Cherry Tree Guestbook

The following are entries from the original guestbook which had to be replaced due to spam issues. At the end of these entries, you can still post your comments. Enjoy.  — Robert McCormack, July 11, 2012

Diana Maynard Spry
Location: Rolesvlle NC
5-27-2012 01:06 PM Host:

I am from Logan and enjoyed your site about Cherry Tree sure brings back memories !!!!

Bob Samson Jr. (Bobby)
Location: Hurricane, WV
5-27-2012 12:11 PM IP:

Robert Thank you very much for all of the hard work that you have put into this site. My dad owned Samson Maytag Co for app 30 years and is now 95 years old. We lived on the back row of Cherry Tree near the creek beside of the slate dump. Thank you again for the wonderful memories. Bobby Samson

Heather McAnally
Location: Mt. Juliet, TN
5-15-2012 06:28 PM Host:

Just wanted to say Thanks. My grandmother Laura Bailey and my great Aunt Winona Bailey have had a wonderful time looking at these pictures and reminiscing about their days in Cherry Creek. Their father was Rev. Everett Bailey (1935-38). You’ve done a wonderful job with this site. Thanks again, Heather Goins McAnally

Nick Schatz
Location: Morehead Ky
5-14-2012 08:43 AM Host:

Great Job Cuz !

Wilda Turner Baldwin
Location: Brook Park,Ohio
5-13-2012 06:14 PM Host:

Was in Cherry Tree For Mothers Day to visit My Mother Ruby Browning,she spoke with you and you sent her a map and some pictures.She enjoyed your visit very much.Your doing a great job.

Jeanette (Sheppard) Adkins
Location: Logan, West Virginia
5-13-2012 04:28 PM IP:

I am so grateful for all the hard work and time that you have put into this site for all of us folks to gather and find our past once again. Thank you so much. I am so excited recently got into contact with two other folks and hopefully will be getting some needed information and pictures on my family that have passed on but are very much remembered. Thanks again….Jeanette

Kathy Lewis
Location: Nashville, TN
5-12-2012 09:44 PM IP:

Hi Rober,! You have a GREAT website here! A lot of hard work went into putting it all together, I’m sure. Thank you for inviting me… Kathy

Wilda Turner Baldwin
Location: Brook Park Ohio
5-7-2012 01:32 PM Host:

Lived in Cherry Tree between the two bridges.Ernest Browning of the Browning Brother was my stepfather.Rode the #50 school bus 1955-59.Elsie did agreat job.

Michael Poole
Location: Skyline, Alabama
4-25-2012 01:41 PM IP:

I am from Logan, Mt. Gay, and Whites Addition ….. gradulated from LHS in 1968. Was good friends with Charles Nagy whose father ran Nagy grocery store. Best wishes to all my old friends.

Madonna Johnson Hipps
Location: Kirkwood, St. Louis Co., MO
4-6-2012 01:09 AM IP:

You have a wonderful site. My great Aunt Juditha ‘Ditha’ (Steele) White and husband, Wallace White, were listed on the church membership register. They lived in Whites Addition. As a little girl, I can remember visiting the church. My great grandmother and great grandfather, Geo. W. & Susan (Thompson-Totten) Steele, lived in Monaville. Very enjoyable!

Dorothy Martin Fields
Location: Newcastle, California
9-19-2011 03:05 PM IP:

We were at Logan High School at the same time. I lived at Omar and graduated in 1955. I believe you were a sophmore. What a great job you have done with this. You revived so many of my memories especially the log cabin that we would always pass by on our way to Logan. I can’t stress enough what a great job you have done. So many memories came back to me. Thanks again!

Douglas Dempsey
Location: Abington, VA
4-19-2011 11:30 AM Host:

As I recall, in the late 50’s the Handy Andy store building was used as a “juvenile club” dance hall. It could be that it was not until the mid-60’s that it was a dance hall. There were some great dancers that frequented it. I seem to recall that one of the best was a girl named (I think?) Kathy Mounts who had lost the lower portion of her right arm. Wow! She could dance! I believe she had a sandy-haired brother who was also quite expert. My impression is that they were from the Cherry Tree area. I began driving in ’58. I remember those concrete bridges and had the same anxieties you did driving across them. It was some time later that I became somewhat comfortable with the 2-lane traffic. I don’t know how long after I started driving but one night I had a date with a girl from Chauncey. It was almost dark as I drove from Krogers toward Cherry Tree. After I made the right-hand turn to go toward Chauncey I was at about behind the Esso station when a bunch of guys jumped up in front of me waving their hands and shouting and stopping me. It turns out that I was driving smack toward a patch of concrete roadway being poured there. A little bit of trivia you might not know is that there is an elephant buried at Whites Addition. It seems that a visiting circus had an elephant die and they ended up burying it there. Keep up the good work! I will follow it!

Dougla Dempsey
Location: Abington, VA
4-19-2011 11:21 AM Host:

As to Cherry Tree itself, during my late “junior” and “high” school days, my good friend Donald Steele’s father ran the “Esso” station there. I recall Simon Gore as being “older” and his sister Judy being my contemporary. Cherry Tree was one of those “unauthorized” bicycle trips for me during those days. Donald probably made “unauthorized” trips to Verdunville to court (or attempt to court) Barbara DeWitt who earlier-on was my J.B. Ellis 6th grade classmate. It seems that Cherry Tree and Thompson Towners went through much the same adventures during those days. I recall that we had a “boy’s club” which had a “boxing club” arena in a dirt-floor old wooden garage building there. Your reference to boxing leads me to recall an incident I had with one of “your” White’s Addition fellows. He is Euhl Damron (’60) and was a good friend and a closer friend to Roger “R.B.” Avis (Adams?) a younger brother to “Tubby” and Raymond and a ’60 guy too. I hung out mostly at the Avis house and Euhl would come to visit there from time-to-time. Anyhow, over a period of time I was urged by Euhl and R.B. to box Euhl. For whatever reason (perhaps that I was bigger than Euhl) I declined for some time. Finally, I said okay and we donned gloves which were always present. Very shortly, I gave Euhl a bloody nose which displeased me immensely but it ended the match. There was never any will between us and we usually laughed about it when it came up.

Douglas Dempsey
Location: Abington, VA
4-19-2011 10:22 AM Host:

Robert, I just stumbled onto your site and I enjoy it very much. I am very impressed with your writing skills. M y name is Douglas Dempsey (LHS Class of ’60). I lived on Mud Fork at Thompson Town. We moved there from Latrobe on Buffalo Creek in time for me to do the 6th grade term at J.B. Ellis School. Unless your mother taught that class, I would not have known her, and frankly, I don’t know who my teacher was. I gather that you are Class of ’58. I remember some of that class. My 1960 contemporary and good friend Larry Kelly is married to Rose Perovich whom I think is ’58. I think my cousins Naaman “Tubby” Adams and Raymond Adams (from Thompson Town) were ’58 too. Those fellows are sometimes referred to with a last name of “Avis” for some reason which I never delved into.

Judi Clark
Location: Indiana via Holden W Va
4-8-2011 03:15 PM Host:

Hello Bob, Just stopping in as I love to read the guestbook. I hope you are doing well. My Uncle Ray Smith from Cherry Tree is in his 80’s and doing very well. Write soon, Judi dau of Bill and Ruth Smith Clark formerly of Logan

Rebecca Browning
Location: –
2-28-2011 09:59 PM IP:

My grandfather was Thamer Browning. He was one of the “Browning Brothers” mentioned on your website. I so enjoyed reading your website. Thank you very much for putting it all together.

Forest Harold Ratcliff
Location: California, MO
2-17-2011 04:34 PM Host:

Thank you for your research. Frances Jane was the sister of my Great Grand Father. My web site above is a collection of this information.

Brenda Stultz White
Location: Chapmanville, West Virginia
2-9-2011 05:42 PM IP:

Where did you get the maiden name of Anna Tarkany as being Stercz? She was a sister to my grandfather, Andrew Stultz. There were five siblings in Anna’s family. I’m wondering if they changed the spelling of their name when they came to the US. Although, the rest of the family went by Stultz. My grandfather and grandmother were very active in the Pilgrim Holiness Church at Cherry Tree. I didn’t see their name on the list. We visited Sister Hickman and Emma Sexton when they lived in Logan. They lived in an apartment across the street from the old Logan Central Junior High up on the hill.

Herb Harvey
Location: Fayette Co. W.Va.
1-30-2011 08:33 PM IP:

Was directed to your site by Frank Thompson (Whites Addn.) You definitely dug deep and produced a masterpiece of memories. Thank you for your work. Herbert Harvey Whites Addn. 1952-1963

Bob Piros
Location: Ventura,CA
1-8-2011 12:21 AM Host:

Happy New Year Robert.Hope all is well with you.Your site looks good.Take care.Bob

Michael Taylor
Location: Whitman, WV
1-2-2011 12:24 AM IP:

Just checking in!

Jeanette Sheppard Adkins
Location: Logan, WV
12-9-2010 12:48 PM IP:

Just wanted to say howdy! I love your site and wished you could get more pictures of the other families that lived in the area too. I know that its hard to obtain them. I was just thinking about how nice it would be if others that had pictures or stories that could and would share with you, how wonderful that would be to keep adding to your journal and getting more information and stories about our lives in era of time for others to read, enjoy, and share with their families and friends. I truly love your work and would love to keep in touch and if I can be of help researching anything for you from this area. Please feel free to get in touch with me. I am still looking for information about the Dryers,Sheppard families. I believe that they lived next door to each other in Cherry Tree also the Walsh family the children of Ben and Dora Walsh from fisher bottom. Children Patty, Bobby, Sherman, Maudie and Helen. Helen married into the Sheppard family she married Fred. Which is a struggle to research this family line. There seems to be nothing out there on records for them. Thanks all and especially to you for all your hard work. Thanks a million! Jeanette

Elaine Clark Smith
Location: Foley, Alabama
11-19-2010 09:50 AM IP:

I have spent a good deal of my adult life looking for my family on my father’s side. I finally found my grandparents, Martha Hannah Clark and Van Buren Clark. My parents were divorced when I was very small and I never knew who my father’s family was. Thank you. My father was Paul L. Clark who married Mary Elizabeth Hunt from Alabama.

Carole Perry
Location: galloway,o
9-24-2010 09:46 PM Host:

Hi Robert, nice journal, i can tell you have put a lot of hours and hard work into .1958, Logan Hi

Joan Ellis Noojin
Location: Grove City, OH
8-13-2010 05:59 PM Host:

Hi Bob, Enjoyed your website very much. Learned of it from Sharon Bailey Hurlocker. I never lived in Cherry Tree or Fisher Bottom, but I had an aunt, Ethel Ellis Fambrough, who did live in Fisher Bottom in the ’40’s. I remember visiting there often. She was a nurse at the old Mercy Hospital, I believe. I lived on Mud Fork in camp 15 and sttended J.B Ellis Elementary around ’45 to ’49. Your stories bring back a lot of similar memories. A great time in life was lived in WV. I still go back as often as possible.

Eben Staggs
Location: –
4-30-2010 09:57 PM Host:

Thanks for the memories, it has been many years but viewing the web site has brought back many memories. I enjoyed very much viewing the pictures of my classmates in the photos 3-4 and 3-5 grades. Thanks again for memories… Eben

cindy laudermilt
Location: mason, wv
4-27-2010 11:51 AM Host:

My sister in law has an old quart milk bottle that has holden dairy island creek coal co. holden wv she is wanting to know if its worth anything or how she can find out more about it. If anyone can help we’d sure be great full. thank you for your time and i love this site.

Patty Irvin Brown
Location: Avon Park, FL
3-17-2010 06:10 PM Host:

I so enjoyed your Logan history. I was born in 1942 to Skip and Tootsie Irvin, my grandfather was Boyd Simmons. We lived at 16 High St, Logan. It was the house with the high wall. We lived in front of Hershel and Maude Williamson and next to Ole and Mary Bennett and Jean and Claude White, also their sons Claude Lee and Bill. I need to dig through old pictures of Logan and get copies made. Hello to everyone and any family or friends that remember me or my family please e-mail. Love!!!!

Frances Keener Spagnola
Location: High Point, NC
3-14-2010 06:37 PM Host:

Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories. I also lived in Cherry Tree when Jerry Johnson thought he could fly!! My grandfather, J.T. Walsh built the home we lived in on what was called the “slate dump” Mary Cornwell was my great aunt and I remember we did not live far from her and I think it was close to the Sampson’s. We are related to the Edmonson family and they also lived near by. Glen Paul was at our home often and got into trouble for throwing my little red rocker over the creek bank. But, when you are young you remember the terror of losing you “little red rocker” We later moved to Fisher Bottom into my Grandfathers house when he moved to Ohio. The names of the Walsh family from Fisher Bottom are Flora (my mother),Tennis, Jim (Doc) Juanita, Rowena, Chester, Anna, Nina, Audrey, John and Sue. I love reading all the names and information you have shared. Thanks so much.

Alan Cline
Location: Philippines
11-21-2009 11:32 PM IP:

Sometime after my family moved out of state in 1957 the Deskins Addition property was purchased by the state . The Deskins family graves were re-located and i am trying to verify where they were re-located . My 85 yr old mother believes it was to Forest Lawn , Peck’s Mill but i have scanned over 900 names from their data and no Deskins are listed so i am wondering if they have been moved elsewhere . If anyone has any ideas please contact me at Also wondering if anyone can identify the Mrs Deskins photo shown on this site ? Thanks

Lawrence Ray Baisden sr.
Location: Redding, California
11-15-2009 12:44 PM IP:

Looking for all Baisden family relatives, trying to add them all to my family tree. My father was born and raised in West Virginia, and I have located many of my relative via Facebook, look me up..

Alan Cline
Location: Philippines
11-3-2009 06:12 PM IP:

Ran across your site while traveling the genealogy road . I was born in Logan in Deskins Addition in 1944 . My mother was a Keys and grandmother a Deskins . Nice Site

Lisa Owens
Location: LaPorte, Indiana
10-18-2009 02:01 PM Host:

Hello everyone, I am trying to find out information on my biological fater. His name was Sylford Adkins. Everyone called him Tuck. I looked up Cherry Tree because I found out he was born there to Everette Adkins and Deephia Dempsey Adkins. This is about all I know of him. If anyone could help me I would be forever in their debt. Thank you for reading this. Lisa

Lurinda Stonoff
Location: Mesa, AZ
10-9-2009 05:39 AM Host:

(No, I wasn’t cussing in the previous message. The computer put in those symbols for some mysterious reason.) In looking over your genealogy info, I’m particularly interested in your ancestor Anna McKinney Music who married a Hatfield. We also have McKinney and Hatfield ancestors (and McCoy ones, as well, for that matter – we have ancestors on both sides of the famous feud!) It’s looking more and more like we are distant cousins. My sister knows a lot more about it and might be able to trace the exact relationship.

Lurinda Stonoff
Location: –
10-9-2009 05:07 AM Host:

More info you might be interested in: My father’s mother was Nola Baisden, née Perkins. One of her brothers was Louis Perkins (#115 on the map – my cousin still lives there. Uncle Statan Stonoff lived next door, at the first curve in the road, until his death about 3 years ago.) Uncle Jim Stonoff now lives in Indiana, and my father Robert Stonoff in Arizona. Another of Nola’s brothers was Vernard Bailey, likely related to the Baileys listed in the Pilgrim Holiness Church congregation. I remember going to the church while visiting my grandmother in the 1960’s. My sister Katrina Stonoff has done extensive genealogical research, and found that Nola Perkins Stonoff Baisden descended from Scots-Irish families who lived in the area for many generations, dating back to before the American Revolution. It is quite possible that we are distantly related! Check out my sister’s blog on Vernard Bailey at Digging Up Stones (I tried to post the #@*%! address, but this site won’t let me.) Nola Perkins, our grandmother, is on the lower right in the photo. Besides these, a couple more of my relatives are mentioned in your website: my aunt Johnnie Baisden; and the Shepherds are also mentioned – they are probably related to my aunt Velma Shepherd (Nola Baisden’s youngest child.)

Lurinda Stonoff
Location: Mesa, AZ
10-9-2009 03:06 AM Host:

I’m the oldest child of Robert Stonoff, listed at #117 (in White’s Addition) on the map. I visited Logan a couple of years ago for my uncle Statan’s funeral (he is also listed.) It was the first time I’d been there in over 30 years. I too was amazed at the changes – but also by the things that were much as I remembered them from the late 1960’s. You cannot imagine how meaningful your site is to me. Thank you.

Location: Chap’ville
8-31-2009 03:24 PM Host:

Hey Bob Lukies’ truly was 5 star……..

Location: Harrisburg
8-18-2009 11:35 AM Host:

Hi Bobby, just checkin a test with the web site

Nick Schatz ( Lewis )
Location: Morehead Ky
7-13-2009 09:53 AM Host:

You have built a real nice site and plenty of info, Thanks Nick, Great-Grandson of John Lewis whom married Mary McCormack

Betty Burgett Meade
Location: Wilkinson.wv 25653
5-23-2009 04:12 PM Host:

I love this guestbook. Some I know some i don’t I was born at #22holden.Not another place like it!hope to see everyone at the parkin

Herb Blankenship
Location: Poca, WV
2-15-2009 01:18 PM Host:

Hi Robert: I visit the Cherry Tree site frequently to see who has signed your guest book and to check for updates.

John Ratcliff
Location: Richmond, VA
2-5-2009 09:23 AM Host:

I came across your web sight when searching for images of coal miners of W VA. Reading “Love Letters” written by Johnny and Elizabeth helped me realize just how fragile-and-short life is. Was sorry to learn of Johnny’s early death, but happy to learn that Elizabeth had a productive and happy life. I hope to see them both in Heaven (in the near future, since I’m now 72 years old). Thank you for a wonderful web site. John Ratcliff

charles jordan
12-28-2008 06:11 PM Host:

i liked your page i grew up in cherry tree i am exicited to look at all the old time pics of what it used to look like

John Elkins
Location: Verdunville WV.
12-16-2008 08:14 PM Host:

Very nice site.The stories of Cherry Tree remind me very much of the little community of Monaville in which I grew up in,which is just a few miles from Cherry Tree.Times were simpler back then and in most ways,I think better.Wonderful site-keep up the good work.

Judi Clark-Stamper
Location: IN via Holden West Virginia
8-8-2008 01:40 PM Host:

Hi Bob, justdropped in. You keep the site looking great. Your logan friend, Judi

Jeanette (Sheppard) Adkins
Location: Logan, West Virginia
6-28-2008 11:05 AM IP:

Hello, and Thanks for the great If anyone has information about my family the Sheppards or the Walsh family from that area. I would greatly appreciate the information. Walsh was Ben and Dora and the kids were Sherman, Billy who has since passed away, he moved to Chicago. Maudie and Helen and Patty who was the youngest she passed away this year. And Bobby he also is gone. Thanks Jeanette AdkinsBA96DD4

Kathy McNeely
Location: Huntington, WV
5-9-2008 02:52 PM Host:

Hi Rob, I was looking at your site again–always love reading the memories. I wanted to say hello to all the former PH church people who read and sign your guestbook. I’d love to know how everyone is. God bless us, everyone!

Robert McCormack
Location: Palm Springs California
4-15-2008 05:59 PM IP:

In addressing technical problems with the web site, we lost many wonderful J. B. Ellis postings from the past. Please post your comments again so tht we can all enjoy them. Robert McCormack

John Elkins
Location: Verdunville Wv.
3-10-2008 09:08 PM Host:

Hello–you have a wonderful site.although i never lived at Cherry Tree,I knew many people who lived there.Had a brother and a brother in law who worked at the Sunbeam Bakery in Cherry Tree.I know all of the locations you mentioned on your site.I was born and raised in Monaville WV,about 3 miles up the road from Cherry Tree.These were great communities to grow up in,but like most places they have changed over the years.I now live in Verdunville WV. which is not far from Cherry Tree.Well,Ijust thought I would say hello and congratulate you on your site.

Denise Scarberry
Location: Gallipolis Ohio
3-6-2008 10:18 PM IP:

i am the grandaughter of Joseph hatfield. I found it quite interesting the picture of him is on the website. The story of George and Elizabeth was so intriguing. A friend and I read the letters and were amazed . We would like to know how you are related to those in the story. The picture of grandpa and Virginia was quite impressive too. Glad you found it. My aunt and uncle were in the class pictures too. Linda and Joeseph Hatfield. Thank you for making my night.

Sharon Bailey Hurlocker
Location: –
2-28-2008 08:54 PM IP:

Saw Irene’s entry. My mom was Helen York Bailey. My grandmother Lydia was Bessie’s sister. My brothers are Jack C. Bailey, Donis G. Bailey, and B. Fred Bailey. When I lived at Mud Fork (16 camp) they called me Susie.

Irene Williamson Bush
Location: Frazeysburg, Ohio
2-26-2008 05:24 PM Host:

I enjoyed your web site very much, I notice a Sharon Bailey Hurlock entry, she talked about Bessie Burton and Junor Burton, I’m his sister n law, Jr. lives in Newark, Ohio now, I can remember when I was a young child, he would take me to the church that Sharon talks about, he has two kids that live in Sumter, S.C, Thanks again for the great web site, you have done a fantastic job.

Sharon Bailey Hurlocker
Location: Mt. Pleasant, NC
2-24-2008 10:56 AM IP:

Found this website while trying to find Pilgrim Holiness Doctrine. I used to have a little black book, but loaned to someone and they never returned it. I now belong to Mt. Pleasant Medothist Church, Mt. Pleasant, NC. I am Donis Bailey’s sister Sharon. They used to call me Susie. I have many memories of Cherry Tree Church. My Mom, most of my brothers and their family’s, my aunt Bessie Burton, her son Junior Burton and thier families and also my Pa Chester York all went there. I have some special memories of Cherry Tree. The song I remember Sister Kitchen leading was “This Little Light of Mine”. Every time it came to the part where it says “hide it under a bushel, NO! We would all stamp our foot. Also my brother Donis lived behind the church. My brother is still living and also his wife and all but one child. I am sending him some pictures and information that was printed off this website. I also remember running to the back of the church and ringing the bell. Thank you for a walk down memory lane. Sharon Bailey Hurlocker

Nick Gavallas
Location: Greece
9-25-2007 03:36 PM Host:

Hello to everyone. This website is fantastic along with its mother site featuring Cherry Tree. Congratulations! I have a strange request. I don’t even know if anyone is alive that could offer any information or assistance. My mother was born in Omar and lived for several years in the Mud Fork area called Shegon/Verdunville. She attended Curry Grade School. Are you ready to hear the period? It would have been in the early 1930’s. I am looking for any information regarding the area during that period. My grandparents were Greek immigrants, Papou (grandfather) was a coal miner for the Island Creek Coal Company. During the 1920’s they were somewhat transient going from Micoh to Holden to Omar to Harts Creek? to Seth (is there such a place in that area?) and finally “settling” in Mud Fork where they spent most of grandfather’s mining years. in the late 1930’s he developed the first stages of black lung and the unemployment rate was so high in Logan County that they moved north to Warwood/Wheeling/Richland where he mined for the Costanzo Mine in Warwood. His condition became worse and he stopped working as a miner and assumed other odd jobs in downtown Wheeling and later moved to Pensacola, Florida for a better climate for his health. So is there anybody with any recollection, pictures, stories, information of that period? Any assistance would be a God-Send! Again congratulations on your wonderful work!

Nancy McCormick
Location: Huntington
9-11-2007 03:09 PM IP:

Love your site. I am the granddaughter of Plesant and Martha McCormick. I have tried in past to find info on Plesant and found you by accident. Thanks so much for this site

jerry kirk
Location: new haven,in 46774
9-9-2007 04:44 PM Host:

hello. i was born 1939. i lived in cherry tree 1944-1952.iam in the 1947&1948 school pictures. mmy best friends were simon gore,dick hood,deloris hood,thomas ripley,and glenpaul edmonson. i lived across from chericos gro store.i have lived in indiana for the last 55yrs. this is a great site. thank you

Sheila Cole
Location: Huntington, WV
7-28-2007 11:42 PM Host:

I just happened upon your website by accident. I was searching for the Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree song. 🙂 I am from McDowell County and graduated from Iaeger High in 91. I currently live in Huntington, but my heart is still in the coalfields of Bradshaw where life is much simpler and everything goes at a slower pace. Nobody gets in a hurry and most people are very friendly and neighborly. But like you, I agree, you can’t go home again. At least the home that you remember growing up. People die or move away and “progress” changes things; ie:consolidation. It is really all very sad. And even though there’s not much there economically I still long to go back.

7-25-2007 07:45 AM Host:


George W. Beckett
Location: Scott Depot, WV
7-11-2007 08:41 AM IP:

Great job Robert! I’ll look for more pictures!

Margaret (Buckles) Craggs
Location: Mentor, OH
6-25-2007 04:55 PM Host:

What a great find is this site !!! I lived in White’s Addition and attended Cherry Tree School first, second and third grades. Frema Dingess was my first grade teacher and Lucille von Pechy my teacher for second and third grades. Yes! I remember the school in great detail. Those were great times. My family moved to Cleveland, OH at the end of my third grade school year in 1954. Thank you for the great memories. Margaret

Darryl Green
Location: –
6-24-2007 05:58 PM Host:

Very nicely planned web-site. It’s obvious that you spent a lot of time working on this. It brings Cherry Tree to life. I’m looking forward to reading more of the letters and seeing more pictures in the future. Darryl

Location: –
2-26-2007 12:39 AM Host:

Wonderful site.Brings back a lot of memories–mostly good–of growing up in southern WV. [ JOHN ELKINS ]

ronald owens
Location: mt gilead,ohio
1-18-2007 04:51 PM Host:

grew up in cherry tree.lived in house by bridge,next to browning family,would wilda turner baldwin be rubys’ daughter?

john chappell
Location: Orange Park Florida
8-9-2006 01:02 PM IP:

I went to Mt. Gay Elementary in 1st and 2nd grade ( Mrs. Blevins I think) Moved to Florida in 1961. Dad worked at the coal mines in Holden and then was layed off. Dad’s name was John Wade Chappell. My Mom was Marie and my grand parents were Floyd and Mary Acres in Shamrock, while my other Grandma was Sarah Chappell in Whitmans Creek. We lived in Shamrock. I remember a couple of guys who played ball back then in the Logan Civic Little Leauge. Billy Wooten ( how do I remember that ) and David Allie. After moving to Florida and as I got older I played Baseball for the University of Florida and one summer I played in the Shendoah Summer Baseball League for college players and saw David Allie,talked a while.Very ironic though as I was a pitcher and he was at the plate. I have not been back in about 35 years. I wander if Shamrock, Mt. Gay, the Logan Hospital(born)the Ball fields across the river ( Guyandotte ?)are still there. I want to come back and show my wife where I was raised.I remember Mud Fork, Island Creek COal Co. Was there a swimming pool there? ” almost heaven ”

John Tarkany
Location: Charleston, SC
7-13-2006 07:50 PM Host:

I did a Google search of my name (John Tarkany) and found your interesting stories. There are not a lot of JT’s out there. My branch of Tarkanys came from Hungary to Scranton, PA (1900),worked in the coal mines and finally settled in Dayton, OH. There are a bunch of Tarkanys in Dayton. Your stories remind me of our family History we still cook Hungarian-the best food in the world! John

Billie Thompson Reynolds
Location: Holden, WV/ Titusville, Fl.
6-6-2006 09:52 PM Host:

Hi there, My name is Billie Thompson Reynolds. I was born and raised in Holden. WV. The old Holden Dairy was about 2 to 3 miles above our house. located at Sulfur Springs ,this area is above 7&8 Holden. the numbers represent the Island Creek Coal Mines. This was in the late 30’s and early 40’s. after my grandparents came from Scotland they lived in Massutetteus and he worked in a dairy there, then when they came down to Holden, WV. My grandfather ran the Holden Dairy for several years before going to work in the coal mines.. My father as a boy worked there also. I have a photo of my dad sitting on a very large bull in the field at the dairy. I don’t reemember when the dairy closed down but was many many years ago. The old dairy was torn down about 1979-80. It was in abandon and vandals were making a mess of it. I also have a Holden dairy bottle that my cousin gave me several years back. It is something that I treasure. They seem to be very hard to come by. The orginial Holden Dairy bottles were embossed glass, the later bottles had painted lettering on them. We found an old painted one under our house one year while remodeling. The one I have that my cousin gave me is one of the oldest bottles, it is embossed. What kind of bottle is yours. Mine is the pint size.

Location: swell mountain , wva
6-5-2006 07:04 PM Host:

i recently came across a old milk bottle with holden dairy on it from holden wva could you have info on this place. i thought maybe you would know of it if you was from that area i have really searched for it but to no avail i cannot find it. i really enjoyed reading about your history. thank you so much for possibly helping me i would appriciate a response as soon as possible.

Brenda Browning Detrio
Location: Haymarket, VA
5-24-2006 10:22 AM Host:

I enjoyed your website – very well done. I am granddaughter of George and Anna Browning who lived at Shamrock. I also lived there and went to Mt. Gay Elem School until abt. 1950 when my parents moved to Florida. My parents are Alfred Lee Browning and Josephine Masci. Thanks for all your hard work!

Wilda Turner Baldwin
Location: Brookpark,Ohio,44142
4-17-2006 03:05 PM Host:

I lived in Cherry tree 1954-1960 caught the school bus in front of Nagy’s the driver of the bus was Elsie her son Ronnie(Frank)and I graduated class of 59 My Mom still lives in Cherry tree in the old RC cola building I go back often sure has changed a lot durning that time.

Linda Scites
Location: Woodbridge virginia
2-13-2006 09:11 AM Host:

Daughter of Horace Scites

Charles Isaacs
Location: St Petersburg Florida
2-12-2006 08:11 PM IP:

It was so nice to read the history of Cherry Tree. I grew up in Lindly Camp in Monaville in the 60’s. I would like to read more. Keep up the good work

Elsie Dyer
Location: Texas
2-9-2006 09:10 PM Host:

I remember a lot of good friends I had in W.Va. Lana Gore and I started first grade together and were best friend. Janet Crabtree and Patricia Maynard were also great friends. I had five brothers and two sister. One brother and one sister have died. My brother, Paul Dyer, has written a charming write-up about Logan. I remember how relaxed life used to be. We didn’t hang aroung the house playing #@*%! games. We roamed around outside playing “Lost Trail”. We lived in a little shack by the railroad track in Cherry Tree, close to Joe Cherico’s store. A few years back I went to see my brother Paul Dyer who lives in Kentucky. We went to WVa and I got to see Lana and Janet. I think Patricia Maynard had died. I moved from W. Va. to Texas in 1967. I didn’t appreciate the beautiful mountains until I lived in Abilene for a while. Fortunately I now live in East Texas and love it. I have a daughter and two grandsons. I used to live beside Skipper Mays. We hung out together. I still think of her sometimes. Elsie Dyer

Location: Davin, WV
1-26-2006 06:01 PM Host:

Enjoyed reading your memories.

Floyd Steven Gallion
Location: Ranger,WV
12-25-2005 01:43 PM Host:

I am Wilson And Carrie Gallion’s youngest son. Gordon is my older brother he also lives in Ranger and Huntington part of the time with our Aunt Susie Gallion who had a stroke recently and needs help most of the time.

Billie Holcombe
Location: Pickens, SC
12-25-2005 01:17 PM IP:

Great site! I went on here to look at some of the history of my dad. Wonderful pictures.. Merry Christmas to all!!

Barbara Randant Thomas
Location: Huntington WV
12-10-2005 07:02 PM Host:

I enjoyed this page very much thanks for sharing your storys

skipper mays
Location: Danville,WV
12-3-2005 10:15 AM Host:

Hi bobby, i saved your website on a floppy disk was reading it but now the pictures won’t open its been so long.. don’t know if you still have the site.hope to hear from you soom and thought you might like to visit my website .. i am just beginning to build it.. love skipper

Mark Webb
Location: Colorado Springs
10-28-2005 03:44 PM IP:

What a great find! My great-grandpa, Everett Wooten, pastored that church. Russel Wooten was my grandfather. I would love to know if you have any other pictures of the church, especially from the 30’s and 40’s.

Victor Kidd
Location: Charleston, WV
10-11-2005 02:38 PM Host:

NICE webpage for Cherry Tree. My parents were Wm T and Ruth Vickers Kidd. The Kidd family moved from Monaville (where I was born) sometime in the ’40s. My father worked in ‘Black Bottom’ for Logan Machine & Electric. We lived in CT through WW2 and moved to Freeze Fork on Dingess Run around ’46. I have fond memories of CT and the blackouts during the war, the bakery and the wonderful smell and Mr Nagy’s store. We were in the small house beside the ESSO station. My brother Dwight attended CT school. I remember playing in a snow fort built by the ‘bigger’ boys in the school field. The Black family lived just behind us. Mrs. Black looked after me while my mother went to see my brother in Logan General Hosp. He had appendicitis. She was a stern keeper. It was long ago but still fond memories exist even though the times were tough.

Robert McCormack: Victor: I recall the Kidd family whom my parents seem to think highly of . My brother, Ronald (Ronnie), used to play with Dwight. You and I also use to play together. I remember those early feelings of freedom of being allowed to go play in your yard. Mother was particular about who I played with. When your family moved, you were really missed. Yes, Mrs. Black was a “stern keeper.” That has paid off as those adult children are well educated and professionals now. Thanks for visiting the website.

sean szakal
Location: kannapolis, north carolina
8-15-2005 03:50 PM IP:

congratulations on the website, very interesting, logan is a fascinating place now. its like a ghost town, you can tell that it once was a busy place but now downtown buildings are empty. my grandmother elsie szakal drove the school bus and its neat to see your references of my uncle frank “ronnie” szakal and my father john “bob” szakal, cousins of bobby and joe piros… although you have my fathers name misspelled in the text. you are to be applauded for your contribution to west virginia history. thanks, sean szakal

Jill Dingess Slone
Location: va
8-8-2005 11:26 PM Host:

Happy to see this site. I lived in Cherry Tree from 1956 to 1964. My brothers are Ronnie and Lanny. We played with the Dyer children. We lived next door to Sheila Dingess, across from Joe Chirico’s store. I went to grade school with Jeanie Tiller and Penny Hager.

Lisa Smith
Location: Roseburg oregon
8-2-2005 11:05 PM IP:

I like your site. I have Family That was from Cherry Tree Bottom West Virginia

Hazel L Cadd
Location: Pontiac, MI
5-10-2005 01:18 PM Host:

Nice reading your info.May grandmother was Bessie Burton. My day was Oakley E Cadd Sr and my mother was Essie Hazel Hoschar Cadd. My brothers Oakley Jr, Willard, And WIlmer and My sister Karen Sue. My uncle was Willard J Burton and his wife was Nary Williamson Burton. I remember growing up in Verdunville, Logan and Aracoma. and going to Sunday school at Cherry Tree Pilgrim Holiness Church. My mom and day always spoke nicely of you and your family!

Donna l. Young
Location: Bilglerville.Pa.
4-18-2005 10:50 AM Host:

I am the daughter of Francis Bostic and Rosella Bostic. My mother was a Coble. I had an Aunt and Uncle by the name of Robert and Jenny Stabley that lived in Cherrytree. I also had a cousin that lived next to the Stableys by the name of Jim Johns. I am interested in finding information on my mother’s mother whose name was Elva Coble.She was married to Floyd Coble Who lived near Cherrytree. He died around 1969.

Tom Bias Jr.
Location: Holden Beach NC
4-6-2005 10:55 AM Host:

Judi sent also sent me the URL and I likewise am very happy she did. I lived at Mt. Gay during these years and rode my bike to Cherry Tree often. Handy Andy’s store was a favorite of all the kids. And we got hot bread from the Sunbeam Bakery often. I remeber Bobby Sazkel coming to Mt. Gay Grade and giving me a race for the fastest boy on the playground. Great site!

Location: Virginia
1-12-2005 08:23 PM Host:

Hi Robert, Its been a while since I have visited your website. What wonderful improvements you have made. The message board is really a plus, it seems to be connecting you with a lot of the Gang from Cherry Tree and best of all the happy memories for us all. I know it has been a rewarding adventure for you as well. We have shared a lot of those memories since both of us are Cherry Tree Grade School Alumni. Just keep on sharing. With Love, Beulah (Samson) McLemore

mary “Nida ” Vance
Location: Man, Wv,
1-12-2005 07:26 PM IP:

Judi Clark sent me this web page today, I recognize a lot of names onn here. Mary “Nida ” Vance

Yvonne (Tootsie) Hargis Burges
Location: Huber Hts, OH
1-12-2005 11:27 AM Host:

It’s so great to go down memory lane with so many fond memories being recalled. My sister, Lava, and I, lived there with our grandparents, John L and Lora Browning, for so many happy years. I love to hear from people from whom I have been separated for all these years. If anyone remembers me, please, e-mail me. Love to hear from you. Thanks to all who work so diligently to put this great documentary together! LUV YA ALL, Yvonne (Tootsie Hargis) Burgess

Joseph Reed Browning
Location: Glade Valley, North Carolina
1-8-2005 10:48 AM IP:

Our family John B. and Osa Browning, Grandma, Betty Hatfield Caldwell, and 8 siblings lived in the two story white framed house across from Chirico’s grocery. We were there from approximately late 1939-1942. I have fond memories of the Lacy’s log cabin home and the swinging bridge behind it. I also remember when Charley Lacy cut off part of one of his fingers in the meat slicer at Nagy’s grocery when he worked there. Billy Biggs and I were good buddies. I recall they lived in a brick duplex above and on the same side of the road as the bakery.I remember we used to have an occasional treat when Daddy would give us the money to buy a loaf of hot bread off the dock of the bakery. I can almost still smell and taste it.I was ther from my seventh to ninth year. I also remember Monet Ackers who lived next to Chirico’s. My younger brother, Latelle, who passed away in JULY OF 2000, Was kidded unmerically by Eddie Atkins, about Monet being his sweetheart. Our family moved to Guyan St. in Logan after leaving Cherry Tree and lived there until about 1953 when Mother and Dad moved to Sarah Ann after all of their children except the youngest, our sister Margaret Jane (pixie), had left home to seek our fortunes and the surviving 4 siblings are,mostly, still looking. Thank you for refreshing my memories and adding to my knowledge about the geography and residents of Cherry Tree. Joe Reed Browning

Location: –
12-19-2004 04:58 PM Host:

Great site, would like to know how it is linked to my family? I grew up in Logan, graduated LHS in 1964. I am related to the Seplocha family that live there during this time. My e-mail is Thank you.

Hillbilly Granny
Location: –
12-19-2004 04:57 PM Host:

hi i just saw your photo album and the name charles cliffored lacy was in it my grandfather was tracy clyde lacy of accoville and he was a coal miner for amherstdale he worked in the mines for 50 years i was raised up in accoville and i would love to find out if anyone has information on any lacy family in west virginia my name is debie and you can contact me at i enjoy reading the messages and seeing pictures i live in north carolina now but west virginia will always be my home thanks for information

Péter Péchy
Location: –
12-19-2004 04:56 PM Host:

It is highly interesting and very nice. From the distance I found very moving the way you remember your schooldays, and your teacher(s). Warmest regards, Péter Péchy (N.B.: her name is, now I am sure, Lucile von Pechy, it is misspelled in several ways…)

James Gilpin
Location: –
12-19-2004 04:55 PM Host:

I enjoyed your site very much . It brought back many memories. Thanks for sharing.

Location: –
12-19-2004 04:55 PM Host:

I think your page is very interesting. Starts my mind wondering. My Grandma and Grandpa lived on Logan Avenue in Holden. My Father name is Victor Kovach. My Grandparents were Bertha and Ignatz. Obviously Hungarian. My Grandpa was a miner for Island Creek. Would you have any information on this? Thanks Maryellen

Tara Burns
Location: –
12-19-2004 04:54 PM Host:

I just happened to stumble across your website. My father is Richard Lee Webb, son of Lucy Evelyn and Dexter Webb, grandson of Richard and Myrtle Herald. Thanks for all of the work you have done.

Nan Farley Beckett
Location: –
12-19-2004 04:53 PM Host:

Robert, you have really worked on this one… I read it to my Dad and he remembered this one, and that one and my Mom had a mattress redone down at the mattress joint, I remember going with her… Dad said the left side of the mountain from head of island creek down to Cherry Tree was a deer reserve… and that you could hunt on the right side ( right where Dad lives right now )of island creek but not the left side.. He enjoys your site… but as I said, I can’t find the site that had the map and where all the houses were… any hints…. Dad just told me some more good stuff about the deers, but that that will be in an email.

Yvonne Roberts Hobbs Bell
Location: –
12-19-2004 04:52 PM Host:

Very nice site, I lived in Cherry Tree in the 60’s across from the Sunbeam plant it was a cable shop i think then? brings back a lot of memories. Thanks so much!

Deborah Lutz
Location: Norfolk, VA
12-19-2004 04:52 PM Host:

Thanks Robert for putting this all together. I have enjoyed reading about my Browning family background. I am Naomi McClung (Browning’s) daughter and Exel Browning’s first granddaughter. It has been a joy to see the photos of my Mamaw with my Mom and her sisters. I would love to see one of my Grandfather Elmer Browning if there are any around. Thanks again for all your hard work. Deborah Lutz, Norfolk, Virginia

Location: –
12-19-2004 04:51 PM Host:

I really enjoyed the memories of cherrytree gang. lol I am skippers daughter Floria, hope to read more about your memories, what a great way to preserve history. e-mail me sometime if u arent too too busy thanks again for sharing.

Location: –
12-19-2004 04:50 PM Host:

my dearest best friend thank you so much for sharing you website.. it really brought back a lot of memories for me too.. again thank you …send me an e-mail when you see this ok>> your personal beautician..especially with mud shampoos lol” my e-mail is love you skipper

Robert L. Wellman
Location: –
12-19-2004 04:49 PM Host:

I am Robert L. Wellman. I was born in Monaville, 1945 graduated Logan High Schol 1964. Joined the U.S. Navy, retired in Charleston, S.C. 1989. Iam the son of Preacher Wellman of Monaville, he also worked in the coal mines at No. 22 Holden. Retired a few years after the crew he worked with got killed. Brothers are Ira, James, William(Fred), Sisters Dorthey and Deloris. All are still living but scattered across the country. Love your web site!

Judi Clark
Location: Holden, WV
12-19-2004 04:48 PM Host:

Robert, I think the change is going to be a good one. Happy the guestbook is up and working. Thank you for including my family on your site. Judi Clark, Indiana via Holden, W.Va.

Location: –
12-19-2004 04:47 PM Host:

Bob- I’m in Tennessee attending to your cousin Bill’s estate. I return to my adopted and naturalized home in NJ tomorrow AM and was quite comforted to find your memories, histories and reveries here. Thanks for a refreshing visit with the idea of home. Love, Cousin Elizabeth.

Frank Thompson
Location: –
12-19-2004 04:46 PM Host:

Fantastic site! I really enjoy the stories, photos and the map is literally priceless. It really takes me back. The best years of my childhood were there. Great job! Thank you!

The Piros Family
Location: –
12-19-2004 04:46 PM Host:

Hi Robert,We thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the Cherry Tree website.There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about the beauty of our great community of Cherry Tree,W.VA.The people were nice and friendly.The pictures of snow brings back the snowball events we use to have. In the lazy days of summer horseshoe tossing,marble shooting and watermelon eating.We hope and pray that everyone is working together to bring peace and joy to all that they meet through their lives.

barbara stercz: my name is barbara stercz I am married to Laszlo Istvan stercz. trying to find any Stercz family of Cherry Tree after reading about anna Stercz.

Elaine Rau
Location: –
12-19-2004 04:45 PM Host:

I ran across this Cherry Tree site while searching West VA for my grandfather Luther C. Clark 1878-1913. Luther died before my mom was born and we could never find any info on him; who his parents were or where they were from. I grew up knowing his wife, Eliza A. (Lida) Campbell who had moved to Alabama about 1920. I know my grandpa lived between KY thru W. VA, most all his life. I sure do wish I could find some info about him. I love your site: very nice. Elaine Rau

Carl Updike
Location: –
12-19-2004 04:45 PM Host:

I really enjoyed turning the pages of your book of life Robert. Well done. I hope that there are many more exciting chapters ahead. Carl Updike

Herb Blankenship
Location: –
12-19-2004 04:43 PM Host:

I just tried your new link. Great site! Thanks for your time and effort. It brings back a lot of memories. I was a Cherry Tree resident 1953 to 1957 and a Fisher Bottom resident 1946 and 1947. Thanks again, Herb Blankenship

31 Responses to Cherry Tree Guestbook

  1. Cheryl Parker says:

    I’m the daughter of Willa Adams(your site has her name as Willow). Family history has her and sister Maude boarding for sometime with Rev. Hickman. This would have been sometime in the 1930’s after their mother Mattie Adams passed on. Willa’s brothers were Chester, Orin (called OB) and Muggie. You have pictures of OB’s daughter Patty Ann at Cherry Tree School. Her mother was Emmalene. Patty Ann had a younger sister named Joan Carol. I would love to know more of the Adams history if anyone can help.

    • robert says:

      I remember your Uncle Chester Adams and his family. The year before I started to school, I stayed with Rev Hattie Hickman and Emma Sexton during the day while my Mother was teaching school. I heard many stories from Rev. Hickman and I recall hearing the name Willa. She seemed fond of the Adams family.

  2. terry vanover says:

    Im looking for a family that lived in the Omar area not sure what the last names are but the mother was Myrtle children was Virginia, Lula Mae, Margeret, and I think a son named Charles if anybody has any information or may know this family please respond

    • Bob Piros says:

      Terry, you might want to go to the site & put in Omar,WV.
      There are lots of photos of Omar there.

  3. alex scott nagy says:

    I love our old propery in cherry tree I am trying to clean it up I need help

  4. Lois Rowe says:

    Thanks Bobby. I will go through the old photos and see what I can find.
    Thanks for the work you do to keep your site going. It took me back to those wonder years..are you on face book?. I am there as Lois Garman

  5. Lois cox Rowe says:

    hi I just discovered this web site . I would love to hear from any old friends Ibuleau sans one,hazel cox,Helen Kirk,Peggy and Donna penovich,

    • Lois Rowe says:

      i am remembering great times growing up in Logan and am hoping to touch base with old friends. Some

    • Beulah Sansom McLemore says:

      Hi Lois, Hope this finds you in good health. I live in Reston, Virginia. retired, have one Daughter and three grandchildren. I am doing ok for an old lady. I would love to hear from you and now you have my e-mail address. I ran across Larry a couple years ago, sent him a message but he didn’t respond. Belvia and I are the only children left in the Sansom Family and we just keep moving along. Belvia lives in Ohio.

      Anxious to hear from you and updates on the Cox family.


      • robert says:

        I remember you, Lois as well as your parnets, Jimmy and larry. I am Beulah’s age. Jimmy was quite involved with the youth at the church and I always thought you were so pretty. If you should have any family pictures of that era to share, I’d be glad to add them to the site.

        Robert (Bobby)

  6. Lois cox Rowe says:

    hi I just discovered this web site . I would love to hear from any old friends Ibuleau sans one,hazel cox,Helen Kirk,Peggy and Donna penovich,

  7. Phyllis Richardson says:

    I grew up in Cherry tree and would love to hear from anyone who knew the Dyer family. I was the oldest of 7 siblings at the time that I moved away from there. My brother, Paul, lives in Ky., my sister, Elsie, lives in Texas, another brother lives in Ohio, and another in Texas. Sadly I have lost my brother Danny, Roger, and my baby sister, Sharon. My mothers name was Mae and my dad went by Jr.

  8. Donna "Blevins" George says:

    My dad and his siblings grew up in Cherry Tree during the 50s and 60s, not only did he grow up there he also worked at National Cable Repair for nearly 30 years for T.K. Killen . My dads name is Robert “Doug” Blevins. He went by Doug to all who knew him. His siblings was Gracie, Ronnie and Nancy. His parents was John and Thelma Blevins .

  9. Jessica Walsh - Davis says:


    My dad Franklin Ross Walsh an most of his family was from Logan County, especially the Cherry Tree area. I have enjoyed looking at the photo’s…dad would have enjoyed your site. I would love to hear from anyone with Walsh Family history. I also have his 1949 Logan High School year book if anyone needs a picture or info.


  10. Patricia Belcher(Brown) says:

    My brother and I were born in wilkison.My parnets were William and Ruby Belcher.The yesr was 1947.We are twins.My sisters names are Bettie and Phyllis belcher

  11. Michael Taylor says:

    Great job Robert! Just checking in!

  12. Larry cox says:

    Me and other kids from whites Addition used to play baseball against Cherry tree kids.Also fight with bb guns.

    • I remember one of these classic battles in 1957. About ten of us Whites Addition boys were up on the road above the creek throwing rocks down on the boys in Cherry Tree. I remember a few arrows tipped with pop bottle caps flying by my head. I remember seeing a few of the Cherry Tree boys trying to cross the foot log and having to jump off into the creek to avoid being hit with a rock. It was great fun but I had to stop playing because my family was leaving on a trip. As we were driving through Cherry Tree, I saw Shaun Nagy running out of his Dad’s store armed with a BB gun. No one wanted to hurt anyone. We were all just having fun. As they say, “boys will be boys”. I look back now and think how stupid we all were. Someone could have lost an eye or got seriously hurt. We were very lucky someone didn’t.

      • Bob Piros says:

        Franklin, about 1958,I recall an
        incident with the Whites Addition boys. David and Shawny Nagy put
        up a basketball hoop in the back alley in Cherry Tree on a lot that their Dad owned. I’m not sure why the Whites Addition boys stole the hoop one night. They then put it up on a pole in their area.One night,myself,my cousin Bob Szakal,
        the Nagy brothers and Mike Ratz went to get it back.David sawed the pole down and the hoop bent.He
        tried to get it off.All of a sudden we were being hit with rocks,we threw back but we were out numbered and had to leave the area. I think we went across the
        big bridge,to the railroad tracks.
        My cousin Bob Szakal informed me last year that things got better with the Whites Addition boys as
        many football games were played.

  13. Ron Tomblin Jr says:

    Great website. I am the son of Ronald Tomblin Jr and grandson of Troy Tomblin and Geraldine Stollings.

    Location: Titusville, Fl

  14. Brandy-lynn Rogers Yerby says:

    I was wondering if you had any pictures of John Rogers Sr and Mary L (Molly) Ham’s boys. John Rogers Jr. ( He’s my great grandfather) james Rogers,George Rogers and there daughter Margaret (Maggie) Rogers. John jr and Lewis Scott Taylor were best friends. John Jr. named one of his son’s after him, Lewis Scott Rogers (My grandfather)
    Thank you
    Brandy Rogers

  15. David A. Nagy II says:

    Anyone remember Nagy’s Grocery Store?

    • robert says:

      I certainly do. I’m hoping that someone in the Nagy family will share some photos with us of the store and the Nagy family -anything to do with Cherry Tree. Many times my parents sent me to Nagy’s Grocery to pick up items. Mr Nagy awarded his regular customers with a decorated cake at Christmas time. He also wisely greased the front window to keep us from writing on the window on “Trick or Treat” night. 🙂 The school bus stop was in front of the store. The senior Nagy’s were both delightful people to deal with.

    • Larry cox says:

      I sure rember you.Us kids from Whites addition, used to play you guys in sandlot baseball .I rember you as being left handed. If i rember right.

    • PHILLIP NAGY says:


  16. David Alan Nagy II says:

    Howdy Hi