Memories of Cherry Tree by Mrs. Helen (Tarkany) Piros

Interview conducted by her son, Bob Piros in November of 2002.

Helen Piros LHS Cafeteria

Helen Piros LHS Cafeteria

My first memory of Cherry Tree was in 1919 when I was 7 years old. My father, Gabor, and 1 walked down from Mona Hill to visit with my Uncle John Tarkany who lived with His family in the two story wood house almost across the street from the Pilgrim Holiness Church the roads were unpaved and there were few houses and buildings in Cherry Tree. My Uncle John had a grocery store in Cherry Tree in the white house that later became the home of the Nagy’s. The entrance to the store was in the rear near the railroad tracks. There was a plank one had to walk down to the entrance.

I remember inside the store there was a big dark brown piano that my Aunt Anna (Stercz) Tarkany played. The store was well stocked with everything—lunch meats, canned goods, eggs ,flour and fresh produce. My Uncle John would go from house to house taking orders and then he would deliver to them once a week with his truck.

1 think the Cherry Tree School was already there in 1919. I think my Uncle John’s children went there. I think John Bush Sr. had his gas station then. The family lived in a long wooden house next to the gas station. My family moved from the area in 1924 and then moved back in 1935. At that time the store that Steve Tarkany purchased was owned by a Mr. Shoemaker. He lived there with his wife and a daughter who had diabetes. He made, repaired and sold shoes for a living. Next to the store was an alley, then a long white wooden house where Excel Browning lived with her husband and three girls. She was a member of the Pilgrim Holiness Church. Oscar Sansom and his family lived next door to the Brownings.

In 1937,the John Tarkany store was gone and a Mr. Ernest Seagraves and his family lived there as it was made into a house, not sure if it was rebuilt. Alex Nagy Jr. moved into it until the new addition was added to the store, but Doris had problems with the stairs so he moved the family back into the white house. That new addition was built about1948. Also the Hearld house was built about 1945

Across the street from Nagy’s store lived a Mr. Aldridge and his family. He worked with Joe Piros in his business there in Cherry Tree. Also in 1937, Mr. Nagy Sr. helped Helen Tarkany get a job at the Bakery. Mr. Farley was the supervisor. The Bakery was owned by the Belladonna family. They lived across the street from the Bakery. The Bakery had two floors. Downstairs the bread was made and upstairs the cakes and pies were made. Working hours were 8 am. To 6 pm., six days a week. Possible pay was $12 a week. There were five Italian women upstairs and a baker. The women were Mary, Rose, and Laurie from Holden, Lena from Cherry Tree and Della from downtown Logan. Helen worked there for six months. She married Joe Piros in November 1937.

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2 Responses to Memories of Cherry Tree by Mrs. Helen (Tarkany) Piros

  1. Kellee Chrislip says:

    I’m The grand daughter of Elwood carver, former resident of cherry tree, even though he never had children he married my grandmother and raised me from age 6 and he was more than a grandpa he was my teacher, my councilor, my leader, and my hero. I seen his name listed in the history of cherry tree and I want to say thank you for his acknowledgement as a member.

    • robert says:

      I’m pleased that you found the web site, Kellee. I remember the Carver family very well. In age, I was younger than Elwood and a year o two older than Reggie. At one time, Cherry ree was a vibrant little community and a great place to spend childhood. Neighbors really cared about each other. If you should have any pictuers of the Carvers to share, I’d be happy to add them.