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The purpose of this page is to help those searching for their Logan County relatives and researching their family tree. When you leave a comment, there is an option to check a box that will notify you of new comments. Unless you plan to check this page frequently for a response, you should check this box or leave your email address in the body of your message.  Please note, unless you leave your email address in the body of  your message, your email address will not be displayed. If you are concerned about spam and do not want to use a mailto link, provide an email address like the example below: at gmail dot com

Many West Virginia Birth, Death, and Marriage records are available on-line at  West Virginia Vital Records. For those searching for copies of obituaries, the Harless Library at Mount Gay and WV State Archives in Charleston have microfilm copies of the Logan Banner.

Other sources you may find helpful:

I seek information on my father, Carl Lilly, born in 1900-1902 who was married Lenore (Tootsie) Curry in 1938.  I believe he was born in Hinton, WV but lived years in Logan Co. and worked for Island Creek Coal Co. and others.

You may reply to

Iva Lilly Durham — March 15, 2010

Canterbury family information needed.

Bobbie Canterbury Pemberton — March 12, 2010

Does anyone know of living relatives of Cloyd Bowling Sr? He was my grandfather – married to Pearl Kershner Bowling from Greenbriar County. My Dad was Edward Bowling – actually born in Omar. I know I have relatives living there – would love to chat.

Joy Conley
Broker in Charge
Choice Jacksonville Realty
110-C Branchwood Drive
Jacksonville, NC 28546
March 9, 2010

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  1. sandy tomblin goins says:

    I am looking for my cousin bobby dow shelton mom was a chambers.. moved to ohio when he was young. Loved baseball and joined the navy havent seen him since the 70’s

  2. Sandra "Colleen" McLeon Waters says:

    I am searching for information on my great grandmother Margaret “Meda” Vance McLean. b. around 1880 in Ireland where she married Richard Alexander McLean and gave birth to my grandfather Richard Alexander McLeon. From stories my aunt has said, she and her family came over to this country and stayed with her family in West Virginia. Another trip over from Ireland, much later she died at sea and was buried. The problem is that I cannot confirm the exact name of her husband. My grandfather ran away from home, and went by an alias until he died never revealing the exact spelling giving any additional information. I am a amaeuter at this, and if anyone can help with any information regarding Margaret…it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Sandra, please post your e-mail address. shows a few Margaret
      Vance born in 1880,you need her
      parent’s names.
      Shows a Richard Mclean born in
      1881 in Ireland living in New York
      in the 1940 census.

  3. Faye Francis says:

    I’m looking for anyone who may remember my grandfather, Kelly Cox who lived in Peach Creek. He worked on C&O RR and also operated “The Red Top” close to the tracks. He was married to his 2nd wife, Gladys Kelly Cox. They had a daughter Brenda Cox; Gladys had a son Gene Kelly.
    Any info or photos would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Larry Hurley says:

    Bob..thanks for the information. While I do have this information, I am trying to find more specifics about the murder, such as the disposition of the killer/killers. Could you give me an idea how to find out court proceedings and other relevant trial information. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Once again, thanks for the reply

    • Bob Piros says:

      Larry, you might check with:
      Logan Co. circuit clerk- # 304-792-8538.
      WV Culture Center- # 304-558-0220.
      WVculture,org.They have Logan Banner
      film in their library. have unsolved
      murder cases on their site.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Larry, some more info that I just found.
      WV State Police have a cold case site.
      Also Wikia has UnsolvedMysteries.

      • Larry Hurley says:

        I found the guys, their names are Frank and James Fannin. In 1941 Frank was 20 years old and James 35 years old. Any info. on these two who be interesting Thank You

        • Bob Piros says:

          Larry, shows a
          few people with the names of
          Frank & James Fannin.
          You will have to follow through
          on the other sites for more info,
          if you don’t find the info at

        • Bob Piros says:

          Larry, shows a few
          people with the Fannin name living
          in WV. Also hoping that you will share
          the story on this Logan site with you
          have completed your research.

  5. Larry Hurley says:

    I am trying to find any information on the June 29th, 1941 murder of Herbert Nelson in Stirrat, West Virginia. He was the son of Grant & may Nelson and brother to Ruby & Shirley Nelson.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Larry, Herbert’s death record is at
      He died of a stab wound at the Pioneer Night Club,
      in Sarah Ann,WV.

  6. Lorraine Chambers Marcum says:

    I have be trying to fine my Gransfather Family his name is Lewis White .. i hear he was kill in Dingess a hit and run I dont know much about him .he was married to my Grandmother Rosella or Rose White. i am also looking for Imformation on William perise Chambers Family

  7. Daniela says:

    Hi all,
    my name’s Daniela De Angelis, i’m from Sezze, Italy. I’m looking for my family origins. I know that, in 1912, my great grandfather Casalini Pasquale went to USA. The address he indicated was 523 Kanaska Ave Charleston WV. His destination was a cousin house. The name of the cousin was Stafferone Angelo. My great grand father came back Italy.
    I tried to look for this address and some information about Stafferone’s family but i haven’t found anything. Can you help me if possible? can you tell me if, in Charleston, does this address exist?

    Thank you in advance and saluti from Sezze 🙂


    • Bob Piros says:

      Daniela, shows
      Angelo Stafferone,living in New York,
      Feb.17,1907.You can also find him
      on the Ellis Island site. shows a
      Pasquale Casalini in the 1930
      census in New York. He was born
      in 1877.His wife was Rose.
      Lists all of his family members.
      Mapquest doesn’t list the address
      in Charleston,WV.

      • Daniela says:

        Hi Bob, thank you for your information. I think he was another Casalini Pasquale because my great grandfather died in 1918….

  8. pamelajonespannell says:

    In search Of Biological Mother, Elizabeth Jones or any of Her immediate family , Please Contact

    • Linda Van Horn says:

      Pam, my grandmother’s name was Elizabeth Jones.

      • Beatrice (Wendy) Pannell or Pamela Jones Pannell says:

        Mrs. Van Horn, please send me another email about Mrs. Jones. We have been looking for her or her family for a very long time. I would like to speak to you about this lady. Again I am
        Thank you for responding, I just knew someone was out there that knew of her or of her family.

  9. Beatrice Pannell says:

    I am looking for a mother from the Logan area by way of Holden. She is African-American and her name is Elizabeth Jones. I am looking for any of her relatives (parents, siblings or children). Please leave a message at I am a researcher requesting this information.

  10. Cinzia Di Francesco says:

    Ho saputo che il mio bisnonno che si chiamava Sabato Sene è vissuto lì fino al 1954 anno in cui è morto se qualcuno ha notizie può rispondere alla mail grazie, scrivo dall’Italia.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Cinzia, e necessario andare sul sito web,
      You necessita di conoscere lo stato in cui il bisnonno
      Sene Sabato e morto.
      Anche anno cui e nato.Sto usando,
      traduttere online @

  11. Denise Willey says:

    I am looking for information about my grandmother’s family. Last name was Miller. I don’t know her parent’s first names but know that they lived in Logan and that her father was a mining foreman. My grandmother was Mae Miller and later married Dean Willey. All I really know is that they lived at the top of a hill in Logan, that I have Mingo blood through my grandmother’s side of the family and that Mae moved to Charleston to work when she got older. Mae (Miller) Willey passed away a few years ago at the age of 98. Any info would be welcomed. Thank you!

  12. Linda Van Horn says:

    I have been trying to get more information about my father, Gene Gallo, which has not been very successful. My mother was Betty Lou Jones. She had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. If anyone knew her, I would be grateful to hear about your memories. She died when I was 12. It was very sad, she was a beautiful lady. Thank you.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Linda, could you please post your e-mail address
      or what you have found out about Gene Gallo.
      I sent you some info in September.
      My e-mail is

      • Linda Van Horn says:

        Hi Bob, I received an e mail from Brenda Moore Hensley who grew up across the street from Gene Gallo. I have tried to contact her by phone and email, but have not been able to reach her. I also tried contacting the Chirico restaurant through facebook. As I mentioned to you before, I have not been successful in finding information on the links you sent me. Thanks, Linda my email address is

  13. Shelby Burgess says:

    I would like to know more about Richard Hewett of the countys of Logan and Boone.
    Tradition says he was slaughtered by Indians on the stream that later was named for him(Hewett ). I have some info that I may be related to him through the Workmans. Thanks;

  14. Linda says:

    To: Brenda Moore Hensley

    Hi Brenda, I was so excited to receive your e mail. I left you a message last week with my number. Hope to talk with you soon.

  15. Alexandria Baisden says:

    Looking for information on the Canterbury family. My grandpa is Willard Baisden born in April of 1928. He was adopted by a Baisden, but his biological father was a Canterbury, I’m 15 years old, and I’m working on a family tree for class. My father refuses to tell me anything about them. My father is Michael Baisden. If you have any information, please email me at
    I want to know my family. ❤️

  16. Tony Di Nobile says:

    I’m an amateur Genealogist….I do 1 surname and work back from Father to Grandfather ,etc. and than of course include the spouses….In this basic tree I will try and get back to your ancestors arrived in America…IF I find that ancestor within a generation or two , If I can I will also try and get back a few generations in the ,”Old Country” ) , that way you have a basic outline and can continue the Family Tree in more detail if you wish….I also will setup a Free Family Tree through and input the information….Finally , I will post what I find Caldwell Message Board and post a message , that way others researching the Caldwell name will see it and be able to help you maybe further your research while at the same time furthering their own….Finally , I will post what I find a Message Board and post a message , that way others researching the name will see it and be able to help you maybe further your research while at the same time furthering their own….I can also send you a Facebook Request , in case you wanted to chat that way….I do charge $60 to do this….Please message via Facebook or just respond to this post if your interested….Thank You !

  17. James Kenney says:

    Looking for any and all information regarding William MacKenzie ” Mac” Locke and Lillian Louise ” Tillie” McBride-Rine-Locke, as well as dau. Leah Rine and children. Any assistance is appreciated.

  18. Kim Accord says:

    Hello! I am researching a homicide of a family member that occurred in Switzer, Logan Co. It was Harrel Clay, on 28 Jan 1946 at the Beer Gaidor (can’t read that word very well on the death cert). He was a war vet, only 23 at the time of death. Family stories are that it was over him being mixed up in the Hatfield/McCoy mess. Have tried to find a newpaper article online but have had no luck. Any info would be wonderful. My husband was born less than a month later & he was given Harrel’s name, but the family was so torn up about the death that they couldn’t say the name, so my husband became “Buddy”. Thank you!

    • Bob Piros says:

      Kim, the record says Beer Garden.
      You might try
      website,you might find someone to do
      research for a fee.They have a request
      form on the site.
      A request to a local Logan church might
      get results if you are willing to give a
      donation for their time.

  19. Faye Francis says:

    searching for relatives of my grandfather, Kelly Cox, Sr. He was married to Gladys Kelly Cox last. They had one daughter, I believe Brenda Around 1946-1947. Kelly had children from 1st & 2nd marriages also. 1st Dimples, 2nd Maxine & Kelly Jr.

    Any info would be helpful

  20. Teresa Slone-Sturgeon says:

    I am looking for Collins family of Yolyn, Rum Creek, Argyle, Chambers. List of names I can find are:
    William and Mary Jane (Hall) Collins
    Hattie Collins Hall
    George Collins
    Martha Allen Burns
    Melvin Allen
    Brad Burns
    Virgil Allen

    Anything would be extremely helpful and appreciated. There also would have been a blind cousin names Squire who ran a beer joint and lived in a 2 story house around back. This would have been around 1950

  21. Mary J Collins says:

    I am seeking information on Collins Family who lived in Mingo County. I am also looking for information on Easter Collins. Her first husband was Jesse Finley. Easter died in January 1984. I am filling in information on the family tree. Any family photos would be great.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Mary, has the
      info about Easter Collins,
      born Oct.19,1908.
      Married Jesse Finley
      in 1933 in Logan.
      He was born in 1903,
      died in 1946 in Logan.

  22. Jennifer Liers says:

    I now know I am looking for the name of the family who owned the Logan Cafe on Stratton street in the mid 50’s. A man by the name of Louie ran it around then. Any help would be appreciated.

    I can be reached at

    • Bob Piros says:

      Jennifer,according to an old Logan
      phonebook,the Logan Cafe was located at
      319 Stratton St. Franklin’s at 208,Nick’s at
      411 & the Smoke House at 134.
      The man was Louie Papardopaulous who
      changed his name to Louie Pauley.You can
      find him at

      • Jennifer Liers says:

        Thank you so much! That matches exactly with my Grandmother’s memory that he mentioned changing his name. My question is, how do I find is info on I see that name, but nothing that truly confirms it is the same person. And I can’t find anything under the older name. Am I searching incorrectly? Thanks for your help.

  23. debbie says:

    looking for any family of G. Burgess Thompson..from verdenville

  24. Jennifer Liers says:

    I am trying to search for the name of a family who owned a restaurant in downtown Logan in the mid to late 1950’s. My grandmother thinks she remembers the restaurant name being the family’s name. She also remembers some time in the mid fifties, there was a newspaper article about the restaurant. The family was Greek or Italian. I just want to find out the family’s last name. Any help would be appreciated.

    You can email me at

    • Tony Di Nobile says:

      Hi Jennifer….Below are 2 more records for a Louie Pauley….The first is a WW II Enlistment Record , showing this Louie as being born in 1924 , which is still a little older than you mentioned , but closer….The 2nd is a more recent record with an address an phone number….Hopefully , one of these will help you.

      Name: Louie E Pauley
      Name (Original): PAULEY LOUIE E
      Event Type: Military Service
      Event Date: 19 Jul 1943
      Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
      Event Place: Huntington, West Virginia, United States
      Race: White
      Citizenship Status: citizen
      Birth Year: 1924
      Birthplace: WEST VIRGINIA
      Education Level: 2 years of high school
      Civilian Occupation: Semiskilled chauffeurs and drivers, bus, taxi, truck, and tractor
      Marital Status: Single, without dependents
      Military Rank: Private
      Army Branch: No branch assignment
      Army Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
      Source Reference: Civil Life
      Serial Number: 35770545
      Affiliate ARC Identifier: 1263923
      Box Film Number: 09895.51


      Name: Louie Pauley
      Residence Date: 30 Dec 2000
      Residence Place: Mount Gay, West Virginia, United States
      Phone Number: (740) 379-2187
      Phone Number Recorded Date: 01 Aug 2000
      Address: 587 PO Box
      Address Continued: Mount Gay, West Virginia 25637
      2nd Address: 824 Gage Rd
      2nd Address Continued: Patriot, Ohio 45658
      2nd Address Date: 01 Jan 1996-01 Aug 2000
      Record Number: 424544409

  25. Faye Francis says:

    Searching for my grandfathers grave – obit says he is buried in Upper McDonald Cemetery at Peach Creek, WV, I can’t find any info on internet. Name Kelly Cox b/d 6/02/1890 d/d July 1971.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Faye,you might want to check with
      James Funeral Home online site for help. shows a Upper McDonald
      Cemetery in Danville,Boone Co.
      Shows 3 McDonald Cemeteries in Logan Co.
      with maps.

  26. Linda Van Horn says:

    Bob, thank you so much. Do you know if he has children?

    • Bob Piros says:

      Linda, yes he did.Please look at
      the death certificate.

      • Linda Van Horn says:

        Bob, I will be traveling to Logan in November. Do you know of anyone I could contact to get more information about my father, Gene Gallo, and his family. I am having trouble locating information about his son, Tony. I know you provided me with a web site to find my father’s death certificate, but, I could not find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

        • Bob Piros says:

          Linda, all the info you seek about
          Tony Gallo is at
          His family was friends with the
          Chirico family in Logan.
          Per 1940 Census.
          There is a Chirico’s Restaurant
          at 24 Main Ave. in Logan.
          Good Luck.

          • Brenda Moore Hensley says:

            I lived across the street from Gene Gallo when I was a child. Tony was the oldest child. The younger son was Johnny. They did not have any daughters. Tony was married at one time to Judy Turner. Johnny was married 1st time and had 2 children. I believe he is in Ky near Williamson My email only works at times. I can answer more questions for you. Call 1-304-687-9800.

  27. Pamela Evans Thompson says:

    I am looking for information on the Evans Family. Specifically the family of Talton and Isabelle Tackett Evans. Henry on one of Talton’s son and married Jennie Robinson Finley. She is buried in the Mounts Cemetery at Mt. Gay. Henry’s death cert says he is buried in Mt. Gay Cemetery. I have not been able to locate this cemetery. Help would be appreciated. Also I am of the Chaffin line from Logan County and Mingo County. I come up to this area quite often looking for relatives who may have information. Anyone’s help I would appreciate.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Pamela,go to,
      it shows a map to the Mounts cemetery.
      Shows Jennie Evans,born May 13,1878
      she died March 3,1963.
      Good Luck.

  28. Linda Van Horn says:

    Looking for my birth father who most likely has passed away. His name is Gene Gallo, was 38 years old in 1953. He was married and had an affair with my mother, Betty Lou Jones. I am hoping to find any living relatives. Thank you.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Linda, he was born May 9,1915 &
      he died July 30,1971.His death certificate
      is at shows lots of Gallo members
      in WV.
      Good Luck.

  29. Margaret Burton says:

    My mother’s family was from Holden….she was Margaret Gladys Mooney…her father was Edward ..her mother was Lily Brown Mooney….her brothers were Ted, Jackie, and Jimmy….Mother was valedictorian of her class at Logan High School…any stories or memories of this family would be greatly appreciated….thank you…

  30. sarah adams says:

    Still Searching for information on
    •Elza Workman (b. 1919? – d. 1980)
    married March 22, 1947 to:
    •Elsie McNeely (b. 1929 – d. 1989)

    -Elza s/o •Thompson Workman & Polly Emily Workman. Elza is buried on Bulwark branch (harts crk).
    -Elsie d/o •Bilton McNeely & Milcie(milcy) Adkins. Elsie is buried on Bulwark. Elsie’s family lived in Lincoln county as far as I am aware. But I have information that she may have been born in Logan.

    Any information to help with this family tree would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Sarah,go to
      Elsie McNeely,b.- April 22,1928,
      Married Elza Workman,March 17,1947
      in Logan,WV.
      Elsie Workman,
      d.- Nov.16,1989,Lincoln WV.

  31. Joy Conley says:

    Any information on Cloyd Bowling Sr and Pearl Kershner Bowling – beliearved to have died in Logan County WVA in 1941 My Dad was Edward C Bowling – born in1920 email me at

  32. Lauren says:

    I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather, Joseph (Joe) Lucas, son of Albert French Lucas and Laura. He had several siblings as well. He moved to Florida and married Gwen Raines and had two children. His daughter gave birth to my mother in 1966 and she put her up for adoption. His daughter has since passed as well as his son Donald. I am looking for any family relatives or anyone who knew Joe!

    Thank you!

    • Bob Piros says:

      Hello Lauren, shows 8 Lucas with
      phone # living in Florida. Shows many living in
      WV. Also shows the marriage
      record of Joe Lucas to Gwen Raines,July 22,1944
      in Florida. It shows the 1930 & 1940 WV Census
      which shows many of your relatives.

  33. Linda Maynard Sturgill says:

    Looking for info on Clara Christian, Crawley Creek, W.Va. May have been born in Clear Fork Area, McDowell County. Mother of Troy around 1905 was Troy’s birth.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Linda,go to
      The 1910 census shows the family.

      • Linda Sturgill says:

        Yes, I found the family on 1910 Census. But have not been able to find more info on Clara Christian – birth, death or marriage certificates. My grandfather was born out of wedlock and apparently was born Christian, but his father was Christopher Columbus Belcher. Troy later went by Belcher. Any more suggestions on ancestry links?

  34. Alan Simpkins says:

    I am looking for my Grandfathers Father. Reverend Henry John Simpkins Jr. was Born on 14 March 1885 In Mingo, WV. I do know that he lived in Horsepin Hollow Logan WV. He was married on 1 Jan 1906, with a Minnie Ellis. He had listed as his father on his Marriage Certification of H. Simpkins and M. Mounts. I have found out that M. Mounts was Martha Mounts and she worked as a laundress in the area. She has Henry listed as a “Mounts” on the 1900 Census in the Mingo Stafford District. I also know that Mingo and Logan counties were together at one time then separated into separate counties later. I am told by several people that Henry John Simpkins was a Junior but I have no evidence of this.. I would love to find out if this is indeed the case. I also assume that it may be possible that Henry was conceived out of wedlock, or his father could have passed away shortly there after. I am also told that Henry had a Half-Brother named Willard H. Hatfield. I would appreciate any information that you may have to share with me. According to the 1900 Census, It is listed that the mother and father was born in WV but I am unable to obtain any records relating this. Thank you for your time!

  35. Tonya Shadd says:

    I’m looking for any Decendants of Albert and Sarah Dillon Vance
    Albert and Sarah were married 2/13/24 Logan WV – he was 23 she was 19 He was from Kleen Koal and she was from Mt Gay – Alberts Mothers name Louvernia (also spelled Luverna) Caldwell, Fathers name Adison Vance – Sarahs Mothers name Celia Bailey and Fathers name James Dillon (Married by J.G. McNeely)
    I created a facebook group.

  36. doug says:

    id like to find some stuff out about my great great grandpa his name is Arey white

  37. ruth chambers powell says:

    AM trying to find information about3 children that died when they were young, my mothers brother and sisters? my mother was born at ethel, so thought her kin may be buried there,names– nora m fisher, b.1910- d.1912– dorthey fisher b.1918 d.1922 – robert w. jack fisher b1921 d.1924, would appreciate it if anyone has information. ruth chambers powell

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      Probably buried at the Foley cemetery at Fort Branch. At that time,this was the only cemetery near Ethel.Many miners familys are buried in the Foley cemetery. It is across the creek at Melville,Logan Co. WV.

  38. Larry Bevins says:

    Have been researching my 2nd Great Grandma Elizabeth A. Steele b. 08 Nov 1854 Virginia and passed away about 1890 Logan County, West Virginia of consumption. She was married to George Washington Richards b. 1840 on 30 Aug 1871 Logan County, West Virginia. I haven’t been able to find records of who her parents were. I have been told her father and mother was Charles & Sarah Steele. Would love to find records to prove her parentage and be able to complete her Steele lineage. Any help would be appreciated. Would love to find a photo of her too. My 2nd Great Grandpa George Washington Richards was also married first to Lydia Hatfield, 2nd my Elizabeth Steele, and third to Minnie Stollings. George and Elizabeth Steele Richards children were George W. “Wash”, Elizabeth Jane, Ransom Jiles “Ran”, William E., Albert “Abe”, Joseph “Joe”, Molly S., Blackburn “Black”, and Sarah Ann Richards. Lived on Upper Crawley Creek, Logan County, West Virginia.

    My Great Grandpa Ransom Jiles Richards lived at Snap Creek, Logan County, West Virginia.

  39. Charles D. Vance says:

    I am looking for the burial site of William George Vance, son of John Vance And Mary Wilson. He was born about 1814 in Va. George was Married to Clarissa Peggy Harmon. He died in the 1880s. The Last known address was with his son John Wesley Vance at Chapmanville WV. Thank you Charles D. Vance

  40. rebecca adams says:

    i am rebecca adams the daughter of edna mae adams n king adams grand daughter of dixie mullins n jack mullins of buck fork, qennie adams, john adams i think this is true on the adams side can some one help me out please.

    • ashley Mullins says:

      Hi rebecca, my name is ashley Mullins I am the daughter of Billy mullins who is homer mullins brother. I am pretty sure that my grandpa is dixies brother. (well he is if its the same person) please contact me via email

      • Nona Adams says:

        Can you tell me what was Dixie’s parents name.

        • Ashley says:

          I am pretty sure Rosa Adams, but I would have to ask my father. I will see him today (12/21) and get back to you.

        • Tammy Mullins says:

          Rosa Adams b.1881-d.1940 and George Mullins b. still researching Rosa’s parents were Anthony Adams and Alafair Farley.

          • ashley Mullins says:

            My fathers name is Billy mullins. Son of homer Mullins and beulah kennedy. Homers parents were rosa adams and george mullins. A few other children they had were dixie, burl, Marie and maybe George. My grandfather died when my dad was 3 so he doesn’t know much either.

          • ashley Mullins says:

            Can you email me tammy?
            My email is thank you

          • Tammy Mullins says:

            sorry,I mean Pricy Alafair Chapman Adams.

          • sarah adams says:

            Hi, Dixie Mullins was my husbands g.g.grandma. what were her parents names? I’ve been working on his family tree for quite sometime and I’m stuck. Help would be greatly appreciated.

        • ashley Mullins says:

          Dixies parents were rosa adams and george mullins. She had siblings named burl, homer, marie and possibly george?

          • Shelby Burgess says:

            Who was the 4th member of the singing group that went by the name of the Anthony Adams Four ? I know Burl and Marie Mullins , and Anthony Adams were members. I greatly enjoyed their songs.

          • Tammy Mullins says:

            Dixie was my husbands great grandmother.

        • Marie says:

          I am researching the ADAMS’ of Logan Co WV…I am a descendent of John Washington Adams. I am looking for the parents of Joseph Adams, who married Dicy Mullins. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
          Thank you, Marie

          • Kim Lane Green says:

            will send you info

          • Kim Lane Green says:

            Alyson Adams family tree
            owner: aka321
            sources (6)
            records (5)
            Joseph Adams

            3 Jan 1810
            Logan, West Virginia, United StatesNEW
            Jan 1855DIFFERENT
            Logan, West Virginia, United States
            Family Info

            William D Adams (1774-1855)NEW

            Ann Demorest (1774-)NEW
            Dicie Mullins (1816-1888)
            Married 1832NEW
            Patsy Ann (1830-1869)NEW
            Sarah Sally (1833-1920)NEW
            John Qunicy (1837-1863)NEW
            John QUINCY (1838-1863)NEW
            Rhoda J (1843-)NEW
            Solomon (1846-1925)NEW
            Anthony (1849-1914)NEW
            Benjamin (1855-1920)

        • toni wheatley says:

          I hope this is the right nona adams,this is toni wheatley please answer me back if you know me

    • sidney lane jr says:

      my grandmother name was dicey blanche adams and she was born in logan WV and have been wanted to find her famliy

    • Kim Lane Green says:

      I am related to all these folks what questions do you need answered my grandfather was Freddie Adams,wife Margaret Baisden they lived in Harts creeks .My mom was Dicie Blanche Adams she passed away march 19th 2013

      • Marie says:

        Thanks your help is welcomed and thanks for replying. I am looking for the siblings of Joseph Adams married to Dicy Mullins. Any proof would be greatly appreciated.

      • Marie says:

        So sorry about the passing of your dear mother. I have been trying to confirm that John Washington Adams was Joseph’s brother. I have Washington’s parents as William and Ann…but I was hoping for some proof. This family was very close nit. I know they are brothers…just can’t prove it.
        Any stories you can share would be wonderful to hear. Thanks so much.

  41. Janet Messer says:

    Looking for infomation on a James Barrett who married a Nancy Williamson Jan 6th 1902 and had 2 sons Byrd Barrett bn /1902 and Hezz Barrett 1904? He was maybe in the military.Believe he was born in Kentucky.He listed his age when he married as 28.So possible bn 1874?Hers 19.They married in Logan WV resided HartsCreek.Nancy later married a John Thompson the a Ray Buchanan.

  42. Gerrie Lynn Johnson says:

    My name is Gerrie Lynn Johnson Was named after my Father Jerry Gordon Johnson (passed)Brother’s Keneth married to Molly, Ira jr ,William called Neal(passed) married to Hellen,Sister named Linda married toJunior Ferrell(not sure on that spelling)his Father’s name was Ira Johnson(passed) married to Maud Bennet(passed). My Mother’s name is Donna Jean McNeely(passed),I was raised by her Sister Jackie Lee McNeely(passed)They have a Sister named Milldred who married Hershal Dillon(passed) they adopted a son named James( Actualy they bought him from some woman in a bar there inWVA) and a Brother named Willam(passed) worked in mines went by Bill can’t remember his wife’s name(think it may have ben Lila) had Daughter’s Randy Sue, Bobbie Joe, and Sissy that’s what they called her not sure what her real name was, and there was a younger Brother who passed away young under the age of two not sure what his name was I think it may have ben Bobbie. My Mother’s parent’s name’s where John McNeely(passed) worked in the mine’s Iseland creek was one(not sure on spelling) married to Ruby(passed) Growing up I heard mention of Logan and Holden WVA, if you know any of them or are kin folk or know of any kin generation’s further back then ones mentioned above and have name’s, picture’s, anything would be greatly apreicated I lost everything some year’s back now all family picture’s family Bibble’s with family tree ect,ect. Picture’s ect to

    • Doris Chambers says:

      is this child that mother worked in bar in wva still living do you no what bar and the person that they got child from that was a bar around island creek 24 mines do you know about what year this took place make be able to shead some light on this

  43. Everitt Hatfield says:

    Having made two trips to the Wharncliffe area searching several cemeteries looking unsuccessfully for my great grandfather Eli (Aly) Hatfield and his wife Edith Cline.

    Also Eli’s father Joseph and mother Nancy Evans, or Valentine (1789-1872) and his wife Martha Weddington (1795-1852). A response would be highly appreciated. Would like to make one more trip to find them.
    My e-mail is

    • Bob Piros says:

      Hi Everitt, you might look at for help. There are many names of
      Hatfield family members. Having date of birth helps. I found a Nancy Evans
      born in 1788 and she died June 5,1868 in Monongalia County VA.

  44. Adam H. Grimmett says:

    I am looking for old photos of the Grimmett clans of Logan
    County. I’d love to find photos of John and Nancy Grimmett
    from Sandlick. The both died between 1880-1900.
    Any Grimmett pictures from before that time period to 1930
    would be great to get copies of. Thank you!!

  45. Tony Di Nobile says:

    I have been helping a friend research her Family Tree….I have done well , but hit the Genealogical Brick Wall when trying to get back further in her McHenry Line…..I have traced back to her ancestors , John McHenry (1808-80) and his wife Mahala McHenry Thompson (1806-1854)….I have seen information stating that John McHenry was born in Cabell County , but so far I haven’t been able to get back any further in the Family Tree….Any information that could be shared to further my research would be Greatly Appreciated….Regards ,

  46. Heather says:

    Hi, I am looking for information on my ancestry from Holden, WV. Names are Johnson (Bethard, George), Clark (William and Martha), Allen (Martha), Ghee (Thomas and Sarah), Marcum (Rena or Toni), and Adkins (Regina or Dodie). Any information would be very helpful. Thank you. 🙂

    • Bob Piros says:

      Hi Heather, go to I found a
      William R.Clark,born in 1916 in Georgia
      wife Martha in the 1940 census.

    • Matt says:

      We are trying to trace our roots and it has been difficult as Im sure you know. My great grandfather was from Holden and his name was Thomas Ghee husband of Sarah. My grandfathers name was Henry Ghee. We have a picture of Thomas Ghee but none of Sarah. Please feel free to email and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Matt says:

      Hi Heather, my name is Gary Ghee Grandparents were Thomas and Sarah Ghee. My fathers name was Henry. Contact me please we have some more information on the family, not much but might help you and I both. Thank you.

    • Matt says:

      Hi Heather, My name is Gary Ghee. My grandparents were Thomas and Sarah. Thomas died in 1923 and Sarah maybe died in 1924. My dad’s name was Henry Ghee. I have more info and still seeking more info on Thomas and Sarah. You can contact me at Sheila.ghee@ Thanks Gary

  47. Ashley Mullins says:

    Hello, my name is Ashley Mullins. My grandfather’s name was Homer Benjamin Mullins. He was born in 1925 and died in 1958. He was married to Beulah Kennedy who also passed away 3 years later. My father does not remember much but we would like to see if anyone has any pictures or anything of either? Thank you very much

    • Bob Piros says:

      Hi Ashley, has a Homer B.Mullins born
      Nov.15,1925 and he died Sept.17,1958 in Logan.
      He’s buried in Harts Creek Cemetery.

  48. William Cress says:

    I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather ( John Marshall Cress ) – He was a U. S. postmaster at a few of the mines in logan ( Accoville 1926 – ? ) ( Ethel, Logan 1919, 1921 – ? ) ( Hetzel 1930, 1931 – ? )

    • Bob Piros says:

      Hi William, shows a John M.Cress from
      Logan in the 1920 census.

      • William Cress says:

        Thank you Bob….. Every bit of info is helpful – I was just hoping for slightly more detailed information if it was out there. Ora ( Mehl ) Cress was his wife and any info on her is also very much appreciated!



  49. joe t vannatter says:

    does any one know the names of the toppins family that lives at the top of the hill at toppins lane on heart creek? i think we might be related. thanks! joe vannatter

  50. Katie (Mullins) Aday says:

    I was doing some research on my father’s side and I would love to hear any stories about the Mullins’ (Starting with my great, great, great Grandpa John Henry Mullins) his son was Lafayette Mullins, his son was Enslow Mullins his son was Darrell Lee Mullins (my dad). The Mullins’ name ended on my dad’s side when my brother Darrell Andrew Mullins passed away.

    • Beth says:

      Are you related to James Arthur Mullins? He would be about 62 years old now. I lived down the street from. Left Holden, W. Va. when I was five.

    • Ashley Mullins says:

      Hi, my father is from west virginia. So is some of my family. I am a Mullins also. But we started populating in new york lol. I would love to see if we are kin!

    • Tammy (Mullins) Brundige says:

      I am a Mullins by birth. My father was Fayette Mullins Sr. He worked in the coal mines around Logan County and his parents were Roy and Sally Mullins . Not sure if they were related, you might know.

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