Photos of Friends and Families

Photos of Friends and Families and Noted Individuals of Logan County

I’ve been receiving a number of wonderful vintage Logan County photos of friends and families. To encourage more of this, I’ve created this special gallery. Also, if anyone has a photo of an individual that played an important part in the history of Logan County, please share it.  To submit a photo for this gallery, please send it to the admin at Please note that you must own the photo you are submitting or ensure that no one has a copyright claim on it. Preferably, photos of individuals should be no earlier than 1980.

Some of the individuals in these photos are unknown.  If you can ID any of them, please contact me or leave a reply comment.

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2 Responses to Photos of Friends and Families

  1. Barbara Mowery says:

    In the pic of the dinner for the Sheriff’s Dept, (pic #8) the deputy number 6, on the left is Gene Gallo, who lived at Holden.

    Thank you! I will update the photo. — Admin

  2. Brenda White Beechner says:

    Thanks for posting great pictures. I was looking at the #20 Whitman picture and thought I recognized a couple of people, but not sure. The guy in the second row, standing in front of the adult looks like Lawrence Yeager and the last person in the same row looks like Darlene Boyd. I am not sure this is correct, for I don’t know that they lived at Whitman at one time. Hope someone can recognized all of them.