LHS Class of 1937

Logan High School Class of 1937 Yearbook Photos

Logan High School 1937 Yearbook

*LHS Class of 1937 Yearbook images courtesy of Ralph H. Mcneely. Thank you!

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5 Responses to LHS Class of 1937

  1. G.B. Berry says:

    Thanks. The year my dad graduated. Debriel Berry of Monaville.

  2. Carlene Thompson Adkins says:

    do you have 1939 book my mom was in it . ive never seen one .

    Admin says: https://loganwv.us/1939-logan-high-school/

  3. Randy V Senior says:

    I found a “Charles Baxter Steele” – one of my mom’s cousins. He was the son of “C.G. Steele” in Logan.

  4. Randy Senior says:

    Hope someone will eventually find a 1933 yearbook – mom’s senior year. That is going back aways and not sure when they started to publish them. I saw the 1935 one and found one of her cousins in there.

  5. brad.Johnson says:

    Jeez, this getting old. I think my dad was a sophomore this year. He went on to Va Tech, where he got taken into the military before graduating, as a combat engineer officer, and the returned to Va tech to finish his Elec Engr degree.