Directory of Logan, WV circa 1925

A Detailed Directory of Logan, WV
circa 1925.

Maytag Store Ad
Special thanks to Jack Browning for providing a copy of this historical directory.

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2 Responses to Directory of Logan, WV circa 1925

  1. Randy V Senior says:

    This was an awesome post. I didn’t realize C.G. Steele had a partner at one time. The address of the store in 1925 helps to explain the location of a couple of family pictures that I have..the store was located close to the old County Building. Thanks for the post. Found my mom’s immediate family listed as well.

  2. ralph h. mcneely says:

    i wish the map of logan had the names that went with the number… that would be great…
    this is a great find.. you have helped me out with what i am doing… thank you very much