Rossmore Mine

This was originally published on Martha Sparks’ My West Virginia Mountain website and is reprinted here with her permission and our special thanks.

Rossmore Mine, Logan County, WVCoal Mine at Rossmore, West Virginia

The coal mine, long closed, yet readily visible from the main highway (Route 44), at Rossmore, West Virginia is among the oldest in the county (ca. 1912).

From the now cut stone covered entrance, visitors can easily share in the dire experiences a coal miner might have seen while crawling into that deep, dark hole.

The Rossmore mine and coal camp, adjacent to the mine, are both named for Mr. J.J. Ross, past owner and general manager of the operation.

J.J. Ross, a West Virginia University graduate, came to Logan in 1910 as general manager for the Logan Mining Company to develop and organize and oversee operations owned by Mr. C. L. Hutchinson.


Rossmore Photo Gallery

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Rossmore, WV –

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37 Responses to Rossmore Mine

  1. My Dad Paul Connolly and My Uncle Arthur Maynard worked in that coal mines, we lived in Rossmore camp. back in the 40’s. you can see pictures of the miners on the wall of the Collins Funeral home.

    • Becky Stofan says:

      Johnnie, I am so glad you made a post here. Look at the connect with relatives page on this site; in November I reached out to try to find you. I am your cousin! I saw the pictures you posted earlier this year on the,Logan Genealogical Facebook page. I am not a Facebook member so could not reach you that way. My grandmother Hester Adkins Rice and your grandmother Effie Adkins Maynard were sisters. My mother is Beatrice and she and your mom Ottie were cousins…making you and I cousins. The picture you posted of our great-grandmother just made my heart jump. Her name is Mary Noe, not Mary Moore as you listed. Would love to talk more with you. Please email me at

    • Douglas Dempsey says:

      Not many people are aware of it but the Rossmore Mine extended far enough that some openings to it are across the river at McConnell a short distance up from the river’s edge.

      It is only slightly more than a mile underground through the mine to McConnell. Those openings may be limited in numbers and probably were made to be used as drainway entries to release water from the mine.

      In any case, several years ago when Logan was going through the large floodings, the Corp of Engineers had a drawing board conceptual plan of putting some of the flood waters of Main Island Creek into the Rossmore Mine so it could go through the Rossmore Mine and come out at McDonnell. The Rossmore Mine is at about 720ft elevation and the McConnell opening are slightly lower at or around 680ft elevation. The reasoning of this plan was that it would relieve the flooding in the Mt. Gay/Cherry Tree area.

  2. Allison Bell says:

    I’ve returned! Last time I posted here was about a year and a half ago. I was getting desperate to find my great grandfather’s brother, Franciszek Stec, who worked in the mines. Browsing through church records today, I discovered his death record, a major find. He died in West Virginia and was brought back to NJ for burial.

    My next question is this: Is there a way I could find out if he was killed in a mine accident? Were records kept of that? He was 50 at the time of his death.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Allison, I gave you the info on April 2,2016.
      Asked you to post your e-mail address.
      Suggested you do research at the site.
      If you have his D.C. it should show
      the info.

      • Allison Bell says:

        I don’t have his death certificate. He was born in Turbia, Poland, which isn’t indexed online anywhere yet. He only shows up on FamilySearch when he lived in NJ. I have pretty much everything I can find about him that’s out there. He also didn’t show up in the Logan County death records for that year for some reason.

        • Bob Piros says:

          Allison,you might try this website,

          In what cemetery in N.J. is he buried?
          Is there a Memorial page on the

          • Allison says:

            No Find A Grave yet but I’ll make one as soon as I confirm his burial with the cemetery. He is most likely unmarked because I know all the Stec’s there. Unfortunately the only record I have found is the church one. His wife went back to Poland I believe and his daughter stayed here and raised a family. I found them on FB but none ever responded to my messages.

          • Bob Piros says:

            Allison, ok, this website shows
            lots of WV coal mining accidents.
            Hope that you find something.

          • Allison says:

            I found his death certificate. Finally! After Rossmore, he made his way up to Moundsville where he died of liver cancer after an operation.

          • Bob Piros says:

            Allison, good for you.
            Which site did you find the
            info on? So he wasn’t a
            coal miner?

          • Allison says:

            He was. His daughters passport said he was a miner at the mines in Rossmore but that was from 1915. Apparently by 1929 he had moved north. His DC said he had an operation before his death. True confirmation was that his burial would be in NJ.

    • Allison Bell says:

      It gets better. He was arrested in 1927 in Logan County for “receiving stolen goods” and was incarcerated at the West Virginia Penitentiary, which is where he died. Can’t find much more info than that as the archives director said records before 1935 are spotty. Wish I had a photo of him.

  3. There are graves on top of hill of Rossmore mine. My great grandparents Floyd and Nancy Vance. Died in 1940’s. And two first cousins Ralph Edward Lewis and David Gene Lewis There are several other graves. You can see them in the winter when the leaves are all off. Floyd and Nancy have one granddaughter living and she isn’t able to get up there. Ralph and
    David have 2 sisters and 2 brothers still living.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Wanda, you might be able to get
      help with the grave cleaning if you
      contact the New Life Freewill
      Baptist Church in Rossmore.
      Phone # 304-946-2521. They have
      some nice looking photos on Facebook
      of young people who could easily do the work.

    • Bob Piros says:

      Wanda,this cemetery is known as
      Vance at Rossmore.
      Your GG Floyd was born in Nov. 1867 &
      he died in Jan.1928. Your GG Nancy was
      born in Feb.1879 & she died in Aug. 1928.
      Your GG Grandfather Levi Vance was born
      in 1824 & he died in 1887. He is buried in
      the Stirrat Community Church Cemetery.

  4. Susan Bailey-Koubti says:

    My maternal grandparents, mom and dad, uncle lived in Rossmore, WV. My grandmother and grandfather were Clyde and Mamie Brooks. My mom and dad are James (deceased) and Nadine Brooks-Bailey who is almost 87 now. They lived in the first row by the tracks where Rossmore Park was. I was born in 1956 and came home to Rossmore! My grandparents were good friends with Jack Shannon and his wife. I have a lot of pictures of Rossmore that were my mamaw’s. My papaw and another man, Mr Calton? were the last two men out of the Rossmore mine when they closed it. They actually closed the mine. My mom had one brother, Clyde, Jr (Stoney) Brooks. Susan Bailey-Koubti

    • Becky Stofan says:

      My maternal grandparents Lee and Hester Rice lived in the same area and may have been in the same row of houses. My grandfather was a miner at the Rossmore Mine but died before I was born. My grandmother lived in the 4 room house there until she died in the 1970’s. The house was the 3rd or 4th from the end when you turned to the left off of the bridge into Rossmore. I remember the name Mamie Brooks. My mom’s name is Beatrice and she worked at Fred Rushden’s store.

  5. Frank Mcdonald ( Steve ) . says:

    My mother met my father In the one room stone school house .When she was 16 they were married Frank E Mcdonald and Phyllis J ,Morris .My brother Paul now lives on the site of the camp that is now a trailer park .We came to Ohio when I was 6 and are still here .

  6. Frank Mcdonald ( Steve ) . says:

    My Grandfather Elmer lee Morris worked the mine ,They lived in the last house by the tracks I think it was yellow ,I think he worked there from the 20s through the 60s ,He also played ball for the mine team ,In the 70s or 80s the Logan banner did a story about the great mine team from the past and my Grand father was in it ,One day he showed me how they were paid and lived ,My response was that it was SLAVERY just by a different name ,My first word I ever said was PAPA in that house

  7. Allison Bell says:

    My great granduncle was named Frank Stec (Franciszek Stecz). He was born in Poland, came to NJ for a time and then went to this mine to find work. There is a story that he shot someone and had to serve time in a prison in WV. If anyone knows anything more, please let me know 🙂

    • Bob Piros says:

      Allison,you might want to use to search for
      Frank Stec.New Jersey shows
      a Frank Jr.,mother Sophie born
      in Poland in the 1940 census,shows
      her as a widow.

    • Allison says:

      I checked it out. That’s not him. My Frank was born around 1882.

      • Bob Piros says:

        Ok, there is a Franciszek Stecz(Stec)
        born Oct.3,1882 in Popkouice Poland
        at Do you know his
        parents’ names?

        • Allison says:

          Which document is that from? The town is close to where my great grandfather was from (Turbia) so it could be. Their parents were supposedly named Mary and the father was either Ignatius or Antoni. My gg’s marriage and death certificates both say something different.

          Frank came to NJ, went to WV for work, where he supposedly shot a man and did some time. He came back to NJ briefly and then left and no one ever saw him again.

          • Bob Piros says:

            Allison,could you post your
            e-mail address.
            At the
            site, put in
            Franciszek Stec, then Poland.
            A list of names will appear.
            You can also search at the
            Ellis Island site, might find
            when Frank arrived in USA.
            In which state did he first live?
            Maybe he went back to
            Poland to live.

  8. Robert McCormack says:

    My father, Clovis (Shine) McCormack as well as my Uncle John Enyart worked at that mine. We used to visit my Uncle and Aunt who lived in the Rossmore camp. I recall my Dad pointing out the mine entrance many times as we passed by.

  9. Jason Petroff says:

    My name is Jason Petroff, my grandfather Jack Petroff was raised in Rossmore, and Worked as an electrician underground for many years.

    • Frank Thompson says:

      My grandfather was John Petroff and also worked at the Rossmore Mine. He was also friends with your grandfather.

    • Jim (James Alex) Coleman says:

      I lived till the age of 13 in Rossmore, WV. We left in Jan. of 1959. My first and second grade teacher was Betty Petroff. I remember she had a younger brother named Bates who taught my sister (Donna Coleman) to dance. I used to carry (good) drinking water from the spring on the Logan end of the bridge for the elder Mr. Petroff for a dime. Good, good memories! Does any of this ring any bells for you?

      • Nan Farley Beckett says:

        I knew Bates Petroff, he was a very cute guy, was a year ahead of me in hi school. Rode our school bus some times , and yes he was a good dancer. Is Bates still around ?

      • Andrew Clark says:

        James, not sure if you remember me or not, we went to Rossmore Grade School together, been a long time. My name is Andrew (BUDDY) Clark.

        • Jim (James) Coleman says:

          Hi Buddy!
          I most certainly do remember you and your family. Your dad was our scout master and your kind British mother was our cub scout den mother. I have many fond memories of my childhood growing up in Rossmore and your message has brought to mind some memories that I haven’t thought of in a while.

          Jim (It was James then)

  10. Josie Fortuna Reed says:

    My grandfather, William Ellis Gollihue, lost his entire right arm in a mining accident in the Rossmore mine. The poster Barbara Howard is my second cousin.

  11. dee lunny says:

    my dad Richie Farrell and my Uncle tom(rip) worked in these coal mines for 25 yrs. still tells stories about it today.

  12. barbara gollihue howard says:

    my grandfather charles ellixson worked at this mines, and lived on mona hill. i remember the names of petroff, whitt, vance, napiers, fields, i was born on mona hill, my parents was Roy and Myrtle Ellixson Gollihue.

  13. Frank Thompson says:

    My grandfather, John Petroff (1876-1943) lived at Monahill and worked at this coal mine.