Sidney B. Lawson, MD

By Joanna Newman

Photo of Sidney B. Lawson, MD author of 50 Years A Mountain-Country Doctor
Sidney B. Lawson, MD
(March 18, 1867 – Oct. 9, 1953)

Dr Lawson, son of Dr. George W. & Chloe Ann Roberson Lawson, published his autobiography, “50 Years A Mountain-Country Doctor” in 1941.

In it, he does not give his birth year, but states he began practice at his home area around the Tug River in a part of Logan County that later became Mingo.

A little later, after completion of more College work in Baltimore, he decided to set up his practice in “Aracoma”, now known as Logan Court House, Logan, WV. This became a very successful practice and he became a much respected and beloved “member” of many families of Logan and Holden and surrounding areas.

On a personal note, it was he, that was instrumental in seeing to it that my mother Elizabeth Thompson, was sent to Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in 1941.

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3 Responses to Sidney B. Lawson, MD

  1. Frank Thompson says:

    I really enjoyed reading Dr. Lawson’s book “50 Years A Mountain-Country Doctor”. The book has a number of amusing stories about his practice and some Logan County history in it as well. Dr. Lawson also served a term as mayor. In his book he describes the town of Logan and a few of its citizens during the early 1900s. The book is a good read for anyone with an interest in Logan County history. The Harless Library on Dempsey Branch Road has two copies available and the Cabell County Public Library in Huntington has a copy.

    Dr. Sidney B. Lawson is buried at Forrest Lawn.

    headstone of Dr. Lawson

    Here is a comment from another post with info about Henlawson and Dr. Lawson.

  2. Joanna Newman says:

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for your comment. I loved that book. I’ve read it several times. My favorite stories are the ones that include, the folks who, after the doc came to visit a sick family member, wanted to invite him for dinner…a special occasion for them…so they needed a table cloth for the table…so they took it directly from the bed…complete with a few stains from leaky kids…:-D Also, I loved the one where a man who had hemorrhoids, was in a full panic because he just knew he was bleeding from his bottom. Even after the doc had given him something to help treat his hemorrhoids prior. Seems he applied the medical stick after the lights were put out…but accidentally used his wife’s lipstick…LOL…Remember those stories? Quite funny!

  3. Rick Rakes says:

    I’ve actually read this book. It’s a wonderful account of Dr. Lawson’s practice in Logan County. I found it at the Raleigh County Public Library in Beckley.