Chief Logan State Park

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This a collection of photos of Chief Logan State Park. The hollow now containing the park was originally called Little Buffalo and Merrill Coal Company operated a coal mine there. If anyone has any photos of this area before it became a park, please share them with this gallery. To share a photo, send it to the admin at

Chief Logan State Park, Logan County, WV
Photo Gallery

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5 Responses to Chief Logan State Park

  1. Bob Piros says: shows a Corbin Elzie Jeffrey,
    born in 1911 in WV.,he died in 1995 in Henlawson.
    1940 census shows him as a coal loader.
    His wife was Marie.
    His parents were Robert & Flora Jeffrey.

  2. Frank Mcdonald ( Steve ) . says:

    This might sound a bit crazy ,When I was a child there was an old man that sat on a rock at the entrance of the park ,He waived at everyone ,I have spent most of my life out side of Cleveland ohio .,In 1985 My grandmother died ,I drove my Grandfather to the cemetery ,As we passed the park the old man with the long white beard waved to me just like always ,Along time later I thought to my self ,There is no way ,Had I saw a ghost ? Do they exist ? I cant explain it ,

    • Mary McComas says:

      I too remember this man. I thought he was Colonel Sanders or maybe Santa Clause. The old man’s name was Corb Jeffrey. He was said to be a pray-er. You could near him praying from inside his house at Henlawson when you walked by.

  3. Frank Mcdonald ( Steve ) . says:

    I have pictures of me by the train in 1963 ,Taken by my grand parents Elmer Lee Morris and Millie Morris ,God knows I miss them ,

  4. ralph h. mcneely says:

    i found out today that the rail bus they used to run in and out of the park hollow picking up people was started because of the black panther problem got so bad that they did not want people walking out like they did for years.. my mother walked from where the pool is now to school in the 20s and 30s.. i also found out that the photos of the foundation in this section is of a water tower that was on the right side where the road forked. and also down where the ranger office is now used to be a union hall meeting place…
    i have been trying to find out info about the hollow.. where people lived, and just general info.. if anyone knows about the building across the creek from the ranger office i would like to know that… i do know that there was a skating rink up where the cabin sits now. if you have any info, please add it on here…