Danny M. Greene Memorial Bridge

Logan Blvd Bridge named in Honor of Danny M. Greene

Photo of Marine Danny M. Greene, a Viet Nam casualty from Logan County WV

When I read in the Banner that they were replacing the Logan Boulevard Bridge that runs over Cherry Tree and Mount Gay, I immediately thought of my friend Danny Greene. Danny was killed in Vietnam near Khe Sanh on May 9, 1967 alone with 23 others that day.  Danny put his initials under the bridge in 1964. We used the two center I-beams to crawl over to the top of the pier near the road.  Using the mud on the pier, we put our initials on the right center I-beam high up out of the weather.  We then continued to use the two center I-beams to cross over Island Creek to go down on the other High School Photo of Danny Greene, Logan WVside.  During our last summer in Logan, he and I used to hang out under the bridge admiring all of the cool cars going by. Since Danny was the only vet killed in Vietnam from Mount Gay, it occurred to me that it would be very nice if the new bridge could be named in his honor. This would be especially nice since he put his initials on the old bridge.  I remembered that Kyle Workman served as the Executive Director of the Foundation/Commission to build the Veterans Memorial at Charleston so I emailed Kyle asking for his help.  Kyle graciously got involved and emailed Governor Tomblin.  Kyle received the reply below and suggested that I post it on this site to encourage people to get involved and contact their representatives.

Dear Mr. Workman,

Thank you for your email to Governor Tomblin on behalf of Mr. Frank Thompson regarding the procedure for naming the Mt. Gay bridge in memory of Mr. Danny Greene.  Your email was forwarded to this Division for reply.

Many individuals wish to have a road or bridge named in honor of some particular person or persons.  The West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) has no objections to such requests.  In order to assure that requests for naming are considered equitably and consistently, we have agreed with the West Virginia Legislature that the naming of a facility requires a Concurrent Resolution from both Houses.  This Resolution also establishes an official name for the road or bridge, and ensures that the name cannot be changed in the future.  Any Senator or Delegate may sponsor such a Resolution.

Therefore, should you wish to initiate the naming process, may I suggest you contact a member of the Legislature about sponsoring the necessary Resolution.  Once the Resolution has passed, the WVDOH will erect the necessary signs as expeditiously as possible.

Thank you again for your email and your interest in our programs.  Should need any additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Matthew H. Skiles, P.E.
West Virginia Division of Highways
Traffic Engineering Division
Building 5, Room A-550
1900 Kanawha Blvd., East
Charleston, WV 25305
phone: (304) 558-7423
fax: (304) 558-1209

Please help preserve Danny’s memory and contact your representatives.

Senator Earl Tomblin E-mail: senate.president@wvsenate.gov

District 19 (Logan County) House of Delegates Members

Greg Butcher E-mail: greg.butcher@wvhouse.gov

Rupert Phillips Jr. E-mail: rupert.phillips@wvhouse.gov

Ralph Rodighiero E-mail: ralph.rodighiero@wvhouse.gov

The Mt. Gay Blvd. Bridge dedication was held at 11 am at the bridge on May 26th, 2013. A special thanks to everyone who contacted their representatives and to Delegate Rupert Phillips for sponsoring the resolution. USMC LCPL Danny M. Greene Memorial Bridge

The excerpt below courtesy of the www.virtualwall.org.

On 09 May 1967 elements of Fox Company, 2/3 Marines, were patrolling to the west of Khe Sanh, moving from Hill 881N toward Hill 778. As the Marines approached Hill 778, heavy underbrush forced them to divert from their intended track into a gully. Rather than remain in the lower ground, Fox 2/3 climbed the southern slope toward higher ground, where they were engaged by NVA troops intent on crossing the gully from south to north.

The meeting engagement on the hillside quickly grew into a full-fledged battle fought in difficult terrain largely covered in six-foot-tall elephant grass. By the time the fight ended, Fox 2/3 had lost 22 Marines and 2 Navy Corpsmen, with many more wounded – and the NVA had withdrawn back into the jungles and tall grasses.

With one exception the Marines of Fox 2/3 brought out their dead and wounded: the body of Private Robert J Todd could not be found in the elephant grass. The dead were

  • LCpl Richard R. Bean, Springfield, OH
  • Cpl Daniel S. Bettencourt, Edgartown, MA
  • Pfc Gary R. Buttenbaum, Spotswood, NJ
  • Pfc Layne F. Clifton, Lakeview, OR
  • LCpl William E. Czarny, Hammond, IN
  • Cpl Morris F. Dixon, Clearwater, FL
  • Cpl David F. Fraley, Cincinnati, OH
  • LCpl Frederick W. Fromme, Vallejo, CA
  • LCpl Danny M. Greene, Mount Gay, WV
  • LCpl Carman K. Hicks, Anderson, IN
  • HM3 Kenneth L. Holder, Mount Wolf, PA
  • Pfc Joseph G. Klemencic, Great Falls, MT
  • LCpl Ronnie R. Landers, Mundelein, IL
  • Cpl Kenneth J. Lecastre, Buffalo, NY
  • Sgt Gregory M. Mc Cook, Atlanta, GA
  • Cpl Ronald E. Niles, Charlotte, NC
  • Cpl James M. Quigley, Hollywood, CA
  • Cpl Ronald M. Stein, Waterloo, IA
  • Cpl Lyle S. Tate, Portland, OR
  • HM2 Gardner Tillson, Salem, MA
  • Pvt Robert J. Todd, North Easton, MA (BNR)
  • LCpl Charles R. Waller, Chillicothe, OH
  • GySgt Tommie J. Whitten, Fort Worth, TXv
  • Pfc Robert E. Williams, Rockford, IL

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22 Responses to Danny M. Greene Memorial Bridge

  1. Linda Akers says:

    Aunt Reba would have been proud to see this I know. My father was Freddie Akers. Aunt Reba was such a sweet woman!! I was just a baby when Danny died but she spoke of him often. I will show this to my mother Betty. She will be happy to see it.

  2. Gret News! Delegate Phillips phoned me this morning. We have the bridge at Mt. Gay and it will be named in Danny’s honor. We have not decided on a dedication date at this time. I will post again when we have that date. Thanks and God Bless to all of you for your assistance in getting this accomplished.

    Danny M. Greene’s widow – Frances Greene Browning

    • Kyle Workman says:

      Great news Frances.

    • Johnny Walker says:

      Frances, I am so glad about the bridge being named for Danny. The Greene family and I go way back. My family, Clyde and Ruth Musick, lived beside them at Cora, WV. Reba and Dick were close friends of my parents. Tommy and I played together as kids. I remember Danny and Richard very well. I also recall hearing of Danny’s death in Vietnam. That bridge with Danny’s name is a great honor for the young Logan County men who gave their lives in that crazy war that seemed to accomplish nothing. God bless you and your family.

  3. Kyle Workman says:

    I just received my Journal for the House of Delegates. Although there are several bridges and highways being names for different Veterans’ from Logan County, I could find no mention of Danny Greene. I emailed Mr. Phillips and asked if it would be possible to get a resolution introduced this session. I suggest others do the same.

    • Admin says:

      This is very disappointing news. Thanks, Kyle.

      • Kyle Workman says:

        That doesn’t mean Mr. Phillips hasn’t introduced the resolution, just that I didn’t see it. I did however write him a brief note asking if the resolution could be introduced this session. It could just be an oversight.

      • Kyle Workman says:

        Just received a note from Mr. Phillips and the Jan. 16 copy of the State Journal. Mr. Phillips, Stowers and Butcher submitted to rules H.C.R. 14 to name the bridge at Cherry Tree the Danny M. Greene Bridge.

  4. Richard Todd says:

    My brother was with Danny on May 9th, 1967. I guess you could say he is still with him. My dad is from Beckley, WV and is still living. We would be honored to meet any of his family and I know I would love to be at the dedication of the bridge. Maybe someone could contact me at the above email address.


  5. Beulah Cremeans says:

    I personally knew Danny Greene and his family. I grew up in Shamrock and at one time the Greene’s lived there. Reba Greene, Danny’s mother, was one of the finest christian ladies that I have ever known. Danny’s dad was a good friend of my husband and did work on his car. I didn’t know about Danny putting his initials under the bridge until I read this article. I personally think it would be an honor to have the bridge named after Danny and see his name on a sign at the bridge.

  6. Kyle Workman says:

    Frank, I notified Lawrence Kammerer, Commander of the Marine Corp League in Logan about naming the bridge. I sent two messages so far no response. So I suppose we are on our own.

    • Frank Thompson says:

      Thank you, Kyle. My understanding is that Delegate Rupert Phillips is working on sponsoring the resolution in January.

  7. jerry greene says:

    I am Danny’s younger brother Jerry. To name this bridge in honor of Danny was something our mother always dreamed of. From his wife and daughter and our family we would like to thank you very much. May God bless.

  8. Linda (Bragg) Deans says:

    I did not know Danny very well in high school, he was in my class of 1965.
    I sure hope the bridge is name in honor of Danny.

  9. Jenna says:

    Rupert Phillips Jr. (D – Logan)
    District 19
    Capitol Address:
    Room 224E, Building 1
    State Capitol Complex
    Charleston, WV 25305
    Capitol Phone: (304) 340-3174
    Business Phone: (304) 687-9793
    E-mail: rupert.phillips@wvhouse.gov

    • Peggy Owsley Terry says:

      I went to school with Danny and remember him as a very sweet person. I think naming the bridge after him would be very respectful. My brother Richard Owsley passed away from the Agent Orange. Those men need all the recognition they can get for what they gave for their country.

  10. K0400 says:

    I want to go on record to say that I totally support this and have emailed the elected officials listed in the article.

  11. I am the widow of Corp. Danny M. Greene. I currently reside in Ohio. My sister (WV) sent me the article by Frank Thompson. I cannot express what it meant to me to know Danny has such a dear friend who is proposing something so wonderful to honor his memory.

    Danny and I have a daughter, Regina who has given us three precious grandsons. We come to Logan often to decorate his grave as well as now, his dear mother’s. What a tribute and memorial it would be for Danny’s grandsons to have this visual memorial to the grandfather they never got to know in person.

    Danny lived with his family in Mt. Gay. I never knew the story about him placing his initials under the bridge until I read it in Frank’s article. How fitting that the bridge bearing his initials and leading to his home town should have the replacement honor his name. Please help to get this accomplished.

    I have already written the representatives posted on the site. Please add your emails/letters to the same and help get this bridge dedicated to Danny who’s name can symbolize for all who cross it that it bears a memorial to a Viet Nam vet who gave all for his country, his family, his friends and his home town and will simultaneously bear honor to all the vets of this war and proclaim, “They will not be forgotten.”

    • Hello;
      My first thought was to have the new bridge named ” The John Bridge”
      This would have historical background, as the first settlers in the area were John Deskins, John Ellis, and my ancestor, John Dempsey. Then I realized their names were already associated with Logan county communities.
      I think it is fitting to have the bridge named for a war veteran, as I am one of remaining vets of ww2. Danny Green would certainly qualify.

  12. Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

    Frank, what a beautiful tribute to your friend, Danny. I didn’t know Danny, but I am very proud to call both you and Kyle Workman my cousins (Governor Tomblin too), all with ancestral roots at Harts Creek in Logan County!

    I am honored to send a letter today to:
    Matthew H. Skiles, P.E.
    West Virginia Division of Highways
    Traffic Engineering Division
    Building 5, Room A-550
    1900 Kanawha Blvd., East
    Charleston, WV 25305