Buffalo Creek Disaster – Feb. 26, 1972

The Buffalo Creek Disaster, February 26, 1972

Buffalo Creek Disaster Historical Highway MarkerOne of worst floods in US occurred here 26 February 1972, when Buffalo Mining Co. impoundment dam for mine waste broke, releasing over 130 million gallons of black waste water: killed 125; property losses over $50 million; and thousands left homeless. Three commissions placed blame on ignored safety practices. Led to 1973 Dam Control Act and $13.5 million class action legal settlement in 1974.

Buffalo Creek Flood Revisited – 10 Years Later

Buffalo Creek Flood 41 Years Later – Video project by Man High School’s Environmental Science Class

 Coal dam break leads to flood.

Buffalo Creek Disaster Monument Photo

Buffalo Creek Disaster Monument at Forrest Lawn.

I’d like to create a memorial gallery on this page to remember the victims of this terrible disaster so if anyone wants to submit any photos, please do so.

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My special thanks to Pam Brennan for her assistance.

The Days Following

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4 Responses to Buffalo Creek Disaster – Feb. 26, 1972

  1. Carl cook says:

    Thanks for the pitchers I go back to buffalo creek a lot mom’s in still buried there was born in Colorado and can recognize it any more it’s changed so much but it will always be home no matter where I am

  2. Wendy Etheridge says:

    Looking at property in our area brought remembrance of the flood at Buffalo Creek. I was 22 when this happened and I remember hearing about it but I had no idea of the devastation of the area and the loss of property and life. Thanks so much for sharing. It certainly gives me better perspective on your history.

  3. Pam Brennan says:

    Thank you for these pictures. It is so important that this is not forgotten.