I will try to list the following names in chronological order as much as possible, to help in keeping the family history order. If an ancestor has a family member prior to, or after, himself/herself, then I will include a link to those people.

Col. James Patton
1692 – 1755

– Col. James Patton, son of Henry Patton and Sarah Lynn was born in Northern Ireland of gentry. The family’s Manors were Springfield Manor and Croghan House near Kilmacrenan in County Donegal

Originally a ship’s Captain, of the Walpoole, Patton brought to the Colonies, indentured, as well as paying passengers from northern Ireland, Scotland and England and tobacco and fur pelts on the return trip, he eventually, in partnership with another man, obtained land themselves on the condition that they bring over enough families to settle this land. He did so, and settled in the Drapers Meadows (Blacksburg), Virginia area, becoming an Indian fighter and land speculator.

The Wallpoole cleared customs at Whitehaven, on the westeren coast of England on the Scottish Border.

He eventually acquired huge land holdings in south western Virginia and western North & South Carolina. He was named Colonel and led the militia in this area as well.

He was killed in the famed Drapers Meadows Massacre. He was with his favorite nephew, William Preston, son of his sister Mary Patton and her husband John Preston, (who was Patton’s shipswright while in Ireland and on the trip to the Colonies,)were about to “take off the harvest”, at Drapers Meadow (now Blacksburg, Va.) Patton and Preston had just finished an early breakfast and Patton had send Preston to fetch another settler to help in the harvest. Patton sat at his desk with his broad sword at his hand and began to write when Indians burst into the home, in an attack. Patton is said to have been over 6’4″ and in fine form and condition for a man of 63 years and was able to fell two of the intruders before losing the fight for his life when he was shot by other Indians. Thus ended the colorful life of an incredible man.

During his lifetime, Col Patton was a Ship’s Captain, a land speculator, Surveyer, an Indian fighter, Col of the Militia protecting the areas now that include what is now, SW West Virginia, SW Virginia, and western lands in North and South Carolina as well as a much respected and loved leader of the settlers that came with him to this new land by way of their landing at what is now Alexandria, Virginia. Many stories of this man can be found in books that are sold at the Smithfield Plantation. One of my favorite authors is the late Patricia Givens Johnson. She had several informative books on the Patton/Preston and allied families.

James Patton was the father-in-law of William Thompson Jr.


I am just finding new information on William Thompson Jr and his linage. I have read some stories that place him in Delaware and have him coming to the Montgomery County, Virginia area about the time that Col James Patton settled this land.

Another account by Patricia Givens Johnson, who gave the above account on his coming from Delaware from England before his arrival in Montgomery County, hints there is some belief that at the very least there was a very close connection to King Charles.


“He [James, son of William Thompson Jr.] wrote as if he had some royal perogative and well he may. There is a tradition that his father William Thompson Jr, was direct descendant of King Charles I, through the royal Stuarts of England and Scotland.”

“William Preston and the Allegheny Patriots”
Patricia Givens Johnson

More will be added at a later date as I can find information on this family.

It is here that I must mention the great PRESTON family. While not a direct descendant of the Prestons, the Prestons, Pattons, Thompsons and Buchanans will be forever linked at the time of the Drapers Meadows settlements. Col James Patton, it was mentioned, educated the son of his sister Elizabeth, William Preston. And it was William Preston that helped see to the education the son of Patton’s daughter Mary Patton Thompson and son-in-law William Thompson Jr.

This son was named James Thompson and was to become involved in much historic action in his adult years. He was eventually named Captain in the Virginia Militia during the Rev War.

The Preston family went on to become the first family of Virginia with a Governor and other high officials and Officers included.

More To Come On…

( ?Thomas) PATTON THOMPSON, son of William Thompson Jr. Patton Thompson moved into what is now Logan County Court House, Logan County, (West) Virginia by 1805.

And his son, JAMES “JACK” THOMPSON of what is now Logan Court House, Logan County, (West) Virginia.

JAMES “JIMMY” THOMPSON, the son of James “Jack” Thompson, is included on the “Family Feudin” Page. More on him as I can find it. He lived at what is now McConnell, West Virginia, just south of Logan CH, Logan County, West Virginia.

LORENZO DOW THOMPSON, was the son of James “Jimmy Thompson, and my Grandfather. Information will be added as I can place it up on the page. He lived first at McConnell then raised his family at Holden while holding the position of Chief of the Electrical Shops of #22 mines of Island Creek Coal Mines as well as other nearby Island Creek Mines. It was he, that first electrified Island Creek Coal Mines.

These are all ancestors in and beyond our THOMPSON line and all very interesting men in their own right.

Please return often.

I will add to these pages as I get information and time.

I welcome ALL input on these families!

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  1. Bob Piros says:

    Bruce, have you tried looking in other states
    for Harvey’s father maybe Kentucky?

    • Bruce Thompson says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Bob. Harvey and family moved from VA to Pulaski Co., KY around 1856, and he is buried in Garrard Co. There is another Thompson Line in Rockcastle, KY, but I cannot connect them. I probably should dig deeper into possible ancestors in KY, good idea.

  2. Beverly Miller says:

    I have been searching the Patton family for many years with little luck. Our Patton history starts with an Oregon pioneer William Thomas Patton, who was born,14-2-1928 in Franklin Co. Missouri. It has been suggested this father was a Robert Patton. Some notes say Robert Patton and his family with the exception of two sons died or left the area. Wm. Thomas said to his family his parents and sibling were gone except for a brother in Idaho. It is believed the brothers nae was Green (possible nick name) Patton, had foughtvin te Civol War. His saber, Navy Colt pistol are in the Oregon families.. Thank you. Beverly

  3. Tiffany says:


    I think this is right.

    My grandma- Irma Thompson
    Verless Thompson
    John Wilbert Thompson 1886-1968
    James Thomas Thompson 1854-1936
    James Mathew Thompson confederate 1840’s-1865
    James Patton Thompson 1809-1851
    Captain James Patton Thompson 1776-1814
    Captain James Thompson 1750-1821
    Captain William Thompson 1722-1798

  4. suzanne peluso says:

    Hi, my grandmother’s -grandfather was John Thompson of Thompson Valley Tazewell Va. He was a sheriff in Tazewell and fought in the Civil War. They were all related to the Bowen’s and Patton. He came to California on a wagon train following the Civil War. They resided near Galt in northern California. He was married to Louisa Smith. He was one of the first to put in grapes here. The Thompsons are all buried with their slaves, in the masonic Cemetery in Woodbridge Calif. I do know about some of the relatives and cousins, from the tracing the tombstones inscriptions.
    Any pictures or information is appreciated. thanks

  5. Mark Boyd says:

    Good write up on Col. James Patton whom I believe to be my 6th great-grandfather. He was father-in-law to Col. John Buchanan who was father-in-law to my 4th great-grandfather, Andrew Boyd. I have yet to visit Draper Meadows/Blackburg but this past year visited Pattonsburg and Buchanan, Virginia. I was privileged to meet Jim Glanville, retired Virginia Tech professor, who has written about Col. Patton for the Smithfield Review. I would like to see a reunion formed for descendants of Patton.

  6. B. Murray says:

    My friend is looking for a “Billie Thompson” (male) or his ancestry, born in Logan, WV, abt. march of 1927.
    He married and lived in Colton, Riverside or San bernardino, CA. (Worked for the Southern Pacific R. R.)
    Would you have any info on him.

    • Bob Piros says:

      B.Murray, this is a long shot.
      Found a Billie Thompson,at
      Found Army enlistment papers for Oct.25,1944
      in Huntington WV.,born in 1926.
      Found public records,show him living
      in Riverside,CA. in 2008.
      Found him at living in
      Riverside,CA. You can go there &
      get his phone number.
      Good Luck.

  7. Jeanette (Sheppard) Adkins says:

    Site searching for these people, think I will just give up because of the time factor. I will be searching from now on. I am making one last plea if anyone has anything or any type of information of the Lewis and Bessie Sheppard family good bad or indifferent I would appreciate a copy of a story about them and any photos would be a great plus since this family has me climbing a wall and finding nothing, no type of records, or information and I know some of them had been in trouble with the law in their younger years. Again I appreciate the help from anyone The Conley family, The Belcher Family, The Ratliff families, I know they are kin to so many you out there. Take care and Thanks Jeanette

  8. Tom Adkins says:

    Looking for information concerning the Sheppard family from Logan WV or surrounding areas. Was wondering if there was a connection to them and the Thompson family. Have been told that they were connected, but I can’t seem to locate the information. Would appreciate any information on the history of the Sheppards, Adams, Walsh or Ratliff if you have anything stories, photos, names, dates at this point I am seeking anything. Thanks Tom

  9. Joanna says:

    Hi Terry, If you will send me a private email, I will forward it to another decendant of James Thompson, son of Wm Thompson Jr and Mary Patton Thompson who is very much interested in other ‘cousins’. He’s a great guy and I know you will enjoy talking to him.

    In short your James Thompson is the oldest son of Wm and Mary Thompson and My Patton Thompson is the youngest son. Your James is quite notable for many important deeds.

    Please email me at

  10. Terry Haferkamp says:

    I am searching for James Thompson 1750-1787 sons. James was the son of William Thompson Jr and Mary Patton. What was his children’s names. I have been told that John W. Thompson born 1776 -1822 was his son but have not been able to confirm this. Have you any information?

    • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

      Hi Terry,
      I published the History Of the Thompson Family (Of The King’s Children) in 1987 and also put it online in 1998, (since removed) but my research does not show that James “Jamie” Had a son named John. Jamie did have a brother named John and I did not trace all of John’s children, but suspect that he probably had a son named John. Jamie also had a brother named Henry and Henry also had a son named John. Do you have any more information on your John W? A date and location would be helpful. There were other Thompsons in the SW Virginia area at the same time James and his wife, Catherine (Shelby) were there. Lyman Chalkley (and others) printed incorrect information about the William Thompson family, but once something is put in print, it is hard to convince folks that it is not “gospel.” I promised Frank some time ago that I would send him my old Thompson web site with permission for him put it online, but have just not gotten around to it. Please tell us more about you John W., and I will try to help.

      • Terry Haferkamp says:

        I have researched my family tree as follows:
        John B. Thompson 1834-1915. Born Virginia, moved to Texas around 1880s. Married to Sarah Miller.

        His Father was Bartlett Thompson born Virginia 1807-1865. Census Botetourt, Virginia. Married Matilda Tuck.

        Barlett’s Father was John Thompson born in 1776-1822. Married to Judith Wills. Census Amheirst and Botetourt, Virginia.

        After that I have no proof… only hints from I have been told that one or more of our ancesters served in the Revolutionary War. So it would have been John Thompson’s father.

        • Dodie (Smith) Browning says:

          Hi again Terry,
          I don’t think your John B. Thompson is connected to the Logan County WV Thompsons nor the Pulaski County Va. Thompsons. None of my early Thompsons (Wm. & Molly Patton Thompson) nor their children ever lived in Amherst Co. Botetourt at one time covered several states! Thompson/ Thomson (and variations of spelling) was a very common name on the Virginia Frontier.

          As you probably know, James (s/o Wm & Molly Patton Thompson) married Catherine Shelby, d/o Evan Shelby. James and Catherine lived in what is present day Chilhowie VA, and as far as I know, the home (built about 1780) is still occupied today. I lived in Abingdon, Va, (1990s) just a few miles down Interstate 81 from Chilhowie. I have visited the home and surrounding estate, the very beautiful Kilmacrenan. The children of James and Catherine (Shelby) Thompson:
          1(1) James Patton Thompson, born circa 1788; married Margaret “Peggy” Workman, d/o Abraham and Margaret (Litner) Workman of Tazewell County, Virginia. Owned land at Burkes Garden in Tazewell Co Va.
          1(2) Evan Shelby Thompson married Susannah ______.
          1(3) William Preston Thompson born 5 Aug 1788 married Jane Russell.
          1(4) Catherine Shelby Thompson married Lewis Smith.

          • Bruce Thompson says:

            Greetings: I have been on a quest to learn more about my GG grandfather, Harvey (aka Henry) Thompson. FamilySearch data shows that he was born in Burke’s Garden VA in 1817,but there is no hard documentation. I have good info about him and offspring, but am now looking for his father, with NO luck. There were two main Thompson lines in that region at the time. Wm Preston Thompson was about the only one having kids at that time and place. But Harvey is not listed as one of them. Nothing in VA connections and he is not known to Judy Anderson. So….. Who was Harvey’s father??