Harris Funeral Home

Harris Funeral Home – 1952

Harris Funeral Home, 1952

Forty-Three Years of Service
By Bruce Harris, Harris Funeral Home, 1952

R. Bruce Harris, Harris Funeral Home, 1952

I have seen the county of Logan grow and change over a period of forty odd years. My profession has grown and changed also, from the time when I would ride horseback up and down the creeks of Logan county. In those early years, I would go into the homes to prepare someone’s loved one for burial, carrying the instruments of my profession in saddlebags. Some of the friends, who were handy with carpentry tools, would make a casket, and the last rites would be preformed before I could return home,

These trips were shortened considerably when railroad transportation was reached throughout the country. Then, it was possible to go to the homes and return all in the same day. With the event of adequate highway transportation, we were able to start giving real services to our people. The third floor of the Logan Mercantile was converted into funeral parlors, and the first semblance of present day funeral service was started.

On Sunday, September 6, 1931, the present Harris Funeral Home was dedicated to the people of Logan county. Of course, changes have been made to the present structure since that time. New personnel have been added, as we have lost old, for we, like everyone else, must give up those who are with us. My brother, B. C. Harris, who founded the business in 1909, Rev. J. Green McNeely and Joe Wolfe, who were associated with us for a long number of years, have passed on. However, capable and competent men have taken up the work where they dropped it.

As I see it, Logan county’s history has been great, the men who have worked played and died here have carved into these hills a monument to themselves. However, the future of our county holds promise to grow even greater, and I’m sure the next hundred years will be more eventful than the last.

Source: 1952 Centennial Program Booklet, Page 30. Published by the City of Logan, WV.


The Harris Funeral Home served Logan County from 1908-1966. Before being used as a funeral home, it was the home of John B. and Rebecca Chafin Wilkinson. In 1895 during the home’s construction, eleven Native American skeletons were exhumed. John B. Wilkinson died Aug. 12, 1919 and was buried in the Straton Cemetery. In 1966 Joe and Dolores Honaker purchased the business and the name was changed to Honaker-Harris Funeral Home. In 1973 after the passing of Greta Harris, the name was changed to Honaker Funeral Home. Sadly, Joe D. Honaker died in 2006. His wife and son, Michael now run the family business.

Honaker Funeral Home 3-25-2014Honaker Funeral Home, Logan, WV

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8 Responses to Harris Funeral Home

  1. Larry Hurley says:

    I am trying to find information about the june 28th 1941 murder of Herbert Nelson and Delbert Howard. They were stabbed to death at the Pioneer Tavern in Sarah Ann. Two brothers, Frank & James Fannin were arrested the next day and charged with murder. Herbert Nelson was buried in the hatfield cemetary near Sarah Ann and the body was prepared by the Harris Funeral Home.
    Anyone that could help fill in the blanks as to the circumstances surrounding the deaths would be highly appreciated. We would like to know why the incident occured and what happened to the murderers…..any newspaper articles about the crime would shed much light on the subject.

  2. hi andrea, my name is diane oster. Martha jane adkins milam is my great grandmother too! My moms mom and bessie are sisters. We were gonna go to her 100th birthday party last year but she had passed away. Her brother charles passed away a few months later. My uncles went to the funeral. My mom’s mom was helen louise adkins but she was called louise. This is very interesting to me that i came across this. My aunt theresa has alot of information about our family. If you would like to talk here is my phone # 847 903 0553. Also i did give my aunt your # to call you as well.

  3. shirley Roberts Collins says:

    I am looking for the grave plot that my grandma. Her name was Olay Wolford she passed in march 31, 1932.

  4. Janet Messer says:

    I am looking for a burial plot number for my husband infant brother. His name was Lewis David Messer. Buried in Thompson Cemetery Thompson Branch Harts Creek WV. Died 04/01/1947 buried 04/02/1947. His death certificate lists Harris Funeral Home.

  5. Andrea Sprouse LoSchiavo says:

    Hi. My name is Andrea and I am searching for information regarding my grandfather Henry Sprouse. Henry was born on January 26, 1914 and deceased Friday, April 9, 1943. Funeral services were conducted at 3:30 pm. Sunday afternoon (presumably April 11, 1943) at the Union Church in Ethel with the Rev. Gus Coffey officiating. The Harris Funeral Home was in charge of the Interment which took place in the Foley Cemetery.
    My question is: would you have any records regarding Henry Sprouse that might provide us any additional information on my grandfather? Would there be any cemetery map which would lead us to his gravesite? I have searched and found some photos of Foley Cemetary and sadly, they look quite bleak.
    Also, my great-grandmother Martha (Jane?) Adtkins Milam is also buried in Foley Cemetary. Martha was born January 16, 1894 and deceased on Monday, January 8, 1934. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon (presumably January 10, 1934) at 2 o’clock at Ethel M. E. Church, conducted by Rev. J. Green McNeely.
    Since your website indicates that Rev. McNealy was associated with you for a long number of years, would it be possible that your establishment handled Martha’s arrangements, as well?
    Any information that you could provide would be GREATLY appreciated!! Or any direction that you would suggest we take or do is also very welcome and appreciated. I would like to come to West Virginia and visit your establishment (I realize it is no longer the same as it was back then, but it’s the sentiment) and would also like to visit Foley Cemetery in search of my grandfather and great-grandmother’s graves, if that is at all possible.
    Thank you for your help and direction in helping me find out more about my family!
    God bless,
    Andrea Sprouse LoSchiavo
    Waldorf, Maryland

    • Admin says:

      The Foley Cemetery is located at Mellville. There was no listing at http://www.findagrave.com for Henry Sprouse but I did find one for Martha Adkins Milam. I hope this is of some help to you.

      • Andrea Sprouse LoSchiavo says:

        Thank you! If I came to Logan, where would you suggest I go to have access to public records that might fill in sown blanks for me? Also, is there a way to find information to access Martha Adkins Milams grave sight?

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