1960 Logan East Junior High School

1960 Logan East Jr. High School 1960

Photos courtesy of Bob Piros. Any help identifying the students and teachers in these photos will be appreciated. If you can identify someone or yourself, please convey the roll number and student number in that row.

1960 Logan East Junior High School Photo Gallery

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21 Responses to 1960 Logan East Junior High School

  1. Bob Piros says:

    LEJHS Teacher Burials.
    Please click on the findagrave link to find the cemetery.
    If anyone knows where any of the teachers are buried please list them.

    1- Mr. Harold Browning- 1922-2010.
    Highland Memory Gardens- Logan Co.
    2- Mrs.Beth Gordon- 1913-1990.
    Spring Hill Cemetery-Cabell Co.
    3- Mrs.Alma Evendoll- 1907-2001.
    Woodmere Memorial Park- Cabell Co.
    4- Mrs.Jennie Justice- 1908-1983.
    Forest Lawn- Logan Co.
    5- Mrs.Betty Daniel-1926-1975.
    Forest Lawn- Logan Co.
    6- Mrs.Minnie Kovich- 1904-1971.
    Forest Lawn- Logan Co.
    7- Mrs.Evelyn Cooke- 1907-1988.
    Forest Lawn- Logan Co.
    8- Mrs.Roberta Kendall- 1926-2016.
    Forest Lawn- Logan Co.
    9- Mrs.Amanda Bryan- 1911-1998.
    Forest Lawn- Logan Co.
    10- Mrs.Virginia Curran- 1922-2007.
    Elijah High Cemetey- Hampshire Co.
    11- Mr.Jimmy Joe Willis- 1926-2006.
    Chamber Cemetery- Logan Co.
    12- Ms.Evelyn Bland- 1907-1989.
    Unknown Cemetery.
    13- Mr.Leonard Davis- 1911-1992.
    Unknown Cemetery.
    14- Mrs.Millard Cogbill- 1906-1982.
    Unknown Cemetery.
    15- Ms.Jessie Payne- 1934-2000.
    Unknown Cemetery.

  2. Bob Piros says:

    These are the teachers & subjects on my report cards
    when I attended LEJHS.

    7th Grade

    1- Virginia Chapman Curran- English.
    2- Maureen Yeager- Literature.
    3- Wilson- Geography.
    4- R.L. Kendall- Science.
    5- Evelyn Cooke- Math.

    8th Grade

    1- Mrs.J. Ellis- Literature.
    2- Mr.Mannon- History.
    3- L.S. Davis- Math.
    4- Mrs.Rahal- English.
    5- Mrs.Eiland- Science.

    9th Grade

    1- Althia L. Tyson- Science.
    2- Mrs.Barber- English.
    3- Mr. Mannon- Civics.
    4- Jennie L. Justice- Algebra I.
    5- Mrs.Gordon- Latin I.
    6- Jim. Willis- Health & Phys.Ed.

  3. Danny Elkins says:

    Mrs. Payne 7=13 third row # 7 Danny Elkins

  4. Fred rushden says:

    I remember a Mrs Midkiff as a teacher of 8th grade from Justice Elementary. I didn’t see her in the pics. I went to Central after 7th grade, but I believe I could have recognized her.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Fred, maybe some of the teachers
      didn’t want to be in the photos.
      There are 24 teachers shown &
      35 Homerooms.
      Hope that you can help ID some of
      the students.

  5. Phyllis McDaniel says:

    Mr. Dingess class, first row , 1- Phyllis Keathley, 2- Faye Moore. These two girls were good friends of mine when I lived at Wanda coalcamp. Billy Elkins is my cousin on my Grandmothers side of our family. She was Matilda Elkins Belcher.

  6. Bob Piros says:

    Thanks to all of you who have made
    comments about your classmates photos.
    It took a few of us working together 6 months
    to ID the photos. The work couldn’t have been
    done without the wonderful memory of Jean Smith.
    Please help out & ID the photos by putting down
    the row & number & whose class they were in.

  7. Sarah (Sizemore) Legg says:

    What a wonderful trip down memory lane, thanks for posting this so the rest of us could enjoy.

  8. Maxine Dotson says:

    What fun this was. I loved it. Both my brothers! And some more I recognized.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Maxine,could you please put down your brothers
      homeroom number & row & photo #.
      Thanks for your help.

  9. Fred Eiland says:

    My Mother, Helen Eiland, taught at the school. She’s in the faculty photo here. 1960 was the year my family moved from Logan to El Paso, Texas. I still have an uncle who lives in Logan and I go back to visit with him every couple of years. I remember Mr Marushi well.

  10. Paul Sammons says:

    All gone now. i was back in Logan a few years ago when they demolishing the building. I attended 1963-66 (LHS Class of ’69). It was sad to see the building that held so many memories go away. But like so many things in life…it had its day.

  11. Virgie Carter says:

    Virgie Lee Bryant, Mr McDermott’s Homeroom, 7th & 8th grade

    • Lynn Headley says:

      – Loved seeing these photos – I lived across the street went to Jr. High there – was great would wait till be bell rang and run over across the street!

    • Bob Piros says:

      Virgie, is there any chance that you might
      know more of the 7th,8th & 9th grade students?
      Thanks for your help.