Man & Triadelphia District

This is a collection of photos of the town of Man and some of the other communities located in the Triadelphia District of Logan County, West Virginia.

1970s Man, WV

1970s Man, WV courtesy of Linda Gibson.

A bit of history: Before being called “Man”, it was called “Buffalo City”.

The Logan Banner, 15 February 1924
Man, Fastest Growing Town In Logan County Elects F. M. Burgess As President C. of C.
– History of How It Was Named

Man, WV, Logan Banner, 15 February 1924

Clipping courtesy of Brandon Ray Kirk.

This is an excerpt from this article: “The name is unique by its very simplicity and how it got tagged so is the result of a blunder on the part of the government’s official post office namer. Perhaps it was a bold stroke prompted by inspiration – Anyway, this is how it came about:

A few years ago the matter of naming the clump of houses, store and mine fell to the namer’s lot of task. He was told that the place was located at the junction of Buffalo creek and the Guyan river. He wished to verify the information so he took his map in hand. There was indeed a spot in the point designated.

Nothing phases a man who has named some of the places in this county and the patient, uninspired plodder, we presume, thought of his thankless labor, to moll, toil and tediousness of it, his thoughts turned inward and he stuck his pen deep into the ink and scratched out the name Man.

So it was not in the anticipation of a full grown, lusty city that the man gave the dot on the map the Man, his actions being nothing more than the result of following the course of least resistance. It was a good stroke and the people of the little city are proud of the name because of its very significance.”

1941 video taken outside of the Man High School posted on
Facebook by Dana Rukse.
(If no sound, right click on the video to unmute.)

Triadelphia District Photo Gallery

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24 Responses to Man & Triadelphia District

  1. Is there anyone that can remember the old hospital that used to be right in the town of Man in the 1940’s .My mom used to talk about it. Is there any pictures of it anywhere?

  2. Nancy says:

    I’m trying to find out some information about my grandfather. He was a doctor in Lundale in the early to mid 1900s, leaving around 1944. They say he started the hospital there in Lundale for the coal miners of the town. Is there any way I can verify this? His name was Rupert W. Quaintance, Sr.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Nancy, you can find him in the 1930 census
      at middle name was
      Wilson, wife was Bessie.Shows all
      family members.You have to read the
      census record.

  3. jim mcclure says:

    I think my mother and father lived there, maybe around 1936 when I was born. Chester and Helen McClure. Is there any way to find if this is true. I believe he was associated with the mines. My mother was a nurse.

  4. First of all, thanks for sharing these photos. We lived in Lundale in the Fifties in Tin Can Alley. Our oldest son went to Lundale Grade school in First grade, had Mrs. Goldie Ramey. Also my husband went through Lundale Grade school and Graduated at Man High in 1955. Betty and Denver Merritt.

  5. Deborah b says:

    The Hospital in Man was called Man Appalachian Regional Hospital.
    Man Appalachian Regional Hospital was built in 1954 by the Miners Memorial Hospital Association. This hospital was used by southern West Virginia and some of Eastern Kentucky. However, it was built on an Indian burial ground and had to close because of insufficient funds. Miners and people all over southern West Virginia fought for years to keep it open, but their case was overthrown. This hospital was closed in 2001 and never opened again. Furthermore, the employees of that hospital walked out and locked the doors behind them and never looked back. With that being said, they left all medical equipment, patient files, machines, scans, medications, etc. in the hospital to rot until the hospital was finally tore down in 2012.

    • Barbara says:

      The Logan County Commission gave permission for the local college to salvage equipment and supplies that they could use in the health care programs. The hospital was vandalized prior to any recovery. However, there was still a significant amount of equipment and some supplies that the local college recovered.

  6. The girl in the middle in the photo that says “man graduation 1950” looks a lot like my mother, Helen Barrett Mosley Imes. She graduated in 1952, but I think she was friends with Violet Solar.

    • Paula Solar says:

      Violet Solar is my Aunt. The photo you are talking about was taken in 1950, the year my mother Irene Langdon (on the left) graduated. If the girl in the middle is Helen Imes, I wonder if they could have been just cutting up and she put the cap on. Notice the girl on the right does not have a cap on. Maybe it was her cap….

  7. Enjoyed looking at the pictures of home. I grew up in Man, but lived on Buffalo Creek when the dam broke. My dad, grandfathers and uncles were all coal miners on Buffalo Creek. My grandfather, Harvey B. Ferguson, Sr. Was the Superintendent at Island Creek mine #1 at Amherstdale

  8. Barbara Adams says:

    Loved this!!! So sad the way everything has changed and that people will never recover from all that has taken place.Before long there won’t be anything but memories and photos of our old,wonderful place we were reared-when values and morals were so different.

  9. Steven Browning says:

    Images 76, 77, 78 make reference to the “big house” The big house was a boarding house located in Riley Camp. It burned down prior to 1960. The gas station operated by Charlie Cowens was located on that area prior to 1960 till just after the Buffalo Creek flood in 1972. During the road construction the gas station and store building were torn down. The Hensley family relocated the gas station just up the road at Becco where it stands today.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Steven, would you happen to know how
      close Riley Camp in Man is to Kistler WV.
      My GG Rebeka Lipcsak ran a boarding
      house somewhere in the area. She died
      in 1919 in Kistler where she lived.

  10. danny a carter says:

    Graduated fr man high in 1965. Guess I missed the last reunion.

  11. James Toth says:

    The picture of employees from the Man Dairy Queen has my grandmother Ellen Miller and two of my aunts Thelma & Mary Toth. Priceless. Thank You!

  12. Lois Nunley Nye says:

    My oldest went to Man High School and I have his year book. I forget the year but will pull it out and post the year later. It was about 65-70 yrs ago.

  13. Janice Bier says:

    Enjoyed looking at the photos so much. Thank you for sharing.