Justice Grade School

The more time goes by, the more it seems we try to hold onto the past.  They say you can never go back but it’s nice to touch a piece of the past again. One of my fondest childhood memories is of the merry-go-round at the Justice Grade School.  While visiting Logan one weekend in 1999, I couldn’t resist the temptation of stopping by my old grade school.  More than forty years had passed so imagine my surprise to see that the playground equipment was still there including my favorite, the merry-go-around.  I hadn’t seen it since 1957 and it looked great.  I can remember we would get it going so fast that it would be all you could to do to just hang on.  It was great fun.  Since my memory of it goes back to 1957, I’m guessing it was in service for over fifty years.  Being in use for so many of years, there are probably thousands of kids like me that thoroughly enjoyed and loved it.  Sadly,  when I went back to visit in 2001 it was no longer there.  Like most of the other merry-go-rounds throughout the country, it was removed because of safety concerns.  The pictures below were taken in 1999.

Justice Grade School Merry-go-round

Photo of the Justice Grade School, Logan County, West Virginia If you have any Justice Elementary School (a.k.a Justice Grade School) class photos you’d like to share with this page, please send them to admin at loganwv.us@gmail.com. Photos get lost and destroyed for many reasons.  By contributing a class photo to this page, you may be providing a lost photo to a classmate or to their family.

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13 Responses to Justice Grade School

  1. Nellie Richards Judah says:

    I am a little late,Just found this site..It really brings back memories ,I also went to little wood school for awhile At Justice Addition moved to Henlawson,went to that old 4 room school before it was tore down,then went back to new Justice addition big school….Had Mrs.Counts in seventh grade….I am old now I Can say..Man she was mean….lol….Thanks for who shared this ..Sorry I did not fine it sooner. LOve seeing Henlawson and where I grew up..May god Bless

  2. Dorothy Spieh-Baisden says:

    I went to Justice Grade School in 1959 (fifth grade), while the new school in Henlawson was being built. I remember being on the merry-go-round and a classmate/friend, Jean Richardson, would run around it and get it going so fast that there was no chance of jumping off. You just had to wait until she got tired. I remember thinking I was going to die on that thing. However, it didn’t deter me from riding it. I’d ride it many more times, and more often than not, Jean would show up to push like a person on a mission. I guess I was a slow study. I always thought it might be different each time, but mostly I got the same result……fear of impending death. It’s always been a good memory for me, though. Thank you, Jean, for providing me with a vivid memory that I’ve kept all these years.


  3. Chris says:

    Many a great basketball game was played on the Justice Grade playground….man, what fun! The teter toters gave me a nice bruised up nose/face in 2nd grade!

  4. Paige Petroff Bennett says:

    I was there with you cousin Frank

  5. bones says:

    My younger sisters had to go here when Peach Creek Grade School shut down. They hated the school.

  6. Fred Rushden says:

    I was in the first class (first grade) when this school opened. I even saw the demolition of the old wooden school on the right side of the present school building, where the old merry-go-round used to be. One year my father was president of the PTA for that school. I remember most of the kids in my grades thru the years, including the seventh before Central opened.

  7. Frances Greene Browning says:

    You bet I remember that merry-go-round! I had just started fifth grade (1958), I was riding it alone and a boy on the playground kept whirling it faster and faster and I lost my grip and hit the concrete. My head was busted open at the crown. Principal Wilson wrapped my head in a towel until my parents arrived to take me to Logan General Hospital. I had very long hair and my head was shaved where the stitches had to go. I was so embarrassed to return to school with that bald spot but I did get a lot of attention! LOL It is still a fond memory but certainly gives substance to the saftey issues. LOL

    Frances (Dillow) Greene Browning

  8. wendell samson says:

    I grew up in Justice Add. went to Justice grade School, Mae Cox Wilson (Grannie Wilson) was the principal. I broke my ankle jumping off that merry go round. The old Gulf station, Parkway Drive Inn custards, pushing wooden boats up the river, Counts Grocery, Phips Grocery, Justice Christian Church. Justice Add. was a great place to be from.

    • David Seafler says:

      My Dad (Grover Seafler) was the preacher at the Justice Christian Church from ’59 (I think) to the end of ’62. He started Preaching here in Kansas, Illinois at the beginning of ’63. I attended Justice school from first to half way through third grade. Life was a lot simpler then……I loved that custard stand!

  9. lisa brady says:

    I remember this merry-go-round!!! My sister lived in Justice Addition and me and my niece would walk down to the playground and play for hours, this was about 1973. Thanks so much for the picture, it brought back so many wonderful memories!!! lisa

  10. phyllis says:

    I remember the merry go round yaaaaa!!!

  11. Charlie Barnes says:

    I remember there was a merry-go-round on The Island prior to construction of the high school (1957?). I remember playing on it and I remember one evening when Mr. Eiland (Eddie Eiland) was supervising us. He may know if that merry-go-round was moved to the grade school.

  12. Judy Peyton Marks says:

    One of the fun things I remember was going to see relatives up above Man. Accoville, Lundale? Not sure of the name, but the grade school had a fire escape from the second story that was a slide and we had a ball on that in the summer.