Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. 2011 Winner of American’s Got Talent


by MICHAEL BROWNING, Staff Writer, Logan Banner
September 15, 2011

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. has gone from car wash rags to riches.

Murphy, a Logan County car washer, was chosen by American TV viewers as this year’s champion of “America’s Got Talent”, as he won the top prize of $1 million and a show at Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace with his velvet renditions of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin classic songs.

Murphy appeared shocked as show host Nick Cannon announced he had won the competition over performance artists Silhouettes, an inspirational team of children who dance behind a screen that shows their silhouettes forming different objects and scenes.

*A link to the full article cannot be provided because the article was removed from the Logan Banner archives.

Logan Car Wash, where Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. worked.

Logan Car Wash where Landau worked.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. — The Finals

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. — Top Ten

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. — Semi-Finals

Landau’s Hollywood Performance

Landau’s New York Audition

Visit Landau’s Official Website and Facebook.

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7 Responses to Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

  1. His voice is amazing. I hope to see him in concert.

  2. Pam Brennan says:

    I was lucky enough to see Landau last June when he performed at the Clay Center on West Virginia Day. Not only was the singing great but the whole show was. He had plenty of stories about growing up in Logan and he also featured a small boy who was from a hollow in southern W.V.

    He said it was his way of giving back. Way to go Landau!

  3. Patty Fot says:

    Thank you fellow Loganites and West Virginians for coming together to vote Landau to the top. He is a fine ambassador for our town and state. Best of luck to him and his family. May this be the beginning of a new life.

  4. Dolores Davis says:

    Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. You make Logan, WV proud. Good luck. Dolores Davis

  5. Dodie (Smith) Browning says:


  6. Joanna Newman says:

    After some fear at how the rest of the world reacts sometimes to “W Va” (I can get pretty defensive where my people are concerned :-D) I was so happily surprised with the quality of his voice!

    What a diamond in the rough he is. He did Logan proud! Thanks Frank for posting this and thank to Landau for making us so proud of you!

  7. Carla Haslam Herkner says:

    Go Landau!!! That was amazing and very, very wonderful! Thanks for posting this Frank. So terrific!!!