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1950s Stratton Street, Logan, WV.

1950 Stratton Street courtesy of Steve Fasnacht ©.

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26 Responses to Logan County Main Photo Gallery

  1. Bob. Piros says:

    Many thanks to Ralph McNeely for his
    postings of photos from the collection
    of Julia & Walter Shelton.

  2. Anne Easterling Russ says:

    My friend Janie Wells White from Dehue were and I were just talking about the ham salad sandwiches from Franklins. Loved them….

  3. Marlina Vankovich Guess says:

    Lived at McConnell WV for 34 years. Went to Logan East Junior High, then Logan High School. Graduated in 1965. Does anyone have pictures of the Gold and Blue above Logan East Junior High or Franklin’s in Logan. My uncle Charles Oney worked at Lewis Furniture Co. in Logan and on his lunch on Friday evening would come and take me and my aunt to Logan. We would shop and go to Franklins and have their ham salad sandwiches. Loved it so much.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Marlina, those photos are on this
      website. Also can you please look
      at the LEJHS site & see if you can
      ID any of the student photos.
      Thanks for your help.

  4. Patty Blevins says:

    Enjoyed looking at ALL the pictures!!! Do you know of any picture of the rotating car parking building that was beside the Guyan Valley Hospital?

  5. Rachel Harmon says:

    My cousin and her husband co- owned a restaurant down town Logan around th 1940 ‘s , Coney Island Restaurant. They were of Greek descent. Mike and Violet Menaedes. The Co-owner was named Mike as well. Is there any information or pictures of the restaurant? Thanks

  6. Patty Austin says:

    Loved the pictures, We moved from Ft. Branch to Logan in the early 60’s lived on pine street until I got married then moved away, but still have family there so I go HOME as often as I can. I live in Texas now, But Logan is Still Home !!!!

  7. Donna says:

    The pictures are truly beautiful, my mom and dad are from there, We were always know as the Carey girls all 6 of us, my mom and dad told many stories about the restraints and the town

  8. Doug isaacs says:

    We loved going to Frnklins when I was a kid

    • Bob Piros says:

      Yes my family as well.
      Wonderful food & sodas.
      Recall a funny book store nearby.
      A Dental office in the second story
      in the White building.
      I lived in Cherry Tree from 1946-1964.
      Rode the city bus down to Logan.
      Went to the movies for a dime till I was
      13,then it was a quarter.

      • I worked at Franklins in the early 60;s

        • Henry Chafin says:

          Barb, Knocker Chafin here. Peach Creek was home, but we looked forward to going up to Franklyns after going to the middle burg theatre. I have such great memories my life in Logan Cty.

      • Nancy Carter says:

        I think my Dad was the dentist. His office was on the second floor at 101 Stratton. I rode the bus to town too and went to movies and the Mercantile.

        • Bob Piros says:

          Nancy, I hope that you have
          a photo of your Dad that you can
          post to this site. I don’t recall what
          he looked like but I still remember
          the grinding drill he used.Probably
          in his chair from 1958-1964.
          What was his full name?

  9. Paul Sammons says:

    This reminds me of the 35mm movies we had of the family and what my Great Aunt Mary had to say about them many years ago…”I can’t watch them, I just want to reach out and give everybody a hug!”

  10. "Larry" Ellis says:

    This is such a trip down memory Lane. I actually remember playing on the red merry-go-round at Justice Grade school in 1959-60! And we still have a piece of the marble taken from the walls of the old Logan County Courthouse when they were razing it! It is now a marble top on a 150 year old antique cherry hand carved dresser! Thanks to all for sharing your photos!!!

  11. enjoyed this so much ,thanks for sharing,, Logan WV THE ONLY PLACE I CALL HOME !!

  12. rachel says:

    Loved seeing the pictures , we lived in crooked creek , moved to ohio in 1964 still have family their gibsons and thornhills , and tottens

  13. Anita Barker Sorensen says:

    Great!! Thank you for the walk down memory lane 🙂

  14. Linda Poole Brock says:

    I LOVE seeing these pixs

  15. Linda (Maynard) Sturgill says:

    I am guessing somewhere along our genealogy we are cousins. My mother is Lillian Belcher Maynard. Her mother was Christine Mullins daughter of Joe Mullins and Belle Smith Mullins. Her sisters are Violet Butcher and Freda Vance. Love the pics and will share you on my FB page.

  16. Julius Roosevelt Carpenter says:

    love it, just love to look at Logan and all the good times I had as a teenager

    • Brenda White Beechner says:

      Love the pictures and have a question about one of them. There is one from B. Kirk..”Blood in WV: A caption on it says, “Hick White” Watermill or the Old McDonald Mill”. Was wondering if you might have more information about the Old McDonald Mill, like the name of the McDonald family that would have had it. I am a descendent from the McDonalds. My G Grandfather was Boliver McDonald from Crooked Creek (Logan Co) WV. I grew up there and go HOME often. Brenda White Beechner