photo – B.D. Feb. 8, 1847- D.D. May 19, 1922.
H/O, Jane Justice.

Pearl Justice – B.D. June 8, 1898- D.D. Dec. 27, 1929.
D/O, Lee & Letha Ellis (Browning).
W/O, Rush Justice.

Roy Justice – B.D. Sept. 15, 1923- D.D. Sept. 15, 1923.

Sarah Ann Justice – B.D. Jan. 4, 1864- D.D. Sept. 11, 1942, Man.
D/O, Lewis & Martha Curry White.

Stonewall Justice ★ WWI Vet ★ WV PVT SAT-C WWI
B.D. May 12, 1897, Accorville, WV., D.D. Mar. 1965, WV.
S/O Benjamin Justice & Sarah Justice (White).
H/O Audie Justice.
Stonewall was a coal miner.

Eli Lester – B.D. Oct. 1862 – VA. D.D.- Dec. 9, 1926 – Amherstdale,WV.
S/O Jake & Sallie Lester(Whitt)
He was a coal miner,died of natural causes.

Istvanne Lipcsak marker photo – B.D. Dec. 24, 1858, Panyola, Hungary- D.D. Apr. 4, 1919, Kistler, WV.
The grave is of Rebeka Lipcsak. She chose to honor her husband Istvan (Steve). The ne means wife of Steve Lipcsak. She was a Szabo. Nyugodjon Bekeben translated means “Let her have a restful, quiet peace”. She was the Great Grandmother of Bob Piros.

Anna Maude Marcum – B.D. Dec. 4, 1901- D.D. Aug. 28, 1941, Logan, WV.
D/O, William David & Minnie Marcum (Bailey).
W/O, Elmer Marcum. Anna was a nurse.

Daniel McCone marker photo – B.D. July 17, 1926- D.D. Aug. 4, 1927, Man.
S/O, S.B. & Mabel McCone (Day).

Viola McCone – B.D. 1923- D.D.- 1923.
D/O, S.B. & Mabel McCone (Day).

James M. Molly Sr. marker photo – B.D. Mar. 24, 1885, Italy- May 31, 1936, Man.
James was a Stone Mason.
S/O, Frank & Nancy Molly (Pedereley).
H/O, Mary Molly.

Mary Molly marker photo – B.D. March 24,1872, Italy- Aug. 22, 1943, Man.
D/O, James & Frances Napale.

James Molly Jr. – B.D. Oct. 5, 1946- D.D. Oct. 5, 1946, Man.
S/O, James & Mary Molly.

Rosa Moore marker photo – B.D. Mar. 28, 1879- D.D. Aug. 13, 1942, Man.
D/O, Riley & Eliza Meade Dillon.
W/O, Pat Moore.

Mary Vass Motto – B.D. April 27, 1877, Veszprem, Hungary – D.D. July 5, 1925, Taplin WV.
D/O, John & Mary Vass.
W/O, Mike Motto.
(Originally recorded as Mary Wasle Mato but other records have substantiated the correct spelling.)

Lawrence Mullins – B.D. Jun. 6, 1912- D.D. Aug. 22, 1914, Man.

James Napier – B.D. June 8, 1903, Wayne, WV.- D.D. June 20, 1941, Monaville, WV.
S/O, Thomas & Lucy Napier (Riffe).
H/O, Marie Napier.
James was a coal miner.

Anna Elizabeth Overton – B.D. Aug. 29, 1914- D.D. July 12, 1915, Man.

Alongo Owens Jr. – B.D. July 10, 1921- D.D. Oct. 25, 1922, Kistler, WV.
S/O, Alongo Owens Sr. & Missouria Owens (Deal).

Mattie Payne – B.D. 1886 – D.D. 1941

Adrain Elmo Peek – B.D. May 19, 1907, Tenn.- D.D. Mar. 13, 1959, Stollings, WV.
S/O, William & Dollie Peek (Eastham).
Adrain was a coal miner and died of black lung.

Samuel Perry – B.D. June 28, 1925- D.D. June 31, 1925, Kistler, WV.
S/O, Sam & Carrie Perry (Adkins).

Arron Earl Peyton marker photo – B.D. Feb. 13, 1953, Logan
D.D. May 24, 1954, Big Creek. Died of accidental drowning.
S/O, Clyde & Bessie Peyton (Moore).

Annetta Peyton marker photo – B.D. Nov. 26, 1939 – D.D. July 30, 1952, Man. Died pf swimming pool drowning.
D/O, Clyde & Bessie Peyton (Moore).

Frank Phillips marker photo – B.D. June 16, 1934- D.D. June 16, 1934, Man.
S/O, John Sr.& Rene Phillips (Ellis).

John Phillips Jr. marker photo – B.D. May 10, 1925 – D.D. May 10, 1925, Man.
S/O, John & Rene Phillips (Ellis).

Emma Robinson – B.D. Jan. 30, 1866, N.C.- D.D. Apr. 2, 1942, Accoville, WV.
D/O, Abraham & Jane Evans.
W/O, Bill Robinson.

Joe Russell – B.D. Feb. 2, 1884, Michigan – D.D. June 26, 1926, Man.
S/O, Boyd & Angeline Russell (Adkins).

Enid Leila Sister Scaggs – B.D. May 5, 1921- D.D. Aug. 21, 1927, Man.
D/O, E.H. & Maggie Scaggs (Sauls).

Leslie Scaggs marker photo – B.D. Nov. 28, 1916 – D.D. Nov. 29, 1916, Man.

Robert L. Shelton marker photo – B.D. Sept. 3, 1886, VA. – D.D. Oct. 9, 1926, Slagle, WV.
S/O, Harmon & Ruth Shelton.
Robert was a coal miner for Logan Coal Corp. He died in a slate fall.

Watie Shumate – B.D. May 8, 1905 – D.D. Mar. 20, 1923, Man.

Wade Sexton – B.D. Mar. 26, 1882 – D.D. Sept.28, 1926, Man.
S/O, Bryant & Telitha Sexton (May).
He was a coal miner and died in Wilburn, WV.

James Sizemore Jr.- B.D. Feb. 10, 1925 – D.D. Feb. 10, 1925, Man.
S/O, James Sr. & Martha Sizemore (Parsons)

Linda Smoot- B.D. Jan. 20, 1944 – D.D. Jan. 20, 1944.
D/O, Ralph & Lula Smoot (Robinson).

Laura Street – B.D.Apr.18,1890- D.D. May 18, 1945.
W/O Joe Street.

Oliver G. Street ★ WWI Vet ★marker photo B.D. Feb.7, 1896, Scaggs VA. – D.D.Dec.4,1945 – Huntington, WV.
S/O Ankney & Stacy Street.

Aural Susan – B.D. Apr. 28, 1922 – D.D. June 25, 1922, Taplin, WV.
S/O, Theodore & Mary Susan (Juksz).

Roy Franklin Taylor Jr. marker photo – B.B. 1926 – D.D. Nov. 23, 1946.
S/O Roy F. Sr.& Dora May Taylor(Altizer).
He was a coal miner & he died from a fractured skull.

Joseph W. Thornbury marker photo – B.D. April 30, 1915 – D.D. May 2, 1915, Man, WV.
S/O Joseph W. Thornbury Sr. &  Bertha Thornbury. Joseph Sr. (1881-1963) was a doctor in Man who cared for many of those buried in Man Cemetery.

Mabel Trail marker photo B.D.- Jan. 20, 1912, D.D. May 1, 1920.
D/O Walter & Louisa Trail.

Earl Dean Vance marker photo – B.D. April 9, 1890, D.D. April 14, 1932
Husband of Minervia Belcher, S/O Isac and Sarah Vance.
Died of TB.

Inez Walls marker photo – B.D. 1900, D.D. Unknown. W/O John Walls.

Lee Walls – B.D. 1871, Logan – D.D. Dec. 13, 1937, Man.
H/O, Mary Ann Walls (Christian).
Lee was a Timberman.

Mary Ann Walls (Christian) marker photo – B.D. 1868, D.D. Unknown. W/O Lee Walls.

Patterson Walls, B.D.- 1863 Wyoming CO. WV.- D.D.- Apr. 23, 1950 Kistler WV.
H/O Matilda Walls (Kennedy), B.D.- March 1873- D.D.- July 13, 1947 Kistler WV.

Shirley Sue Walls marker photo – B.D. Feb. 24, 1943, D.D. Feb. 17, 1944.
D/O, Berlen & Dorris Walls (Stafford).

James Harrison Ward marker photo – B.D. Sep. 15, 1879 Wayne Co. WV, D.D. Sep. 29, 1923 Taplin, WV. He was a coal miner.
H/O Clara Harrison (Workman).
S/O Alex Ward & R.B.Freeman

Metta G. Westfall marker photo – B.D. April 18,1890, D.D. July 5,1920.
W/O, A.G. Westfall. She was a school teacher in Accoville, WV.

Jesse D. Yeager marker photo – B.D. Jan. 23, 1889, D.D. Aug. 13, 1935.
S/O, Frank & Mary Ellen Yeager (Lewis).
H/O, Evabell Yeager.
Jesse was a coal miner in Kistler, he died of electrocution.

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49 Responses to Man Cemetery

  1. Bob Piros says:

    In memory of Marksie Dunn who passed away
    on November 15th ,2017. He was a good friend.
    He & his family did lots of work at Man Cemetery
    trying to clean it up & more work needs to be done.
    He graduated from Man High School in 1970 & went
    into the USA Army & was a Specialist 4 for 3 years.
    He was a coal miner for 23 years working for
    Powellton Coal Company. He had to retire due to
    health issues. He was a talented carpenter.
    He was a member of Man Church of God.
    He was buried at Highland Memory Gardens,
    where military burial rites were conducted.

  2. Billy Vitruls says:

    I grew up in Kistler born in 55 and left the area in 74. On one of the hills behind my house there was an old cemetery, I think an all Black graveyard. I went up there to look around while on vacation a few years ago and I could see no signs that it had ever been there – no gravestones or anything. It was like the hills just reclaimed the spot. I’d love to find out what became of the graves.

  3. Bob Piros says:

    Regarding the 1947 Man Cemetery photo on this
    site. These graves have never been found. I urge all
    of you who have missing graves of family members to
    please call Man Mayor Jim Blevins at 304-583-9631 or
    304-583-2741 & ask him to please organize a clean up
    of the Man Cemetery. Its so sad that the Altizer family
    living members haven’t made an effort to respect their
    family graves.The Altizer family did a lot of wonderful
    things for the Town of Man & the town should honor
    their graves.

  4. Jay Altizer says:

    I maintain an Altizer Family genealogy site and, as such, often get question such as this one regarding the grave of Cecil Clyde Altizer, Man Cemetery, which is supposedly covered by dirt bulldozed up from surrounding area:
    “Do you know if there might be an entity that could be contacted to see if these graves could be dug up & relocated to a safer area?”
    Looking at Google Earth, and an online Topo map, (I now live in Oregon) I don’t see where any bulldozing has taken place. But then I don’t see the cemetery through the trees either.
    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.
    Jay Altizer

    • Bob Piros says:

      Jay, please look at the photo where the
      gas station is. You will see some wooden
      steps that go up the hill to the cemetery.
      Suggest you contact Mayor Jim Blevins of
      Man, phone # 304- 583- 9631.
      Yes lots of the graves are covered over with
      brush, I’m not aware of any bulldozing going
      on up there.
      Please post your e-mail address.

  5. Cheryll Smith says:

    Curious if there is a picture for Grade Sextons grave? Bryant and Telitha Sexton are my 2x great grandparents.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Cheryll, not at this time.A lot
      of graves are missing their
      headstones.Some are covered
      over with years of brush.You might
      want to contact the Man Town
      Government, to see if they plan
      on doing a cleanup of the
      Man Cemetery.

      • Cheryll Smith says:

        Ok thank you I was just curious about the stone because his name was Wade Sexton not Grade Sexton so I didn’t know if it was written wrong on his headstone or not.

        His name was corrected to “Wade”. Thank you! — Admin

        • Bob Piros says:

          Cheryll,thanks for the info.
          I found his D.C. at family
          It says he was a coal miner.
          Do you have anymore info
          about him,his wife’s name?
          Area photos? The D.C. says he died
          in Wilburn,WV.

          • Bob Piros says:

            Cheryll,further research shows
            Wade married Hannah Hall in
            1901 in KY.,where he did
            some farming.
            His father Bryant died in 1935
            in Boyd KY. He was a
            coal miner. Nothing found
            about Talitha Sexton.

  6. Patty Townsend says:

    My great grandfather, William Carroll, is supposedly buried in the Browning Cemetery, is this the only one named Browning? He is listed also listed in a Browning Cemetery on; it is also listed on his death record. I was hoping he would have a stone; if he does not, as this list suggests, then I wonder how the person from knew he was in this cemetery? Any help is appreciated!
    Patty Townsend

    • Bob Piros says:

      Patty, years ago some families would say that their relatives were
      buried in their family cemetery like Browning,in Man.
      FindAGrave lists 13 Browning Cemeteries in Logan County.
      Your GG William D.C. shows him buried in Browning Cemetery
      but doesn’t say where.You should contact the person who put
      up your GG William’s D.C. Ask them to take a photo of his
      gravestone as proof that he is buried there. Please note that
      they have him buried in Christain Cemetery.Also on the site
      do they have the correct family info listed as you know it?

      • Patty Townsend says:

        Unfortunately, the person who added his info to the site has passed away, so I cannot contact him. At one time, he was listed in a Browning Cemetery on findagrave, perhaps the person deleted him or changed the name of this cemetery after I saw it. I have the death record, and it is the same as the one posted, and the informant was a John Kesler. Willam moved around a lot, and married an Agnes Kesler while living in Logan County, but he was supposedly married to my great grandmother at the same time. The marriage record says that he is a widow, but my great grandmother was in fact, alive and well living in Carter County, KY. Was this Christian Cemetery at one time called Browning??? There are quite a few Brownings listed as being buried here. The info concerning his parents is correct on the find a grave site. Do you know how to get to this particlar cemetery???
        Thanks for your help!
        Patty Townend

  7. My Grandfather is there. June Younce. i remember walking up that hill as a small child. can’t remember where tho. cause i don’t live in wva.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Heather, shows a June Younce,
      born June 18,1897 & he died Jan.1986.
      Findagrave shows him buried in Forest Lawn
      with his wife Ethel,1924-1995.
      There is a photo of the grave
      taken by Beverly Walls.

  8. Jared Justice says:

    Mary Motto is my wife’s great grandmother. We went to the cemetery a few months ago but could not find her grave.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Jared, sorry you couldn’t find the grave.
      You might contact Beverly Walls @ & her
      husband Eddie spent many months
      spraying weeds & cutting brush to dig
      out the gravestones that she took photos
      of that are posted on this site.

  9. Janet says:

    I am looking for a Amanda Ferguson she had been married to a Marcum then George Lafferty they are thought to be buried in Man.

  10. Sherry Perry says:

    Is it possible that Samuel Perry’s mothers first name was Corda (Corida, Cordia) Adkins? Your input is greatly appreciated.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Sherry, the death record is
      at like
      Carrie or Corrie.Both parents
      were from Morgan Co.KY.

  11. Clinton burgess says:

    Good question do u happen to know if Calvin M. Burgess is buried there he is my great great great grand father born 1826and died after 1910 any information would be appreciated

    • Bob Piros says:

      Clinton, there are no records that
      show Calvin buried in Man Cemetery.
      No grave of him has been found. shows him in the
      1850 Census.
      His son,Calvin M.Graves Burgess Jr.
      is buried in Rita Snap Creek Cemetery
      in Rita,WV,which is near Earling,WV.
      He was born in 1863 & died in 1941.

      • Clinton burgess says:

        I’ve found info kinda contradicting where Calvin M graves burgess is buried I’ve found him to be buried at the whites cemetery of long fork of mill creek so I’m all confused now lol

        • Bob Piros says:

          Clinton, my error. You have it right.
          Hope you find Calvin Sr’s
          death record or grave soon.

          • Clinton burgess says:

            Still looking for Calvin Sr. But I did find Calvin graves at the cemetery over the new road job just across the new bridge going to Madison creek thanks for ur info

          • Bob Piros says:

            Clinton, if you haven’t found Calvin Sr.’s
            grave, you might consider sending
            $ 15 for a records check at the
            Culture Center In Charleston.
            I’ve had great success in their
            finding records for me.

  12. Debbie Pullen says:

    Yes I am looking for a grave site for an infant girl name Bertha Mae Johnson born Feb 2, 1947. Is there anyway you can tell me if she is buried there in this cemetery. She died the same day she was born Feb 2, 1947. Or you may know of a cemetery that was moved from the Braeholm or Lax area maybe even in the Kistler area or Crown area. If you know any of this information would you please contact me on this. I sure would appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, DebbiePullen

    • Bob Piros says:

      Debbie,you can see Bertha’s record
      @ burial in
      Johnson Cemetery Man,WV.Shows
      Father- Willie Johnson &
      Mother- Virginia Johnson(Blankenship).
      There are many small graves with rocks
      as markers with no names in Man Cemetery.
      You might try to look for
      the other info.Also check with
      Beverly Walls, e-mail of Jan.12,below.

  13. Frank Spears says:

    My Grandparents and great Grand parents are buried there. Sarah and Sherman Belcher and Squire and Evelyn Ellis. Also a couple of Aunts. Thanks for sharing and thanks to whoever has been caring for the property.

  14. Linda (Lester) Gillispie says:


    I have been checking a few cematarys around there for people in my family for our
    family tree. Do you know of any Lesters or Bishops buried there? I heard once that
    some were buried there. Please let me know if you hear of any anywhere.
    Thank you.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Linda, shows
      lots of Lester & Bishop family
      members buried in Logan CO.
      Shows Eli Lester BD- Oct.1862
      DD- Dec.9,1926,buried in
      Man Cemetery.For more info,
      please go to the site.

  15. Betty J Stepp says:

    My uncle Earl Dean Vance is buried there, head stone destroyed. Dates 4/9/90-4/14/32. Died of T B, husband of Minervia Belcher, son of Isac and Sarah Vance. Also you may add that my sisters death was caused by being struck by a car in Kistler, her name is Christine Farris.

    The information you provided was added to the Man Cemetery listing. Thank you. — Admin

    • Bob Piros says:

      Betty, sorry that your uncle’s headstone is missing.
      I just returned from visiting Man Cemetery.
      Lots of headstones missing. Do you have old photos
      of the grave site?
      My e-mail is
      I met with some people who are trying to locate the
      graves in the cemetery.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Betty, the head stone for your Uncle Earl Vance has been found & has been posted to this site.

  16. Alice Blair says:

    I think this is great didn’t know that there was a cemetery on the hill

  17. Kathy Motto says:

    Mary Mato, the last name should be listed as Motto. She is my husbands grandmother.

    The name has been corrected. Thank you. — Admin

  18. Shawn Altizer says:

    Are those the only Altizer’s buried there? There should be Cecil Altizer circa 1931, if is there, I want come visit.

    • Admin says:

      I’ve reviewed his death record and updated the list to include his name. Thanks.

    • Violet Morgan cline says:

      The ones that are on the hill behind the speedway in Man are my great grand parents Charles Evert Altizer and Sarah Elizabeth Burgess and my mothers sisters and brother 3 sisters and 2 brothers of Thomas Milbern Altizer and Ethel Earl Altizer.

    • Rebecca Watson says:

      I am a great niece of Cecil Altizer. My grandfather Julius Altizer was his brother. My mother was Maida Altizer (Watson) Uncle Cecil died right before her birth. His widow & son left the area though I believe I tracked the son to FL

      • Bob Piros says:

        Rebecca,my e-mail is
        I would like to talk to you
        regarding the Altizer family graves
        in Man Cemetery.

      • Heidi Altizer Kennedy says:

        I am Heidi Altizer Kennedy, Cecil’s granddaughter, and would love to connect with family. My father, Billy Edward Altizer, went with his mother, Margaret Merritt Altizer, to Huntington, WV, and grew up there. After WWII, he married Shirley Wills,had three children. Dad became a Chiropractor and practiced in Clarksburg. After retiring, he moved to Florida, and passed away in 2010.

  19. Kathy Motto says:

    Does any0ne have information on the family of Mary Mato wife of Mike Mato listed above? She is my husbands grandmother.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Hi Kathy, you might want to start at
      That’s where I got the info on the Mato family.
      Also the Mato name can be found at
      Its listed in many states. Take care.

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