Scaggs Cemetery

Scaggs Cemetery at Caney Branch, Chapmanville, WV

Bowling, Ray (b. Mar. 18, 1927 d. Nov. 16, 1985)

Brown, James E. (b. 1923 d. 1943)

Chapman, James Hill (b. Sep. 7, 1927 d. Dec. 19, 1989)
Chapman, Rosilee (b. Jan. 9, 1932 d. May 15, 2002)

Conley, Edith Mae (b. unknown d. unknown)
Conley, Jefferson “Jeff” (b. Jan. 26, 1931 d. Mar. 6, 2014)
Conley, Herschel (b. Sep. 8, 1908 d. Jun. 5, 1967)
Conley, Iva Ozell (b. Dec. 16, 1929 d. Aug. 10, 1965)
Conley, Martha (Scaggs) (b. Jun. 9, 1892 d. Nov. 18, 1963)
Conley, William James(b. Sep. 2, 1931 d. Aug. 18, 1971)

Denon, Ruth (Conley) (b. 1916 d. May 9, 1939)

Dingess, Glenna Fay (b. Sep. 16, 1936 d. Sep. 28, 1997)

Farmer, Dallas M. (b. Mar. 6, 1922 d. Apr. 27, 1943)
Farmer, George M. (b. Apr. 24, 1844 d. Feb. 5, 1935)
Farmer, John (b. 1889 d. Sep. 8, 1925)
Farmer, Mary Jane (Peyton) (b. Aug. 6, 1895 d. Mar. 15, 1927)
Farmer, Nancy (Dingess) (b. 1851 d. 1924)
Farmer, Russell (b. Oct. 28, 1879 d. Apr. 23, 1960)
Farmer, William C. (b. Jul. 19, 1891 d. Nov. 29, 1943)
Farmer, (Newborn Twins) (b. & d. March, 1927)

Hileman, Carlos (b. Jul. 4, 1933 d. Sep. 7, 1951)
Hileman, Edward William (b. Aug. 5, 1872 d. Mar. 24, 1941)

Kendall, Virginia M. (Smith) (b. Sep. 21, 1927 d. Aug. 7, 1993)

McComas, Clarence Wm. (b. May 9, 1923 d. Dec. 7, 1941)

Scaggs, Arfano “Tib” (b. Mar. 12, 1898 d. Oct. 5, 1961)
Scaggs, Caisy “Doc” (b. Jun. 28, 1917 d. Jul. 26, 2008)
Scaggs, Dorothy (Svagerko) (b. Jul. 30, 1931 d. May 18, 1950)
Scaggs, Earl (b. Jan. 29, 1923 d. Jan. 31, 1992)
Scaggs, Edwin “Ed” (b. Jan. 2, 1900 d. Jun. 25, 1983)
Scaggs, Elva (Adams) (b. Jun. 18, 1904 d. Sep. 25, 1998)
Scaggs, Emmett (b. Nov. 28, 1923 d. Feb. 9, 2014)
Scaggs, Everett (b. Apr. 25, 1927 d. Jul. 3, 2007)
Scaggs, Fannie (Adams) (b. Jun. 16, 1896 d. Dec. 9, 1962)
Scaggs, Finley “Cat” (b. Jan. 24, 1924 d. Apr. 18, 1994)
Scaggs, Freddie Joe (b. Jan. 31, 1953 d. Aug. 25, 1997)
Scaggs, George Stonewall “Stonewall” (b. Apr. 30, 1890 d. Oct. 28, 1962)
Scaggs, James Roy (b. May 21, 1936 d. Apr. 11, 2004)
Scaggs, Joe (b. Nov. 2, 1893 d. Sep. 2, 1943)
Scaggs, John Caisey “Cais” (b. 1895 d. 1974)
Scaggs, Kelly E. (b. Feb. 11, 1941 d. Sep. 7, 1983)
Scaggs, Larry Ray, Sr. (b. May 18, 1950 d. Jan. 29, 2011)
Scaggs, Leanzia (b. Aug. 20, 1891 d. Jul. 24, 1965)
Scaggs, Linvile (b. Oct. 25, 1945 d. Jul. 18, 1957)
Scaggs, Mary (Dingess) (b. Dec. 25, 1870 d. Dec. 2, 1938)
Scaggs, MaryLou (b. Jun. 16, 1935 d. Jul. 6, 1935)
Scaggs, Ollie Eska (Meadows) (b. Nov. 21, 1905 d. Jan. 23, 1949)
Scaggs, Ray (b. Mar. 24, 1924 d. Aug. 15, 1992)
Scaggs, Russell “Hoss” (b. Sep. 23, 1906 d. Jan. 16, 1977)
Scaggs, Selna (b. 1927 d. Feb. 25, 1934)
Scaggs, Silvia (b. Feb. 12, 1928 d. Feb. 25, 1934)
Scaggs, Sol (b. Aug. 9, 1929 d. Mar. 25, 1934)
Scaggs, Tennis “Boss” (b. Mar. 27, 1923 d. Jul. 5, 1959)
Scaggs, un-named “Stillborn” (b. Apr. 22, 1944 d. Apr. 22, 1944)
Scaggs, Velva Mae (Conley) (b. 1900 d. 1978)
Scaggs, Vonnie Mae (Adkins) (b. Jan. 10, 1925 d. Jul. 10, 2009)
Scaggs, Waid (b. Aug. 23, 1925 d. Jan. 9, 1971)
Scaggs, Walter (b. Jun. 9, 1942 d. Jan. 3, 2012)
Scaggs, Will (b. Nov. 15, 1870 d. Jul. 21, 1951)
Scaggs. William A. (b. Jun. 20, 1938 d. Sep. 11, 2003)

Smith, Harold (b. Mar. 31, 1923 d. Sep. 26, 1925)
Smith, Herbert (b. Nov. 4, 1921 d. Oct. 12, 1922)
Smith, Matilda (Scaggs) (b. Nov. 25, 1901 d. Nov. 1, 1959)
Smith, Wornie Lee (b. Apr. 9, 1925 d. Apr. 6, 1934)

Snow, Herbert (b. Aug. 18, 1893 d. Jun. 12, 1983)
Snow, Virginia “Jenny” (Scaggs) (b. Oct. 11, 1908 d. unknown)

Stilner, Cora Lee (Adams) (b. Nov. 14, 1900 d. Feb. 17, 1951)
Stilner, John (b. May 5, 1879 d. Apr. 4, 1939)
Stiltner, Mary Alice (Damron) (b. Mar. 31, 1870 d. Jul. 24, 1949)

Stollings, Roxie L. (Farmer) (b. Jul. 2, 1873 d. Feb. 12, 1948)

Stowers, Bettie (Farmer) (b. Apr. 17, 1877 d. Jun. 18, 1963)

Whitman, Enoch Lane (b. Aug. 14, 1911 d. Oct. 17, 1947)
Whitman, J. Green (b. Apr. 30, 1874 d. Dec. 26, 1898)
Whitman, Marjory Ann (b. Apr. 27, 1946 d. Apr. 27, 1946)
Whitman, Raymond (b. May 1, 1938 d. May 8, 1938)
Whitman, Russell (b. Apr. 2, 1944 d. Jul. 20, 1944)

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  1. Molly Hileman says:

    Hi Travis My Grandfather William Edward Hileman is burried in Scaggs Cem. He died before I was Born just recently found a picture of him My Uncle Carlos lee Hileman is burried there also he died at the age of 18 from a gunshot wound to the headup on Caney Him and His friend Ralph Conley was trying to kill a chicken hawk and the gun went off hitting Uncle Carlos in the face. I have a couple of pictures of him . The grave of the baby right beside Grandpa is my oldest brother Earl Raymond Hileman will send Birth and death dates to you as soon as I can . The Baby buried beside Him is my cousin have no imfo at this time trying to find out. My Dad Raymond used to clean off all the grave yards on Caney with the help of all the men and boy he could get to help him . And I want to thank you for taking an intrest in the Graves and for cleaning I haven”t been able to get up there for a few years since I have a prostic leg but hope to get there this year.There is 9 more Cem . on Caney that I know of. There is one on the hill across from where you Uncle Caisy lived don’t know wether they consider it on Airport Road or Caney, The Conley -Mounts Cem and The Neil Cem. By Sally Neils who is my Aunt The Frank Conley Cem The Grave of Allen Mounts isAbove The Mounts old Home Place and Lucy Mounts is burried on up the road which is now called Spangler Dr. Than You Have The Charlie Conley Cem. which is located above His old Home place and than there is our Family cem. on the hill above My Aunt Mollie House and on top of the hill at the head of Caney is an real old cem. I hope that this will be of some help to you and Thank you again for being such a caring person Molly

    • Hay Molly, I wish I could have a photograph of every single person buried at Scaggs Cemetery. I’m glad you will have photos to have placed on their memorials. The memorials I have put together at took me I don’t know how many hours or how many days and weeks and so on to put together but I have been determined to preserve the existence of their graves and any information regarding who the people were within them and photographs are always great for people to see what the deceased person looked like. One of the main reasons for putting it all together was the idea that maybe 100 years from now (or whenever in the future) someone may research their ancestry and stumble upon the memorials and photographs may help someone determine how they got a certain facial feature and who they inherited from or any ideas like that. Photographs of the graves are great as well because there are many who won’t be able to visit the cemetery whether it is now or some time in the future, such as health reasons or maybe they live on the other side of the country, or what if some time in the future when all of us are gone nobody maintains the road up the hill and only really good fit, young people could reach the cemetery? I think all of these things are possible when speaking of the fate of Scaggs Cemetery because besides myself, only some old relatives who need to be driven up the road still decorate and visit the cemetery. Not only that but only a small handful of relatives plan to be interred up there and then there is going to be nobody left interested in visiting, decorating nor cutting it. I am 33 and I know of no other young folks interested in it, just the older seniors as I mentioned above. I plan to have a crypt or one of those small 2-4 people personal mausoleum for myself placed up there closer to the back side (but not quite the very rear.) For now I have planned for extra things to go along with my yearly decorations. I want to make it even prettier this year. If you get to make it for Decoration Weekend this year, I hope to get to see you up there and visit because I should have a bench I’m placing up there at my grandmother’s grave for this Decoration Weekend because I have always believed there should be somewhere to sit so visitors would have the comfort of visiting longer and I think if there is somewhere to sit, folks would want to stay longer and either enjoy the beauty or get to talk as long as they want and that family cemetery always conjures memories for people when they visit it and its pretty in certain times of the day and when the Honeysuckle is so strong in the air and I just love it. One last thing I’ll say here is that the day before they buried my cousin Emmett Scaggs up there a month or more ago, I saw Sally being drove up there no sooner than I got up there myself, so I got to speak with her a little. Of course she doesn’t know me too well but she knew my great-Grandparents and my Grandparents and was fond of my grandmother and they were church friends and I love to hear Sally tell me stories about how they were friends back in those days…and having someone as wonderful as Sally to say great things about my grandmother is priceless because Sally could be as close to God’s favorite as it could get. memorials I have worked on:

      • Bob Piros says:

        Hello Travis, could you please list
        your current e-mail address. The
        one you have at FindAGrave isn’t
        Please go to
        You’ll find the info you seek for
        James E.Brown & John Stiltner.
        My e-mail is

        • My Email is

          I just went to check what email address there is to click on for me at and it is the same one that I use all of the time. I can’t figure out what has happened for it not to have worked for you because is still my current email. Sometimes there are weird anomalies like this with the internet that I cannot understand why somebody hasn’t perfected certain aspects that seem to take on intelligence of its own which is incorrect. I’m sorry if you had any trouble sending any messages. Anyhow, my current email is still and it is the only one that I use so hopefully you won’t have any problems trying to use the address any more.

  2. Diane Walsh says:

    You have done an outstanding job with the cemetery!! I can’t wait till next summer to decorate!!

  3. Diane Walsh says:

    Hi Travis,
    My great grandparents are here also. George and Nancy Farmer. They are at the bottom of the hill. Their headstones are very hard to read.

    • Travis Scaggs says:

      Where exactly, or what exact spot are George & Nancy buried at??? Near the gate close to Rosilee next to the road at the mouth of Caney, or where? I can photograph it if is is accessible. -Travis

      • Diane Walsh says:

        As you go into the cemetery they would be on the left side, going down the hill.
        If you started at the bottom of the cemetery they would be the first headstones.
        The headstones were made by my grandfather, he carved their names on rocks.
        I have pictures.
        There were some other rocks laying over without names on them and I wondered if they were headstones.

        • Travis Scaggs says:

          If you could, and would not mind to do so, would you please send me the photos you are referring to regarding George & Nancy Farmer at the area of SCAGGS CEMETERY that you spoke of that begins up the hill at the beginning of the road to the cemetery (at the red gate at the foot of the road & hill) just immediately and directly turning left onto the road of Caney Branch Hollow because the only graves known by themselves on the left side of the cemetery road walking (or) driving up the hill are: Rosilee Chapman’s tombstone (although she has scattered ashes instead of a grave) and to the further side from her is her husband’s military-issue flat bronze-marker, James H. Chapman, but the tombstone (large rose colored marble) companion stone is Lillian & Jeff Conley which has a photo with a cover to open & close. Between all these graves are another flat granite companion stone, my Great-Grandfather Edwin Scaggs’ sister, my Great-Great Aunt Virginia (Jenny) SCAGGS-SNOW & her husband Herbert Snow.

          Just to verify and confirm that you are not mistaking which cemetery The Scaggs Cemetery is located, I will let you know information regarding the cemetery that only people from decades ago would remember that would confirm whether you are referring to the same cemetery, THE SCAGGS CEMETERY. The information is that the oldest path to the cemetery was behind my Great-Grandparent’s home at the foot of their hill in which the bottom of the hill would reach their back door (which was the kitchen door) of my GREAT-GRANDPARENTS’ home, ED SCAGGS & ELVA ADAMS-SCAGGS. The path behind their house (the kitchen being the very back of the house) would usually have steps that were dug with a hoe or shovel, or something like that. I did it as a child many times until my Great-Grandma Elva died in 1998.

          I’ve always known there are Farmers buried on the SCAGGS CEMETERY. During this past 2013 Memorial Weekend on the SCAGGS CEMETERY, my cousin from Caney Branch, Alma Webb, (along with her two sisters, Oma Bailey & Alice Pack) explained to me for my never-ending obsession with history that the families of the FARMERS and the SCAGGS both owned just about all of the land, that is almost anyhow, of CANEY BRANCH over a hundred years ago and longer most likely, exactly how much longer is unknown, and most likely longer than the age of the SCAGGS CEMETERY, although cemeteries exist in the hollow of Caney Branch, such as Conley Cemetery near Sally Neil’s that Sally told me about; as well as other graveyards in Caney Branch that I am unaware of that I haven’t been to.

          Anyhow, I have every tombstone photographed at SCAGGS CEMETERY for and also documented every deceased individual without a marked grave that I can possibly know exists. I made profiles for deceased individuals that have no tombstones at all because I found death certificates within the archives but I haven’t ran into the description of GEORGE (or) NANCY FARMER’S. Although I DO NOT doubt your word that their graves exist, I would like to either have the photographs of George & Nancy Farmer’s graves or the exact locations of their grave sites explained to me again with the most possible detail to photograph them or if you have photos possibly, please send them and it would make a significant change so they may be marked from now onward. Some people disagree with photographing graves—or the deceased, but when you add grave photos to the internet on sites such as, you preserve their existence of the grave and that they once existed, lived and meant something to the world for future researchers who may be researching for them beyond our current generations, causing their existence to be known instead of them being nobodies for eternity, never knowing they existed and left a cause & effect on the world.

          I must admit to you that although I am a grave photographer, a grave and cemetery decorator and also a grave groomer, I am nothing like a tombstone engraver. Ever since the elder generations have became unable to care for the SCAGGS CEMETERY, I enjoy doing it very much just as I did as a child; and although age-inappropriate for myself, I was born in 1980 and accused of being morbid for my deep, meticulous and particular care of THE SCAGGS CEMETERY, although I still must have someone cut the weeds and grass because I also do not own the weed-cutting tools and I have a serious intense, faint-of-heart phobia of snakes, it has caused me to suffer seizures that I must take anti-seizure medication for, but I do have an intense “hobby” and artistic talent for grave grooming and I would cut our cemetery more often if I did the weed-cutting without being weak and ridiculous by snakes. It was my Grandfather, Earl Scaggs, that made me believe it at about 7 years old, that snakes would kill me, and now I know he said it to keep me from going near both Caney Branch and the cemetery. It worked for the very longest time. ***(He had a falling-out with his senile mother, Elva, at the time before he died in 1992 as I was 11 years old.)*** I apologize because I know this is useless information to you, as most of these types words must be.

          If you have the photos of the graves, pictures of themselves, pictures of them together, biographical information, dates of births and anniversaries, dates of deaths, causes of deaths, life events, achievements, any words worth anything important to their lives or any archival documents (such as birth records, marriage records, death records, etc.) in which you are referring to of GEORGE & NANCY FARMER. I request all of this information to create profiles for their graves on to preserve the existence of their graves so people in the future, possibly decades or centuries from now, whether researchers may be descendants, historians or for whatever reasons in which we may not even be aware may research the cemetery or the names within the cemetery or the cemetery website containing the names of the deceased or researching graves of their ancestors, so please, please send them to me at:

          I will take care of them and help preserve the existence of their graves as well (if you so wish) and if you could tell me the exact location of the precise location of them I would be extremely grateful because they also deserve recognition. My Great-Great Uncle ARFANO “TIB” SCAGGS & VELVA MAE (CONLEY) SCAGGS are unmarked as well as their son TENNIS “BOSS” SCAGGS and the STILL-BORN OF “TIB” & MAE (CONLEY) SCAGGS is also unmarked. * ARFANO, or known as *Tib* was my Great-Grandfather EDWIN’s brother. (Edwin was always known as ED, husband of my Great-Grandmother, Elva Adams-Scaggs. Their first son born 1923 was my Grandfather. Ed & Elva had 13 children.)

          Before closing this long message, I would like to apologize that I took too much of your time explaining some of this but if you want, or need, more information regarding anything about these topics such as photos, legal documents, place-holders within the family tree or any other questions, I would be very glad to answer and help you or anyone else seeking knowledge regarding the cemetery, its history, graves and the family trees as well as some historical family facts, stories and legends (especially legends surrounding The Scaggs Cemetery, as one told to me by Sally Neil.)

          My photos and short videos I took during Memorial Weekends as well as other months throughout the years in 2013, 2012 & 2011 (photos before 2011 are missing) are at the following links below, and not all photos were shot by me and the decorations were nearly (almost) all mine. Some photos were captured after dark to photograph solar lights and solar spot-lights shining on tombstones of my GRANDPARENTS and my GREAT-GREAT GRANDPARENTS. Others were just single solar lights. My Grandfather’s military-issue foot-marker was polished with the Vaseline for reflective shine and oxidation prevention. Decorative Marble rocks and Pea Gravel were placed at some prominent graves that held special meaning (other than my grandfather’s bronze which was made to be decorated fancy to compliment my beloved grandmother’s grave.)

          You will have to check the name of the folder to find the date or year they were photographed in:

    • Shelby Burgess says:

      I am old enough to remember George Farmer was on the Logan Police Force
      He was well liked in the Logan city area as far as I could tell
      I a;so worked with his nephew,Theodore Farmer, in the coal mines,back then.
      He was also a nice guy to know.

      • Shelby, I think the George Farmer that was referred to here was born in 1844 and died in 1935. Is this the same person, George Farmer, that you remember? If so, and if that means you are that age, then I have a serious amount of questions to ask you about many things, especially the local history.

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