1969 Phone Book

1969 Phone Book

Logan WV 1969 Phone Book Cover (sm)1969 Phone Book courtesy of Bob Piros
Includes the White Pages with some selected pages from the Yellow Pages.

1969 Phone Book for Logan, Chapmanville, Gilbert and Man

You may also enjoy the 1947 Phone Book.

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3 Responses to 1969 Phone Book

  1. Sharon H. says:

    There it is! Page 18 – Jess Sias 103 Cudden 752-2129. My papaw Sias.

  2. Mack W. Johnson says:

    This is wonderful but, it needs scanned in as a PDF – Too blurry when you zoom in

    • Admin says:

      The scanned images required editing so scanning directly to a PDF wasn’t an option. Also, my PDF software wasn’t able to create a suitable file from the tall images. Re zooming, try using the zoom option on a downloaded image. Thanks.