Mount Gay, WV

Mount Gay, Logan County, WV

Mount Gay was originally called Gay, West Virginia which derived its named from Harry S. Gay. Jr. owner of the Gay Coal & Coke Company. The Gay Coal & Coke Company opened the first mine in Logan County in 1904.

Gay Coal and Coke Co. 1916 Ad1916 Ad

Throughout the 1950s, everyone living at Mount Gay, Whites Addition, Cherry Tree, Fisher Bottom and Shamrock received their mail at the Mount Gay Post Office. Fisher Bottom was located adjacent to the lower end of Cherry Tree. In 1957, Fisher Bottom and the old Cherry Tree Grade School were demolished to make room for the Logan Blvd.

March 22, 1989 Logan Banner newspaper clipping “Harriet Sansom of Cherry Tree raises 38 children”, courtesy of Cherrie Samson Nelson.

Cherry Tree, June 1988 courtesy of Bob Piros

Mount Gay Area Photo Gallery


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10 Responses to Mount Gay, WV

  1. raymond l ferguson says:

    you all knew the area very good my dad and step mother lived the first house just past the grave yard I have enjoyed reading the old times we now live ing a little place called Booneville ms have liver here since 1980.

  2. raymond l ferguson says:

    yes I rember the store and post office but I left there in 1954 and went in the army but we lived at shamrock wen I left my dad Lucian ferguson work ing the mine made trip this past april and was lost had trouble finding Dempsey branch just tried to trace my child hood glad to see this history of lonan and mt gay.

  3. Helen Bigler Starr says:

    The Mount Gay Post office was located just around the corner from the Mt Gay Company store. It was there from at least the mid to late 1940s to 1960. I know. I walked there everyday during that time to get our mail. Please correct this.

    • Admin says:

      Thank you for pointing out that the Mt. Gay Post Office was located near the Gay Mine Company Store during the 1940s. I removed the sentence, “The Post Office was located in Cherry Tree.” I distinctly remember it being in Cherry Tree in 1957. Also, a comment on the Cherry Tree Home Page corroborates that. Apparently, sometime in the 1950s it moved to Cherry Tree. Maybe the move occurred after the Gay Mine Company Store closed. It would be nice to know when it moved to Cherry Tree and when it move back to Mt. Gay. Thanks again. I appreciate your help.

  4. Stephanie says:

    My granny and grandpa Adams lived up on hill with a little cemetery in the front yard by the church and post office.

  5. Linda Spry says:

    My husband’s (Roy Spry) family members “The Tiller’s are in some of these pictures.

  6. Barbara Adkins Frye says:

    The Post office was located at Mount Gay it is right below the church on Mt. gay hill I lived at Mt. Gay I know .

    • Helen Bigler Starr says:

      Yes, I agree. I remember it was close, in fact just down from the Company Store. I used to walk over and get the mail with my aunt when I was very small.

      • Charlene Campbell Gallahue says:

        I attended the Mt. Gay church on top of the hill and lived three houses behind the Mt. Gay grocery store. My mother worked at the store with Colonel Tabor.
        Nice memories with of the Honaker
        and Staley families. Bessie Staley Bush is my dearest friend.