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Anyone wishing to reconnect with their Logan County friends or classmates they’ve lost contact with is welcome to place a message on this page. When you leave a comment, there is an option to check a box that will notify you of new comments.  Please note, unless you leave your email address in the body of  your message, your email address will not be displayed. If you are concerned about spam and do not want to use a mailto link, provide an email address like the example below: at gmail dot com

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  1. Charles Eddie Holbrook says:

    I am Charles Eddie Holbrook. I was born in Holden hospital in 1948. I grew up in Holden 22 and attended grade school. My father worked in the mine but he was off shift when it exploded in 1960. My grandmother was Parlle Mullins and my grandfather was Roy Browning. Both from Harts Creek. My mother was Mary Lou Browning Holbrook and my father was Sherman Holbrook. I attended 7th grade at Holden Junior High. My parents moved to Utah in search of work. There were uranium mines there and work was plentiful? We never lived in West Virginia again.

  2. Jesse Pannell says:

    Does anyone remember Robert Guy(one of the drum majors for the 1967-1969 Logan High School Marching Band) and if so, please email me at

  3. gene horvath says:

    Just read Deanna Bayer’s comment and it brought back memories of that fateful day when I lost my father, Bertie Horvath. You never know when you will see a loved one for the last tome. Every moment with friends and family are all so precious.

  4. John Thacker says:

    My name is John Thacker, a native of Kenova WV. I worked at Channel 13 in Huntington in the mid-60’s and hosted the one hour “Let’s Dance” dance party show on Saturday afternoons and known as “Johnny T.” I have such fond memories of the people in Logan, Man and Accoville, where I would run sock hops in the school gyms on Saturday nights. I was treated so well by all the folks involved in these fund raising events. Although their names have faded over the years, if any of you read this, I want you to know I still carry one of those $2 bills you paid me with after the shows. I was always booked on “mine payday weekends,” when those TWOs were plentifully circulating. I live in Florida now and I’m semi-retired. Just want all to know, I’ll never forget you.
    JTKEYS@aol dot com.

  5. Garnet "Sue" Evans Patalano says:

    I moved from Logan to Boston, MA in 1959. The last school in Logan I graduated from was Logan Central Jr. High and was wondering if any of my classmates are active on this site. Maiden Name was Sue Evans

  6. don tomblin says:

    my name is don tomblin and I am looking to find out anything about bobby dow Shelton. he is my cousin and lived with my family for a few years. he is related to the chambers family.

  7. Paula Solar says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get in touch with Brian Smith who posted some photos of Becco in the 1920s on this site. I would like to talk to him about those pictures. I can be emailed at Thanks! Paula

  8. Steve Marshall says:

    I served with David Browning aboard USS Walworth County LST 1164 1965 to 1968.Does anyone know him or what ever happened to him?

    • Bob Piros says:

      Steve, shows a few
      David Browning names, you need to
      know his birth year to begin your
      search. You might also check at for him.

  9. Lois says:

    Hi Eddie. My name. Is Lois Cox Garman. Are you the same Eddie. Who had Barber shop

  10. Kim rim Campbell says:

    Still looking for relatives of Mark Cecil Workman; please help.

  11. Martha Ruffman says:

    I’m looking for anyone who knew the H. C. Nix Family of Whitman. He was head of the YMCA 1919-1940. Nellie Nix taught school in Holden until about 1954. My mother Charlotte Nix was born 1920 in Whitman and graduated Logan High School 1938. Please reply to

  12. Kim rim Campbell says:

    Looking for relatives of Mark Cecil Workman, who died 12-21-1983. Please contact me @

  13. doran chambers says:

    Does anyone remember, Ann Hamilton ,gaynell curry, Margert linsely email me all letters are lower case no caps.

  14. doran chambers says:

    Does any one remember Margret Lindsay or Barbara Hutchinson or gaynell curry?

    • Betty Hartzell Richards says:

      I remember Gaynell Curry. She lived on the hill at West Logan above Me and my family in one of Bob Frye’s houses. She had a little brother. Can’t remember his name.

    • Sonny Shelton says:

      Does anyone remember a person by the name of Daneen Varassi? class of 71-74 maybe.

      • Margaret Bell Pancake says:

        Class of 1973. Remember her Sara Daneen Varassi Siracuse in the 1994 Alumni Directory for Logan High School has her address now the following. 241 Holiday Lane, Winter Springs, Florida 32708. Telephone 407-327-1503. This may all have changed since then but good luck.

  15. Judy Dale says:

    I’nm looking for Tracy Carr from Logan WV. If you have any information where he may be please contact me by email. He graduated from Logan High School about 1955. He was a friend of my sister Connie Conley. Thank You

    • Bob Piros says:

      Judy,you didn’t list your e-mail.
      There is a process to follow,go to Carr is in
      the 1940 Census,see him in public
      records,see him in Elkins,WV.
      Go to & find him.
      My e-mail is
      Good Luck.

  16. John "Tommy" Mangus says:

    I grew up at Mt. Gay and went to school there. I am looking for information on a Wanda Collins that went to Mt. Gay Grade school in the 60,s. Any one with any information on her please contact me.


  17. Ray Fogg says:

    I am living in Lebanon Va. I was raised up in 22 Holden. I was in the Holden Jr. High School I run the Movie projectors at the DOUBLE TWO THEATER in Holden #22 I Also played Foot ball at Jr high.

  18. Matt says:

    Hello, my name is Gary Ghee father of Matt Ghee. We are looking for any info on the Ghee family. Dads name was Henry Ghee and he always talked about Holden Wv. His parents were Thomas and Sarah Shepherd Ghee. Thomas died in a mining accident in. 1923 and we don’t know what happened to grandmother Sarah. Any information would be appreciated. We live in Pennsylvania. E mail is Thanks

  19. Fred Jones says:

    Trying to locate Karen Dean from Man W.V. Any information contact

  20. Fred Jones says:

    If any one have information about the location of Karen Dean?

    • Lindsey Collier says:

      I don’t remember Karen but I remember a old man named Fred Jones who tried to bowl around Logan. If this is the old bowler- a big hello from Lin and Sue Collier.

      • Fred Jones says:

        Moved from W. Va. when I was 18.That was 50 years ago.Now live in N.J. ,never bowled a day in my life.Thank you for your kind reply. Fred.

  21. Constance Curry "Connie" says:

    Does anyone remember a Freda Perry Spry from Logan?
    I think she was married to a James Spry

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