The Logan Theatre History

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Logan TheatreThe Logan Theatre History

The Logan Theatre opened its doors on October 16, 1938 to a packed house. When built, the Logan Theatre was West Virginia’s finest theater.

The seating capacity of this house is thirteen hundred, seating arrangements were laid out by the American Seating Company, bearing in mind that perfect comfort was the goal for each and every person.

The theatre had installed Acousticon hard-of-hearing aids of both the bone conductor and earphone styles and were available from the ticket boy. Of course, this was another advancement in motion picture comfort.

The stage was fully equipped to handle any show that might be secured for patrons entertainment, being it was supplied with the latest public address system and all known safety devices for stage hanging.

The lighting equipment throughout the building was designed to give the best possible light and eliminate all glare, making it further possible to relax and enjoy the attractions.

The projection booth was equipped with the latest Simplex Mechanism and was the most perfectly constructed booth in the state of West Virginia, being completely fireproof.

The entire building was constructed for sound superiority under the supervision of Western Electric and National Theatre sound engineers.

The construction of the complete building is fireproof and, in addition, there was the latest in modern sprinkler protection.

The unusual lighting effects constructed in the entrance lobbies is of the new vapor tube light, which was just put on the market and the first installation of its kind.

On the mezzanine floor were lounge rooms where smoking could be enjoyed by all, also all conveniences for ladies and gentlemen.

The Logan Theatre was one of the first in West Virginia with air conditioning which gave the patrons refreshing air during the hot summer months, but also throughout the entire year, a new feature which was found in very few buildings at that time.

In the main lobby was further evidence of all the conveniences, as the owner had located a public telephone and check room.

A special balcony was reserved in the new theatre for the accommodation of colored patrons. Seats were located on each side of the projection booth. Rest rooms for both colored men and women were built into the balcony of the grand theatre.

The owner, F. Midelburg, had the Logan Theatre constructed at a cost of $150,000.

So it was, that on opening day of October 16, 1938 at 11:00 a.m., that Logan’s most modern entertainment center opened to a packed house with “Sing You Sinners” with Bing Crosby and Fred MacMurray.

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1938 Logan Banner Logan-Theatre Supplement
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Logan Banner Oct. 14, 1938 - New Logan Theatre Opens Next Sunday
1938 Logan Banner - Logan Theatre Supplement, Page 2 (2)

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  1. doran chambers says:

    Great theater. Had many good times there. Would take my dates there.