Harts Creek, WV

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Old Home Place Harts Creek, WV

These are photos of my grandmother,  Myrtle Adams Thompson at Harts Creek in Logan County.  I’ve always loved these old photos.  The first one reminds me of an old Currier and Ives American Farm scene lithograph. Looking at these old photos, one would probably think that the photos were taken in the early 1900s.  The first two were taken in the early 1950s by my father and the third picture was taken in the 1970s.  Although I love these old home place photos, looking at them always made me a little sad because they clearly depict that my grandparents had very few pleasures in their life.  I can remember my grandmother would use Prince Albert tobacco and torn pieces from a paper bag to make her cigarettes.  She died in 1975 of throat cancer and is buried in the family cemetery at Harts Creek or “on Harts Creek” – using a bit of old local colloquialism.

My grandfather was a carpenter and dynamite blaster.  However, like many people living on Harts Creek, my Grandpa Herbert was also a farmer.  We would rarely leave from visiting my grandparents without taking home some garden-fresh vegetables during the summer and canned blackberries, tomatoes, pears, green beans, etc. in the winter.  I especially miss his hickory-cane corn.

My grandparents lived a quiet, simple life with few modern conveniences.  However, they also enjoyed a simple connection to the land and nature which we have lost. Today, many try to recapture this same type of quiet, simple life by moving to the backwoods of Canada and Alaska.

Photo of Myrtle Adams Thompson, Harts Creek, WV

Photo of Myrtle Adams Thompson, Harts Creek, WV

Photo of Myrtle Thompson 1970s

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You can help preserve a bit of Logan County history by sharing your Harts Creek vintage photos with us. To share a photo, please email it to loganwv.us@gmail.com. Please note that you must own the photo you are submitting or ensure that no one has a copyright claim on it. Preferably, photos of individuals should be earlier than 1980.

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  1. greg dingess says:

    i am Greg Dingess son of Jakey (Taylor Dingess}, Thompson branch is where we are from my grandma was a Thompson and he mom is a Brumfield . Brandon and i went to Ferrelsburg elementary together. I know my dad was named after Taylor Brumfield his uncle so somehow Brandon and I are distant relatives

  2. Jacob Thompson says:

    Hello my name is Jacob Thompson grandson to lacy roy thompson and I just wanted to msg because I seen this post and I like all the pic is there anyway of you Thompson can send me some pic or stories of my grandpa father and mother call me or msg whatever your comfortable with I would really Preciate it if you would thank you

  3. Terri Taylor says:

    My name is Terri Ingram Taylor and I have 2 questions. First, is the Myrtle Adams Thompson the woman that had a daughter named Virginia Smith that lived in Williamson West Virginia, or maybe from Kentucky?? And 2nd can someone tell me if the Carter family cemetery in Harts Creek is accessible to get to easily and is it hard to find? Please message me on facebook with answers. Thank you in advance, Terri Taylor (Terri Ingram)

  4. Lovell Arrell Thompson (oldest son of Alvie Lloyd Thompson) says:

    Thanks Frank for keeping this site up and running. I downloaded the John Mullins Descendant Chart for my kids, grand kids, & great grandkids. This is Lovell Thompson, eldest child of Alvie Lloyd Thompson, These old pictures really do bring back memories from Harts Creek.

  5. Vicie Jean Hanshaw says:

    I was born on Harts Creek West Va love that place and always will.

  6. Loretta (Jarrell )Nebe says:

    My name is Loretta (Jarrell) Nebe.
    My mommy was Georgia (Adams) Jarrell,
    she wad the daughter of Eddie and Qullie Adams
    of Hartsville Creek.
    Her siblings were Ina, Elva, Belvie, Bob, Everette, Jennings,
    Van Mullins was my Great grandfather.
    Freddie and Margret Adams were my Great Uncle and Aunt.
    My cousins still live there Almeda McCloud is my cousin.Her mom was Vadie and there was Civil and Virgil.

    If anyone has photos of my granny and papas or their kids,siblings ,ect.please contact me on Facebook.

    • Kim Green says:

      I will try to find pics of Virgil, Cecil, Tommy, my mom Blanche.Virgil is buried here in Durham, NC with his sister Blanche.

  7. James Herbert Hager says:

    Hello all, my name is James Hager, my mother’s name is Madeline Virginia Adams, parents were Anthony Adams and Bessie Mullins. I am looking to connect with relatives and would like to attend any future gatherings to meet relatives. It is said that my mother has or had 22 brothers and sisters. I know very little about my relatives due to fact that I was a career soldier and stayed on the move with my immediate family. you can contact me at jhager2008@yahoo.com

  8. Christine Tehrani says:

    I am Christine (Raines) Tehrani and I would love to have a copy of the picture with Willie Thompson and George Raines, George is my father who passed in 2007. He spoke of Willie many times but we never knew him. If possible please email me that picture.
    Thank you so much!

    • Kevin Thompson says:

      Hi Christine ! I am Kevin Thompson , Willie Thompson’s son . I have heard a lot about your father George . My mother has that picture if you don’t have it yet . I just found this site & I’m amazed of the pics of my family & hart’s Creek

  9. Liza Collins says:

    Does anyone no John Collins he was married to Arminta Lucas . HE was my Dads Father , his Father was Marion Collins Did John Collins , Have any Brothers or Sister if anyone knows anything or has a Picture of my grandfather. John Collins Let me Know . Thanks

    • Bob Piros says:

      Liza, you might try & do
      some research at familysearch.org.
      Shows a Marion Collins &
      Wanetta Grace Layfield Collins in
      the 1940 census.
      Site shows many John Collins names.
      Do you know his birth year?

      • Douglas Smith says:

        Bob, you seem to know a lot about Harts Creek. I’m looking for family members who were related to Rev. Albert Meade and Gypsy Smith Meade. Gypsy was my grandfather’s sister. I can’t find out much on her.
        I know very little except they lived on Harts Creek in Logan County.
        Thanks for any help you can give.

  10. Dawn Thompson Kerley says:

    Hello Frank. This is your cousin Dawn Thompson Kerley. Hope this finds you well.
    Would you please send me the link that you sent me a while back that included some of the Thompson family genealogy? I changed jobs and didn’t get it off m old computer.
    dawnkerley@yahoo.com is my email address. Thanks so much!

  11. Ronnie Nelson says:

    Emanuel Nelson is my great great grandfather I am looking for the information of his hand written birth statement

    • Bob Piros says:

      Ronnie, the info is posted with the photo of
      Emanuel Nelson,given by Patricia Reed.
      Also do you know when Byrd & Milton Nelson

  12. Angela Adams Smith says:

    They were great people. I grew up on Hoover fork of Big Harts. Herbert n Myrtle were great neighbors. I was only like four or five when Myrtle passed I do remember her a little but Herbert would always come n visit n get my mom to cut his hair or catch us kids walking to the store n walk with us. He always had a story to tell. This sure brings back memories. My parents were( Tennis n Flora Adams).

  13. Tina says:

    My mother Rosa Lee Carter used to call me brizie ask the time when I was small

    • thomas carter says:

      hi tina, my name is thomas james carter, i wonder if we are related? rosa lee carter doesnt sound familiar . i know theres alot of carters out there. my grandpa james thomas carter had aprox. 15 brothers and sisters. since this is logan co. , i bet we are. what was rosa’s fathers name ? feel free to email me thanks

      • Debra H Westerfield says:

        Hi Thomas. My name is Debra Westerfield. My Mom is Jessie Hannah (Carter). My grandparents were Willis and Eunie Carter(Tomblin). I still go back several times a year to visit relatives on Harts Creek. My Aunts, Donna and Dosha Carter, Uncle Dick (willis Jr.) and Gay Carter(Adkins). I bet we are related too.

        • thomas carter says:

          hi debra,. im back to doing the family tree thing. ill try to see where the CARTERS in your line fit in. maybe we are cousins. ill let you know. if you know Willis’s fathers name , that could help. contact me at goblue5898@yahoo.com thanks

        • thomas carter says:

          Ok CUZ, heres what i got. heres my direct line me : thomas james carter son of richard carter son of james thomas carter son of barnett carter son of thomas james carter son of CAPT. barnett carter. ther is a pic on this site of my ggggrandfathers (capt. barnett carter and mahulda a. mullins ) cabin it was in harts , lincoln co. they had 12 kids that i know of my line thomas b. 1853, ann b. 1855, martha b. 1856, peter b. 1859, julia b. 1860, jackson b.1863, william b. 1865, your line james b. 1868, harriet b.1871, jessee b. 1873, john b. 1875…. james m. eveline bryant b. 1872 this was james 2nd wife.. 5 kids with 1st wife and 8 kids with 2nd . i have all those names too. allready in my tree. i have about 4000 peaple in ther as of today.
          any questions email me tom

  14. Chad Sansom (Lambert family) says:

    There’s a harts creek in Logan county too???? I was born and my family live in harts creek in Lincoln county***

    • Elizabeth Wiestling says:

      It’s all the same ole Harts Creek.

    • That’s exactly what I was wondering.

    • Sherry Marcum says:

      Harts Creek is partly in Logan County and part in Lincoln County not sure exactly where the line splits. My grandparents were Peter and Alifair (Allie) Robinson Mullins. They lived at the mouth of Hoover. My Aunt And Uncle Garnet and Bob Adams lived just above them on Hoover also. Garnet later lived at the mouth of Hoover

  15. thomas james carter says:

    the pic of barnett and mahulda carters house, this is my great great great grandparents. love all the pics , lots of names in my family tree. i have been stuck for years on capt. barnett carter does anyone know his fathers name? i do not believe its thomas nelson carter (way to much money and land back east in virginia) any info would be appreciated e-mail is goblue5898@yahoo.com thanks again thomas james carter

    • Missi Morgan says:

      As far as i can tell Barnett’s parents were Thomas Carter and Nan Snavely. I hope this helps.

      • thomas carter says:

        2 generations off. nan snavely m. a collins and lived w/ the kinsers a.k.a. nancy kinser collins m. to thomas james carter son of the barnett carter im looking for more info on…

        • Bob Piros says:

          Thomas, you might try looking for
          the info at familysearch.org.

          • Vivion Dower says:

            Barnett’s parents were Thomas Carter and Catherine Burton, both buried at Yatesville Cem. Lawrence Co. Ky

          • thomas carter says:

            thomas carter and catherine burton can not be the parents of capt. barnette carter , because they didnt have a child named barnette acording to familysearch.org

    • thomas carter says:

      thomas james carter son of richard lee carter son of james thomas carter son of barnett carter son of thomas james carter son of barnett and mahulda (mullins) carter… barnett was a captain in the civil war on the confederate side, born abt. 1821

  16. Savannah says:

    im the great granddaughter of the late Bertha Bryant (Dalton) and Pete Dalton of White Oak (Shively), WV. if you have any photos of them or Ruth (their daughter) or any of their kids, please please let me know. you can email them to me at savannahmayyx3@outlook.com. thank you so much and God bless ☺️

    • Leona Dingess says:

      Savannah,do you know Bobby Dalton,or any other Daltons on White Oak?,you might be related to these ppl,Theora Dalton,husbandHillard Dalton,if so msg me,Leona Dingess.

  17. ahrens bertram says:

    Im looking for a Fred toler who knew a Brenda sue marcum around 1979

  18. Cynthia says:

    I am looking for old pictures of my grand father William Carpenter, grandmother Rena Tanner carpenter. He was born 1903 and her 1907. My dad James Allen carpenter born 1938 and my great gran Julia Rogers Carpenter. Please email comments and pics to cprinsen@live.com.

  19. Melanie Webster says:

    Where do I start? I’m the great -great granddaughter of Solomon Riddle who descended from Frederick Riddle and thru his mothers side, Revolutionary John Mullins. I’m looking to connect to any members of the family and I saw the photographs of the descendents of Soloman Mullins and I wondered where the women were? My other quandry is that family history dictates that my other great grandfather was George Oscar Pennington who worked as a brakeman on a railroad…does anyone know of him? I’ve got about a zillion other questions but wanted to get the two big ones out there first. Thanks in advance.


  20. Greg Mullins says:

    This site, these pictures are incredible! I am so lucky to have stumbled across this. I am the grandson of Tennis Mullins in Chapmanville and have worked off and on for many years to learn more about this side of the family – not just names, but the stories, like what brought them to the area, where did they come from, etc. I would appreciate any insight anyone may have and thanks to those that have created and maintain this site.

  21. Bobbiej Frye says:

    Does anyone have a picture of the old school house at coal branch at big harts creek?

  22. Darwin Justice says:

    I want to say thank you to everyone involved with the publication of this web site. I have looked at every picture, read every ones postings and visited all the towns and additions listed. It was like stepping back in time to what seemed to me to have been better times. Both sides of my moms side of our family is from Little Harts Creek. My Grandpa was Thomas Aldridge. His parents were General Harrison Aldridge and Mary Candus Moore. My Grandma was Ora Bell Evans. Her parents were Hugh Evans and Lyda Evaline Williamson. Grandma Lyda was Grandpa Hugh’s second wife, his first wife was Vicy Stafford. Grandpa Hugh had a total of 18 children. While looking through the pictures of Harts I discovered a picture of some school children. I was so surprised to see four of my grandma Ora,s brothers and sisters in the picture. My great uncles Charley and George Evans and great aunts Spicie and Minnie Bell Evans. This picture was an amazing find and I can’t wait to share it at the next Evans Reunion. By the way we would welcome anyone wanting to attend the Hugh Evans. This Family Reunion is held annually at Chief Logan State Park near Logan WV. I will post exact date. One more thing. Grandpa Hugh was an ordained minister. He married my Grandma and Grandpa. According to Grandma Ora he married a lot of couples throughout Harts Creek.

    • Angela Adams Smith says:

      I think my mother’s side of the family were like distant relatives of its bell n my grandmothers name was Lucy Riffe my mom was Flora Riffe Adams. I have heard stories over the years about some of the names you have mentioned here. My cousin Kathy Adams has alot of old photos n does some research on the family n may have some old pics…

      • Angela Adams Smith says:

        Sorry if this was confusing I didn’t notice that auto correct had changed some of what I typed until I had already shared it n it won’t let me delete it. what I was saying is I think my mom was a distant relative of Ora Bell or may have just been neighbors but I’ve heard mom talk about her alot growing up Lucy Williamson Riffe was my grandmother.

      • Joy Adams says:

        Not sure if we’re related.. my mom’s name is also Kathy adams, my granny was Mollie Adkins married to my papaw Robert (Bob) adams

  23. michael e. vandergriff says:

    i am looking to get an address and phone # of my uncle lovell adams, and my cousin debbie and robert carter. they live on little harts road. a little bit before trace fork. I really need to talk to them!!!

  24. Narlin Shadd says:

    Looking for any information about the Shadd family who lived or hung around Harts Creek. My dad’s name was Charlie, he was born in 1909. He had brothers, Jake, John, Joe, Jim, and a sister, Zonie. Any information would be greatly appreciated, as I would loke to educate my own sons about the Shadd family.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Narlin, go to familysearch.org,
      Charlie Shadd,born Feb.6,1909,
      Shirely,Tyler Co.,WV.
      Father,Loren Shadd &
      Mother,Ida Smith.
      You can put in his brothers
      & do some research.

    • Bonita Doss Campbell says:


      I am doing research on the descendants of Phillip Doss, who was the father of Evaline Doss Shadric, who was the mother of Loran Shadric, who was the father of Charles Shadd. It’s hard to find info on this family because of the many different spellings of the last name. My line goes through William Chapman Doss, brother of Evaline, but I do have quite a bit of information on the Shadd/Shadric line. I will be glad to share what I have. You can contact me on email at pm26651@hotmail.com, and I’m also on Facebook as Bonita Doss-Campbell.


    • barbara conley says:

      Charlie shadd was my grand father im the daughter of lando shadd mollie Bryant was my mother

      • Narlin Shadd says:

        I am a son of Charlie Shadd, my name is Narlin. Charlie was the son of Loren Shadd who died at Pecksmill in 1959. Charlie was the brother of Joe, Jim, Jake, John, and his sister Arizona (Zonie). Are you sure you are speaking about this Charlie Shadd?

        Any information about my dad would be much appreciated! Thank you.

  25. Janet says:

    I am looking for my husbands great grandfather James Barrett.May have not been his real name. He married an Nancy Jane Williamson born 11/25/1883 died 01/22/1966. Parents Asa Williamson 1854 and Rebecca Browning from Harts West Virginia 01/1902. Had a son Byrd Barrett 09/1902 then got Nancy Pregnant with 2nd son Hezz Barrett 1903? 1904? ran off before his birth never to be heard from again. They say he was always afraid and on look out with a gun. Would disappear a lot. Some called him an outlaw. He listed no parents on marriage licence or where he was born. Nancy listed his birth as being born in Kentucky on a delayed birth record for Byrd Barrett. Nancy was also married to a John Thompson and a Ray Buchanan. She died in 1966 and is buried in the Thompson cemetery in Harts WV.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Janet,familysearch.org has a
      James Barrett in the 1940 census,
      born in 1881 in Kentucky.

      • Trista says:

        Byrd Barrett married Garnett Queen who had Cecil, Monroe, Byrd “Buddy”, Jim, John, Hezz, Herbert, Flora, Flossie, and Florence who died at a young age. Cecil (Six Lakes Michigan), Monroe (Michigan) and Herbert (Kenova, WV), Flossie (Columbus, Ohio) are the only of these children living . Flora was married to Billy Dempsey on Big Harts Creek. Flossie was married to Ronald Browning from Big Harts Creek for a short time they divorced and Ronald remarried. Herbert married Nettie from Greenshoals. I am Flora’s grand daughter, I live at Big Harts Creek. The part of the family tree regarding Grandma Nancy’s husband, James Barrett, is very confusing to me.

        • Janet says:

          Yes its confusing to me also.I have heard so many stories about what could have happened to him. I personally believe he was living a double life.Byrds brother was Hezz Barrett that had been married to an Alice Williamson (my husbands grandparents)They had Nancy Jane Barrett and Tennis Barrett (my husbands mother and uncle)I believe James was born around 1875 and was from Kentucky according to Marriage record and Byrds delayed birth record.

    • Carrie Snatchko says:

      My grandmother was Pearl Thompson Mitko daughter of Nancy and John Thompson, born in Harts Creek. I believe she had brothers Byrd and Hezz. Do you know if this Nancy Thompson is her mother?

  26. Clinton F Ward (nickname- Butch) says:

    I am looking for a picture of the Old One Room School house I went to at Crooked Creek- Logan County WV. The school year that I went to this school is 1955-56. I would so much appreciate having a pic of the school. Any assistance would be so grateful!

  27. Bonnie Russ says:

    I remember as a little girl going somewhere in WV to something called the August Meeting. Family and Food is all I can remember. My mother Merle Adkins was from Harts Creek/Logan County not sure if that is where it was. Anyone with any info please let me know. The time was back in the 50’s.
    Thank you

  28. Cora allen says:

    I am looking for information on the Dempsey family harts creek wv. (Lola, ona Mae, June, Bertha, bill, curt, Patrick , Maul. Thank you

    • Bob Piros says:

      Hello Cora, there are lots of the
      Dempsey family listed in Harts Creek
      at Anywho.com. You might call them.
      Also at familysearch.org, you will find them
      in the 1930 & 1940 Census.

      • Cheryl says:

        Bertha married my uncle, June Clyde Adkins. I remember Lola, Ona Mae, June, Bill and Curt. I don’t remember Patrick or Maul. There was 2 other boys, Jack and George.

        • Bonnie Russ says:

          Seen the last name Adkins that was my mothers maiden name she was from WV and talked a lot about harts creek. Her daddy’s name was Musco Adkins, had several children Musco (Mike) Hazel, Glayds, Merle and several more. Does anyone know any of them or their family.

  29. Vicki Hall Davis says:

    I am looking for a few family members that are buried on Harts and surrounding areas in Lincoln county. Some of the names ring a bell for me like Solomon Mullins. Where is the Mullins cemetery located specifically looking for D. A. Melissa Mullins Hall, Melissa was married to Manford Hall. Also I am looking for Hiram, Lucy (Lucinda) Hall. Any thoughts??? Love all the pictures!

    Vicki Hall Davis

    • Lynda Davis-Logan says:

      Directions to where Solomon and Sarah Mullins are buried:

      Take 119 to Big Ugly Creek RD.(Co Hwy 18) until you get to
      North Fork Rd – turn left and drive until you come to
      Ellis Fork Rd.

      Just after you turn left onto Ellis Fork Rd – right on
      the right side of the road in front of the house
      there are the graves.

  30. rosalynn elkins says:

    Do you have any pics of Melvina ” vina” mccloud?….or any information on her??….or any of her family?…she was my grandpa vester Walsh’s grandma….and his mother was ruth mccloud curry…..I’d appreciate anything you could help me with…..thanks so much..
    Rosalynn Elkins

  31. nice site and great stories. never forget your loved ones.

    • Kathy Motto says:

      Are you the son of Frank Mullins that lived on Hoover Rd, Harts. My grandfather, Millard Thompson, had a sister *Bronnie, husband Ad which had a son Frank. Looking for papaws relatives.

  32. Annette Bridgett Evangelista says:

    I am hoping that someone can help me find my fathers family of harts w va. My sister and I are the daughters of the late Arthur Tomblin, he was the son of the late Carlos and Ina Tomblin, from hearts creek w va. Arthur and my mother was married in 1965 or 1966. I saw my father, grandparents, and an aunt only once when my sister and I was very young.
    We both have children and our children are curious of their relatives in w va. We cannot tell them much for we know almost nothing about them except for a few names. If anyone can help me please email me at. evangelista.annette@yahoo.com

    • Bob Piros says:

      Hi Annette, you can go to familysearch.org.
      In the 1940 census you will find
      Arthur Tomblin and all of his family.

    • Amanda Anderson says:

      Hello Annette my name is Amanda Anderson and I am the great niece of Arthur my Grandmother is Magelene Tomblin who is Arthur’s sister. I am currently seeking out family information as well. I have stumbled across a few things online such as the 1940 census which listed.
      Carlos Tomblin- Birth year 1912
      Inez Tomblin-Birth year 1914
      Opie Tomblin-Birth year 1932
      Mildred Tomblin-Birth year 1935
      Magelene Tomblin-Birth year 1937
      Arthur Tomblin-Birth year 1939
      I have just been in touch recently with my grandmother and my father for more information, if there is anything that I can do to help you please let me know and I would be happy to answer any questions that I am able to.


    • Leona Dingess says:

      I knew Arthur Tomblin,he was a fine looking man,He has a brother named Kenneth,and sisters..I wish I could help you more,just get in touch with his family,they can probably help more than me.i remember his Dad was Carlos.

  33. joe t vannatter says:

    hi iam looking any information on wiley family / uncle tom & aunt dicy / & uncle john & I think aunt mary wiley / & delanie wiley,vannatter & husband preston / & annie wiley toppins children zack wiley & link wiley & sestol toppins they lived on litel harts in the early 50s & 60s uncle tom and aunt dicy moved to rossmore in logan I think in the late 50 uncle john and uncle tom worked in the coal mines all in around logan county. any help would be great thanks/ joe vannatter

    • Ann Jones says:

      Hi Joe,see you are kin to Delany Wiley,who married Preston Vannetter.had a son name Kile. my mother was Mary Wiley Sias d/of Spencer & Sarah Nelson Wiley,Wiley..Tom,John,Annie,Delany ,Green,Bell,ete,are my aunts & uncles.
      Zack,Lincole,are uncle Green & aunt Lucy Dingess-Wiley sons-Sescol is aunt Annie & uncle Nicklas Toppings son.. there a web page .for the descendants of Jenny Wiley.of which we are.these are the Generation of our Wiley.–Hezekiah Sellard-Jenny Sellard-Wiley Father-her husband Thomas Wiley-Hezekiah Wiley–John Nelson Wiley–Spencer Wiley–(instand of my mothers’ name) you would put Delany Wiley Vannatter-her son name,then on down the line..I will add your name to the web page Jenny Wiley descendants.hope this helps.there are pictures on this sight too…Ann

      • JEAN MEADE says:

        to the wiley family , I married a man that jenny wiley was his 5th gran mother he was a Meade an from the Williamson Wiley my family his gran mother was Jane Wiley her husband was Hezekiah Wiley , my husband’ mother’s brother an sisters names were Hezekiah, Perley cornellis Pete Margrett Martha Vadaie Verbie I have a painting of a woman that Jenny Wiley was her grate g g mother

      • Darrell Lee Wiley says:

        Tom and Dicy were my grandparents. My father was George Wiley and my mother was Emma Bowen Wiley. I have 3 sisters Delvina, Wava and Jeanne and 1 brother George Ernest Wiley.

      • Allyson (Marcum) Curry says:

        Hi. I am also a descendent of Jenny (Sellards) Wiley from my father’s side. My dad is still living and we are just now tracing family history. When he was a child he lived in Logan and grew up with his mother elsewhere. Descendency:
        My dad- living, his father was Van Marcum, Van’s mother was Martha Jane (Ferguson) Marcum, her father was Samuel, “red beard” Ferguson, his mother was Mary Jane (Williamson) Ferguson, her father was William Aulden Williamson, his mother was Mary Jane (Wiley) Williamson, and her parents were Thomas Wiley and Jenny (Sellards) Wiley

        Other family surnames are Duncan, Fosson, Spaulding, Young, Worthington, Kirk, Starr, Vannatter

    • sharon says:

      My grandfather was Zachariah Taylor Wiley and his wife was Lilly Louise Spry

  34. Mike Stewart says:

    I am researching information on my late grandfather & grandmother Jess and Ori Fleming who lived in Harts Creek in the 1920’s. Please let me know if you have any information about their lives. Thank you.

    • betty Kathleen Fleming says:

      My husband is Jess”s nephew. My father in law was Saul Fleming, several of the family members still live here at Harts and Chapmanville. If you are researching the family name Fleming, it is not listed as such on Ancestry. com or in Roots, world web. correct last name is different. you can message me at facebook, Kathleen Fleming.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Hi Mike, you can Jess born in 1903 at
      familysearch.org in the 1930 census.

  35. Ashley (MERRITT) Toukabri says:

    Hi! My grandparents and their kids lived up Harts Creek. Corden and Thelma Merritt. I am just looking to know if anyone knew them and if they have any stories about them or the family! Thanks

  36. kenneth flavel kinser says:

    My grandfather’s name was Obie kinser.the information i have is from my father’ ob he had five daughters one was named shirly dawn. Five sons Arthur,Eugene,James, Ronnie,and kenneth flavel kinser. please Email me I would like to learn more on the kinser family history

    • George Kinser says:

      Kennith those names don’t sound familiar but that doesn’t mean anything,our Kinser roots came from Virginia and they lived at Rum Creek for a long time

    • Bob Piros says:

      Hi Kenneth, if you go to familysearch.org you will
      find the 1940 census which shows Obie and his
      wife Nora and their family.

    • Nona Adams says:

      I have a Obie Kinser listed with my Adams family. What is your parents name?

    • George Kinser says:

      No not familiar with Obie my parents were John and Mollie,our family originated in Virginia and great grandparents moved too dingess run and that’s where my dad was born and raised

      • Nona Adams says:

        I was raised on White Oak, forked off of Smokehouse. Where did you live? what was your mother maiden name?

      • George Kinser says:

        Right there just before going up smokehouse ,her name was Bryant I’m 56

        • Nona Adams says:

          George, Yes I knew your parents, went to school with you and your sister Mary. The Obie Kinser, son Flavel Linser was married to a Hattie, She then married Arnold Adams from whiteoak. Clell, Sonny, Robert Adams are there sons. Hattie and was married at one time to Flavel Kinser, they had a son name Golden Buddie Kinser, his kids lived on Buckfork, names Clovis, Ramond, Ricky, Bobby, Golden and David there mother was Essie Tomblin

          • George Kinser says:

            Wow I remember your name but I have lived here in fl since 1975 and hardly know anyone ,I do remember Clell,and Robert Adams,you never know who you will run into on the net.i have done lots of research on my family and never seen a Flavel Kinser ,are you still in WVa ? Kids? Me and my wife have 4 girls all grown twins in college up in Alabama playing softball,I have another daughter also from another lady

          • Nona Adams says:

            George, i left Chapmanville in 1985, now living in Chattanooga TN, 3 grown kids, 1 granddaughter. what was your father parents name as i am working on a family tree of logan county.

          • George Kinser says:

            William (Billy) Bryant and Cora Butcher Bryant was my moms parents,John Marshall Kinser Jr and Brooke McCoy Kinser my dads

          • Nona Adams says:

            George, I have connected Obie Kinser to your line. Your Great Grandfather Jacob Kinser and Obie’s father Charles Ferguson Kinser were 1/2 brothers.

          • Nona Adams says:

            Seems that I have the wrong information, Hattie Kinser was not married to Flavel Kinser. Obey and Anolla Priest Kinser were her parents. She was only married to Arnold Adams.

          • Shirley Marcum says:

            Nora , I would like to exchange family information with you . I’m Obie Kinser”s daughter Sonny , Robert Adams , Golde I would like to be in contact with the family. We have been working on family tree info for years.

    • Matt Kinser says:

      Hello I have a lot of info on the Kinser family, obie was my great uncle, that is if its the same as yours, my grandfather was Walter Kinser, if we are talking about the same person, then I think I have the same middle name as his son that he is buried beside of, just email me and maybe I can be of some help,

      • George Kinser says:

        Matt can you give me your email address thanks
        George Kinser,

      • Druann Dalton says:

        Do you have any family photos of Polly Ann Workman? She was the wife of Charles Ferguson Kinser. They were the parents of your grandfather Walter and my grandfather Obie Kinser. I have a picture of Walter and Obie when they were boys. Contact me if you would like me to email it to you.

        I have a couple of pictures of Charlie Kinser but none of Polly Ann Workman.

        Thank you.

    • Shirley Marcum says:

      Kenneth Kinser , you can send me an email with your information . My brother name was Flavel , Arthur , Gene , Jim, Ron….I have 4 sisters . My father name was Obie

  37. Charlene says:

    Thank you for posting this wonderful gateway to the past. I love reading and looking at all the pictures. I was hoping that someone out there could help me, I am looking for anything on my great grandfather Burl Adams, he was married twice. My grandparents are Millard and Armilda (Ramey) Adams, they all grew up in Cole Branch. I have done many searches on him and come up with little details. I know his parents were Ben and Polly (Conley) Adams. If anyone has information on where to go from there it would be a blessing. Thank you so much and please keep adding more to the story and the pictures.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Charlene, if you go to familysearch.org, you will find:
      Burl Adams,born in 1893, in the 1930 census.
      Weltha Adams- his wife.
      Child- Millard.

    • Rhonda Adams Dingess says:

      Do you have a Date of Birth for the Burl Adams that you mentioned? The Burwell “Burl” Adams(1875) that I have is the son of Anthony & Pricey Ann “Alafair” (Chapman) Adams. I have some info on Ben & Sarah (Gore, Conley) Adams. Their daughter, Betty Adams, who married this Burl Adams, and they lived on Striker of Crawley Creek.

      • Charlene says:

        Hi Rhonda, I know Burl was born Feb. 4,1893 in Logan and Died: Aug.26, 1967 in Harts. He was married to Weltha Tomblin Born: 2, Jan 1903 in Harts, Died: 20, Dec 1933. Burl’s dad was Ben or Benjamin Adams all I have is Born: ABT 1868 in Spottswood, Virginia and Died: 16, April 1906 in Logan. Burl’s mother was Polly Conley Born: ABT 1866, I have no exact birth or death dates on her. The family remembers being told that they were buried in Adams Cemetery in Hoover. I have searched and can’t find Hoover on the map, they say it is past Harts, up in there somewhere. I found on a draft card that Ben’s mother may have been Dicie ? I do know from a census that Burl had siblings: Eddie, Anna born:1897, Willie born:1899 died:1953, Freddie born:1900 died:1988, Cora born:1901, Nettie born:1903. This is all the information I have on the Adams, so if you have anything else, I would really appreciate it. Thank you

      • marie Adams Burrell says:

        I am the last child of Albert Adams of upper Crawley Ck in Logan co…I would love to have any info you could give me on Ben and Sarah…they are my great grandparents. I keep finding info on a Ben and Venila Abbott…but nothing on Ben and Sarah. Thank you so much

      • marie Adams Burrell says:

        I wrote this reply to the wrong person at first…so I just want to ask you if you could give it to me. I am the last child of Albert Adams of upper Crawley Ck in Logan co…I would love to have any info you could give me on Ben and Sarah…they are my great grandparents. I keep finding info on a Ben and Venila Abbott…but nothing on Ben and Sarah. Thank you so much

        • Tammy Mullins says:

          Albert Adams was my great grandpaw, Bolt was my grandpaw,and my mommy is (Duck) Deltha Adams.

          • Nona Adams says:

            I am related to Bolt Adams wife Ettie. her mother Lula was my a grandmother Hattie Adams Hager sister and I have the family tree.

      • Kathy Motto says:

        I am looking for the father of Lora Bell Adams Martin. She past away in mid to late 1990’s at 105. I have heard her father was Burl Adams. She would have been born around the early or mid 1890’s. Any help would be so appreciative. I was raised by my other grandparents, reason of not knowing much about granny Lora Bell.

  38. Greta Dingess says:

    This was a wonderful way to start my day. Bringing back some many memories of my famiy and myself. My grandparents were Robert and Lucy Dingess. My grandfather Robert Dingess was the Principal for Hugh Dingess for many years. He and my grandmother assisted many needy families living in the community throughout their lives. There was always breakfast, lunch and dinner. They worked very hard to raise a garden and supply food for their kid’s and grandchildren for the year. My grandparents are a cherished memory for myself and many others in the community. They are both missed and loved by famiy and friends.

    • Robin says:

      Hello Greta,
      My grandmother, Alta Gore, grew up in Harts, WV and her mother was Flora Dingess married to Joseph Gore. Any relation?

      • Frances Keener Spagnola says:

        My grandmother was Emma Zetta Gore Walsh, she was Alta Gore’s sister. My Mother was Flora Belle Walsh Keener. I did meet your grandmother once when I was a young child and she visited my grandmother. I think you grandmother was visiting from Arizona.

        • Bob Piros says:

          Hello again Frances,
          Still hoping that you will help
          with trying to ID the students &
          teachers in the Mt.Gay Grade School
          What was your job in the student
          council photo?

  39. Doug says:

    I spent a lot of time as a child on Harts Creek in the 1950’s with my uncle Charlie Spry. Life was old there with people living off their
    land. I remember getting our water forom the well, an outhouse, working in the garden, picking walnuts & gensing and always on
    the lookout for snakes. We often visited old man Workman. He had a big garden and always made sure that he had an ample
    planting of tobacco. I was told of the feuds at Harts Creek. Uncle Charlies brother, Garland, had his ey shot out and their father had
    been imprisoned for killing someone; all from feuding. As I look back on those times at Harts Creek, I know that people had it really
    hard but yet there are many fond memories. It was a different time in America’s history but yet, really not that long ago. God bless
    those from Harts Creek and to those who still make it their home.

    • Amanda Anderson says:

      Hello I am interested in digging into my family history and on my fathers side of the family it starts in Harts West Virginia. My maiden name is Mullins, however my great grandparents were Carlos and Ina Tomblin and there children are Opie, Kenneth, Odie, Arthur Tomblin and Hedy Adkins, Mildred Dalton, Joann McCloud, Sandra Kirk, Kelly Browning, Madgeline Mullins, and Geraldine Wright. I am hoping to find out more information on both sides of my great grandparents sides of the family, especially Ina Thanks for any help that can be offered.

      Amanda Anderson

      • Elizabeth Blair says:

        Alot of the family still live there. Odie & Mildred next to Hannah Church. Up on the hill from the church is the Tomblin cemetary.

        • Amanda Anderson says:

          Are you friends of the family? Is there any way that you could pass my information on to one of them I am really trying to track down the information.

          Amanda Anderson
          1001 N Central Ave B5
          Show Low, AZ 85901

          • Bob Piros says:

            Amanda, if you go to wvculture.org,you
            will find the marriage record for
            Carlos(26) and Ina(24),she was a Conley.
            They were married in 1937 in
            Logan, WV.

          • Sabrina says:

            Amanda I am a granddaughter of Opie Tomblin. Your grandmother Madge is living here now.

          • LaDonna Kirk Slate says:

            Amanda, I am Odie and Sandra’s niece, they are married to my dad’s sister and brother, and Madge was married to my mom’s uncle John Mullins, you can contact me on face book Ladonna Kirk Slate, I am not sure how much help I can be but any information I have you are welcome to.

      • Kathy Motto says:

        Amanda, Jill Wright Blankenship on face book. Her mother is Geraldine.

      • Benny Smith says:

        Amanda, I grew up on Harts Creek and the Tomblins still live there. Mildred. Sandra and Odie live at the Mouth of the hollow at Hannah Church and the Tomblin cementery is up on the bank.

    • Ashley (MERRITT) Toukabri says:

      Doug, are you Aunt Vic’s son? My mom Becky wants to know! She is Thelma Spry and Corden Merritt’s daughter so I’m sure you’ve heard of her as Charlie was also her uncle. Do you have any other info or photos of the family. I have lots of pictures of the family from Harts Creek and other areas… if you would like copies let me know. I am always looking for more info!


    • Ashley Mullins-Toukabri (Spry/Merritt) says:

      Doug, are you Aunt Vic’s son? My mom Becky wants to know! She is Thelma Spry and Corden Merritt’s daughter so I’m sure you’ve heard of her as Charlie was also her uncle. Do you have any other info or photos of the family. I have lots of pictures of the family from Harts Creek and other areas… if you would like copies let me know. I am always looking for more info!

  40. mark adams says:

    My name is mark j Adams,my grandma was Vonnie(white)adams.grandpa was lell Adams,he died in a slate fall in 1951.his brother was clell Adams from chapmansville.Vonnie lived just below the Adams cemetery on crawerly creek,believe it was called stiker,her drivrway shared with the cemetery.burl and Betty(Elizabeth)adams were my great Jennings Adams is my father.i’m trying to trace the Adams’s fam ily and can’t get passed burl.any help would be appreciated.I also posses a Bible from the Smith family,got it from Joyce white,freddie whites wife,opels brother.it names Alice Smith 1876,arthur Smith 1880,charlotte smith1883,betsey smith1886,henry smith1888,mary Crookes 1881

    • Kathy Motto says:

      My grandmother, Lora Bell Adams Martin, which was father’s mother, was related to the Adams from Stricker. I was raised by my other grandparents, Millard and Mary Ann Thompson, and did not know a lot about my father’s side of the family.

      • Mark Adkins says:

        Hello, Kathy Lora was cousin to my mother Dicie Adams Vance and her mother was Jane Adams she had several sons I remember one Eddie Adams . My sister were Bonnie Vance and Goldie Vance . Bonnie is deceased. Iam Carrie Vance Adkins daughter of Willie and Dicie Vance.Kathy Motto feel free to call 1-740-646-1976.Also to Lora Bell was my mothers cousin,Mary Thompson was my aunt.

        • Kathy Motto says:

          Oh my Carrie, I just had some pictures out and found yours. Was showing each of my daughters how beautiful you are. I always loved seeing you and Tiny coming to mommy’s (grandmother Mary). You always had the most beautiful dresses, and make-up was just perfect. I was never allowed to wear nail polish so I love looking at your nails. The boys were always dressed so nice. Is it not something of things we can remember from such a early age. I was never told of you being related to granny Bell. I joined Lincoln Co, genealogy group on face book and Joanne Stanley had records on mommy’s father and mother, Richard and Emma Vance, back to the 1700’s. Also, Aunt Nora’s grand-daughter Melinda ask for the information on Nora and Ernie and Woodrow and Merial Maynard. If you go to that site and join, you will find the information. I told the girls I always received a Christmas card from you each year but had not gotten one in several years. I always returned one but had some medical problems and have done much in the last couple years. So glad to find this message. Please send address and I hope to send a card with pictures of family. I remember one of your son’s and I shared the same birthday. Hope you seen mommy’s picture among the other pictures on this site. I think she was about 19 when it was taken. Oh, Uncle Willie’s (little Willie) daughter Dawn posted some picture on here. Some were from when he was in the Navy, other one with 2 unknown children sitting on the steps at Hart’s home So happy to hear from you. Please send address.

  41. Bonita Doss Campbell says:

    My father was William Perry Doss (m. Eldean Ramey), my grandfather was Isom Linville Doss (m. Nina Katherine Medley), and my great-grandfather was William Chapman Doss (m. Lucinda Brumfield). Isom and Nina Doss lived on White Oak fork of Harts Creek. Their house (that my father and mother built and lived in for a number of years) is no longer standing, but the house that my uncle Agie Baker and Hazel Doss Baker built is still on the property. Some of my Adams cousins still live a few yards up the road on the property that I think was originally owned by my uncle Charles Adams and aunt Inis Doss Adams. I am doing research on this family (starting with Phillip Doss, father of William Chapman Doss, and Phillip’s brother, James Doss, who settled in Boone County in the 1850s) and would love to get in touch with anyone who remembers this family or anyone who is related to this family.
    I would also like to know, has anyone ever published a listing of any of the cemeteries located in that area?

    • Liz (Nona Adams) Scalf says:

      Hi Bonita,
      I am the adopted daughter of Nim & Maudie Adams. I so remember that place, used to spend time there with Denaand also at Hazel. Nim was Charles brother, all of the Adams on White Oak are related. Dorsie Bryant married Johnny Jarrells, Agie Baker was his uncle. Their are 2 Cemeteries for the Adams, 1 at Nim & Maudie Adams home place just below your old home place and another one behind Charles Adams home place. I have family tree information on the Doss Family.

      • Bonita Doss Campbell says:

        Liz, I would love to compare information. My mother started working on the Doss genealogy several years before she passed away in 2010, and I have added quite a bit information over the past 2 years. My email address is pm26651@hotmail.com – send me your email address and telephone number so we can talk.

    • madeline farley wilson says:

      Ray Farley, my uncle Jim Farleys son had gone to all the Cementarys and wrote everything down including stones with no names.
      He also had books that told everyone that lived on Harts Creek.
      He passed away last year but his Sister Dorothy would have his things. She lives up Trace. She is married to George Clinton Adams.

    • Benny Smith says:

      Hi Bonita, my name is Benny Smith and my Grandmother name was Susan Doss Smith a sister of Isom. I have Photos of Isom when he was younger and a picture of William and Lucinda (Brumfield) Doss and also one of Phillip Doss, Williams dad. My Email is benny.harts51@gmail.com if you are interested.

  42. Elizabeth Parsons says:

    Hi, looking for some info on family. My mother was Sue Nan Ratliff daughter to Tom and Lulah Ratliff. My father was Frank Mullins son of Jack and Dixie Mullins, I wasn’t raised around my fathers family and only met him once as an adult and then when he died. I’m looking for 2 sisters and a brother. Joyce, Phyllis JoAnn and Frankie. I think there may be another brother and sister out there but don’t know their names. I’m turning 60 next month and have never had a relationship with these sibblings. I’ve spent many a day thinking of them. Very hopeful some one here can help me, thanks Liz Parsons

    • Sarah Adams says:

      Hello. I might be able to help! My Husbands Grandmother Edna Mae (Mullins) Adams was Jack & Dixie Mullins’ daughter… Making her Frank’s brother.

      • Elizabeth Parsons says:

        Hello Sarah, thank you for your reply. Has Uncle Holly passed? He wrote me after Grandmother Dixie died,sent her obit. I had some contact with Joyce after Frank died but after my mother died I haven’t been back to W.Va. I would love to have a address for JoAnn, Joyce or Frankie Jr.

        I live in Georgia..will be 60 on Nov.26th. JoAnn’s mother and my mother were pregnant at the same time. Is Edna still alive? You can find me on FB, Liz Parsons, Lavonia, Ga. Thank you so much for any help, Liz

        • Sarah Adams says:

          Hi Liz,
          Glad that I could help, I am having a hard time finding you of Facebook. I am sorry to inform you but yes Holly passed 3/28/12 & Edna on 3/25/10. You can find me on Facebook under Sarah Marie Adams in Harts, Wv. I see Joyce from time to time but I do not know Frank jr or JoAnn. Joyce lives on Buck Fork, Holly’s 3 living children and 1 of Edna’s children also live on Buck Fork. Dixie’s homeplace is no longer standing but the land is still in the family(edna and holly are both buried there along with others family members).You can E-Mail me at adams.sarah7@live.com as well. Hopefully i can help with anything else.

        • Hello Liz, You don’t know me but and your brother that you call ‘Frankie’, whom is really Frank live in Kernersville , North Carolina. We have a son named ‘Hunter, whom is 6 yrs old. I was on this website looking for imfo for FRANK about his father and saw your post.So , I don’t know if you check this site anymore but if you do now you know where your brother Frank is, Sincerely, Samara and Frank Mullins.(336-633-9023)Franks Number

    • Gilbert Dingess says:

      Jack and Dixie are my uncle and aunt Cell 6142061751

    • Tammy Mullins says:

      Phyllis JoAnn is my mother-in-law. My Email is z1stormgizmo@hotmail.com,if you think I can help.

  43. Erich says:


    I’m looking for some information on my family line. My grandmother is Belva Vance. Her father is Virgil Vance, her grandfather Meeken Vance. She grew up somewhere in Logan WV And as she is quite old and frail, I’d like to take her back for a visit maybe sometime in october. She has a lot of memories of life there, and her family. And many great stories.. But her memory isn’t what it used to be and this is something I should probably have done years ago. Any information on these people, and locations to where she may have grown up would be extremely helpful. Feel free to email me at erichfate@gmail.com.

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      Do you have an uncle named Alfred? If so, a couple of us might be able to help you. Go to the City View Cemetery page to find graves of Meekin & Elizabeth (My play ground as a child). Frank (our web master) took these wonderful pictures last fall. Please post your comments on the City View Cemetery page and I might be able to help you there and farther back. Hey, Peggy, are you reading this? You probably knew Belva at Coal Branch if she is Alred’s sister? I can help farther back. Without a doubt Erich, you are my cousin 🙂

      • Brenda Andersen says:

        Hello, Eric and Dodie.. My records must be incomplete. I have 2 Belva Vances. One is married to Thomas Duty, the other to Eustace Adams and neither has a father named Virgil. I do have 4 Meekin Vances: One is s/o Richard Vance, Sr, one is grandson and one is son of this Meekin. one is son of John W Vance.I know I must be related, but sorry I can’t help.

        • Leah Moore Sias says:

          I am the granddaughter of Belva Vance Adams and Eustace Adams. Belva’s dad’s name was Bige and her mom’s name was Serlida Vance.

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      Hi again, Erich. I did find your grandmother living at Coal Branch (Logan County) in 1940. She is a little bit older than I, but I bet she went to the same little two room school that I (and several other folks who have posted on here) attended. You may want to post on the City View Cemetery thread, where you will find the graves of your great grand parents. My hunch was right. It had been at least a couple of generations since Belva’s family lived on Harts Creek. It would be wonderful if you would post some of her stories on here 🙂 Look under the index at top of page and then go to City View Cemetery. That is the thread we should be posting on. Meekin & Elizabeth are buried there.

      • Erich says:

        Hey Brenda and Dodie!

        Thanks for the responses! Reading your responses and taking a look at the pictures actually gave me chills. I’ll be visiting with Belva more sometime this week and trying to gather more info. Was there ever a reservation near logan? I know she’s mentioned it before, so my first guess would be to visit somewhere near that vicinity? I’ll definitely start posting up some of her stories of her childhood, but I’ll take it over to City view cemetery! 🙂

        • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

          Before you go over to the cemetery, you might also want to read two other pages on here. The Battle Of The Island~ This is probably what Belva was talking about being a “reservation”. The other story that will probably bring back a lot of her old memories is The Backbone. The Backbone runs along Coal Branch and also overlooks the Island and the townof Logan. I bet she was up there (on The Backbone) many times when she was growing up. Get as many of her memories as you can, because they will be priceless, especially after she is gone. BTW, is your name Eric or is your email just initials?

    • Vickie says:

      Hi, I am related to you through Meeken, I am his great, great granddaughter my great grandparents were Green Vance and his first cousin Pheobe Vance her father was Samuel and Greens father Andrew J. Vance are brothers and sons to Meeken Vance, my email is v.loyd@sbcglobal.net

  44. Liz (Nona Adams) says:

    I was born and raised on White Oak, parents Nim & Maudie Adams. I am working on family tree of Logan County. Does anyone have any information about Winford Jarrells and Minnie Williams, parents of Flint Lock Jarrells. Love all the history of Harts.

    • Brenda Andersen says:

      Liz, I’ve spent most of the afternoon trying to locate information regarding a cemetery on White Oak Fork. My stepGrandfather, Hugh Tomblin’s death cert said he’s buried in Pine Grove Cemetery. I contacted Honaker Funeral Home and they told me that it was on White Oak Fork on Harts Mtn. I hope you don’t find me asking, but do you know anything about such a cemetery in White Oak Fork? I noticed in your post that you were raised there.

      I’m also looking for my grandmother’s grave (Millie Vance Messer Tomblin & maybe Spry). Trying to find out if she was buried with Hugh. Thank you so much.

      • Liz (Nona Adams) says:

        There are several cemeteries on White Oak that I know of.
        1) above Dell and Nila Bryant Tomblin home place near the head of White Oak. (this on has alot Tomblims)
        2) Adams Cemetery, which is located where Nim & Maudie Adams lived now owned by there grandaughter Dorsie & Johnny Jarrells.


        • Brenda Andersen says:

          Liz, is this Adams Cemetery for the Hubert & Mary Smith Adams family? I know they have one on Harts somewhere. My ex is Kenneth Adams…son of them. And thanks for the info, I’ll certainly look into it.

  45. odarnell west says:

    marge farley…….i am also george and queenie adams granddaughter my mom was mary mullins and my dad was jim mullins .. he was from buckfork.. i miss my grannies house so much would give anything to be setting on the porch in a swing..

    • Sarah Adams says:

      hello i was wondering if i could ask you a question. i am searching information about my husband’s family. did your mother Mary have a brother King? my husband’s great grandfather is King Adams of Buck Fork. and i couldnt find any information about his parents who may be george & queenie adams

  46. Patty Evans/Leonard Evans says:

    My husband Leonard was born and raised in Harts Creek.He is looking for his real father, mother was Lori B.Evans, grandfather Richard Evans (wife Nona). They lived on Rum Creek Junction. His aunt (Verona Lambert) also known as “doll” told him that his real father was a mailman,around 1940’s, tall, thin, with dark black hair, but that didn’t tell him much. Anyone with any info is appreciated.

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      Patty, was your dad born at (Little) Harts in Lincoln County or Big Harts in Logan County? What year? The Harts Post Office was in Lincoln County and the Whirlwind and Shively Post offices were at Harts Creek in Logan County. Was your biological grandfather supposed to be a mailman at Harts or Rum Creek? My mother was post master at Whirlwind (Harts Creek in Logan County). We moved to town (Logan) in July 1942. Folks had to go to the post office to get their mail at Harts in Logan County (No RFD until later). We were a 2 car family in the 1940s though and my dad had black hair and beautiful blue eyes. Women loved him 😆

    • Patty Evans says:

      Does anyone remember a serianne ridge? (not sure of the correct spelling) from little harts? My husband (Leonard) has family buried up on top of a cemetery there.

      • Janet Baisden Spencer says:

        Live on Big Harts Creek moved back after 50yrs.
        Lived in New Jersey and Mich.
        Margie I missed you by a few minutes when you were here last,I was visiting your Aunt Eunice Mullins. Your sister Geneva Farley Conley was best friends in high school I do miss her. Your mother and brother Elmer is buried in the row below my family where your grandma Oueenie are, would love to see you.I don’t know much about your dad Frank and I don,t know where he,s buried he died while I was living in Jersey. Your sister Anna Mae lives up Trace where she always lived they are not well.

        Eunice sons are on facebook Darrel takes lots of family picture.

        • Marge hale says:

          Sorry I missed you. Don’t know when I’ll get back up there. I do miss all my sisters so much have lost 3. Love to spray in touch. Marge@ brydonroad.com.

          • Norma Robinette says:

            Margie Hale: My maiden name is Hale. My grandfather was Allen Douglas (Kibo) Hale. He had a brother, maybe more than one, in Lincoln County. One of his brothers was Dave Hale. I had a cousin named Gaynell from Lincoln County. I think she died recently. My middle name is Gaynell and I never knew anyone else with that name until recently until I saw her obit. Are you related to these people? If so, my brother has our ancestors traced back to Pocahontas.

        • Ashley Mullins-Toukabri says:

          Hi Janet… It looks like your maiden name is Baisden. Any relation to a Fannie Baisden who was daughter of Monteville Baisden and Peggy Jane Workman? Fannie was my great grandma.

      • Janet Baisden Spencer says:

        I think it,s spelled Sara Ann Ridge on Little Harts Creek , near Oueens Ridge

      • betty Kathleen Fleming says:

        Sarah Ann cemetery is on top of mountain at head of Trace Creek road on Big Harts.

      • Kathy Motto says:

        I remember my grandparents Millard and Mary Thompson speaking of *Sarianne Ridge. Think the Vance Cemetery is located there. Not for sure. Think I found on checking on Google maps several times. Will try to find out and send another message to you.

  47. kelly says:

    Thank you for this beautiful site.

  48. Linda Kay Gabbard Browning says:

    have enjoyed your site Hope you can help me find my cousin Loretta Lynn Workman she is the daughter of Donna my cousin and Oscar Workman I have pictures of her mom dad and sister and thought she might want them I have been looking for her for years hope you can help me Have a Blessed Day From Gaffney South Carolina I was born in Logan and lived at Dingess for years….

  49. Danny J. Conn says:

    I am a Great Great Great Grandson Of Barnett and Mahulda Mullins Carter. It was so nice to see the picture of their cabin. Barnett passed away in 1907. I never thought it would be standing nearly 80 years later. It makes me yearn to visit before I get too old to do so. Thank you for posting it.

    • Linda Kay Gabbard Browning says:

      My great grandmother Julia Carter was Barnetts and Mahula Mullins Carter she died before I was born my grandfather Willie Maggard was her son lived at dingess wva julia and her husband Thomas Maggard lived at Twelve Pole wva I haven’t been able to find any background about Barnett could you help. Have a Blessed Day

  50. Ilana Thompson says:

    It was so great to look at the pictures and comments about Harts Creek WV. I am Alvie Thompson’s wife, and he is living in West Jordan near our son and close enough that family can visit him. His health is so that he can not live alone. When Myrtle died, we helped Herbert clean out some of her person things. They were letters from family, and poems. Special things that money could not buy. It show me her love for her family and the kindess sent to her and Herbert. Ilana Thompson

  51. almeda mccloud says:

    When me and my husband were first married we moved into the carter cabin on hoover fork of harts creek for short time, would like to have a picture of it if anyone has one. Paul worked the night shift in the mines and I was there all alone and we had no electric for a few weeks so I was so scared that I kept a fire burning so bright in the fire place all night. lol

  52. Ellis R Blevins (Staff SSgt Retired)(20 years active duty) says:

    To Loretta:

    I was born and raised on Crooked Creek. My Dad (Ellis Blevins) and Mom (Florence, Hazelett, Blevins) moved to Henlawson (1958) while i was in the navy. After I was discharged from the Navy in June 1960, I lived with my parents until I entered the Army (March 1961),
    We lived up on the hill across the tracks, directly across from the Freewill Baptist Church.
    I have many memories of Henlawson.
    If I remember correctly, your dad went to church there.
    Ibetter stop before thic becomes book.

    • Patty Evans says:

      do you know a Jack Casey from Henlawson??



        • Tommy Dingess says:

          My dad and his family was from that area also. Neal was my dad and his brothers are Harry still living at 102 years young. Great place to live and grow up.

          • Shelby Burgess says:

            I remember both Dingess’ you mentioned. Harry & Neal were electric contractors in the mining industry. Harry was also a lawman for a while in Logan District. Congrats to Harry on his 102 birthday; I am not quite that old, but getting there!

        • arvie hensley jr says:

          i am one of perr hensleys grand kids

        • Forest Curry says:

          I remember my Dad talking about many of these names also. My dad was Billy Eugene Curry He was born up Harts Creek in 28. My Grandpa was Refer Curry and My Grandmother was Ruth McCloud Curry She died when dad was 12 I believe when they still lived in Harts Creek. Im trying to find out where she is buried. My Dad had a 1/2 sister and brother name Donzel and Vestor. Names ring any bells? I

          • Rhonda Adams Dingess says:

            Was Vester’s last name Walsh? He married my great aunt Rosa Lee Mullins. I am thinking his mother was named Ruth. His Daughter Vivian Walsh Porter posted on here, farther down the page.

  53. Jacqueline says:

    I am related to the Vance, workman, kinser and bryant families. My grandmother is Alice (Vance) Bryant or Marie is what she goes by . My grandfather was Brady Bryant his only living sibling is Dilly Mae and she still lives in Harts Creek. I dont know much about my grandparents just some of theiran brothers and sisters name and my grandmothers mom’s name was zeda or zetta vance. Does anyone have anymore information on the Bryant /Vance famiy? I’m really interested in my family’s history. Thanks in advance

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      You and I are cousins several times over, but I would at least need ages (they don’t have to be exact) of the folks you are trying to place. Different generations (especially the Wokmans) all named their children the same names and it can get confusing. Also if you know if they had other marriages besides the ones you mentioned. I don’t have much information on the younger generations. By “younger generations” I mean the ones my age (74) or younger. Are you sure that Dilly Mae wasn’t Delia Mae Bryant?

      • Jacqueline says:

        I’ve done alittle digging. Delia Mae Workman is my mothers living Aunt. Also my great grand parents are Billy and Cora Bryant they lived right across from Delia and her husband. I found my mothers uncles obituary he died in 1965 his name was Billy jr. married to Georgia Conley. Amos Bryant was my grandfather died 2001 then there was Okey and Ohley deceased as well as Mollie Kinser. I’m still digging do you have any suggestions on a good place to start? I was in Logan about 3 weeks ago and I love it! My mom always told me that I was related to 90% of the population there and I’ve never believed her until I started this lol.

      • George Kinser says:

        That’s my aunt Delia Mae Bryant Workman the dilly came from the harts creek slang lol,

        • Beulah Sansom McLemore says:

          I am a decentent of the Dillon Family from Harts Creek.
          Jim and Celia Ann (Bailey) Dillon were my grandparents.
          One of my mothers sisters Missouri was married to a Kinser and had two sons Arthur and Flavel. She died as a young woman. Are you by any chance part of this Kinser Family?

        • Mark Adkins says:

          Mr Kinser Do you have a sister Sylvaie,an a brother Oscar.I grew up with them at Copley Trace as a child. My Grandfather was Richard Vance and he was a baptist preacher . If you need any info I might be able to help .Feel free to call my sons number 1-740-646-1976

    • Nathanael Payne says:

      My dad is a Payne, my mom is a Vance. Her dad was herbert Vance who lived and owned a church on Coal Branch. The Vances are a VERY large family, with many off shuts. If your family is from that area chances are you have Vance blood line in there somewhere.

      • Peggy [Hensley} Adkins says:

        Dodie,remember asking about Alfred Vance ,I’m sure he’s Nathanael UNCLE. His daddy was Mr. Vance who owned a Church at Coal Branch.A brother Kenneth,one i think Herby,I can’t remember the girls names.

        • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

          Peggy, Do you know where the church was at Coal Branch? I remember that sometimes church was held in the schoolhouse. I wish I could remember more about Coal Branch. After Frank took pictures at the City View Cemetery and I saw the name Meekin Vance, I realized that Alfred Vance’s family must be distantly related to me. The Rev. Meekin Vance who lived at Coal Branch and is buried at City View (probably Alfred’s grandfather) was son of Meekin and Phoebe (Workman) Vance. Phoebe Workman was the daughter of Moses Workman (Sr), who was my great-great grandfather.

          Peggy, Do you remember Luceal McVey? Her parents divorced and her mother remarried and they moved to Ohio when we were in 7th grade. Luceal has been deceased for several years, but I met her beautiful daughter on line and we correspond occasionally.

          • Peggy [Hensley} Adkins says:

            Dodie,across the road from the school house.Down from June Miller,remember we went to school with Ronald Miller,but it where we used for a playground.Rev.Vance builded a nice home place and a church next door I think maybe in the 60s.

          • Peggy [Hensley} Adkins says:

            Luceal McVey, she was my best friend in grade school, after they moved to Main St. Mrs. Vey call me, I think I was in the 6th grade, wanted me to come to their house. She gave me the most beautiful leopard coat, I love it. I never saw her again?

          • PENNY ADKINS NAGY says:




  54. Linda Kay Browning says:

    My dad was Stacy Browning, born in big Ugly, s/o Martha Riffe and Silas Hubert Browning. My mother was Elsie (Ruth at birth, but grandma changed it when midwife filed it) Workman. Her mom was Brookie Vance Workman, d/o Phoebe and Green Vance, Phoebe’s mom was Nancy Nelson Vance, her dad Rev Samuel Vance. My mother’s dad was John Workman, s/o Stonewall Jackson Workman and Martha Mae Herald. My ancestors were all over the place. Mingo, Lincoln, Logan, Mud Fork, Queens Ridge. I was with my great grandma Phoebe when she passed up here in Cleveland. I sure love hearing about all of them back then. My dad died young, and I only have 1 aunt left. Keep writing, I truly love reading about how it was back then. I miss them all so much.

  55. madeline says:

    Darrell Mullins has been putting great pictures of Grandma Berthas old stores and Queenis old house on facebook. He also has old pictures we don’t know who is in them.

    • Kathy Motto says:

      I remember walking down the road to Bertha’s store. My cousins Carol, Joyce Doyle and Debbie Thompson and I would get a package of kool-aid and pour a small amount in our hand and lick to see who would pucker up more from it being so sour. I also remember Queenie living across creek from store and then Johnnie Adams having a small store down the road. My favorite person in that area was Roxie Mullins, better known to everyone as Aunt Roxie.

      • Brandon Kirk says:

        Kathy: I am very fortunate to possess a 1991 taped interview with Roxie Mullins. On the tape, she reminisces about her family, mostly her memories of Ed Haley and the story of his father, Milt Haley. She sings on the tape as well. She was wonderful. I visited her daughter Violet and son Dobie several times.

        • Kathy Motto says:

          Loved Aunt Roxie, would go visit at Christmas and she would have everything cooked, but most of all I loved her pinto beans and corn bread. I have pictures of our last visit with her. She lived the next house up the road and across the creek from my grandparents, who raised me, Millard and Mary Thompson. My mother Dicie was their daughter.

  56. madeline says:

    Hi, love seeing these pictures. My mom owned Farleys Groc. Herburt was always coming by.
    Dad would take me to deliver the groceries. I went to Hoover a lot with Dad. The last time I saw Mary was in the 60s she had come by and it was really dark. She had no flashlight and Daddy gave her an old carbide lamp he had so she could see. She would walk to Mud Fork.

    • Kathy Motto says:

      That would have been Myrtle, Herberts wife. My grandmother was Mary, she was married to Millard Thompson. They had lived on Hart, but moved to Chapmanville, however their sons, Richard and George live on Harts. George and his family moved to Mich. in the 60’s and Richard died in the 80’s or 90’s

    • bev (jean) farley sanborn says:

      Doddie I love your work. It brings tears to my eyes! My parents were from Harts; Henry Farley and Malinda Smith. I grew up in Ohio, but every year we would go see family for a week or two. Those old pictures is how I remember Harts Creek. Its been 20 years since I’ve been back. I’d love to sit on my grandparents porch with a cup of coffee and watch the cars come around the curve, I’d get up early and wrap myself in a blanket and watch as the fog moved in by Uncle Nim and Aunt Mag’s house. I don’t think anybody had a better veiw!

      • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

        The pictures on this page are Frank’s work and the pictures are his grand parents. Like you, I love the old pictures. This is how folks licved on Harts Creek when I lived there.

        Bev, I love the way you described sitting on the porch wrapped in a blanket watching the fog move in. It was almost like being there. I could just see the fog in the mountains. The old folks used to say that was smoke from the campfires of our Indian ancestors up in the hills making coffee.

        • bev (jean) farley sanborn says:

          Sorry Frank and Dodie. I was looking for the chapters to Dodie’s book and just got lost in the pictures. The work on here gives me a better understanding of my parents life. I loved watching the “Waltons”, I used to think that’s what it was like until one time mom said the Waltons were rich compared to them. That’s why Mom always said she was saving for hard times. If any of your work gets published, I’d buy it.

          • Frank Thompson says:


            There is nothing to be sorry about. I took no offense whatsoever. Like Dodie, I enjoyed your little story about you sitting on the porch also. Thank you for sharing it.

    • bev (jean) farley sanborn says:

      Hi Madaline. I’m wondering if we’re cousins. My dad was Henry Farley , son of Tom and Tilda Farley. They lived by a Farleys groc. Tom had brothers Nim and Jim on Harts Creek too. Do you have a sister named Lnda Gail?

    • Dinah Dalton McCloud says:

      Hi I’m looking for some photos of Nim and Mag’s store on Main Harts Creek, I live on Harts and was raised here. I wished several times over I had thought to take some photographs of the store before it was torn down. We used to go there all the time to buy groceries. I’m Dinah Dalton McCloud, my father is Ossie (Buck) Dalton. I miss Nim and Mag and the old store, alot of memories. My email is ddmcsp@wildblue.net

      • Dinah Dalton McCloud says:

        Also I’m trying to find photo of the Bulwark School in its hey-day before it started falling in. I went to 2nd grade there and that was the only year, if anyone has any good photos to share please let me know, D. Dalton McCloud, ddmcsp@wildblue.net

      • madeline farley wilson says:

        Bunny and Linda took all of Mom and Dads Photos.
        I will be home in July 2013 and I will see what I can find while I am there. Darrell has taken a lot of Pictures also.
        Darrell mullins is on Face Book you can ask him if he has any.
        He might have one of Bulwark School too.

  57. Kathy Motto says:

    I have pictures of Willie, Dickie, Noria and Mary, also her husband Millard which was my grandparents. I lived with them from childhood until I married. I have pictures of my uncles, Willie, George Richard, and their daughter Dicie. My mother was Dicie Thompson Martin.

  58. Paul Triplett says:

    I can get tin photos of Richard Vance. Probably Norie, Dickie, Mary and Willie.

    • edmond ramey says:

      paul if those pictures are of richard vance sr. i would like to see them he is my 3. gr. grandfather.if you can please send to my email site and post on wall thanks e. ramey

    • edmond ramey says:

      can there be copys of the pics. paulif so i;ll be glad to pay for the pics. emaile. edmondramey@aol.com i havent visited this page in a while but i will get back.

  59. Chester Lowe says:

    Herbert & Myrtle Thompson lived on Hoover Fork of Big Harts Creek. They had two sons named Fred & Alvie Thompson. Herbert had a brother named Millard Thompson who lived on big Harts Creek about a half mile below Hoover.

    • Frank Thompson says:

      Hello Chester,
      Herbert & Myrtle Thompson were my grandparents. They actually had four sons: Brady (my father), Lace, Fred and Alvie and one daughter, Gladys. Fred, Alvie and Gladys are still living.

      • Brandon Kirk says:

        Frank: I spoke with Brady Thompson years ago on the telephone, about 1995. He was a very nice gentleman. I used to visit Alvie on Hoover. I interviewed him several times. I saw him up on Hoover not long before he passed away. He told me all about his very interesting life. He was always so good to me. I think I visited Gladys once too, if she’s the lady I’m thinking of that lives near the schools in Chapmanville. Wonderful people all of them.

  60. Brenda Andersen says:

    Hi Dodie, my family is also from that area..Dingess. Brownings, Vances, Hatfields. My grandmother is Millie Vance who eventually married Jack Mess, Hugh Tomblin. She was never married to my grandfather, Emmett Roy Browning. My father was Buster William Browning who was murdered by Samuel Roscoe Boggs. Both men very drunk, and one thing led to another and well, Dad died when he was 42. I never knew him but I’m sure that people who see your pages know lots. He died in 1960, Crystal Block. Also, I married Kenneth Adams s/o Hubert & Mary Smith Adams and am researching those lines for my children. They never knew Hubert, but they knew and greatly loved Grandma Mary. I need more info on her parents, Hurston and Clarisa Sweney (Sweeney?) Smith. Her greatgrand parents were Henry Smith and Mary and Spencer Sweeney and Sarah Issacs. Any info? thanks so much.

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      Hi Brenda, You probably already know this but your grandmother Millie Vance was the daughter of Samuel Vance and Nancy Nelson. Sam Vance (a Baptist preacher) was the son of Meekin Vance and Phoebe Workman. Phoebe was the daughter of my Great Great Grandparents, William Moses Workman and Sarah Marrs.

      Phoebe/Phebe Workman, d/o Wm Moses Workman and Sarah Marrs, was born circa 1822 at Burkes Garden, Tazewell County Virginia. She married Meekin Vance, s/o Richard & Mary (Simms) Vance. Phoebe was shown as age 80 in 1900, when she was living with her son, A. Jackson Vance’s family in Mingo County. Seven of her twelve children were still living in 1900.

      Samuel Vance was born 1863, married 14 March 1878, Nancy Nelson, d/o of F.& M. (Maynard) Nelson. Sam and Nancy were living in Mingo County in 1900 and had been married 22 years. Eleven of their twelve children were living, and nine of them were still at home in 1900. They were:
      W(8k1) *Mary A. Vance, born circa 1883
      W(8k2) *Cynthia D. Vance, born circa 1885
      W(8k3) *Linda Vance, born circa 1886
      W(8k4) *Richard Vance, born circa 1888
      W(8k5) *Wm. Floyd Vance, born circa 1890
      W(8k6) *Millie Vance, born circa 1892
      W(8k7) *Farabell Vance, born circa 1894
      W(8k8) *Lewis Vance, born circa 1897
      W(8k9) *Chloe Vance, born 1900

      I’m sure you know that your Vance ancestors go back
      to Abner Vance who was hanged on the courthouse Square in
      Abindon (Washington County VA) in 1819.

      Sorry, I can’t help with the other names you are researching.
      I recognized some of the other names, but not anyone in your line of descent, nor your children’s.
      Good luck with your search!



        • velva dingess says:

          my name is VELVA DINGESS,i am from the old home place you are talking about.HARTS,w. va. my father is ALLEN DINGESS,my mother is VIRGIE ADKINS DINGESS. we call it the allen dingess land because my father owns three parcels of land there ,curry branch little harts,coal branch. i see names i reconize. i would love to have someone let me know if this rings a bell .

          • velva dingess says:

            i am sherry meade daughter of velva dingess meade .we were there in harts creek last oct 16,2010 aunt linnie dingess frye passed to go on up yonder to meet her lord. we walked all around and up the road as far as we could. at coal branch .little hart and curry branch my grampaw duss.ALLEN DINGESS.loved the mountin the trees ,he had a ole saw mill there.and a few clydesdale horses he put me up on one he called old bess, and hitched a whomade sled to the back and we would drag that up the middle of the creek and up the sid of the hill to a coal bank and i would play up in the trees while he doug coal and put it on the sleigh then he would put me back up on ole bess and we would hed on back down the branch to the house .we had a big potbelly stove in the middle of the room .well i could go on forever i will never forget the best years of my life down in harts with my papaw and my memaw. this was about 1955.

          • Doug Young says:

            My Grandmother’s Maiden name was Dingess and she grew up in Hart’s creek until she was 16 when she left home and hiched cross country to Cali and met my Grand father Young! Her Father’s name was Edward Dingess. There were four children: Thelma (Pat) my G-ma, Shelvy, Inez, and John. My G-ma (Pat) was born in 1919 and died in 2001 in Iowa. Hope to hear from you. Doug

        • Brandon Kirk says:

          Penny: Several years ago, about 1996, I visited some of your family on Harts Creek. A very nice lady — I think it was one of Roxie’s daughters — allowed me to copy Roxie’s handwritten memories. I think I ran a story on it for the Logan Banner about 2004. If not, I intended to. She talked about her schoolteachers on Harts Creek. It was wonderful.

          • Kathy Motto says:

            My grandmother, Mary Ann Vance Thompson, was a teacher at the old Hoover one room school. Have some of her lesson notes and notes about getting the school ready before class. Bring in wood, bucket of water, wash the dipper and pan of waster to wash hands. She would take pinto beans and cook them on top of the old stove a the school, and before leaving home bake biscuits, corn bread and take applebutter and jelly so the children would have a hot meal. Said due to such hard times some had very little to eat. Now that was a hot lunch program. I talked to several people later in life that were her students and was told the same story.

      • Charles C. Carter says:

        My grandmother was Delphia Vance Vanderpool Workman and as a child, I would listen to her sing the Vance song while she would rock, in her rocking chair, on our front porch.
        The Vance song was supposedly written by Abner Vance in his cell while he was waiting to be hanged for the murder of his son-in-law. Shortly after he was hanged, the Governer granted him a pardon.
        The song he wrote is known today as “Man Of Constant Sorrow” and has been recorded by many different artists and was in the sound track of the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”.

      • kelly says:

        Farabel Vance was my great grandmother. My grandpa was her son Gale. do you know anything more about her parents or grandparents?

      • Brenda Andersen says:

        Hi Dodie, it’s been a couple of years. Hope this finds you well. I was checking in to see if you (or anyone) can tell me where Pine Grove Cemetery is. My grandmother Millie (Vance Messer Tomblin)’s 2nd husband (Hugh Tomblin)’s death cert says he’s buried there. I’m trying to find Millie’s grave. One poster posted that Millie was buried in Sam Vance Cemetery because that’s where her parents are, but I visited that cemetery this summer and can not find a grave there for Millie. I’m also trying to find our for sure if Millie married Sebastian “Bass” Spry after hugh died in 1951. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

        • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

          Hi Brenda,
          I’m sorry I can’t help with the information you need. I never heard of Pine Grove Cemetery, but just a wild guess would be that it is one of the small family cemeteries that keep changing names depending on who lived there at different times. Based on names and place of residence at time of death, I would probably check around Mingo County- around Dingess and Twelevepole and Trace.

          • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

            Hi again Brenda,
            I have been trying with no luck to figure out where the cemetery is that you mentioned. I can give you an example of 5 separate cemerteries at Whirlwind (Big Harts Creek in Logan County) where a number of my close relatives are buried, but contempory (so-called) “researchers” have lumped at least 3 of them together with absolutely no knowledge of what they are talking about. They are calling at least 3 of them “Smith Cemetery” and have listed the graves in the same place. I KNOW for a FACT that these are wrong, but it is just too hard to try to contact the “gung ho” descendants to try to sort it out. For example- There are 2 Smith Cemeteries at Briar Branch at Whirlwind, One at Bulwark (Shade Smith Cemetery), 1 in the yard of Denver and Lona Smith’s homeplace. I know how this one was started- Denver & Lona bought our farm and store in 1942. (I was born at that farm and we had a store and the post office there). Anyway, when Denver & Lona’s daughter Reba’s husband died (I can’t remember his name), she had him buried in the yard where Denver & Lona (Workman) Smith lived- our old homeplace that had no graves until Reba had her husband buried in the yard.. That was the beginning of that “Smith Cemetery”. The other one (of which I am aware) was called Smith Carter Cemetery when it was first started (not sure what they are calling it now). My grandmother was the first one buried there. My dad is also buried there. This was where my dad was born- just across the “bottom” from where I was born and up on a little knoll that was in back of their house. This is probably as clear as Harts Creek mud, but I hate to see what a mess future generations will have trying to correct sloppy “research” of well meaning people who have probably never been there and do not even know where “Whirlwind” was located. The person who gave “your” cemetery the name of Pine Grove was apparently trying to break that confusing pattern of naming the cemetery for the family that lived there. Have you checked with the Funeral Home? They had to go there, so Honaker Funeral Home (Formerly Harris Funeral Home) may have directions.

          • Brenda Andersen says:

            Thanks so much, Dodie. I’ll keep checking. If you could touch base with the Browning researchers in your family I’d appreciate it. Millie who married Hugh Tomblin 2nd, had my father with Emmet Roy Browning. Maybe they’ve come across something. Millie & Roy never married. Thanks again

          • Brenda Andersen says:

            Hi Dodie, I surely understand what you’re saving. The Sam Vance Cem has the same problem. Sam Vance Cem seems to be a more current name, although, I’ve heard it called the James and Debbie Vance Cem (I believe they used to oversee it because of relatives buried there and they used to live close) and years ago it was called Old Mose Vance Cem. and Vance Cemetery. On the Topix website there is a woman who calls it something else. Can’t remember right now.

            Anyone who is not familiar with the area would never be able to be directed to some of these places because they are private cemeteries in yards and hillsides. I was able to find my dad’s grave (Sam Vance Cem) through finding his obit that said he was buried in Dingess Vance Cemetery. My husband and I started asking directions to Dingess. We stopped at Moss Conley’s house and a friend of their actually led us to James Vance’s daughter’s house (the blue house, still empty now) who told us her dad knew where his grave was. She took us to the cemetery, but Dad had no tombstone. (he does now :)). We went back 2 days later and James took us to the grave and we met the rest of the family. It was wonderful They were gracious and I’m grateful. There is only one Conley left in that house and we stop by to visit every time we go to WV.

            Yes, I have view Honaker’s website with no results. I sent an email with no response. I will call them in a few minutes to see if I can learn anything there. Thanks again. You have always been one of my favorite researchers. You’re very helpful and informative.

          • Brenda Andersen says:

            Wow! I just checked my email and here’s the response I received from Honaker:

            need dates for your grandmother if possible—your grandfather was buried in Pine Grove Cem. on White Oak Fork of Harts, WV—I think White Oak Fork is on Harts Mtn, coming from the Mudfork area–but, I have never heard of Pine Grove Cemetery to the best of my recollection…Mike Honaker

            Do you know where that is? Thanks again. I’ll let you know when I hear about Millie.

          • Brenda Andersen says:

            Hello again, Dodie. I promise to stop bugging you soon. Just wanted to let you know that during my research today, I came across one of your postings on rootsweb where you are trying to help a lady with finding a cemetery on Harts Creek. The short version of this is that you mention White Oak. You said “one road leads to Buck Fork and the other to White Oak…” According to Honaker, that’s where Hugh Tomblin is buried. Small world.

          • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

            Hi again Brenda,
            Regarding your question about the correct age for Lucinda Hensley: If you check the 1880 Census, you will find that she was 7 years old when the census was taken June 23, 1880. That means the 1884 date can’t possibly be correct for her birth year. She would have turned 8 years old on Oct. 10, 1880, so that makes her birth year of 1872 the correct one. It is always best to cross reference dates when possible, because court house records have been copied and recopied numerous times over the years. Please keep us updated and let us know when (if) you find the information you are looking for. I know Frank would love to post any old pictures you have.

          • Brenda Andersen says:

            I did find this Pine Grove Cemetery that lists interments. No Hugh Tomblin or Millie Vance. It’s at McCorkle, Lincoln County
            . http://www.interment.net/data/us/wv/lincoln/pinegrove/index.htm

        • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

          Hi again, Brenda! Yes, it definitely is a small world! The name Hugh Tomblin didn’t register with the me that he was related to the Bryants, but that is exactly who he was related to! The White Oak Fork of Harts Creek is Bryant country! That is where my mother was born and where her father was born. The only cemetery I personally remember is where my grandparents are buried at White Oak, but seems like I vaguely remember another one close by. Will have to think some on it….When Grandpa Pres (Preston Bryant) died, My aunt gave the name of the cemetery as Conley Cemetery. (I have no idea why). When my grandmother, Susan (shown as Susie on her death certificate) died, it just said she was buried at Whirlwind. White Oak was NOT Whirlwind, so not sure why my Uncle General Bryant gave that address for the cemetery. Grandpa and Grandma Bryant are buried side by side. Pictures of their tombstones are on this website There may be more than 1 cemetery on White Oak, but at least we are on the right road now 🙂 The Bryant family cemetery was in bad shape the last time I was there, which was 12 or 13 years ago.

          The cemetery where my grandparents are buried, would be hard to find unless someone takes you there. Look under Preston & Susan (Stollings) Bryant Chapter 11 of Whirlwind WV for more information on the Bryants and keep scrolling until you find :
          “The known children of Cordelia Ann (Bryant) and Stephen Hensley:
          B-(a11a) Lucinda Hensley, born circa 1875, married Alfred Tomblin, a man many years her senior. Lucinda had five children before Alfred died circa 1905-1906. Two of Lucinda’s children died young. Three were still living in 1910, and Lucinda and the children were living with her mother and stepfather in 1910. Lucinda probably remarried, but if so, the name of her husband and any later children are not known to me.
          The children of Lucinda (Hensley) and Alfred Tomblin:
          B(a11a1) Hugh Tomblin, born August 1896.
          B(a11a2) Jesse Tomblin, born circa 1902.
          B(a11a3) Wealthy Tomblin, born circa 1906.
          B(a11b) Thomas Hensley s/o Cordelia Ann (Bryant) and Stephen Hensley, was born, etc etc.”

          • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

            Brenda, Hugh Tomblin’s mother, Lucinda (Hensley) Tomblin is buried in “White Oak Cemetery”. I bet that is the one you need. Death certificate erroneously shows Lucinda’s mother as Della Ann Weeks. Her mother was in fact, Cordelia Ann “Delia” Bryant Hensley. This is more than likely where Hugh Tomblin is buried if he is buried at White Oak. Anyone who lives at White Oak would be able to tell you how to get to the cemeteries. Now that I have thought about it, I am almost positive there was another one. I remember that I was trying to find Martha “Patsey” Thompson Bryant’s grave when I saw Cordelia’s grave. I never did find Patsey Thompson Bryant’s grave. She isn’t with her husband (Corbin Bryant) who is buried on Smokehouse Fork of Harts Creek.

            BTW, I can’t help you with Browning research- didn’t do much of that. It took over 30 years to research my own family and I don’t have another 30 years 🙂

          • Brenda Andersen says:

            Re Lucinda Hensley I found 2 birth records for her. One b-1872 and the other is either 1882 or 1884. The later listing shows 1884 at the top of the page then about midway down someone wrote with a dark marker 1882…9-24 This is not related to Lucinda at all. Her info is a bit more down the page it clearly says her name and both her parents. The 1872 one reads the same. Can you clarify?

          • Elizabeth Collins Blair says:

            There is some Tomblins buried where my dad’s family is buried. Isaac Collins Cemetary in Whirlwind. I’ll look next time I’m there. My great grandparents was Preston and Susan Bryant, Grandmother was Minerva, Parents Isaac (Spot) and Minnie Collins

      • Kathy Motto says:

        My great grandfather was Richard Vance, the father of my grandmother Mary Ann Vance Thompson, married to Millard Thompson. They lived at Harts and later moved Chapmanville. Their children were Richard Thompson, George Thompson, Dicie Thompson Martin, and Willie Thompson. They have all passed away.

      • Michael Martin says:

        I too am related to some of the people of Logan WV.
        I am William Moses Workman’s 4th Great Grand Nephew.
        My mother was Berta Lu Workman.

  61. Mary says:

    My mother grew up on Little Harts Creek – my grandmother was Gladys Napier-Toppings.

    Anyone have any pictures of memories?

    • velva dingess says:

      mary, i am velva dingess, i knowed gladys toppings. from little harts .i then was living in big harts 1940s.i married eugene meade,and his brother was jennings meade, he lived up on the hill,by the ole church house he owned a garage down the hill on the side of the road.there well me and gladys, were pragnet at the same time.1946.we walked to the bus and rode the bus to hamlin to get checked up by the doctor.she was the best person, she knowed edith ,jennings,eugene.is she still living. I am the only one left in the allen dingess family.my mother was virgie adkins dingess.Iam 87 years young. i was back there in harts in october 2010 when my sister linnie passed away. i walked the ole road and seen my fathers beautiful land. which i am the hier too.now it brought back all the wonderful years i was raised up there .and my children.then i moved to logan then somehow ended up in arizona.were i live now,but i am working my way back to the mos beautiful place i know w. virginia. jan.25 2012. VELVA DINGESS.

      • Sue Carper says:

        Your name is so familiar to me, Ms Dingess. Did you know of my father (Jim Carper) or my mother (Lillian Morrisset)? I seem to remember them talking about you. For sure, they talked about Harts Creek. I loved your story and pray you get back to W.Va. one day soon.

  62. Beulah McLemore says:

    My oldest brother married Dova Adams. Their daughter Irene may have some pictures.

    • Temple says:

      Hi, I am looking into the Nickell/Nichols/Adams families. Charles Robert Nickell was my husband’s grandfather and he had a sister named Sennie Nichols Adams who married Edward Adams. I believe Sennie and Edward had a daughter named Dovie. Is this the same as Dova that you are speaking of?

      Please contact me at 843-687-6011.

    • Beulah Sansom McLemore says:

      It could be spelled Dovie, her parents are Anthony and Elizabeth Mullins Adams.

  63. Hi Herb,
    That house on the curve at City View was a pretty dangerous place to live! My sister was learning to drive when we lived on top of City View and her boyfriend (who later became her husband) was her “instructor”. She was about 16 and had no permit. She missed the curve and lost control of the car coming down the hill. She ran onto the porch, knocking down the porch post and made a mess of the porch. Thank goodness she ran onto the porch. If she had made the curve, we would have gone over that rock wall and over the hill. They quickly changed seats and my bro-in-law told the police that he was driving. I believe “Pap” and “Granny Gertz” lived in the house at that time. I remember it well, because I was in the back seat!

  64. Hi Carla,
    I didn’t do much Browning research. Browning is my married name. I gave all my Browning “stuff” to one of my children many years ago and my kids have no interest in genealogy.
    Sorry I couldn’t help.

  65. Carla Haslam Herkner says:

    Hello Dodie,
    I have been doing a lot of genealogy research and have found that my Great Grandfather married a second time after the death of my Great Grandmother. His second wife was Pearlina Browning. I just wondered if you have any additional info. on Pearlina’s second husband.
    Many thanks,

  66. Herbert (Porky) Blankenship says:

    Dodie, Yes we lived in the fourth house on the right, beside the Napiers from 1948 to 1953 then we moved to Cherry Tree. We lived in Cherry Tree from 53 to 57 and then moved back to City View. This time we bought the first house in that same row beside the Harrison’s. I lived there until I went into the Marines in 1959. My family moved to Lynchburg, Va while I was in the service in 1961.

    • Doug Bokosky says:

      Hey Herb & Dodie: Nice to read about my former City View neighbors. I know Dodie moved from there before my family moved to City View but I do remember the Blankenship’s Rainwaters, Belcher’s Harrisons. Kirk’s Frey’s Ferguson’s ctc…. We moved to California in the 1960′s but I still consider City View and Logan, my home. I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks!

  67. Thank you to Herbert and Frank for responding to my messages. Frank, I don’t have any extra copies of my book. I had intended to have it published, but in addition to it being erxtremely expensive, “they” wanted me to redo it in PDF format. I have several genealogy books as well, but just made enough copies for my own family- due to expense and limited market..

    Herbert, I remember your name, but can’t place you. Did you live in that row of houses where the Harrisons and Napiers lived? I lived in the second house on top of the hill- right in the last curve. When you topped the hill, you were looking right at our house. Actually the first house on the top was a duplex, so technically we were the 3rd family. That house is still standing- doesn’t look much different except the porch bannisters have been removed. I called the Logan County BOE a few years ago, trying to find a picture of the little school we attended at Coal Branch, but they said all the old records and pictures were destroyed many years ago.
    Thanks for the memories!

  68. Herbert (Porky) Blankenship says:

    Dodie,I also attended the Coal Branch School 1948-1951. Surely, someone has a picture of that school. I remember you from City View. We lived at the end of the hardroad and I believe you lived near the end of the dirt road at the top of the hill.

  69. Hi Dodie, yes, I think we are related. Myrtle and Herbert Thompson were my grandparents. I think their house was at Little Harts Creek. I’ll have to check with my Uncle Alvie. He still lives up the same hollow. Her house was at the very end of that hollow. Uncle Alvie said that there is a lake there now.

    Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your work researching our family tree. I spent a lot time reviewing your web pages about our family. I can’t even image how much time you devoted to the research and to your web sites. That was great work. I am in awe.

    Your research traced our family all the way back to Orange County Virginia. I think it’s kind of interesting that my brother moved to Orange, Virginia about ten years.

    By the way, do you have a copy of your book I could buy?

  70. Phyllis, is the little two room school up Coal Branch Hollow still standing? We moved from Whirlwind (Big Harts Creek in Logan County), to City View when I was five years old. I went to school at Coal Branch from grades 1-4. We didn’t have Kindergarten back in those days. Schools were still segregated when I was in school. There were three schools at Coal Branch- A lovely brick building-Aracoma High School(all black students & teachers), on the hill was a very nice grade school for all black students and farther up the hollow was where I went to school in the little two room school for all white students. I had to walk past the nicer schools everyday to get to the “white” school. I have tried for many years to find a picture of the little two room school. We had two outdoor “privys” one for boys and one for girls. We had a big pot bellied stove in each room. We did have a small drinking fountain in each room though. Do you have any pictures that you could share of Coal Branch Hollow? Most people think I am senile when I tell them where I went to school and what it was like. People from Logan County didn’t just study history, we LIVED it!

    • Lori Clevenger says:

      Dodie, my mother grew up on Coal Branch and went to the school there…she also remembers walking past the “nice” school for “the coloreds” (pardon me) on her way to her school. She also mentions a cemetery “up on the backbone…” do you know what that might refer to? A ridge above town is what I assume it means. Thank You 🙂

      • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

        Hi Lori,
        What a delight to hear from someone who knows where the backbone is! Yes, it is a ridge above town. If you look at the picture on the home page, look to the left. The back bone is that pretty ridge that divides Aracoma from Coal Branch. I used to go up there every year to cut a Christmas tree. My sister went with me one year, but other times I went alone. It was hard work dragging a tree all that distance, back to the top of City View, but we always had a tree- mostly just scraggly ones with “home made” decorations (no lights). Sometimes in the summer, we would go up on the Backbone to picnic and to watch the “traffiic” going in different directions from the “Triangle” just out side of town.

        I don’t recall a cemetery on the backbone, but that is not to say there wasn’t one. It was a large area. There was a very large cemetery owned by the county on the hill on the other side of Coal Branch. It was at the end of City View and we used to play there as children. It was what would be considered a “potters field”. It was not segregated as most cemeteries were in those days. Most graves did not have stones. Some of the later graves had little metal frames with paper inserts from the funeral home. Ask your mom if she remembers an old man called “Shamrock” who was the grave digger for the county. Shamrock was pretty lazy and he began digging “fresh” graves in the old sunken ones because it was less work on him. Since no one ever went to the cemetery (or so he thought), he would just throw the bones from the old graves over the hill. My mother knew that we played in the cemetery, but didn’t know about Shamrock throwing bones over the hill until one Halloween I brought home a skull on a broom stick and was holding it up to people’s windows. I was about seven or eight years old. Boy, what a beating I got! Needless to say, Mother went to the county, raised holy “heck” with the authorites and Shamrock “retired.” My mother personally gathered up all the bones we could find and buried them. I feel bad to this day about how disrespectful we kids were, but actually we were just ignorant and did not associate the bones with human remains. I hate Haloween and I am sure it goes back to that old neglected cemetery on City View.

        • Lori Clevenger says:

          thank you Dodie for replying! I will ask her about Shamrock. She’s told me so many stories over the years about Logan and Coal Branch. She loved it there. I’ll post some more of her memories soon. I’m so glad to have found this site!

      • Bruce Miller says:

        Hi Lori. Its your cousin Bruce. I remember the backbone when we lived there. I think there was an old indian cemetery up there i have heard some older people say. The cemetery on city view has a lot of dads people buried there. His mom and dad are there. I remember helping dig graves when i was little. Get in touch sometime, would enjoy hearing from you.

        • Lori Clevenger says:

          Hey Bruce! It’s been ages, how are you doing? I never thought I’d see a family member on here, this is cool! I sometimes wish I’d been born a little earlier, and in another place, because the stories that Mom has told over the years have just enthralled me. I wish I could have experienced a little of the things that she did, even though times were so hard. I know that she wouldn’t trade a minute of it. So good to see you here! Say hi to your folks and to Trina!

          • Bruce Miller says:

            Last night was the first time i discovered this site. When i seen your name, i thought this has to be her. Hope this finds all of you well. I went to Logan about a month ago and spent the day just looking around. Some things have changed and some i remember well from living there as a kid. Im sure its a lot different than our Moms remember. Maybe we can swap stories sometime. I will see if mom has your number and get in touch.

          • Lori Clevenger says:

            sounds great! be sure to check the photo gallery, I posted a few old pics 🙂

  71. phyllis says:

    people still live this way, Go to Logan, outside of Logan the school bus garage. is at the head of University Ave.(formerly Coal Branch Hollow)

    Take a ride down memory lane.. the farther up you go to more you see…Enjoy

  72. Frances Keener Spagnola says:

    My Grandmother, Zetta Gore Walsh also was raised on Harts. I have never know a more stronger, God loving and wise woman. I am proud of my W.Va roots. Although I live in Logan, it was always a treat to go to the Harts Homecomings. Wonderful memories.



    • vivian walsh porter says:

      Frances Are WE related vester walsh was my dad and rosalee mullins walsh was my mother!

      • Forest Curry says:

        Vivian Was your Dads mothers name Ruth McCloud? If so she married Reefer Curry and had another Son Named Billy Eugene Curry? He was my father and had a half brother named Vester. You can reach me on facebook at Forest Curry. I remember Dad and Mom talkin bout Rosalee and the Mullins family. Do you know where your dads mom Ruth is buried? Please contact me on facebook/Forest Curry

  73. I was born at Whirlwind (on Harts Creek) in Logan County in a house very similar to the one in these pictures. My mother was post mistress and the post office was in a corner of our little country store, which was in our yard, to the right of the house. Was the house in these pictures in Logan County or Lincoln County? My sisters went to Adams School (remains still standing as far as I know) at Whirlwind (Big Harts Creek). “Big” Harts Creek is in Logan County and “Little” Harts Creek is in Lincoln County. We were related to the Thompsons. Incidentally, I don’t find pictures like this sad nor “disheartening”. This is part of our history and what made people happy then is not the same as what makes young people happy today. I wrote a book (Copyrighted) called “Whirlwind In Appalachia” (The History Of Harts Creek And The People That History Forgot). My manuscript was privately published for my own family because I wanted the younger generations to understand and appreciate their culture and not be influenced by stereotypes. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. Wonder what was in that churn on the porch? Pickled beans? Pickled corn? Freshly churned butter milk? Looks like she always had a dog at her side……God gave us pets to show us how to love unconditionally and how to be happy with what we have.

    • Paul Triplett says:

      Hello, My name is Paul Triplett. Just so happens I knew Herbert. He is my great Uncle Millard Thompson s brother. My uncle Willie is Buried there next to Millard and Mary, his parents. Small world.
      I remember uncle Herbert would walk to Logan and back when he was almost ninety.
      He had no teeth, but always chewed Wrigley’s gum.
      Those were the golden years.

    • Kathy Motto says:

      How can I get a copy of the book?



      • Jennifer says:

        Hi Penny Mae, I think I’m probably related to you.

        My grandfather was Raymond Lewis Lilly, who was married to Mantie (Pauley).

        Grandpa grew up in Harts Creek, along with Alice (Crislip), Laurie (White), Richie, May, Myrtle (Mirt), Frank, Eddie (Edward) and Nina. His parents were John Ed Lilly, and Susan Butcher.

        Jennifer Lilly Hughes Fordham
        I can be reached at jenfordham2000@yahoo.com

    • Betty Jean Williamson Henry says:

      Hello Dodie,

      Your name and this website were given to me by Kyle Workman, a former grade through high school acquaintance of mine. He said you were quite an authority on Harts Creek, and I would love to purchase a copy of your book if it is for sale. I was born on the Lynn Branch of Kiah(‘s) Creek at Little Harts in Lincoln County. My Father was Linza Williamson (first name has been spelled Lindsey, Lendsey, Linzie, Lindsay, etc. on various documents,) son of Charles Williamson and Polly Dillon Williamson. My Dad had three brothers (Jim, Oscar, and Charles Jr.) and one sister, Nettie. My Dad passed away when I was three years old, and we moved out of Harts shortly after he passed. I was wondering if you knew the Williamsons or had any information on the family. I am just trying to reconnect with my Harts Creek roots, and would appreciate any info you might have about my Father’s family. BTW, we are also related to the Thompsons, as well as to Jenny Wiley (daughter of Jenny Sellards Wiley born after her return from Indian captivity) and Richard Williamson. I had “The Alden Williamson Genealogy” by Joseph W. Alley reprinted. Therefore, I am looking more for anecdotal information regarding personalities, etc., rather than just family tree information, which I already have. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings here. I wish you well in any case. Cheers, BJWH

      • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

        Hi Betty,
        Kyle gives me way too much credit! My book “Whirlwind In Appalachia” was written for my children and was never for sale. I really don’t know much about Lincoln County families. I was born at Whirlwind (Big Harts Creek in Logan County) and left when I was five years old. I did spend thirty plus years researching my roots though, tromping through old cemeteries, visiting courthouses in different states, reading microfilm, etc. As far as I know we were not related to the families you mentioned. Kyle and I are cousins, many times over, through Workman, Mullins, Thompson, etc. The anecdotal information you are trying to find is what really makes our ancestors “come alive”. I found lots of great “stuff” reading court records and old deeds, etc.

        Good luck with your search. Maybe someone from “Little Hart” will see your post and be able to help.

        • Betty Jean Williamson Henry says:

          Thanks, and I appreciate your prompt reply to my inquiry. I have made some progress just talking to my first cousin who still lives at Little Harts. Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year. BJWH

    • kelly says:

      I just found this site. Wow. My family were the Mart and Farabell Morris family. my grandpa was Gale Morris. I went to Harts two years ago for the first time and thanks to Sherry Workman Marshall found some of my relatives and saw where my grandfather grew up. This is the most beautiful place on earth. If you have or know anything about the Morrises, I would love to know more.

      • Brandon Kirk says:

        Kelly: I have a lot of information on Fairabelle’s family if you’d like to see it. You may already have the information. Her line of Vances interests me quite a bit. Email me: brankirk@yahoo.com

      • Andy Morris says:

        Hi, I saw the comment on Mart and Farabell Morris you posted. Mart was my grandfather’s half-brother. Mart was born in Pleasants County West Virginia and lived for a period in Ritchie County before ending up in the Harts area. I don’t know very much about him or his family.
        My dad was looking for more information on his Uncle Mart, whom he met once in 1955, so I drove my dad down there from Ohio, probably around 1995, and saw “Bill” Morris and Bernice Mullins, which was the first time my dad had ever met any of his cousins from that line. Mart was one of 16 children, and I can tell you about that part of the family, but like I said, I know almost nothing about Mart once he moved down to the Harts area, beyond that one visit with his remaining children in the mid-90’s.

  74. Jeanette Sheppard says:

    Would like to find some photos of the Adams family from Harts Creek. Earnest Adams, Nina Adams and the whole gang. These are part of my family would like to see the area in the older photos and the people. Thanks Jeanette Sheppard



      • Wilma (Adams) Carter says:

        Randall Adams, my dad, was a brother to Ernest. My sisters that live on Trace (Bess, Gloria, and Alice), have a lot of old family pics, but they don’t use computers.
        As an afterthought, check with my sister-in- law, Inis Adams, on Facebook, she may have some.

  75. Judy Peyton Marks says:

    My grandparents (both sides) lived in Lincoln Co too. In houses like this one. To go from Dehue to Ranger and then on to Peyton Branch (right around the corner from Branchland) seemed to take forever when I was a kid. I got car sick even going to Logan, so I was miserable going to see them even tho I loved it once I was there.

  76. randy chapman says:


  77. Joan Steele-Taber says:

    I love seeing these pictures. Most all of our grandparents lived like this, but it was a blessing for us. This is where we got our work ethic. Joan Steele-Taber, Blairsville, GA

  78. randy chapman says:


    • Loretta (Jarrell) (Adams) Nebe says:

      Randy,I agree with what you said.A hand shake was the only contract that a man needed.His word was good enough.I was born in Logan 1960,to LeeH.Jarrell & Georgie (Adams) Jarrell.Dad from Henlawson and mom from HartsCreek.Grandpa Eddie and Granny Quillie Adams.
      I spent every summer between both sets of grandparents.I would give anything to be able to have my daughter to know her grandparents,she really missed out.When grandpa Eddie passed away in 1979,I came back to Ohio and gave birth to Dawn Lee.
      Being able to spend the summer getting to know my aunts ,uncles and cousins was amazing.Memories I will always treasure.I live here in Ohio but Home is WVa.
      All of moms sibling are now gone and dad has two sistersthat are still living, one in Huntington and one in Williamson.
      My life is rich with what i learned back when I was a kid,I have alot of my grandparents and parents in me and in my everyday life.

      • Marge (Farley} Hale says:

        I am seeking info on Adams families of Harts creek WV I am granddaughter of George [Queenie] Adams My parents was Frank and Victoria Farley I grew up at Harts and Chapmanville I make my home in Ohio when Im not at home in Fla as I am as we speak Please feel free to pass this on for info Thanks M

      • almeda mccloud says:

        my name is Almeda (Abbott) Mccloud. Vada Adams Abbott was my mom and I grew up on Hoover in Harts WV. Eddie and Quillie were my great Aunt and Uncle. Freddie Adams was my grandpaw.

  79. It’s disheartening that people were still living this way in the 1970s.

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