Mounts Cemetery

The photo gallery below shows a number of the headstones at the Mounts Cemetery at Mud Fork in Logan County, West Virginia. Some of the death records have called this the Baisden Cemetery and the Shamrock Cemetery. Everyone is welcome to add additional images or information about this cemetery.

The graves of the old J.B. Ellis Cemetery at Mud Fork were moved to Forest Lawn.


Mounts Cemetery, Logan County, West Virginia

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18 Responses to Mounts Cemetery

  1. Darwin Justice says:

    Is this the Mounts cemetery that was located above Milk House Holler and was accessed at the top of Mount Gay near the church on the hill?

  2. Etta Estep McComas says:

    The polly collins that is buried here who was her husband my great grandfather James Estep was married to a polly collins Estep

  3. Deborah Estep Cooper says:

    Actually he died on Sept 2, 1962
    My baby brother, Stephen Luther Estep, is buried in the cemetery. He died Sept 2. 1961. Does anyone know how I could find out where he is buried. My elderly mom can’t climb the mountain to show me where his grave site it.

  4. Deb Barker says:

    My GGgrandmother was Polly (Brewster) Mayhone. She died in 1918 and her death certificate indicates she was buried in Mud Fork. I have not been able to locate her grave. If anyone knows where she is buried, please contact me at Thank you.

  5. B. Runyon says:

    Many graves were moved to Forest Lawn Cemetery by the State, when road came thru Mud Fork. Some were unmarked graves and Forest Lawn Cemetery will have a record of all the graves and the location there. There are still many graves there that are unmarked.

  6. Lynda Davis-Logan says:

    If this is a Mounts Cemetery, then where are all the Mounts?? I know they intermarried with the names of Smith and Vance but I expected to see at least 1 Mounts grave marker….

    • Joan Mounts Meade says:

      The Allen Mounts family was moved to Forrest Lawn when the state bought some of the cemetery for the new highway. My father Ted Mounts was the one that took care of this at the time.

  7. Anita Burgess says:

    My great grand mother was Bessie Mounts and Mounts cemetery that Her family own is on TOP of Mt. Gay hill behind all the houses at the end of the road, and in the old days if you didn’t have a plot they would let people be buried there.

  8. Annette Browning says:

    The photo listed as Ama Frances Nichols is actually Anna Frances Nichols, my great grandmother. Thanks!

  9. Dollie Rice says:

    We are looking for information for Dollie Rice I said she was buried in 1961 which is not right she died Feburary 17, 1981. We would appreciate any information you will be able to find she does not have a marker. Her son JE was not able to find his mother’s grave marker. Can you tell us where we can find the burial site.
    Millie Rice
    Jack Rice
    J.E. son


  10. Dollie Rice says:

    We are trying to locate the grave for Dollie Rice in Mounts Cemetery. Buried 1961.
    Maiden name Canturbury. If you have any information we would appreciate your contacting us at
    Millie Rice
    Jack Rice husband
    J.E. – Son

  11. Annette Browning says:

    On Memorial Day, the cemetery is cleared off and the gate at the bottom of the hill is open. The road is paved and you can drive right to the cemetery. Note* A number of the graves were moved when the new road came thru.

    • John Rice says:

      I was up at the grave site a few days ago. I couldn’t find the graves where my mother, grandmother and other family members were buried. It had been at least 15 years and I couldn’t remember exactly where the graves were located. And I didn’t exactly come prepared to go tramping though the underbrush. I did find the fenced off graves to the right at the end of the road but I was unable to find the graves of my family. As I recall they were down over the hill about 10 or 15 feet from the road.

      From looking at the pictures shown above there are at least 2 of my family members that I know is buried there that are missing from the pictures. My grandmother Rosa Canterbury and my great uncle Elliott DeJournett (not sure about the spelling). Both, if I recall correctly, were buried next to my mother Dollie Rice. Both should also have a a plain James Funeral Home marker.

      • Admin says:

        When I visited the Mounts Cemetery, I was searching for my great grandmother’s grave. I took a photo of it and as many of the markers I could find. I know there are many other graves I didn’t see to photograph. Only the very top of the cemetery is cleaned off. The graves on the side of the hill are hidden in thick overgrowth. I wish I could have spent more time there to look but I couldn’t.

      • Annette Browning says:

        John, if it has been a long time since you have been there, a lot of graves were moved when the new road came thru. I was there Memorial Day 2012 and all of the gravesites in the above photos are not there. I’m guessing some were moved?

  12. Deb C says:

    My baby brother, Stephen Luther Estep, is buried in the cemetery. He died Sept 2. 1961. Does anyone know how I could find out where he is buried. My elderly mom can’t climb the mountain to show me where his grave site it.