Clarence Stacy – Cherry Tree Resident Makes Good

Clarence Stacy

Clarence Stacy – Cherry Tree resident makes good as Singer, Actor, Song Writer, Producer, Author and Playwright.

Clarence Stacy and his mother, Alice, lived the second house above the Cherry Tree school beside the home of Milford Long. He has happy memories of his childhood in Cherry Tree and chumming around with Joe Piros, Jr and Jack Tiller.

Clarence Stacy 1955 Sop LHS

Clarence Stacy 1955 Sop LHS

Clarence’s own record label was Coal Mine Music & Audiosonic.

Recordings by Clarence with YouTube links:

  • Lonely Guy (1961)
  • Forget Me (1961)
  • Jack the Ripper written by Clarence, his brother Charles Stacy and Joe Simmons). This song led to the popularity of Screaming Lord Sutch and became his signature song. Other groups that recorded Jack the Ripper were White Strips, The Horrors, The Black Lips, Gemesomes. The One Way Street, and The Fuzzytones.

Clarence produced “Where Has Time Gone” in 1983. It was sung at the high school graduation of his daughter, Theresa Bell Stacy, for her ring day and was recorded on the Coal Mine label, Clarence worked in the recording studio of Audio Sonic & Variety Recording Studio in NYC for thirty years.

Clarence has worked with such movie stars as Dustin Hoffman, Telly (Kojac) Savales, Woody Allen, Robert Culp, and Richard Pryor. A musical play, “Kids Around Town” was written by Clarence and performed three different times Off Broadway He is currently writing a book about his life growing up in WV, his music and his life in NYC.Stacy resides in NYC with his wife, Nora. He has two children, Theresa Belle Stacy and Calvin Apolius Stacy, and one grandchild, Cameron Stacy Bubb.

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11 Responses to Clarence Stacy – Cherry Tree Resident Makes Good

  1. ron thompson says:

    Clarence , You may remember me as Ronnie Thompson . We knew each other back in NYC , in the early 60’s .
    I’m so happy to read about your continued success .
    Love to hear from you .
    If you go to my web site , it will tell you a bit about me
    Ron Thompson

  2. jerry kirk says:

    hello, I new you and Charles in cherry tree. you and Charles and I and dick hood,simon gore,glen Edmonson,and Thomas ripley, used to go to the cowboy movies,on Saturday afternoon at logan. I moved away from cherry tree in 1952. I now live in fort wayne,indiana. good to see that someone from cherry tree has had such great success in life.

    • robert says:

      Hello, Jerry. Nice to hear form you. Yes, we all belonged to the “Roy Rogers Club” and got to see a free movie every Saturda ymorning. What fond memories! I was just in your area visiting my brother in Valporaiso IN and then went on to WV, KY, MD and PA to visit. I’m now on my way back to CA. One more long day of driving.

  3. Howard says:

    Hi, I’m also looking for a contact for Clarence Stacy. If you see this, could you get in touch at

  4. Guy Hamilton says:

    I’ve just corrected the Wikipedia article on “Jack the Ripper” – One question – who was Walter Haggin, who is credited as a co-writer?

  5. Stefan Arend says:

    Hello there !!
    I’m a german musician and I’ve written a german version of the Song “Jack the Ripper”, that I want to publish on my own label. But it’s a shame, the German Music-Sub-Publisher of the original song isn’t able to contact the original publisher (JUDMARC MUSIC COMPANY) to ask for the rights to do that. So, I try to contact the composers of the song (Stacy, Haggin, Simmons) by myself to ask them. Maybe you can help me to contact them ?

    best regards from Germany:

    • Clarence stacy says:

      Glad you are interested in Jack The Ripper. I will be glad to help you out. Just contact me.

      • Stefan Arend says:

        Hello, is it true ?
        Clarence Stacy himself ? Thanks for your reply!
        So, how we can get in contact? Is there an email-address I can use to contact you, or do you name me another publisher, where I can get the rights to release my version (I think “Judmarc Music” doesn’t exist anymore)? If you want to contact me, my email-address is on my webside, linked with my name here on this side(…because ‘tags’ are not allowed here)!

        Best Regards: St. Arend

        • clarence stacy says:

          Dear Mr Arend, Just wondering if you ever recorded Jack The Ripper,If so is there any way that I may hear it or if possible how to purchase a recording of it. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards; Clarence Stacy

          • St. Arend says:

            Dear Mr. Stacy,
            I’m sorry, that it took such a long time to hear back from me…
            but at the time, I tried to contact you, it didn’t work. I didn’t have any e-mail address of yours and I
            wasn’t able to post mine. Then, some times later, I’ve got the permission to release my recording from a german music publisher, who got in contact with the english owner of the rights. So it was no longer necessary to search on the web…
            I’ve produced the song (CD on demand and download/streaming via internet). Maybe you can listen to the song on Spotify. It’s an “Halloween CD”, not only for children I think. Some funny songs, some scary songs ! The interpret is “Die Party Mumien” (in english: the party mummies)…. But I’ll send you an mp3-file to your e-mail address (which I’ve found on your post of April 7, 2015 now)
            Hope you like it !?