Peach Creek, WV

Peach Creek, WV

Railroad Yard at Peach Creek, Logan County, W. Va.

Bird’s Eye View of Railroad Yard at Peach Creek, Logan County, W. Va.
ca. 1950. Used with permission & courtesy of

This is a collection of photos, newspaper clippings and memorabilia that depicts some of the history and nostalgia of Peach Creek, WV. You can help preserve a bit of Logan County history by sharing your vintage photos with us by sending them to the admin at Please note that you must own the photo you are submitting or ensure that no one has a copyright claim on it.


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45 Responses to Peach Creek, WV

  1. L.W. says:

    My name at the time was Lilee McDonald i had 2 brothers & 2 sisters, their names were Tom, John, Beverly and Lorraine. We left Logan, WV in 1968 or 1969 in November or December of that year. We went to Ohio and stayed at my Aunt’s house she was my dad’s brother’s wife. We got a house there later in a not so great neighborhood and we went to a bad school but later married my future husband his last name was Workman which was from the (Mudfork) Verdunville, WV area. We got married at the Church of God in Verdunville, WV. moved to Ohio had two sons. My two sons Allen & Curt married a Farley & Kesling girls then they gave us 4 grandchildren. (Ciara, Chase. Katelyn & Diana Workman. My oldest brother Tom married a Brumfield lives in Ohio had no children and got a divorce. John married a Perkins had 2 sons. 1 dead & Brian John. 1 step daughter Michele she married a Blackburn. Beverly married a Schoenleb had a son William Joseph we call him B. J. and husband died later on and she never remarried. Lorraine never married lives in Ohio works at Riverside hospital in Columbus, Ohio. All of us are still in Ohio and all still living as i write this.

  2. Mary Colmer says:

    My email address is: I am from Peach Creek, grand daughter of Henry and Laura Adkins (owners of Guyan Inn and the old American Restaurant) .my Father was Frank Morris and mother Linda Lee Morris..brothers: Frank, Mack, Andy, Delbert and David..sisters Laura Sue and Nancy V Morris..and My name is Mary Morris Colmer

  3. cindy brock says:

    My name is Cindy Brock. My grandfather was Luther Patrick Palmer, married to Euella Pieratt and they had a son named James Clay Palmer who is my father. Having no luck trying to find any family history on him, any suggestions? Luther was also married to Lillian Toten and then they got a divorce? she had a daugher Lena, not sure if her dad was Jo Lowe, Thanks. my email address is :

    • Bob Piros says:

      Cindy,all info about Luther can
      be found on
      Also shows some

      • cindy brock says:

        Thank you, I have found some info on and will double check We are trying to do a family history day so everyone can share what info they have found.

  4. John Pouch says:

    My name is John Pouch and I lived in Huntington from 1945 to 1959. My grandmother, Betty Kirk, married to a railroad conductor John Kirk lived in Peach Creek. She lived on a bend in the road where there was a bridge where the trains would pass over. I remember as a child spending summers with Grandma and being warned not to play in the front yard as the cars coming around the bend might hit me. Grandma had a beauty parlor in the front room of the grey brick house she lived in and in the back of the house, there was a creek, perhaps Peach Creek, I don’t know. I don’t recall much of Peach Creek except there was a building not far from Grandma’s house where they would show black and white movies on a Saturday night, usually on a giant white sheet. I saw Clark Gable there in “It Happened One Night” in the early fifties. A wonderful memory! Grandma died in a nursing home in Point Pleasant, WV in the early 70’s. I miss you Grandma, and I still see you shuffling your feet through that little grey brick house in Peach Creek!!

    • says:

      John: I was B. Huntington & raised in Peach Creek. Was on Ch.13 TV news 1956-59,
      so you may recall.(Five Star Final News)
      Now RET radio-tv IN WEST texas. Will reply, as we may know same people in WV.
      Col. Robert Hanger

    • Mary Colmer says:

      I remember your grandmother somewhat..and I could take you to that spot you are talking about, it always floods when there is a lot of rain and your grandma was a friend of my grandmother Laura Adkins.. not much else, except hello, I pray you are well and happy..

  5. Frances Pierce Hampson says:

    Didn’t get a copyright on my picture, like I was told to, but just so you know……the picture of the Peach Creek Methodist Church is my picture not JayAnna Ellis’ but since I did not get a copyright….guess I have to live with it!!!

    • Admin says:

      If you took the photo, you automatically have the copyright. Since you apparently do not want to share your photo here, it will be removed. Considering that the church is going to be torn down, I am sorry you feel that way. It would have been nice to preserve its memory here.

  6. Larry Chafin says:

    My name is Larry Chafin, my parents name Rowe and Martha, two brothers older named Terry and younger was Ralph. We grew up in Peach Creek from the early 1940’s until the early 1950’s. My dad was a coal miner and we lived in a company house midway up the holler behind Denver Harvey. He dad two sons named Virgil and Donald Ray, daughter name Brenda. I was recently up there in May 2015 after being away nearly sixty years. I did not recognize anything at head of holler where the tiple used to be. We were fortunate enuff to meet a young couple who took us up the hill to the top. I would like to know if anyone has pics, circa the 1940’s, 1950’s of the coal company homes, people, etc.
    My email address is and I encourage you to help me.
    Thanks and may God bless you all.

    Larry Chafin

    • Col. Roberrt Hanger says:

      Larry: I am from Peach Creek too, & lived in Front St near Meth. Church. Contact me via email & I will reply. We may recall a lot of same people
      there. My Paw was Engnr on C & O..
      Just write me at:
      Col. Robert Hanger, San Angelo, TX 76905

    • Lived in Peach Creek.My dad worked in the mines there ,Love all my memories from there ,Larry good to see you Was thinking of Terry the other day ,Wondering where he is ,

      • Larry Chafin says:

        Barbara I remember your family well. You all lived a couple of houses near us, I believe you had a bro named Larry, is that right. Do you have any photos of the area we all lived. If so, pls email to I would greatly appreciate it. FYI, Terry passed away about four years ago, of cancer. He lived with his family in Lebanon, Tennessee at time of passing. He married a girl from Chapmanville, named Donna Harless, had three beautiful girls all still living in Tennessee.
        I lived in Spring Hill, Tn for nearly20 years and moved to High Point, NC three years ago, happily married to my wife from High Point.

    • Evelyn Kay (Justice) Melvin says:

      Larry Chafin, I have been searching for you for years. My name is Evelyn Kay Justice and your mother was my daddy’s (Ralph Justice), sister. So many memories of you, Ralph and Terry growing up.

  7. Joe Turner says:

    My name is Joe Turner, I lived in Peach Creek from about 1950 to 1960. We lived on Back Street, there was the post office, ruby noble -McGinnis then our house. There was a cemetry at the top of the hill that was always overgrown. My grandfather was William Gayhealrt, and my grandmother Hanna Gayhart. My father was Irvin Turner who worked for the electric company, and my mother Virginia.

    • Bobby Gore says:

      Joe, it has been years since I heard anythin about the Turner. My name is Bobby Gore my family lived across the street The Gore apt. brother name was Leon, 3 sisters Anna, Freda, Dreama parents was Bobby and Juanita. Still have good memories of years gone by. Just wantes to let you know that I still remember thos years when friendship meant somenthing

      • Joe Turner do you have an aunt Fredricka? husband name is Fred I remember your grandmother

      • L.W. says:

        Bobby and Leon Gore I remember you all were a bunch of bullies in school. Nobody liked you. And you didn’t have many friends either.

      • Doris Graham Simmons says:

        Bobby, My name is Doris Graham Simmons and I lived in Peach Creek until I married and moved to Charleston. I caught the school bus at the post office to ride to Logan Jr. High and Logan High schools. I graduated in 1945. I used to go to High Street in Peach Creek to visit friends, Marie Suarez and the McNeely’s.

      • John Wooley says:

        Bob I don’t know if you will remember me, but Leon and I were good friends. I lived in Detroit, but would spend time with my aunt and uncle who owned Freemans Market. I also had a crush on your sister Anna. I still go to Logan a couple of time a year in fact I will be back in August for a family reunion. I always think about the good times I had at Peach Creek. I was on leave from the Marine Corp when Leon past away and I still think of him and the good times we had together. If you could give me a up date on everyone. My email is
        John Wooley

      • Shelia Deskins Wells says:

        Omg, I remember all of you we use to visit my Aunt Thelma Lindsey and Uncle Scotty.we all use to hang out together, my brother was Ralph better known as Rag mop, and I am Shelia Kay. We lived in Cleveland Ohio and would come in during the summers.

      • Mary Colmer says:

        Bobby is a small world after all.. you guys lived in the building behind my grandmothers restaurant (Laura Adkins) my sister Laura Sue Morris was best friends with your sister Dreama (and Laura named her first child “Dreama”..Laura passed from this life in 2011..You might recall some of my siblings: Frankie, Mack, Andy, Delbert and David..then girls Nancy, Laura and Mary (that’s me) Morris.. we lived for a spell in Staton’s apartments just off the hill and behind his store,, Nancy and I live in Texas ..David lives at Mud Fork..Frank passed 2016..Mack lives in Tennessee, Andy in Cleveland, Delbert in Utah..How about your family..where are all your siblings? My email address is:

      • L. W. says:

        Bobby remember years ago you and your brother Leon and tracy frye used to give my family the business all the time. Well we all are well and alive in Ohio. Come and see us sometime.

  8. Louis Newman says:

    My daughter is just starting to get into genealogy and for complicated reasons don’t know much about my family. It seems to me we used to go to Peach Creek when I was little. My Granny’s name was Opal and the last man she was married to had a last name of Poling. I seem to remember she had a sister named Dixie Fry(e) but that was in 1965 or so. Opal had daughters named Sadie, Mona and Chris. Not much to go on but can anyone help?

    • Bob Piros says:

      Louis, shows listings
      for a few Opal Poling.
      Also shows the name
      Poling in WV.
      Also shows a Dixie Frye living in
      Branchland WV. phone #

  9. Patricia Sue Handley Kennedy says:

    Betty Hartzell Richards where do you live would you please reply to my messages. Thank you.

    • Betty Hartzell Richrds says:

      You can write me at this Yahoo address.
      I did not work with Virginia. I went to Columbus and shared an apt. with her.
      I live north of Cincinnati, OH.
      If you will write to Brady Smith, Peach Creek, WVa 25639 I’m positively sure he will get your letter. He lives right next to the post office and everyone knows him.
      It’s a small community. Hope this helps. Their Dad had passed away I think before I got acquainted with them.

  10. Patricia Sue Handley Kennedy says:

    I would like to find some relatives of Robert Lee Smith who was married to my grandmother Matilda Scaggs Smith. My mother was Virginia Mae Smith who married my father Carl Dana Handley. He worked on the railroad and lived at Peach Creek, Wv. for a while.

    • Betty Hartzell Richards says:

      Hello there, I knew your grandmother Matilda Smith. I used to visit her a lot. She was the mother of Brady Smith who still lives in Peach Creek. Brady and his wife (now deceased) were old friends of mine. Brady had a sister Virginia Handley. Her and I were in Columbus, OH working together. This was many years ago. I’m passed 80 years old now. Brings back memories. Brady’s house is on the very same spot that your grandmothers house sit years ago.


      • Patricia Sue Handley Kennedy says:

        Betty it was great to read your posting I would love to talk to you about you working with my mother, Virginia Smith Handley Kendall. Where do you live.

      • Patricia Sue Handley Kennedy says:

        Betty did you ever meet Matilda’s husband Robert Lee Smith. I would love to find out some information about him and meet some relatives.

  11. Tamara L. Zeigler says:

    I am from the Farley lineage of Logan and Mingo counties. Peach creek was named for the peach orchards my g.g. or g.g.g. uncle Henry Farley owned there. I have been told he and his wife are both buried there. I would love to know where. Tamara L Zeigler

    • Diane Vinson-Childers says:

      Tamara, I was there yesterday and talked to Mr. Blevins I believe who lives the second house on the left going out PC. He said he lived there all of his life and the only cemetery he knew of was the 1st street past PC directly behind his house. Me and my dad went up there and I don’t see how that many people could be buried there (small area). We could see no headstones for the weeds and the near possibility of being able to stand up. I have some pic’s I can send. There must be another Cemetery up there. We turned around at the 1st gas well. We had already walked two cemeteries already. Someone else local will have to find out. My GGG Parents are supposed to be buried there also. My E-Mail

      • TAMARA L. ZEIGLER says:


        • Diane says:

          Try Whitman, McDonald and Hainor, they are on Crooked Creek. There is a McDonald on Peach Creek. If there are any more on PC they have not been done yet. Try Curry Cemetery in mingo or logan co’s. There are some Farley’s there.

          • Faye Francis says:

            Diane, I am the grand daughter of Kelly Cox, Sr. from Peach Creek, he was married to Gladys Mays, Kelly, Cox – they had a daughter named Brenda, and Gladys had a son Gene Kelly & daughter Betty Kelly. Kelly Cox had a son Kelly Cox Jr. & daughter (my mother) Maxine Cox Copley by her 2nd wife Betty Dean Cox. Kelly Cox Sr. born 1890 died 7/01/1971. His obit says he is buried at Upper McDonald Cemetery, Peach Creek. He was preceded by 2 granddaughters Kimberly Dawn Harvey 10 days old & the other infant I don’t have her name, she was 3 days old. The girls mother told me that they were buried in McDonald Cemetery of Crooked Creek and her dad was buried next to them. I have requested photos and I was told that all graves are on Find A Grave – but I can’t find these 3 on any. I live to far away to check, would it be possible for you to check & take a photo of them if you locate them? Thank you very much for any info you can provide.

    • Diane says:

      Tamara, Go to Find a Grave. US, Wva, Logan County. Peach Creek (cemetery) or Crooked Creek. or just Logan Co. Wva. for (all) cemeteries. I’ve been through them all looking the names I’m looking for. Was suppose to be PC. Not there. I’m still plugging. Good Luck. Note cites are still a work in progress.

  12. Tamara L. Zeigler says:

    I am from the lineage of the Farley Families of Logan Co. and Mingo Co. Peach Creek was named from the peach orchards that my g.g. or g.g.g. uncle Henry Farley owned there.