Black Bottom

Most of the photos in this gallery were taken November 11-14, 2011. If you wish to share a photo here, my email address is When I created this gallery, I simply called it Black Bottom because that’s what my Dad called this area. I knew parts of it were called Ellis Addition and Deskins Addition, but I’ve never understood exactly where one stopped and the other one began. When I was a kid, I assumed Black Bottom got its name for the black mud that would accumulate there after a flood. However, according to Paul Gaylock (see his comment below) Black Bottom got its name from the black ash and cinders dumped there by the power plant.

Ellis Addition and Deskins Addition (a.k.a. Black Bottom) Photo Gallery

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14 Responses to Black Bottom

  1. Folks, Blackbottom got it’s name because of the concentration of negroes there. Being PC at this time is BS. Challenge me if you want but I think if you talk to Dwight Williamson you will know more facts that you will believe.

    • Admin says:

      A friend of mine did a lot research on Black Bottom. She concluded that there were never enough black families living there to support that theory.

      Additionally, as you pointed out, black people were referred to as Negros back then. Consequently, it is doubtful they would have used the term Black Bottom to referred to the area because of the number of the Negros living there.

      • Bob C. Shaw says:

        Admin: I will agree with your friend’s research- “She concluded that there were never enough black families living there to support that theory”. I attended school at Aracoma Junior/High School on the campus where most Logan County School buses were garaged. During my six years of schooling I can count less than six black families that lived in the Black Bottom area. My recollection there were plenty used car lots ; hardware store, etc. My uncles and brother worked for the small grocery chain (Victory Grocery; etc) that was located directly off-campus as well as in the Cherry Tree addition.

    • Carl cook says:

      Loren I lived in blacklisting when I was a kid and I do believe your right

  2. When I was a young man back in the day I had a great time in Blackbottom. I can not remember any derogatory comments about the area or slams against our neighbors.

  3. Paul Gaylock says:

    Black Bottom got its name from the black ash & cinders dumped there by the power plant that was located where AEP is now…

  4. Charles D Isaacs says:

    It is what it is. Logan past and present. I lived in St Petersburg Florida for 13 years. After retiring I returned to Logan. I have not regretted it. I really enjoyed living in paradise but it has its problems too. At least this is home. There are still good people living here. Still most are friendly. We have a lot of problems but none any worse than anywhere else.

  5. sharon miller pridemore says:

    I’m not sure we are talking about the same place, but I lived in the first building (blue now) apartments on top and a produce store on the bottom. I think a furniture store next. Straight across the road we could see carnivals and tent revivals when they came to town. This was in the fifties.

  6. JEREMY WHITE says:

    the pilars that you see in the pics are from a used carlot that was there it was mike ferrell’s used cars tha there used to be light post set on them . i thought i’d let you know . god bless

  7. Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

    Frank, You take excellent pictures but I have tears in my eyes and believe me, they are not tears of joy. Those pictures are such a sad sad sight. I never would have recognized any of it. Are you sure you want to show the world what has happened to our home town? The only way I could get my bearings at all was to see where Shoney’s was located and go back towards Mt. Gay. I wish someone could find some copies of how it used to look- Anyone know which of these pictures would be where the carnival grounds were located? The carnival grounds were in the heart of “Black Bottom” but I can’t tell from the pictures where they were. I know the carnival grounds were at the foot of City View Hill where I grew up, but nothing in the pictures is the same. I couldn’t even find the foot of City View Hill. I did see one nice 2 story brick home still standing at Ellis Addition (near Baisden Brothers). That house is where my Girl Scout Leader lived in the 1940s. Thank you, Frank, for this website. The old pictures and our memories are the only parts of our childhood that are still beautiful and real.

    • Earl Chafins Jr. says:

      It might have been the old Kroger parking lot before my time, but, I only knew that spot to be K-City being a discount store. Was it Kroger before that? Also, I believe Jeremy is correct, that that once was a car lot and those are light post anchors.

      • Bob Piros says:

        Earl, this website has a 1947 phone
        book. On page 10 lists a Black Bottom
        Garage in Deskins Addition. Also lists
        lots of car dealerships in Deskins Addition.
        Black Bottom was also known as
        Deskins Addition.

        • Earl Chafins Jr. says:

          Sorry Bob, I was referring to two different pics in reference to the Kroger Parking Lot. There is a pic in the bunch above called the old Kroger parking lot. That is the one I was pretty sure was a K-City discount store. On the car lot, well, I definitely agree with you both. Have a good one!