Mt. Gay Elementary School

The above header photo was taken 3-25-2014 and is what’s left of the old Mt. Gay Elementary School. The front section of the old school has been replaced.

Mt. Gay Elementary School, Logan County, WV Class Photos

Top row, 3rd boy is Luther Adams known as Teddy. Identified by his daughter, Katy Adams.
2nd row, 4th boy is Zeffie Brogan and the last photo on this row photo is Danny M. Greene. Bob Piros has identified the teacher as Hazel Parsons and possibly this student from his Junior High photo: 3rd row,  2nd boy is Homer Vaughn (?).

3rd row, 5th boy is Raymond Hensley, 7th boy is Zeffie Brogan.
Bottom, 1st photo is Danny M. Greene killed in Vietnam May 9, 1967.

*The above photos courtesy of Frances (Dillow) Greene Browning.

Mt. Gay Elementary School Photo Gallery

If you can identify anyone in these photos, please leave a comment. If you have any Mt. Gay Elementary School photos you like to share here, please email it to the admin at

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32 Responses to Mt. Gay Elementary School

  1. Charles Brown says:

    I attended Mt. Grade 63,64,65. Sixth grade was the best I was a patrol boy badge and all. We had our own table in the lunch room. We thought we were something.

  2. Sherry nunley says:

    Sherry nunley 3rd row. Last girl in top picture. Bottom picture top row. 2nd picture

    • connieface book says:

      anyone remember miss verrassie if it is spelled right and miss shdd and of course phillis dillion or adkins still living in justice addition and taught kindergardebn in her home

  3. John Tackett says:

    I went to Mt. Gay in the 4th. 5th. and 6th. Mrs. Ross was my 4th. grade teacher My 5th grade teacher was Mr. Bias,,, MY 6th. grade teacher was Mrs Austin. My name is John Tackett…If anyone remembers ,contact me at..John Tackett @ Aol.Com…I’m the one with the US and POW and MIA flag…..May GOD Bless,,,,,,,,…….!!!!!!!!

  4. Velva Tackett Stepp says:

    I attended Mt. Gay Grade School. I was in the 4th grade in 1950. My teacher was Ruth Butcher.. I really liked her.. And the following year 1951 was in 5th grade. My teacher was Ms. Poling..She was a good teacher..Anyone having pictures og these yeard would you please post them? Thanks

    • Bob Piros says:

      Velva, I was at Mt.Gay School 1955-1957.
      Ruth Butcher was my 4th grade teacher.
      I enjoyed her teaching. You can find her in the
      1940 census, she was born in 1916, she lived
      in Cora with her husband Alex who was a coal miner.

  5. Carlene Thompson Adkins says:

    The teacher known as Mrs. Grimm was a widow and later married William H. Thompson. She taught in several schools in logan county for 28 years. Her full name is marguerite Marie Cummings, Grimm, Thompson. This is my mother. She taught at Chapmanville middle, Earling , Verdenville, Henlawson, and Mount gay grade schools

  6. Patty S. White says:

    In the first group of pictures,the second roll of students,,The third girl from left is Billie Jo White, my late husband Jack M. White Jr.’s sister. She was killed by a train at age 10 ,, The children of Jack M. White Sr. operater of Whites Cleaners

    • Helen Bigler Starr says:

      Patty, I remember your husband, Jack, and Billie Jo. We lived not too far away from the cleaners. My Dad, Zeb Bigler and Jack, Sr. were friends. I remember we attended the funeral. I was told that Billie Jo and Jackie (he was called then) were racing to get home and ran across the tracks. She looked up and saw the train and froze. I was a couple of years older than Jackie. It was a horrible thing. I’ve always remembered it.

  7. Herbert Harvey says:

    Attended Mt. Gay School from 1957 thru 1963. 1st. Grade: Miss Lilly, 2nd. Ms. Merritt, 3rd. Ms. Bonham, 4th. Ms. Butcher, 5th. Mr. Bias, 6th. Ms. Cherico. . Remember Lucas’ Feed Store and Davis’ Drive Inn. Also remember other teachers, Austin..Strickler(Stickler?)Reynolds..Barnhart..Slate..Balengee..Gore..Shadd..White..Turley..others I can’t recall at the moment.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Herbert, could you please look at the Mt.Gay teacher photo
      & see if you can ID any of them.

    • Deanna Adams says:

      My name is Deanna Adams and I attended Mount Gay Grade School. I remember the teachers you mentioned.
      Beulah White was the principal at that time.

      • Bob Piros says:

        Deanna, the 1940 census shows
        that Mrs.White was born in 1901 &
        died in 1980 in Logan.She was
        married to Frank White,a patrolman
        with the Logan Police Dept.

      • Ron Holt says:

        I went to Mt. Gay Grade school first through sixth grades (two years in second grade) we moved to Cleveland in Sept. 1967, I remember many of the teachers mentioned by Herbert Harvey,seems like everyone had Mrs. Butcher in fourth grade. I had Mr. Slate in fifth grade, and Mrs Austin in sixth grade.Mrs White was principal until about fifth grade then it was Mrs. Dingess. I also remember the Adams family, Dana and Orval, there are too many of them to name all of them, they lived next to the Turner family.

    • Velva Tackett Stepp says:

      I worked at Davis Drive Inn as a curb girl in 1959 and 1960..

  8. Robin Dingess Thomas says:

    What a thrill to find this site! I lived in Mud Fork and went to Mt Gay from 1st thru 6th grade. I guess the year I started 1st grade would have been 1952. The Student Council /1st row 1st girl on the left is my sister Sharon Dingess and the last girl on the same row is Maria Baisden, my cousin. Thanks so much for this site. Brings back childhood memories.

    The photo description was updated. Thank you! — Admin

  9. james conley says:

    I was in the first grad at Mt. Gay for a month or to and we moved to Ohio I think my teacher’s name was Culander. 1951 or 1952.

  10. John "Tommy" Mangus says:

    Brings back a lot of memories. I grew up in Mt. Gay and went to grades 1 to 6 there.


  11. Bill Williamson says:

    Front row #1 is Ms. Damron, temperamental and seemed to like using her paddle. #3 is Ms. Grimm, a very sweet person. I think back row #5 might be Ms. Spaulding, but not sure.

    Updates applied. Thank you! — Admin

  12. Bill Williamson says:

    Thanks for putting all the info on here.

  13. gloria ann robinson winchester says:

    Hi Saw these as I was looking thru W.Va. Photos Logan Co. I grew up in Mt.Gay. My Dads name was Wilburn Robinson. He was a miner at Gay coal & coke. Love to look at all the photos, brought back a lot of memories. We moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 1950. Mom and Dad have both passed away. I still have an older sister in Cleveland and an older brother in Phoenix, az. My name was Gloria Ann Robinson. Thanks for the memories.