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1948 Traffic at U. S. 119 at Monitor Junction

Monitor Junction looking toward Fisher Bottom and Cherry Tree Bottom ca. 1948. The Esposito Bldg. is shown on the right. The man on the left is Woodrow Thompson. He lived at Whites Addition. Used with permission & courtesy of

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Cherry Tree Photo Gallery

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8 Responses to Cherry Tree Gallery

  1. Robert McCormack says:

    Monitor Junction stands out clearly in mind. In 1946, my Mother, Virginia McCormack and I would walk from upper Cherry Tree to Monitor Junction to catch a school bus to J. B. Ellis School on Mud Fork where I was in her first grade class. Vito Esposito would invite us to wait for the school bus in his store on cold o rainy days. By fourth grade I had gained the freedom to ride the regular bus such as the one pictured from downtown after attending a movie back home to Cherry Tree. At the bus terminal I would listen for my bus to be called. A long list of main Island Creek communities ending with “Crystal Block, Hatfield Stop” was my clue. As the bus crossed the two bridges at Fisher Bottom I began to intently watch for the right time to pull the chord. I would do that just after passing Nagy’s Grocery so that the bus would stop between the Church and the ESSO station (almost in front of my house).

  2. charles & connie nagy says:

    Charles and I are so please to see what you have and others have done for Logan. Charles sends his regards to you. I have enjoyed getting to know Logan and its fine people. I to am from a small town in Star City W.Va.

    Charles & Connie Nagy

  3. Yolanda says:

    My father-in-law was the late Clifton Black, former math teacher at Aracoma (and later, I believe Logan HighSchool.) he is pictures in the first page of pictures, twelfth row, second from left. He and his family are listed in the map and list of residents section. This list is from the early forties and shows five children, but they eventually had twelve. Several became doctors and others have found impressive careers. Some have died, but others are still living. If anyone is interested, I will be happy to tell you what I know about this family.

    Marilyn (who later went by Jean) was a doctor in the D.C. Area. She was married to a doctor from Louisiana, where they lived and had three children, one of whom died young. The oldest sister, Clara (who went by Betty) taught school, first in Logan, then in Maryland. She married twice and had one child who is now a minister. Phyllis married a Marshall football player, they had three children, two boys, both of whom are now dead and a girl who is living in the D.C. Area, also. Phyllis died recently. Dan and Alvin lived their lives in Logan with their dad and are both dead now. Fred (Weasel) is married with two grown boys. He lives in Cincinnati. Felix (Paul or “Sarge”) lived in Charleston, never married. He died about three years ago. Mike and Clinton both went into politics. Lowell taught college briefly and then worked in Government Service at Wright Patterson in Dayton. He is now retired. We were married in the 70s and 80s and have two grown sons. The youngest girl, Angie is alive and has a daughter, but I know no details.
    I have a few pictures, some old, of the Black children, and a few of Lowell. I have no idea where they are, but I know I have them. When I locate them, I will post them. If you think the information I have provided would interest anybody, feel free to post it!

    Frank,s death was due to an accident on the basketball court. He fell and hit his head. This was in the early fifties, when his younger brother, Lowell (whom I married) was only a baby and so he and I had no real recollection. The family was always very affected by that loss. Alvin and Dan both lived with their parents in that big block house until the mother, Hattie, died of complications due to diabetes. Then they stayed with their dad who lived well into his nineties. He was killed right on the road in front of their house when another car t-boned the car he was in. Alvin lacked care ( just my observation) and died shortly thereafter and was soon followed by Dan. I do not know the actual cause of their deaths, but I think they relied on the parents and were kind of at a loss without them

    • robert says:

      Here is an e-mail that Joe Piros sent to Yolanda. Joe gave me permission to share.

      Hello, my name is Joe Piros, Jr. & I knew some of the boy’s in Mr. Black’s family & was wondering how Alvin fared after I left Cherry Tree in 1961 as I know he was developmentally disabled also Dan who like myself was away in college after 1957 so our paths never crossed after that year.

      I also knew Frank who passed away while in college, which was a very big shock, because he was always involved in sports & looked very healthy.

      I mostly knew Mr. & Mrs. Black in passing as a kid as we rode bikes by their house or seeing Mr. Black going to Aracoma High while waiting @ the school bus stop.

  4. Vivian Carpenter says:

    Thank you! I have enjoyed looking at the photos.

  5. Vivian Carpenter says:

    Hello, my great grandfather was Preacher J. Green McNeely. A photo above shows his house next door to the Logan Bakery. Can you tell me the address of this house and if it is still standing? Thank you.

    • robert says:

      Vivian: I emailed Eddie Atkins who still lives in Cherry Tree. He said: “The McNeely house is long gone and the location is now the parking lot for the company,_”Delta Electric ” Rev McNeely married my parents. I remember the house quite well.
      Robert McCormack

  6. Donna "Blevins" George says:

    I really enjoyed looking at these pics! My father and his siblings was raised in Cherry Tree, not only did Dad grow up there he worked at National Cable Repair for nearly 30 years for T.K. Killen . His name was Doug Blevins, his parents was John and Thelma.