Aracoma Hotel Fire

Updated March 13, 2011

On November the 15th, 2010 the Aracoma Hotel suffered heavy fire damage.  On Thanksgiving Day the Cole and Main Street corner of the building collapsed.  Consequently, the building was demolished about a month later.

The Aracoma Hotel was built in 1917 and was a historic Logan landmark. Over the years, the hotel has hosted a number of prominent guests including John F. Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Roy Rogers and Gabby Hayes. Read the Aracoma Hotel History by Martha Sparks.

The old Pioneer Hotel was located on the other side of Cole Street.  It was built in 1902 and was demolished in August 2007.

Aracoma Hotel fire in downtown Logan, WV 11-15-10

Aracoma Hotel Collapse Corner of Cole and Main Street 11-25-10

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the individuals that shared the above two videos to YouTube.  Thank you.

Photo of Cole Street, Logan WV showing the Aracoma Hotel

Logan, WV Aracoma Hotel Postcard with a 1937 postmark

The above postcard has a Logan WV Nov. 23, 1937 postmark and was published by Guyan Drug Co. in Logan.  The bottom of the postcard shows part of the yard belonging to the residence of Judge Wilkinson. The Wilkinson home later became the Harris Funeral Home and is currently the Honaker Funeral Home.

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9 Responses to Aracoma Hotel Fire

  1. Does anyone have a photo of Logan, taken near the “Triangle Gas Station”, which shows the oval-shaped red neon “Falls City Beer” sign that was on top of the hill above the Triangle? If so, kindly post it. Thanks! I must have stared at that “beacon in the night” a bazillion times from our house on High St., during the 1950’s.
    James L. Weaver

  2. Jim McDonald says:

    Frank, it was Lash LaRue. I got his autograph and kept it for many years. Don’t know where it is now. There was another actor with him called “Blackie”, who said he had been killed more times in Western movies than anyone. Strange how certain memories stay with us. Planning to be in Culpeper. Va. for Christmas (50 miles from Charlottesville). Spudnuts anyone? Remember the letters to Santa that were read over the radio and most ended with candy, fruit, and nuts? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • Frank Thompson says:

      Dodie was right. After all of these years of wondering, it’s nice to finally know that. Thank you! I am planning a trip to Logan soon so I’ll be driving by Charlottesville. I’ll have to stop and buy a box of Spudnuts to enjoy on the trip. They should keep me entertained for at least thirty minutes. 🙂

      Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

    Frank, Could it have been Lash LaRue?

    • Frank Thompson says:

      Yes, it could have been Lash LaRue but I just don’t remember. I am hoping that someone saw the same performance in 1957 and will remember the name.

    • James L. Weaver says:

      It was the Cisco Kid , (Duncan Renaldo), and “Poncho”. My Mother worked at Cohen’s Drug store, and the two cowboys came in. Both signed an 8″ x 10″ PR photo. She gave it to me, and I was “over the moon” with excitement. That was 68 years ago.

      • Bob Piros says:

        James, Leo Carrillo played Pancho.
        There is a wonderful article at show was on TV
        from 1950-1956.If it was 68 years
        ago, it was in 1947 that you saw them.

  4. Frank Thompson says:

    I remember in 1957 I saw a cowboy star make a stage performance at I think the Capitol. He stayed at the Aracoma as well but I cannot remember who the name. I know it wasn’t Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy or the Lone Ranger – I’d remember any of those. Anyone recall who it was?

    • Bob Piros says:

      Frank, I saw Lash Larue perform
      at the Middleburg Theater in 1952.
      He sure knew how to pop the whip.
      Red Ryder & Little Beaver might
      have performed at the Capitol Theater.