Unknown Faces

Unknown Faces of Logan County, WV

This page was created to help identify the unknown individuals in these vintage Logan County photos. If you can identify anyone, please leave a comment or contact the admin.

Unknow young girl at the construction of the Nighbert Memorial United Methodist Church circa 1915. Who is she?

Young girl at the construction of the Nighbert Memorial United Methodist Church circa 1915. Who is she?

Everyone is welcome to add a photo a to this gallery and in the Unknown Faces Facebook Group created for this purpose. If you wish to add a photo to this gallery, please email it to the the admin at loganwv.us@gmail.com. Please note that you must own the photo you are submitting or ensure that no one has a copyright claim on it.

Who are they?


When all of the faces in a photo are identified, the photo will be moved to our Friends and Families Gallery.

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6 Responses to Unknown Faces

  1. ralph h. mcneely says:

    hi.. does anyone remember the old couple that walked the streets of logan in the 50s and 60s that carried the shopping bags… two each…. it was just an old couple … i would like to remember them and have their names remembered…. thanks for the help….

    • connieface book says:

      we called them maw and paw they were from beckly I talked to them once they lived on high street but stayed in the aracoma hotel don’t remember their names

  2. Freda Wysong says:

    Image 3613 Thomas Earl was the son of Thomas J Wysong, They lived in the stone house on Cassick and Lorraine Streets.

  3. Freda Wysong says:

    Thomas Earl Wysong and his girlfriend, Bertha. Standing in front of the Hinchman? house.

  4. Kathy Motto says:

    Willie was my uncle. Son of Millard and Mary Thompson of Harts WV, in later years they moved to Chapmanville. We do not know the children on each side him.

  5. Linda Belcher Tomblin says:

    Just found this site. Hope you will add me to it. My grandmother was Nikita Thompson Curry, are we relatives? I am just learning a little about my family. Parents divorced and I know very little about dad’s family……

    I don’t recall a Nikita Thompson in my family tree. Hope you like our website. — Admin, Franklin Thompson