Chapmanville, WV

History and Photos of the Chapmanville, WV Area

The town of Chapmanville was founded in 1800 and named after Ted Chapman.

The Chapman Home Place by Dawn Michelle
The Chapman Home Place History of the house.. First Chapman home .. remained in the family until 1983-84, when the property was sold to Arby;s then to Hardee’s… During the era of the civil war that came through Chapmanville it was used as a hospital for the confederates. The Chapman family(in which the town is named after) was able to stay on at the house and it was returned to them after the war.. The Chapman cemetery was part of the main yard for many years until the road came through so this is the reason for the division. There were tunnels that lead from the basement to the Guyandotte River for transportation and bringing in the wounded and a escape route.. The tunnels would of been under the cemetery and the Chapmanville Towers.Of course they have closed in over the years. The house was in the shape of a cross ..Even when my father (Jimmie Chapman) was born 1930 the left over surgical equipment of time period was still in the basement and my grandfather (Gerorge S. Chapman) threw away the equipment. As a child we weren’t suppose to go in the basement but of course we did but didn’t stay long due to the creepiness of it. The last generation to live in the house was my grandparents George/Easter Toney Chapman along with his 11 children.. Now I don’t have proof of this but it was told by George that his arm was buried in the yard. He and his brother had been at the barn and came running toward the house and his brother was carrying a gun . His brother fell and the gun went off taking off my grandfather’s arm. He was 6 yrs old by what he said. He and his family lived up on the hill at the lower end of Chapmanville. His grandfather was living in the Chapman home at that time. He told us kids that it was in this yard were his arm was buried .. If so it would of been in the part of the yard where the ramp to 119 in front of the old Exxon station. There was also two well known battles of the war that happened in Chapmanville. The Kanawha troop fought at the top of Chapmanville mountain on Sept. 25, 1861 . The other was at Godby Branch (can’t recall the date not the name of the troop.) A historical member from Charleston came and looked at the house before the sale to see if they would be willing to restore it, however they took all the information they could get to add it to the books but said the house needed a lot of repairs due to the age and they didn’t have the funds.

You can help preserve a bit of the history of the town of Chapmanville and the general area by sharing your vintage photos here. To share a photo, please email it to the admin at Please note that you must own the photo you are submitting or ensure that no one has a copyright claim on it.

*Header photo from the 1952 Centennial Program Booklet, Published by the City of Logan.

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52 Responses to Chapmanville, WV

  1. Kelly Stover says:

    Does anyone remember Harry Carper? I believe he graduated from Chapmanville HS in either ’53 or ’54. One of 8 siblings. His parents were Herb and Jo. They lived next to the church but the house has since been torn down, replaced by a parking lot. He was my father and I’m looking for photos of him as a youth. If anyone has any photos to share, from a yearbook or otherwise, I’d love to see them. My email is Thanks!

  2. There was an old house on Fowler’s Branch was used in the civil war Jess Lowe used to tell about it he lived across from me and died sitting on the porch in his wooden rocker. ..he was a great man

    • Dawn Chapman Vance says:

      I would say he was right. Just considering our home place was used as a hospital the military would have stayed in near by homes, tents etc. Would have loved to heard his stories about the history it held.

  3. Velva Tackett Stepp says:

    My Aunt Minnie Estepp live on Garretts Fork. Did any one know her?

    • John Cavender says:

      My mother was Pansy Garrett and grew up on Garrett’s Fork. She graduated from Chapmanville High and moved to Charleston. Her father was Walton Garrett and I understand he owned a general store or something and built a small church on Garrett’s Fork. Anyone have any history of the Garrett’s on Garrett Fork?

    • Carol Ann Wood says:

      Yes, I knew Minnie Estep. She lived on Hainer Branch of Garretts Fork. My sister, Betty Jo Barker, and I, Carol Ann Barker Wood, used to stay all night with Dania, her daughter. We were very close friends . I used to love to go to her house and eat. On Sunday, she fixed all kinds of good food and we would eat till our heart was content. I even have a picture of her that was taken when Dania married Ken Stowers at Ravenswood, Ohio. Ken sent some pictures to me before he passed. I also remember Hurston, Minnie’s husband. He was always a friendly and jovial person.

  4. Beverly Murphy says:

    Good morning,
    my grandmothers maiden name was Butcher, and she always talked about family with last name Chapman also. her people were in Charleston, Logan County. anyone out there related ?
    my grandmother moved to Cleveland, Ohio with my mother in maybe late 1940’s or so and that is were I was born
    thank you
    Beverly Murphy

  5. Leona Dingess says:

    Ano I’m a Conley,married a Dingess,but she was my first grade teacher.

  6. Bob Piros,no ,my maiden name is Conley,but I think that was the name of my first grade teacher.

  7. David L. Hunt says:

    Thank You For The Info ! She Was My Favorite Teacher Ever !! She Was So Good Too Me . Did You Know Jim Gore That Lived At Draper Hill , I Think In Logan

  8. Dawn Chapman Vance says:

    I noticed at the top about the history where it says Ted Chapman it should read Ned Chapman… 🙂

  9. Charles R Curry says:

    The picture of the men sorting bricks, the third man from the left is Don Conley of Brushy fork of Crowley.

  10. Rebecca Dotson says:

    Hello all, My name is Rebecca Dotson, formerly “Becky Toney” and my father was Victor Toney, brother of Easter Chapman. I moved away from the area in early 1970s but a peice of my heart has always been there. I remember having family reunions at this house every year in September, just around the time of grandmother Julia Toney’s birthday. I have lived in North Carolina for almost 30 years now but have always wondered if those family reunions still take place. If so, I would love to come see everyone. I am at
    Thanks so much

    • Dawn Chapman Vance says:

      We haven’t had a reunion like the ones we use to in years. After the house was torn down , and (Arby’s at the time) Hardee’s now purchased the front yard we tried to have a few but it faded out. I am the grand-daughter of George and Easter. Jimmie is my dad.

      • Rebecca Toney Dotson says:

        I have recently been in contact with our cousin, Joan Meade. She is daughter of Jane, niece of Easter. I am planning a trip to Chapmanville early spring and would LOVE to reconnect with other relatives in the area. I remember Jimmy well.

        • Dawn Chapman Vance says:

          Hope you get to visit and maybe have a gathering even it was for lunch . Seems like a lot the reunions have faded away.

        • George Ferrell says:

          Hi, I’m George Clinton Ferrell son of Jimmy and Daisy Chapman Ferrell. Mom was George and Easter ‘a daughter.
          I was named after grandfather George and dads father Clint Ferrell…
          My email.
          I still live at Chapmanville on Garrett Fork Road..
          If your in town this spring, would love to get together with you, Dawn and anyone else we can gather up…

  11. Jerry says:

    Where is “Chapmanville Mountain?” I’ve lived here for 20+ years and have never heard of this place before.

    • M Mathis says:

      It is the mountain you cross leaving Chapmanville going toward Danville on RT 119, where Kanawha Branch road is.

    • Judy Harden says:

      It is the first mountain you cross going out of Chapmanville, toward Charleston, on 119N. Ridgeview Estates is on top of the mountain.

    • Merline says:

      Jerry, I hope I can detail it for you. If you were coming from Crawley and you get to the crossroads at the stop light near the Speedway and facing Aracoma Drug. Go through the light headed up the ramp that would lead to 119 South however you would notice a road on the left. This is in the vicinity of the park and ride. You’d go up that road to the left that used to lead toward Charleston. There’s still a few houses situated in that location. Someone else may describe it better.

    • Merline says:

      In reference to my reply. The other two responses are correct however my response was based on the Chapmanville mountain that I knew of back in the early 50’s where the “old” road was before route 119. The 119 version of Chapmanville hill/mountain moved to the right of where it was situated back in the day of two lane road.

  12. barbara conley says:

    this is Barbara conley my maden name was Barbara Bryant does any one no of a mrs lynch I would like to no where her family is she was my school teacher

    • Bob Piros says:

      Barbara, you need a first name. shows lots of
      people with the Lynch name. shows 1 person
      in Chapmanville with the
      Lynch name.

    • Gore says:

      Mrs. Lynch’s name was Myra. She taught at West Chapmanville Grade School located close to Workman’s IGA store. Her sister’s name was Leva Hutch who taught at Big Creek Grade School.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Barbara, shows a Myra
      Levon Lynch born in 1948 in Chapmanville,
      married in 1966 to Bobby Allen Todd.

      • gore says:

        Someone just informed me that they thought Myra was her daughter’s name instead of hers. I am sure that Mrs. Hutch was her sister.

  13. Gerald "Jerry" Smith says:

    I’m looking for some information/history on Standard Manufacturing which was established just South of Chapmanville. This was a sewing factory with several hundreds of sewing machines, mostly “Union Special” machines and few “Singer” machines. I was the sales and service rep. for “Union Special”. The era would have been the early to mid 60’s. My name is Jerry Smith and the General Manager for Standard was Dave/David Rose.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Gerald, you might try looking for a
      relative of David Rose at,
      shows a few names living in WV.

    • BJ Conley says:

      The building is still there my mother worked there when it first opened in the early 60’s Irene Compton for about 6 months. I worked there about 6 months in the 80’s . It was sold all sewing machines and equipment. The Mayo family now owns the building and has their business in it .

      • Jerry Smith says:

        BJ – Thank you for the info. I spent a lot of time setting up and servicing the Union Special machines and have wonder about Standard Mfg. and the building over the years. What kind of business are the Mayo family involved in? Again, thank you very much for the info.

  14. David L. Hunt/ My Mom Was Blanche Butcher says:

    Lived In Chapmanville When I Was 11 years Old, My Teacher Was Mrs. Caldwell Does Anyone Know Her? Thank You!

    • Gore says:

      Mrs. Caldwell married a Woodward. She taught at East Chapmanville Grade School. She taught 5th. grade for many years. She had a daughter named Sandy Caldwell, who drove stock cars around here for awhile.

    • I knew Mrs. Caldwell she was a great teacher,taught at East Grade School,where I went for 7yrs,we also both lived up Godby Branch just a few houses apart.

    • Janie Freeman Lester says:

      Mrs Caldwell and was Woodward before Caldwell moved from this area after she retired and went to Phoenix AZ until she passed away I think it was 2013 or 14 she was one of my mom’s best friends and one of my favorite teachers oñe of the finest teachers to have taught at East Chapmanville Grade school.

      • Janie Freeman Lester says:

        Sorry got the Caldwell and Woodward backwards sorry typed it wrong sorry

      • Angela Adkins Walker Bryant says:

        I was wondering if Mrs Woodward was still living. I sure did love her. I had her as a teacher of 3 years at East Chapmanville Grade School. I also babysit Carl, Sandy son, Mrs Woodwards grandson. Mrs Caldwell Woodward was a great person, great teacher, great friend, I will always remember her. Thank You for the update.

        • Cheryl says:

          Mrs. Caldwell/Woodward’s maiden name was Dempsey. I grew up next door to Ona Mae. One of her sisters was married to my uncle. She also had a son, Larry, who lived on Mud Fork. He passed away a few years ago.

    • Beverly Murphy says:

      hello, just seeing this post: my grandmother was Ethel Butcher and I know she had a sister Blanche and sister Hazel…could this be same?

  15. I grew up with the Chapman family ; George Jr.,David, PJ. .We had some good times sledding down the old hill road in the Winter months
    George Chapman was the auctioneer of the “pie suppers ” given at CHS charity events. : one got bids on their girl friends’ bakery, and got to eat it with her on the side..
    David was my favorite pal. We attended church together on Sundays

    Shelby B.

    Shelby passed away Fri., Sept. 25, 2015. He shared a lot of his Logan County memories on this website. We are honored he left a little of his legacy here and will miss his presence. — Admin

  16. Dawn Michelle says:

    This is my family cemetery…The pic of Julia Chapman : Julia / W. H . only has a head stone here.. their body’s have never been and the stone was in a different location and sat up here.. She was taken to her family’s cemetery… Not sure where he was placed. Was also told by my grandfather that W.H. was not actually part of our relations but a Chapman so that was all that mattered.. The cemetery use to be part of the front yard until the road went through and was given right away.

  17. Dawn Michelle says:

    The one of the Chapman home place.. I have the same picture in my albums .. I am George Chapman’s grand-daughter..

  18. Alisha Newsome says:

    Could anyone provide me with any information about the Pecks Mill, Mill Creek area?
    I am from Madison and currently live on Broad Hollow at Mill Creek. My husband and I remodeled what, at one time, a two car garage with a 2 bedroom apartment over top. It is the second house on left of Broad Hollow. It used to be green. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  19. Shelby Burgess says:

    Excellent pic of the train station at Chapmanville WV.I boarded a troop train there in 1942.A Mr. McComas was the agent at that time. Came back from the wars in 1946. Graduated at CHS IN 1942. i knew all the old folks in C-ville

  20. Merle t Dingess says:

    Graduated there from old high school in 1957..kk

  21. Leona Dingess says:

    These are great pictures. I’m from Chapmanville Wva