Miss Softball America

By Pam Brennan

We were the first group of girls to play Miss Softball America in
Logan, County. We were able to play because of the tireless efforts of
Bea Orr to bring sports to the girls who lived in Logan. Every year
she would hold a meeting with us to see if we still wanted to play.
She told us it was important that we play because the little girls who
would come after us. Because of Bea Orr, girls softball is part of the
fabric of Logan County today. They even have a high school team now.

1977 Miss Softball Am. Champs

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2 Responses to Miss Softball America

  1. Floyd Francis says:

    Some time in the 1970, your town held the National Tournament for Miss Softball America. I had the honor to be the head coach of a team from Chula Vista Californa, as I recall you had a very nice town, and a lot of very great people living there. I no longer have information on the tournament, if there is any around I would love to have sent to my e-mail.
    All of the team players and adults had a very good time in your town. I hope the town is still doing well, as I remember it.

    Thank you Floyd Francis

    • John Williams says:

      My daughter, Tracy Williams, played in the Tournment at Logan, WVA. She was with the Chula Vista, Ca, MSA Team. I am not sure of the year. Do you have a listing of the girls that played on your team?

      We both live in S. Texas now. Tracy is a Nurse in Corpus Christi.