Altizer Family of Man

The Altizer Family of Man, Logan County, WV

The History of West Virginia, Old and New
and West Virginia Biography
Volume II Biographical, Page 211
The American Historical Society, Inc.,
Chicago and New York
Published 1923

Aaron Edson Altizer, M. D.
Altizer is one of the oldest family names in the Buffalo Valley District of Logan County. During the past seventy years the business interests of the family have been chiefly engaged in farming and the timber and logging industry there. Doctor Altizer had some rugged experience as a boy in the timber, and since qualified for his profession has done an extensive practice, chiefly around the mines that have developed within his lifetime along this valley. His home is at Accoville.

Doctor Altizer was born on a farm that included ground on which the later town and now thriving little City of Man is located, near the mouth of Buffalo Creek. He was born there November 19, 1882, son of Joseph and Nancy (White) Altizer, and grandson of Aaron and Sarah Altizer.  His grandfather came from Virginia to Logan County in 1858. Aaron Altizer is now ninety-eight years of age. He has been a witness of and a contributing factor in the development of this valley for seventy years. Soon after coming here he bought a large tract of land at the mouth of the Buffalo. This land was covered with heavy timber, and his labors cleared up a farm there. His active years were devoted to the timber business and farming. Aaron Altizer has been an influence for good in this locality. He has been a man of temperate habits, which no doubt accounts for his long life, and he has also been satisfied with the simple life, producing most of the food that supplied his table, including milk, butter and honey, and has kept up with the march of events by constant reading, so that he is well informed not only on local history, but on the history of the world and topics of the day. He was a Confederate soldier and a prisoner of war. His service was with a Virginia regiment. In politics he has a rather independent choice in casting his vote. The large tract of land he formerly owned he finally sold for $15,000, but it is now worth many times that figure. The town of Man was built on this land, and he was the first postmaster of the village and served as justice of the peace and at different times was a member of the local school board. His great age is not exceptional in his family, since he had an older brother in Virginia to reach the age of ninety-eight years. After the death of his first wife Aaron Altizer married Mary Aliff, of Roanoke County, Virginia, and she died in 1907. He now lives with his son Charles at Kistler, a mining village also built on part of the Altizer farm.

Joseph Altizer, father of Doctor Altizer, was one of a family of nine sons and two daughters. He was born in 1848 in Montgomery County, Virginia, and was ten years of age when the family came to Logan County. He devoted his life to the lumber business and farming, and died on March 10, 1911. He was a Baptist and a democrat.  His wife, Nancy White, was a daughter of Green White, and she is now sixty-five years of age. They had a family of seven sons and two daughters: George W., a merchant and justice of the peace at Accoville; D. K., a lumberman and dealer in railroad ties and timber, living at Huntington; Aaron E. and Bruce, twins, Bruce being yard master for the Chesapeake & Ohio at Logan; Walter, in the mines at Kistler; Ellen, wife of Thomas Perry, of Kistler; Julius, who lives with his mother at Kistler; Lena, wife of Beverly Burke, of Kistler; and Cecil, at home.

Aaron Edson Altizer had a happy boyhood on the old farm long before any railroad was in the vicinity or any of the mines opened along the valley. He worked in the timber, and helped pilot many log rafts down the Guyandotte River. He attended school at Man, and during 1905-07 was a student in Marshall College at Huntington. At the age of twenty he began teaching, his first school being at Oilville on Island Creek in Logan County. He taught a number of terms, aggregating fifty-two months altogether.  As a teacher he made the money that put him through medical college at the University of Louisville, entering that school in 1907 and graduating in 1910. While there he specialized in children’s diseases. He had work in the Louisville City Hospital in 1911, 1920 and 1922, and then returned to Man and began practice. Almost from the beginning much of his practice has been in the mining towns. In 1916 he moved to Accoville, where he has charge of the medical practice for the mines owned by the Litz-Smith, the Deegan Eagle, the Arthur D. Cronin companies. He is president of the Triadelphia District School Board and many of the modern school buildings have been erected under his supervision. He is associated in membership with various medical societies.

In 1911 Doctor Altizer married Elsie Burgess, daughter of C. A. Burgess, of Man. Their four children are Boyd Delmont, Aaron Edson, Jr., Vera Vane, and Joseph Cornelius.  Doctor Altizer is a trustee of the Methodist Church. He is affiliated with the Lodge and Chapter of Masonry at Logan, the Knight Templar Commandery at Charleston, the Shrine at Charleston, and the Scottish Rite degrees in Wheeling.

* * * *

Dr. Altizer died on Sept 15, 1952 at the age of 69 and is buried at Forest Lawn. His parents and grandparents are buried at Man.

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11 Responses to Altizer Family of Man

  1. Nancy Steele Valkos says:

    We met Harry Altizer in North Dakota when my husband and he were in the Air Force there in 1960-1962. He said he was from Man, but don’t know anything of his family. His wife’s name was Myrtle. He retired to Arizona and both he and his wife passed away there. It was several years ago.

    • Danny Altizer says:

      Harry was my uncle. Brother to my Dad, Rupert (Buck) Altizer. My last memory of him was of him visiting my parents cottage in Lake Village, Michigan back in the 80’s. He and Dad looked very much alike and had a lot of the same mannerisms. I miss them both.

      • Bob Piros says:

        Danny, its good to know that you
        are related to Joseph Altizer,his
        gravestone can be seen at
        Man Cemetery on this website.
        As you know many of your
        relatives are buried in
        Man Cemetery.

  2. Avelene Browning Cline says:

    I also wanted to add that Dr. Altizer delivered my Brother Bruce Browning. I same young man that went up to Mrs. Altizer’s house to help with chores.

  3. Avelene Browning Cline says:

    I was a little girl when I started going up to Mrs. Alitzer’s house. We would drink tea on the porch, and she would make me tomato soup with milk added. I also got a recipe for cheese cake, that my family uses to this day. I enjoyed her company very much. When I married and went to Cleveland, Ohio, my brother Bruce took over and started going up there to help out with her chores. She died around Christmas time, and she had me a wrapped gift on her dining room table with my name on it. I didn’t receive the gift, the family took it. It meant so much to me to know that I had been thought about. My family cared a great deal for Dr. Altizer’s wife. We called her Mrs. Altizer.

  4. Violet Morgan cline says:

    My great,great,grandfather Arron altizer who married Elizabeth scaggs
    My great grandfather Charles evert altizer who tried Elizabeth burgess
    My grandfather Thomas milbern altizer who married Ethel earl
    My mother Mary Frances altizer who married Chester c. Morgan front davin
    My sisters are Sarah Elizabeth Canterbury who married Leonard canterbury(bug dust)
    Sandra Morgan Blankenship who married Ralph Blankenship of cyclone now lives in Ritchie county rev. Ralph Blankenship
    Ethel Mae Morgan is working at the pic PAC in huff junction
    Violet Morgan cline that’s me married roger w. Cline of elkcreek wv live still in elkcreek
    My sons Darrel Duane cline is married to Elizabeth Jeffery from chapmanville my son is RN at Logan regional hospital at the ER
    Roger lee cline lives in accoville wv he is a Pepsi plant worker for Pepsi in logan wv
    We have 2granddaughters Tiffany Raeleigh cline and Sophia rose cline

    • Barbara Randant Thomas says:

      My sister Nell was married to Charles Altizer My favorite brother in law, I love all the Altizer family Barbara Randant Thomas .

      • Bob Piros says:

        Barbara,its a wonderful history
        that the Altizer family had with
        the city of Man. Just wondering if
        there are any plans by the present
        family members to do a grave
        Restoration Project in Man Cemetery?

  5. Danny Altizer says:

    That was a great article on the Altizer’s of Man. My grandfather was also the son of Joseph Altizer, Dr. Aaron Altizer’s father. My grandfather’s name was Julius and one of his sons, Rupert, was my dad. Rupert (better known as Buck) died in 1991, leaving me as the patriarch of this particular line. I have a brother Robert, sister Lenora Gail Kraft, son Kenneth with two sons and daughter Teresa Lynn Kaitschuck with a daughter and a son. Thank you for the post. I have done some research about 10 years ago but have not done anything since. You have renewed my interest!