Crooked Creek & Peach Creek Cemeteries

The one cemetery at Peach Creek is called the McDonald Cemetery but there’s also a McDonald Cemetery at Crooked Creek. Also at Crooked Creek is the Hainor Cemetery and the Whitman Cemetery. The Hainor Cemetery is located on the left side of Crooked Creek Road just past Casswell Pines Road. The other McDonald Cemetery is located behind the Hainor Cemetery.

McDonald Cemetery at Peach Creek.

Access point to McDonald Cemetery at Peach Creek. Courtesy of Diane Vinson Childers

Hainor Cemetery

Hainor Cemetery (Lat 37 53 06N Long 81 58 20W). Photo and coordinates courtesy of Diane Vinson Childers


  • Dodie (Smith) Browning
  • Diane Vinson Childers
  • Jane McDonald Jamison
  • Kathy Winters

Note: This is a multi-page gallery. After you view the last photo, move to the bottom and select the next page.

The photos below are courtesy of Kathy Winters except where noted.

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68 Responses to Crooked Creek & Peach Creek Cemeteries

  1. James says:

    Looking for my grandfather, Charlie Cannon buried on Crooked Creek, 1887 to 1935. I have come across the most confusing info ever trying to find him in WV. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.

    • James says:

      SORRY> My Grandfather Charlie Cannon was buried on Peach Creek, “Not Crooked Creek” West Virginia as stated on his death certificate. Thanks to my aunt Na giving me the correct location, Peach Creek.

      • Bob Piros says:

        James, the D.C. says burial in
        Crooked Creek Cemetery.
        Says informat was Mrs.Nora Cannon
        who lived in Peach Creek.
        Maybe you have a different D.C.?

  2. Sandy says:

    Great comments from everyone, and thanks to Diane Childers for all the great photos. I am looking for James “Buffalo Murray death 1932 and his Father James Monroe Murray;s burial place. It says crooked creek on the death register, (also Whitman) both were coal miners. Sarah Rankins Clark Murray was the wife. Any leads?
    Thanks so much!
    Sandy Mariano

    • Diane says:

      I believe George Whitman is buried in the McDonald Family – Cemetery, Crooked Creek, which I thought odd, since there is a Whitman Cemetery at the end of Crooked Creek. He may be in the one where you go straight a short way on the right before you go out CC along the RR tracks (dead end) yet. That is where the topo map shows a cemetery. You would not know a cemetery was in there. Take your Snake boots! Do a name search in Logan County. If they have been done they will show up. If not, they has not been added yet on find a grave.

  3. dolores sexton colflesh says:

    My name is Dolores Sexton, is there anyone that has a list of people buried at the Peach Creek Cematary, My dad has a half sister that is buried at peach creek according to her death cert, I have been to Peach Creek ,but couldn’t find her grave Her name was Delours Sexton.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Dolores, shows a
      Delorus Sexton,b.1909 & d.1927,
      father- John Nash Sexton
      mother- Sallie(Adkins)Sexton.
      Shows her buried at
      Highland Memory Gardens.
      Also shows 48 graves in
      Peach Creek Cemetery,
      Delorus Sexton isn’t listed.

      • dolores sexton colflesh says:

        On the death cert i seen it says Peach Creek as the place she was buried at.So that was the information I was going on, John Sexton is my grandfather

        • Bob Piros says:

          Dolores, further checking on
          findagrave shows that you posted
          your relative as being buried in
          Highland Gardens..You did this on
          Oct.30,2005. Not sure why
          you did this if your DC says
          buried in Peach Creek Cemetery.

          • Diane says:

            I would add her to the Peach Creek Cemetery. It is so overgrown you can’t get in there. I still haven’t figured out if there is one on up the Mtn. I read before that there was one up at the Coal Tipple. Bobby Hanger is going to ask another commenter that posted about Peach Creek. They both lived there in the 50’s. I haven’t heard back yet.

          • dolores sexton colflesh says:

            don’t know how i did that i have never heard of the Highlands Memorial Gardens, but i did go to find a grave and seen it was done, but under the information i even have that the death cert said Peach Creek

    • Diane says:

      The Peach Creek Cemetery is in bad shape. We couldn’t see any headstones for the weeds. I stepped in a sunken grave and got out. That is where my relatives are buried. I was disappointed to say the least. I would not want to mow it either, to steep. McDonald road is to the right of Up Hill Road on the satellite map. (not really a road). It may have been renamed to what it is now.

      • Bob Piros says:

        Diane, I live in California & I was back
        in Logan in 2014. I hired members of
        the Mullins family who live in Whitman
        to clean my family graves.
        There are lots of people who can
        do the work for you.Best time to clean
        the cemetery is in April or May.

  4. Nancy Gill Wolfe says:

    So, is the cemetery up the hill (behind my house) on the old “ramp road” Crooked Creek or what? In the 60’s, We walked to that cemetery all the time. Just thinking back, it seems that the cemetery was large. Graves are scattered all over that hillside. Who was supposed to take care of these cemeteries? Fifty years ago that cemetery on the old “ramp road” wasn’t in bad shape. It has been almost 50 yrs ago that friends and I ventured up there. I have thought about going up there to take a look, but decided not too–afraid I guess.

  5. Diane says:

    The first 6 photos are at the McDonald Cemetery at Peach Creek. #7 is McDonald cemetery on Crooked Creek (is behind this house). The best access is the next house to the right, the Grey two story, there is a ramp. We went the hard way. #10 is McDonald on Crooked Creek. Photo 134 also. We didn’t go to the Whitman on Crooked Creek up past McDonald. The names are posted on Find a Grave. Mine wasn’t there. I’m not sure if who posted the names did just the readable ones or all. Hainor is on Crooked Creek before you get to McDonald. We didn’t go up there (already walked to cemeteries in Wayne County). Some of the woodsy pictures look like they may be up the hill at the Hainor. It looked pretty grown up. I would have preferred a 4 wheeler to get up to that one. Maybe the next time.

    Thanks for the corrections and information. I will update the photo descriptions. — Admin

    • Diane says:

      Hi Frank,
      I have been going through Find A Grave and I would highly recommend for people to just go to logan County (all cemeteries) or whatever County. Hainor is spelled Hainer, there just might be, Crooked Creek Cemetery. No location, just Logan County. There is an Old City View and a City View. McDonald Crooked Creek. McDonald Family Cemetery – Crooked Creek. So you may miss something if you don’t just look at all of them and where they are located. I haven’t figured out if the people are just adding from a distance, or if they physically go there and know for sure.
      Thanks, Diane

      • Juanita Woodards says:

        I was told my grandmother Della Henderson was buried at crooked creek. That is all I know and have never been able to find out more.

        • Bob Piros says:

          Juanita, there is a death record
          at for a Della
          born in 1903 in KY.& she
          died in 1929. Says buried
          in Logan,WV.
          Her husband was James Henderson.
          Her father was Will Hall.

          • Juanita Woodards says:

            Thank you, I did find a death certificate. Her husband was Gaines Henderson from KY. I tried the listed funeral home, but have no record of where she was buried. Her older half brother had said, crooked creek, but he is dead now. I also found death certificate for Will Hall, but no place of burial.

          • Bob Piros says:

            Juanita,you’re welcome.
            There is a D.C. for a James Henderson,
            s/o Della & James. He was born
            Jan.24,1898 in Tyler,WV. He died
            June 20,1898 in Tyler.
            He is buried in Oakwood Cemetery
            in Sisterville,Tyler Co., WV.
            There is a Memorial for him on
            the site.
            One would think that Della should
            be buried near her son.
            It looks like James remarried as there
            are a few people listed as James,
            he also put his name as J.W. Henderson.
            He put he was a coal miner &
            a oil producer on the census records.

          • Juanita Woodards says:

            That would be the wrong Della Henderson. My grandmother was born in 1903.

          • Bob Piros says:

            Juanita, ok sorry I didn’t get the
            right info for you. In what year did
            your GG Della die & where?
            I hope someone will find her grave
            for you. Please know that if its
            been a long time, her grave could
            have sunk in & the gravestone has
            disappeared making it impossible
            to find.

  6. Faye Francis says:

    I am trying to locate my grand dad’s grave, his name is Kelly Cox – I think he passed away in the 1970’s – he also ran the bar in Peach Creek next to the railroad and lived upstairs. He was married several times, first time was to Betty Dean, she died back in the early 30’s. My mothers name was Lois Maxine Cox Copley. Betty had 2 sisters, Margorie & Plinney. Kelly had 2 sons Lucian & Jim Dean. Kelly was buried at a cemetery in Peach Creek. Any info you could provide would be appreciated.

    • Diane says:

      There is a Lee Cox at McDonald Cemetery, Logan County on Find a Grave. If you need anymore info you know my E-Mail.

      • Diane says:

        Correction. McDonald Family Cemetery – Crooked Creek. There is also Frye Family Cemetery – Crooked Creek, which I believe is the same cemetery. I hope you found him. Diane

        • Faye says:

          Diane, I was told he was buried next to his 2 granddaughters, 1 was Kimberly Dawn Harvey (which I found her obit & memorial on FAG), the other sister Sandra Kay Harvey, also only a few days old. FAG shows Kimberly at Crooked Creek Cemetery, so I made a memorial for my grandfather and requested photos for all 3 gravestones. Do you do FAG photos? Thanks for your help

          • Diane says:

            Hi Faye, I live two hours away in Ohio. I don’t know when I could get back there. My dad and I were there to look for his GGrandparents.which her death certificate states Peach Creek. The one we found we couldn’t get into being overgrown on PC. I just had to go ahead and put their memorials also on FAG. I did put in photo requests on FAG for them. So when and if someone does add the photo FAG will notify me I added a photo for Joseph Nagy and was notified by FAG that I fulfilled a photo request instantly. Hopefully someone else searching will get in there and take some photo’s and get them posted. We could not even see headstones at PC and it was on a very steep hill bank. Diane

  7. Robin Vickers Hight says:

    My great-uncle, Maxwell Edward Vickers b: 1913, was killed in a slate fall in March 1936. His death record shows him as being buried at Crooked Creek. Any help would be appreciated…I’m working on a Vickers family tree (who isn’t??), and I have nothing but internet research to use since my Papaw passed away 12 years ago.

  8. Mark Sidebottom says:

    I remember going to the Mcdonald cemetary when I was little…It was right behind where my Mamaw and Papaw used to live before they moved to downtown Logan…It used to always give me the creeps….Nobody ever took care of it

  9. Krisztina Szekely says:

    Regarding the head stone of Joseph L Nagy: inscription says “Tisza Keszi, Hungary” most probably his place of origin.

  10. krystal lambert says:

    i have my great grandmother death certificate her name is caroline wiley it said she is buried at peach creek cemetery i would like to know where the cem is and if you have been to that cemetery and took pictures of all the tombstone there

  11. Brandon Mullins says:

    Hi Frank and Kathy,
    My grandfather died Dec. 10, 1973 My mother was only 10 years old. Bailey Blevins was his name. I’m not sure what cemetery hes berried on. I have always asked my mother Mary Blevins Mullins what happened to my grandfather but she cant rember my grandmother would never that to the kids about it because it upset my Grandmother (Junie Blevins). But anyways i would love to find out some info about the cemetery’s. My Grandmother had a head stone made but she could never get it put on his grave. My Grandmother died Nov. 23, 2012 and we had her put at Highland Cemetery in Chapmanville, WV, and we have another plot their and i would love to put him beside my grandmother. But first i have to find him. So if you guys can help me out in anyway I would greatly appreciated it. I thought i herd my mother say one time ( i might be wrong) something about a Hainor Cemetery at Crooked Creek. I do know that James Funeral Home at West Logan, WV was in charge of the armaments. DOD: Dec 10,1973 Please if u can help me Email me or call me at 304-855-6128 or 304-688-3596. and again Thanks for your time.

  12. Lyndsay Stephens Johnston says:

    My great grandfather, Harmon Stevens/Stephens married a Maude Pool McBride. Granny Mac (as we called her) had a daughter named Lucille who died at age 16. Granny Mac always said she was buried at Peach Creek Cemetery up behind the old post office. I found the picture of her headstone in your photos. I would also like to ask permission to use the headstone pic on my family tree.

  13. Bob Piros says:

    Hello everyone, wonderful job on the headstones. A suggestion for you when doing Hungarian headstones, please go to

    RE: Headstone of Joseph Nagy in the Crooked Creek Cemetery, the words Lesza Keszi mean, I will be ready. Joseph in Hungarian is written as Jozsef.

    RE: Headstone of Mrs. Joseph Ratti Nee, it was a Hungarian custom for the wife to honor her deceased husband when she died, thus in this case using Joseph. The dates appear to be, born- July 15,1912 & died July 11,1937. The word Gyongyosi, has something to do with death. You have the grave as #157.

    Years ago, a man cleaned some family graves for me in Yuma WV Cemetery and he used a special type of acid for the headstones. He said that he bought it at Baisden Brothers. Take care. Bob Piros

  14. Rick Campbell says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Did you photograph ALL the graves at the old McDonald Cemetery on Crooked Creek? My wife has some relatives (Medley and Doss) reportedly buried there whose tombstones are not pictured. We were already planning a trip to the cemetery when we found your pictures.

    Thanks for your help.


  15. Jane McDonald Jamison says:

    These are wonderful photographs. Maltravars McDonald and Scott McDonald are the brothers of my greatgrandfather, Astynax McDonald. I think, but am not sure, that the grave that has the fence around it is the grave of “Fat” Brooks’ daughter. I don’t know his real name, and it may not be the same grave, but he had a fence around it and always kept in in wonderful condition. My father’s sister, Evelyn McDonald, is buried right next to the grave if it’s the same one. Thanks all of you for such research and memories.

  16. Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

    Kathy, These pictures are fabulous! I have a tip for the next time you visit an old cemetery where writing is hard to read though. Bath powder (or baby powder, talc. etc.) will bring the old writing out and no damage will be done to stones. My husband and I made several trips to Tazwell County VA back in the 1980s, trying to get dates from old tombstones. One trip I worked for hours on the stone of one of my ancestors (Rosannah Fannin) Steele, using a very expensive rubbibg kit with no luck. I tried several different “products” and no luck. I knew that she died in 1856, but didn’t have a birthdate for her. I have the family Bible, but that writing was faded too. I took a box of bath powder with a “powder puff” to Va on my last trip and lo and behold, as soon as I lightly dusted it, there was her birthdate-Dec. 17, 1779!! Even the Tazewell Historical Society couldn’t bring up the date when they recorded the graves in that old cemetery. Frank, don’t forget to take some powder and a “puff” with you when you climb that old Peach Creek Cemetery on your trip this winter. It works like a miracle!

    • Kathy Winters says:

      I am just glad to share them with everyone. Dodie that is a great idea about the powder but I wonder if it will do damage to the stone? I had a DAR member tell us to use shaving cream as it would make the lettering stand out so it could be read & will do no harm to the stone. After doing some research I found out that some of the chemicals in the shaving cream cause the stones to breakdown faster. I just wonder if that would be the case with the powder. I will have to research it but thanks for the great tip!

      • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

        I never liked the idea of shaving creme- too messy and hard to remove from the stone. The amount of bath powder you need to bring up the writing on a stone is minimal. Just be careful not to inhale any. You can also use cornstarch, but it is usually not as fine as commercial bath powder. As far as damaging the headstones, the first wind blows it away and/or the first rain washes it away. It is best to use a large fluffy powder puff. The stones I used it on were limestone and so old and crumbling that a light dusting of powder surely wouldn’t do any more harm than nature had already done. If I’m not mistaken, the natural minerals in talc are found in stone??

        • Diane says:

          Hi Dodie,
          I tried the talc thing and it doesn’t do any good unless you just use a good old scrub brush to get the leichen build up off and just plain old water. Example: Vinson Family Cemetery, Glenhayes, Wayne County, WV. Rhoda Vinson. There is a pic of before and after, several years between photos. Both of us were amazed. Take care, Diane

  17. Frances Pierce Hampson says:

    Sheryl and I will be going to Logan next week-end (Oct. 29/30) we will of course be making a trip to Peach Creek – we will check to see if the steps, going up the hill, by your old house, are still there. We won’t climb them, (Sheryl might) but I will take a few pictures.

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      That would be great! Even if you could just get a picture of the steps, it would show Frank how to get up to the Peach Creek Cemetery when he goes this winter. Wonder if those houses on the hill in back of my house are still there? Those steps were the only way that the residents on the hill could get to their houses. I remember Mrs. Bostwick (Julia) lived up there and she was in her eighties when we left there, but still climbed those steps! She died in a nursing home 1959 at age 86.

  18. DAVID LONG says:


    • L Stephens says:

      My grandparents, Clarence (Red) & Orpha Stephens lived at Crooked Creek. I remember a cemetery on the hill behind their house. It could also be accessed from the ramp road.

    • Mark Sidebottom says:

      You probably grew up with my dad then…Bernie Sidebottom

  19. Kathy Winters says:

    Dodie & Frank

    I was talking to 2 elderly gentlemen (that lived at the end of Peach Creek Road) while I was on Peach Creek Road about the cemetery in Peach Creek . They said you would take the road all the way to the end where it becomes dirt & once you were on it you took the road to the left & went down that road about a 100 yards or so & it was up the mountain – he also said that this road lead down to the old mine. When I couldn’t find it he walked me to it. His name was Paris (sp?) & he stated that the old mine office building sat to the right of it & that there were no longer any headstones left there he stated something about it being a mine cemetery – not sure what he meant. I walked up the mountain about halfway to the spot he showed me & could not find anything. I took a few pictures of the area & will send those on the disk to Frank also. Can you tell me approximately where the old post office was on Peach Creek?

    I thought that the main cemetery that I sent the pictures of was the Crooked Creek Cemetery but I was at the McDonald family reunion & those that I spoke with said some referred to it as the Crooked Creek or McDonald Cemetery. One of the ladies was sweet enough to drive with me & show me where the Hainor Cemetery was (her family is buried there) showed me the McDonald Cemetery – which was down the road from the Hainor Cemetery & the Whitten Cemetery was on the opposite side of the road. She thought there was a 4th one towards the end of the road but could not remember exactly where & said it could not be seen from the road. I went back a couple of days later but could never spot the 4th one. If anyone can tell me where the 2nd McDonald Cemetery is I would love to explore it.

    I want to say that everyone that my sister (she was on the journey with me) & I came across & spoke with were wonderful, friendly & tried to help us in any way they could & we really appreciated it! I want to especially thank the McDonald Family for inviting us to the reunion & all the help & memories that they shared with us.

    • Diane says:

      I think a lot of your photos are of the McDonald Family Cemetery – Crooked Creek, on Find a Grave. If you still have your photos you can post them to the Memorials.

    • Juanita V Woodards says:

      I am interested in the pictures of the part called the mining cemetery. My grandmother was buried at crooked Creek about 1929 and my Grandpa was a miner. Her name was Della (Hall( Henderson.

      • Juanita V Woodards says:

        Death certificate for her daughter states that she was born at Peach Creek and died at 6 months Sept 1925. Lula M Henderson or maybe just infant. If anyone knows of a grave like this , please reply.

  20. Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

    Yes, it probably should be Crooked Creek Cemeteries. Maybe add the Peach Creek one after you climb that hill on your trip this winter?

  21. Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

    Frank and Kathy, there is only 1 cemetery at Peach Creek. It is on the hill in back of the old Post Office. The others (including the one in these pictures I suspect) are at Crooked Creek. I finally figured out why the confusion about locations of cemeteries. It depended on the mailing address at the time a person died. Some death records say Hughey, some say Crooked Creek and some say Peach Creek. There is definitely a difference. It was the same for residents of West Logan when they used to get their mail at Peach Creek. I think The Genealogy Society made the same mistake when they recorded a Crooked Creek Cemetery and called it Peach Creek. It is my understanding that there are two McDonald Cemeteries at Crooked Creek, a Whitman Cemetery and a Hainor/Hainer Cemetery- ALL at CROOKED CREEK, not Peach Creek.

    • Frank Thompson says:

      So, should I rename this to Crooked Creek Cemeteries? When I looked the Google map, I also realized the mistake. Thank you, Dodie.

      • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

        It is my opinion that it should be called Crooked Creek and Peach Creek Cemeteries, since we began by discussing the cemetery at Peach Creek, we don’t want to forget that one! The one at Peach Creek was not at Crooked Creek.

        • Diane says:

          On find a Grave the McDonald Cemetery on Peach Creek is named Peach Creek Cemetery. I think a lot of confusion is that Crooked Creek is at Peach Creek.