Dehue, WV

Photos and History of Dehue, WV

Historical Dehue Sign. The Dehue community existed from 1916 to 1996.Dehue was named for D.E. Hewitt who owned and operated a sawmill in the area. It was once a thriving little community but when the Youngstown Mines Corporation closed its mines there, the demise of this little community followed.

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1980s Drive Through Dehue

More Dehue YouTube Video Clips

Photo Gallery

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2 Responses to Dehue, WV

  1. Lillian Porter Smith says:

    Love the old photo’s of Dehue, WV, they bring a lot of pleasure to those of us, that were raised there, if you have any photos you would like posted, please contact the e-mail address at beginning of this page

  2. Donna Porter Burress And Kay Griffith Nisbet, Organized The Dehue Community Reunion, August 1986. Now 29 Years Later, It Is Still Going Strong, With People Attending From All Over The USA. The Date For The 29th Annual Dehue Community Reunion Is 5 pm Friday August 8th And 10 am Saturday August 9th, 2014, At The Dehue Chambers Grade School.
    Donna Porter Burress