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Logan County, Virginia was formed on May 7, 1824 and named in honor of the famous Mingo Indian Chief. The Logan Courthouse village was first established as Lawnsville in 1827. The town was first incorporated in 1852 as Aracoma. Its first mayor was Thomas Dunn English who wrote “Ben Bolt”. On June 20, 1863 West Virginia seceded from the Confederate State of Virginia and joined the Union. The Aracoma name was changed to Logan in 1907. William Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield (Sept 9, 1839 – Jan. 6, 1921) famous patriarch of the Hatfield clan is buried in the county.

This website is dedicated to preserving the memories and history of Logan County, West Virginia. Everyone is welcome to help in this endeavor by sharing their photos, memories and any information they may have about the history of Logan County. We especially would appreciate the help from local historians and writers. Please check out our posts and photos and feel free to join in on any of the discussions.  Our web address is www.LoganWV.us — an easy United States web address to remember. Thanks for stopping by!

Logan WV April 1999April 1999 from the top of Buskirk Hill.

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    11 hours ago

    Logan County, WV History and Nostalgia

    Not Logan just a nice nostalgic photo from the 50s.Remember going downtown to look at the store windows during Christmas? ... See MoreSee Less

    Not Logan just a nice nostalgic photo from the 50s.


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    Yes...but that isn’t Logan

    Precious memories, how they linger, how the ever flood my soul.

    Beckley used to look like this but that has all but disappeared!!

    I always loved to go down town and look at the lights

    Yes i remember. Why doesnt our towns do that now? Was so much fun

    One I was there I enjoyed it, but I got carsick going to Logan and then again going back home...

    Good old days

    Yes in the 70s

    I do it was fun

    not logan wva

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    Logan County, WV History and Nostalgia

    Mercer County ... See MoreSee Less

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