1964 Logan High School

1964 Logan High School Yearbook

1964 Logan High School Yearbook

1964 Logan High School Yearbook Photo Gallery

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  1. Bob Piros says:

    I recall the March 1,1963 accident that
    killed Larry Klele. He was racing with
    Tom Woolcox on the Logan Blvd on a
    Friday night at 11pm. He was taken to
    Logan General Hospital where he died
    at 3:45 am.on March 2. He was attended
    by Dr.Chillag. Tom was hurt but he lived
    until March 19th, 1965,dying from the
    Hopefully someone else has better recollection
    of the accident than I do.

    • Lilee Workman says:

      Larry Klete Birth: January 23, 1945 Logan, W.Va. Residence: Dingess, Logan, W. Va. Age at last Birthday: 18 yrs. 1month 9 days old. Gender: Male Race: White Marital Status: Never Married. Occupation: Student. Death Date: March 02, 1963. Death Place: Logan, W. Va. Guyan Valley Hospital Logan co. W. Va. Father: George Klete. Mother: Polly Salyer. Cause of Death: Celebral injury, Fracture of skull. ( 3 weeks interval Between onset and Death). Car accident his car struck by another car. Time of injury: March 01, 1963. Hour of Death: 11th hour. Place of injury: Blvd. Time of death occurred: 3:45 a.m. Burial Date: March 04, 1963. Burial Place: Logan Memorial Park, McConnell Logan, W. Va. Funeral Director: Robert B. Harris. Harris Funeral Home Logan, W. Va.

      • Bob Piros says:

        Lilee, thanks for the info.
        Not sure why you put 3 weeks interval
        between onset & death as Larry Klele
        died within 4 hours of his injury.
        Logan Blvd. was known as a place for
        kids to do their car racing as was
        three mile curve.
        Maybe someone can find the article
        in an old Logan Banner from 1963.

      • Bob Piros says:

        The other sad part of this story
        is that George Klele who immigrated
        in 1940 from Damascus Syria died
        from a heart attack on March 11,1963.

  2. annette evangelista says:

    in my feb 10 2014 post, i incorectly enter my email, the correct email is follows:
    thank you

    • Bob Piros says:

      Annette, I recall a Mrs.Anne Maynard,
      Dean of Girls during those years.
      You might want to check LHS
      Facebook Page for help.

  3. Annette Evangelista says:

    I’m in need of information, my mother, Louise Maynard went to Logan high during 1962-64. If anyone can provide any information for me in regards to friendship, dating, etc. I would love to be contacted. My mother recently passed away and oftener talked about going to high school in Logan. Please, my email is evangista.annette@yahoo.com